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(courtesy Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America's Facebook page)

“STOP THE MADNESS,” Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s Facebook page urges. “Self-proclaimed ‘patriots’ and ‘gunners’ gathered on the Pennsylvania state Capitol on Tuesday to proclaim what they say is their ‘God-given right’ to openly carry weapons. Pennsylvania House Rep. Rick Saccone also showed up to address the crowd about his new piece of legislation – one that would essentially allow people to openly carry guns without a license or permit. He said, ‘It will place us on the offensive of the gun-grabbing anti-constitutionalists in our society today.'” MDA reckons that comment speaks for itself to its followers, especially when combined with the image of a man with a gun – a GUN! – toting a baby carriage. So here’s the thing . . .

The MDA Facebook page usually eliminates any and all comments that don’t agree with their anti-gun stance, and bans their posters. Every. Last. One. What’s left is an echo chamber that reveals a great deal about their members’ mindset. As we wait for the MDA monitors to wake-up, let’s take a closer look at the comments underneath this post.

Take the kid out of the stroller BEFORE flights of steps! They clearly don’t give a sh@t about their offspring in many ways. Idiots.

Leslie Goodman Albert’s qualifier “in many ways” could mean that she think the people in the pic care about their offspring in some ways, but I doubt it. I’m betting she believes that anyone who carries a weapon around a child is a selfish idiot. Which must make her feel superior to these heartless, gun-toting cretins who must be reigned in . . . for the children!

Yeah, this is what our forefathers could envision for the future… Not.

Hello? Our forefathers didn’t have any gun control laws. And liked it that way. Hence the Second Amendment’s stricture against ANY government infringement on the right to keep and bear arms. The call for permitless carry is a call to return to the freedoms that our forefathers enjoyed. Fought for, in fact. Like so many supporters of civilian disarmament, Jo Diaz sees the world as she wants it to be – past, present and future. Not as it is.

“God-given right”? Where exactly is that in the Old Testament, please?

TTAG readers have examined and debated the religious doctrine behind our natural (or “God-given”) right to armed self-defense. Suffice it to say, Sandy Young is not interested in any such discussion. She’s happy to parade her willful ignorance to the willfully ignorant, safe in the knowledge that her lack of knowledge will not, can not be questioned on MDA’s Facebook page.

This is pure insanity. We are all unsafe because of these laws.

Muffy Mallory believes that laws make people safe. In this she is not alone. Gun control advocates see government-enforced laws as the key to safety – ignoring the fact that lawless people ignore laws. They reckon if we had the right laws – legislation eliminating “easy access” to firearms  – society would be safer. The idea that the exact opposite would be true – is true – doesn’t even occur to them. Despite countless historical and contemporary examples. 

More guns equals more dead people!!!! I have never ever felt I needed a gun to go anywhere. If you live in drug and high crime areas, MOVE!!!!

Brian Lea‘s comment shows that he’s blind to scientific evidence, mistakes personal experience for relevant data, and fails to understand economic or sociological reality. More than that, his lack of empathy for people living in a violent world not of their own making is stunning. Like his gun control favoring friends, Brian’s mindset is about as far away from the NRA’s “Stand and Fight” ethos as you can get.

Lloyd Reynolds <<<< is anxiously waiting for these Tea-baggin’ slime to crawl back under their rocks.

Fear > hatred. I get that. And I know there are equally offensive voices on the pro-gun side. But there is no doubt in my mind that the anti-gun side has more animus than those favoring firearms freedom. Lest we forget “Tea-baggin'” is a riff on the Tea Party, “referring to the practice of  the sexual act of a man placing his scrotum in the mouth of a willing sexual partner for pleasure or onto the face or head of another person” (Wikipedia). Moms’ monitors know that.

Regardless of Moms’ jefe Shannon Watts occasional pronouncement that she supports the Second Amendment, her followers clearly consider anyone who has a gun a scumbag. Which means they shouldn’t have a gun. Seriously.

Sossi Derian Any one who thinks it’s there God given right to carry a gun needs a mental health exam and therefor should not be allowed to have one… The who Teabaggers in fact are exactly who should not of all people carry one. They are extremist and there for dangerous!!

Point taken? Last one (of several hundred and counting):

Christine George I hope that people will realize what is going on before it is too late. You can’t have a free and open society when over half are running around with guns in hand. There will be vigilantes all over the place. It is getting scary enough with drive by shootings, stand your ground, school and public places being shot up. In Nevada those militias stayed and have set up checkpoints along the road. They won’t let anyone through until they prove that they live there. When is the government going to do something about that? I for one do not want to live in a country run by militias. Look to other countries that have no law and order.

Ve must haf order! By conflating every gun-related problem into one big GUNS ARE BAD sentiment – ignoring tens of thousands of defensive gun uses – Ms. George is free to indulge her fantasy of a gun-free “free and open” society. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. “Gun-free zones” are killing fields. And MDA’s Facebook page is where the truth about guns goes to die. 

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    • I love these it shows how desperate and ignorant these people are. I do find my self yelling at the posts. But I may have a problem!

      • You have a problem, all right: you have the common sense that they willfully lack.

      • The deeper issue that that there is no law on the books in PA that makes OC illegal (exception for cities of the first class – Philadelphia being the only one). So OC is not illegal in 99% of the state. I not sure how you can make something more legal.

        • He wants to get rid of the PIC’s system and permits for CCW. He wants to go to constitutional carry with only a national BGC required for gun purchases. Nothing wrong with that.

          • There’s a LOT wrong with a “national BGC”

            Are you another one of the ones that doesn’t know the meaning of “shall not be infringed?”

        • Rich,

          I think we can all agree that the national BGC is also an infringement. As a Pennsylvanian, I would love to see handgun purchases require only the national BGC. Currently, a PA resident buying a handgun has to fill out a 4473 AND a PA State Police form. The info from the State Police form is used to add to the illegal handgun registry the PASP is maintaining. The State Police position is that, since the registry is incomplete, it is not actually a registry.

        • dirk, I live in PA and have bought many a pistol here and only had to fill out the fed form. i never had to fill out two papers. is it attached to the 4473?

    • Sigh.

      You are missing how important it is to keep this stuff on the forefront here…where OUR comments will get chewed on by the great information disseminator…Googlebot.

      Please open your eyes and realize that there are MILLIONS of potential votes at stake, and the votes of which I speak get their information from the Internet. If they ONLY see Shannon’s minion’s screed, we will lose in the long term.

      We HAVE to keep our voice in the fight.

      Embrace that that world has changed, and just let it happen. If you don’t like these posts, don’t read ’em. It’s that simple.

      But, even better is to mention Moms Demand Action in your post (at least once) so that Googlebot can chew on that yummy keyphrase and then gut their POV with reasoned, nonshrill logic.

      The younger generation that uses Google to learn what Moms Demand Action is all about will see your words instead of theirs.

      • If Shannon passes gas though, and don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t put her out if she was on fire, there’s a post about it here.

      • If that’s really the goal, it’s not working. Only one TTAG article about MDA shows up in the first five pages of Google results for “Moms Demand Action” (and, surprisingly given that search phrase, none of the results is “adult” in nature).

        I doubt it will ever work the way you’re envisioning, because one of the things Google uses for search ranking is how many other pages directly link to a given page, giving more weight to links that come from highly-ranked sites. Apparently nobody is linking back to these MDA articles on TTAG, probably because A) it’s just preaching to the choir, B) they’re getting repetitive and not that interesting, and C) a lot of folks are just getting tired of hearing about every time Shannon Watts farts, and tuning it out.

        • Not always. I’ve done searches for MDA related stuff and saw TTAG in the top 3-5 hits on the front page.

          There are a myriad of reasons to keep posting about them, not the least of which is that they are relevant to the truth in the online dialog about guns.

          At the very least, it does not hurt in the SEO regard.

        • Update for reference:

          “Is Moms Demand Action Truthful” entered into Google search bar:

          TTAG hits #3, #4, #5 on first page.

          “Is Moms Demand Action a good organization” entered into Google Search Bar:

          TTAG hits #8 on first page.

          “Is Shannon Watts genuine” entered into Google search bar:

          TTAG hits are #1 and #2 on first page.

          It cannot HURT keeping “our side” visible to Google.

        • No, it can’t hurt to keep our side visible on Google. But it CAN hurt if this site becomes the Daily Shannon Watts Takedown and focuses on that to the detriment of the rest of its content. It’s not quite to that point yet, but it’s starting to feel like Robert is straying into obsession territory on this one subject.

          Imagine your hypothetical fence-sitter who ends up here via Google search to find out “Is Shannon Watts genuine”, and pokes around a bit and sees several hundred posts about her and her group. Is that person going to read all of it and say “oh, she must be a fraud” and join the cause, or are they going to dismiss all of it, because “clearly that TTAG site has some kind of axe to grind – they write something negative about her three or four times a day”?

        • “but it’s starting to feel like Robert is straying into obsession territory on this one subject.”

          Regardless of what is feels like, there is rarely more than one or two MDA related posts here every day. That’s a LOT of non-Watts related content.

          Just looked at the last 25 posted articles. Only three of them had to do with MDA or Watts, or 12%. Looking at the date stamps, it’s about one per day or so.

        • Regardless of how many posts per day there are, there’s a lot of it. My point is that the uninformed Googler who stumbles across TTAG isn’t likely to look at that mountain of anti-MDA content and conclude that the site has a fair and objective take on the subject. They’re going to think the site has some obsession with this group (that our Googler has never even heard of before, remember) and take anything said here with a massive sack of salt.

          I’m not saying to ignore them completely. But precision strikes might be more effective than carpet-bombing. When they do something that’s actually noteworthy, call them out. But responding to every single press release or utterance (some of which are certainly designed and targeted just to draw the ire of the pro-2A community) spewed forth from a handful of professional agitators really dilutes the impact of “our” voices in opposition to them. Someone else used the term “Facebook pissing contest”, and I’m sure that’s what it would look like to the disinterested outside observer.

        • “Regardless of how many posts per day there are, there’s a lot of it.”

          Wait, what? Regardless of what the actual number is, it’s a “lot”? But didn’t you concede it’s important to keep our side of the dialog visible?

          Ok, nevermind. I think Rich is right.

        • What I should have said is, “Regardless of the daily rate of postings, the total number is quite large.” As in, the uninformed Googler who shows up, doesn’t care if it’s one a day or five a day, he just sees that a large portion of the content of this site is dedicated to anti-MDA content. Is he going to assume that TTAG is the balanced, fair, logical side of the argument, or is he going to conclude that someone at TTAG is a wee bit obsessed with this one particular (and so far, highly ineffective) anti-gun personality?

          The other thing to consider, other than quantity, is the quality of the posts. Most are responses to trivial bullshit put out by MDA, largely, I suspect, to just get a response from our side. When you’re picking on every little thing your opponent says, you dilute your message, I think. I’d wager more of their Twitter followers are on our side than on theirs.

          For comparison, how many posts do we see about the Brady Campaign, or CSGV, or any of the other non-Bloomberg anti-gun groups that are actually doing the dirty work behind the scenes and sometimes even making progress against us? Far, far fewer.

          I’m starting to suspect that the plan all along for Watts was to make her a lightning rod, to draw the attention of the pro-2A side away from the other groups that are actually halfway good at accomplishing their goals. And it’s working. Instead of discrediting the groups who are actually capable of causing damage to our rights, we’re wasting time getting incensed over Shannon’s latest tweet.

          Our side has a sort-of parallel with the NRA. The anti-gun screechers all howl about the evil NRA, and LaPierre takes all the heat, while the SAF, GOA, and dozens of other state-level groups are actually out there fighting and winning (the analogy breaks a bit, because, unlike Watts, the NRA actually does lots of good for the pro-2A cause aside from just being a lightning rod). Watts is the perfect patsy for this role, too. She’s not someone who has spent a career in the anti-gun industry, so she has no built-up “credibility” (or what passes for it with those people) to lose by making ridiculous and easily-mocked claims. She doesn’t actually care about “the cause”, so when she’s no longer useful, she can just walk away, her pockets full of Bloomberg’s gold. She’s just an opportunistic PR flack who’s happy to take the heat for her statist brethren, as long as Bloomie’s checks don’t bounce.

          Seriously, what has MDA accomplished that’s worth all the ink they get here? Where’s the anti-gun legislation they’ve gotten passed? They took credit for the Starbucks thing, but that was in reality a self-inflicted wound on our side. They took credit for getting guns banned from Staples, when nothing of the sort happened. Shannon’s on MSNBC once in a while, and posts a bunch of inflammatory shit on Twitter and Facebook, most of which is either preaching to her choir, or just aimed at getting a rise out of us. Every once in a while they hold a “rally” that barely numbers in the double digits. That’s our arch-enemy?

    • “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

      Sun Tzu – The Art of War

      Still true to this day.

  1. Well how else are you going to get the stroller up the hill. Unless you wanna drag the thing up the stares. Pretty sure that would shake the baby.

    • Best to pick up the kiddo and carry him/her while one of those other three guys can easily carry the stroller up without worrying about hurting anyone inside if it drops.

      • That’s not a parent who’s going to ask a creep to “please stop” if someone tries to screw with their kid.

      • firefighters use this device called a stair chair to carry patients sometimes. i dont see anything wrong with this. much safer that trying to do it by yourself, which ive seen also.

  2. Yeah, this this getting a little on the creeper side.
    Can’t we, I dunno, get some more cool looking gun reviews or something? This getting”weekend with MDA” is makin mah penis soft.

    • You like the reviews; I find most of no interest to me. I like the 1A politics, you abhor them. Seems to me there is plenty here for both of us. So why are you complaining, and I’m not? I recognize the value of both, but am only interesting in the politics side.

      Is the point that you demand more satisfaction? Why is it you cannot abide, and I can?

      • I don’t necessarily abhor the politics, but I absolutely do where this group is concerned. I mean look at the last one, with it’s #hashtags and the nonsense comparisons to Jackie Robinson. MDA is well funded nonsense! This ain’t politics, this is more like a facebook pissing contest.
        All I’m saying is, if MDA actually DOES something, like holds a rally where more than one Prius full of people show up, or like when they delivered hundred(s?) of papers demanding Staples to change something they really don’t give a damn about, let’s hear it.
        But Shannon’s daily rambling twitter….twitterings? tweets? Facebook posts about beardoperators with canned responses? C’mon. This place can do better than that.

        But, as far as the satisfaction goes, I mostly come here to chat with you guys. That’s still pretty damn satisfying.

  3. Open carry is already legal in Pennsylvania without a permit outside of one or two of the largest cities. In those you need a permit. You also need a permit to carry in a vehicle.

  4. “You can’t have a free and open society when over half are running around with guns in hand. ”

    Now there is an interesting distillation of “progressive” philosophy. If “over half” are gun owners, then that’s a majority. In a democracy, that’s dispositive. In the “progressive” totalitarian weltanschauung, the majority is irrelevant. Only the elites get to vote. That’s Stalinism in a nutshell.

    • I think it’s ironic when, in fact, having over half [of the people] running around with guns in hand is exactly what enables/empowers a “free and open society” to stay free and open!

  5. My favorite has to be Brian (altho it really sounds like something a Muffy would say) “If you live in a drug or high-crime area, just move!” Kinda encapsulates that elitist, ivory-tower theme that runs through the Moms like Chablis at a cheese-tasting party. ( And yes, I am aware of the similarity to some of the things said by some here about our unfortunate colleagues residing in the slave states).

  6. Rob,

    I never hear about MDA except from your website. Perhaps we can arrange a dinner and range date for you two? 🙂

    • The classic “TTAG is the only place I ever hear about MDA” line. I’d hate to break it to you but they ARE making the news in more places than this website.

      I’ll admit, living up in Northern Michigan this was the only place I ever heard MDA related news. Now, down in Dayton, closer to the mothership, I catch them on the local news about once a month. I’d imagine the frequency gets even higher the closer you get to Indy.

      As a corollary, the local TV news played Shannon’s testimony in front of the Indiana legislature a while back. As a PR person she really needs to take a public speaking course. I’ve seen high school speech classes give more rousing oratory.

  7. I’ll just go ahead and say it: three guys carrying a stroller up rain-slicked stepped with ARs and 30 round mags just looks retarded. Even the operator beards on the front two guys who are locked and loaded (I presume) do nothing for me. One slip and they dump the kid, bash their ARs, and / or flag God knows who in the general vicinity.

    I love ARs and 30 round mags but I can leave them locked up while I’m “operating” a stroller.

    • You “presume” that rounds are chambered in the photo? Please tell me how to see what I cannot. Your superior vision could be of great value to us all!

      • Would you carry a firearm which appears to be loaded, but in reality is not? If so, I would consider you an idiot. I certainly would not.

        • Yes, under one condition. Whenever I carry a new gun or make a functional modification I carry it for a week or two without a round in the chamber. Just for peace of mind that everything’s up to par and it’s not going to go bang in the holster.

    • I’m inclined to agree with you. Give your AR to the guy in the raincoat next to you and grab the kid out of the stroller. It’s like 10 steps. It’s not worth flipping your kid onto the concrete.

    • Its as simple as a 2 point sling, attached to the front sling mount under the front sight post, but since this guy doesnt have one by the looks of it, then a fancy rail or forearm sling clip mount would work nicely.

    • I see moms in my neighborhood running with their baby in a runner’s pram. No problem. Much riskier than what these fellows are doing.

      And then there’s the Baby Chest-Pack Carrier. Trip on the sidewalk and bam, the baby’s toast.

  8. The true face of the liberal is shown, don’t worry, people see that. The past year and a half has driven allot of people away from the left. Alot. Believe me, I knew some people that ate, breathed, drank, and shit the democratic party and now they’ve either said “F*** it” to politics, or they’ve turned to our side. This constant attack on guns has really, really hurt the liberals. Far more than Obamacare or anything else. Alot of fence sitters/lefties who either owned guns or simply don’t like psychopaths flipped the coin because of that. Let them spew their hate filled sick dreams, its only hurting them.

  9. These silly sheep banned my mom from their worthless FB page. They would rather teach their mindless little robots (kids) to hide in the corner and hope for the best.

    • FB is all ABOUT banning people that are in disagreement with the leftist paradigm. Please tell me you can live without Facebook.

      Because if you can’t, you have a problem.

      • Oh, you should see the discussions that me and my friends have on Facebook, along with many other people. They are most certainly not liberal in nature.

  10. What Wrong With This Picture? The kid’s GLOCK Brand Glock is about to fall out of the stroller.

  11. “More guns equals more dead people!!!! I have never ever felt I needed a gun to go anywhere. If you live in drug and high crime areas, MOVE!!!!”

    Oh sh*t, wait, it’s that easy! Hot damn, who knew?!??

    You know, all those years living in bad neighborhoods growing up it must have never occurred to our broke asses to leave, damn, what a concept.

    • Shannon has posted that everyone who fears crime and depradation may move in with her in Indy. You should take advantage of this.

  12. More guns equals more dead people!!!! I have never ever felt I needed a gun to go anywhere. If you live in drug and high crime areas, MOVE!!!!

    Quoting (almost) another tyrant (wife): “They don’t have any bread? They don’t have any bread!! Let them eat cake!!!”

  13. Exploring some of their facebook pages gives some interesting insight as to what they watch, listen to, follow.
    It’s truly like another species.
    I’m glad I’m for freedom. Freedom of thought, speech, religion, guns, etc…
    They obviously are not.

  14. I’m not sure what’s going on tonight. This came through on my iPad Mini, but nothing, no posts, on my computer since about 3 hours ago. Is this a problem?

  15. “How can we have a free and open society with half the people running around with guns?” how can we be free unless we are armed the founding fathers intended for us to be as well armed as the government. it is this right that secures our freedom against an oppressive regime we are at an odd place i fear it’s too late for the system to work and too early for open revolution to restore the republic.

  16. I am glad you all try to police these comments so much. We shouldn’t provide fuel to the fire for the opposition to use against us. I just read some of the comments on the MDA page, and it made my brain and heart hurt.

    • Thank you for calling for the level of control and censorship one finds commonly at gun-banner sites.
      Thank you again,
      Benito M.

      • I am not calling for the deletion of opposing ideas. I think it is great to delete posts that are nothing but personal attacks.

  17. “What’s wrong with this photo”
    Should have been used for the Friday “Photo caption contest”

  18. I am glad TTAG is calling out the morons and linking their pages. . . . make the comments rain

    • I guess one of my alter egos facebook page wasn’t anti enough. I’ve been kicked off their site again.
      Geez, creating all these fakebook pages is almost tiresome.
      Who shall I be this time?

  19. Have the Bundy Militias actually set up armed checkpoints along the roads?

    I’m all for asserting 2A rights, but doesn’t forcing people to show proof of residence seem a bit extreme given that the militias don’t live there either?

    • You may find this shocking but evidence shows that MDA and most of the left frequently lie and or exaggerate. In order to assist, this simple guide to anti agitprop has been produced:

      If it sounds impossible, it’s a total fabrication.

      If it sounds unlikely, it’s a total fabrication.

      If it sounds plausible, it’s a partial fabrication citing flawed information.

      If it sounds like cold hard fact, it’s draws on flawed information, has been quoted out of context and contains partial fabrications.

      I hope this is helpful.

  20. Enough already with the MDA posts…please.

    Or, for every one of MDA stories, give us three or four solid articles about guns, gun reviews, shooting techniques, ammo, etc.

    • That you still don’t get how important it is, no matter how many times it is pointed out to you by just about everyone else, is kind of disturbing.

      TTAG often gets front page indexing on stories related to Watts and MDA. You should be THANKFUL that these articles and the long lists of comments are here…they are helping keep ‘Net savvy folks more properly informed.

      • And how many links does MDA get from here?

        How much less publicity would they get if TTAG stopped giving it to them?

        • This argument is a non-starter.

          Who cares if they get “link popularity” from here? One more linked page won’t matter in the grand scheme of things, when you have hupo and all those other sites linking to them and them linking to themselves three ways to Sunday.

          And, if people are getting to them by coming here first and then clicking a link here, well, they are seeing OUR side’s presentation so the net result is the same.

    • Paul

      relax, loosen the collar, pour two fingers of something wet, brown, and alcohol based into a glass with some ice, fire up a cigar and chill.

      and here – something to watch. maybe you can write a review. 🙂

        • Jeremy, you do understand that when all you and some of your little playpals around here can do is resort to ad hominem arguments you are demonstrating a profound lack of mental acumen and a rather complete inability to participate in a conversation with anything remotely resembling cogent and coherent thought?

        • Paul, I’ve read enough of your comments to know I’m not interested in debating with you. Other have but you steadfastly refuse to learn. Instead, I’m resorting to mocking you . That way every one gets a laugh and doesn’t have to read through a million pixels of your garbage.

        • Jeremy…the only person who ends up looking stupid is you when you launch into your rants. If that’s the look you are going for, keep it up, job well done. It’s precisely what I would expect from a guy who goes by “Kentucky Redneck.”

    • Here, I will repost my comment because it is relevant to your complaint:

      “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

      Sun Tzu – The Art of War

      Still true to this day. If you don’t understand why by now, you may never understand.

      • All well and good, Dev, but an increasing number of TTAG fans are getting sick and tired of every third or fourth post around here being about MDA. It is turning into an personal obsession and frankly, just boring.

        Like I said, I’d suggest that for every MDA post there be at least four devoted to articles about, you know, guns, shooting, reviews, testing, training AAR and so forth.

        Perhaps a separate blog could be started: “The Truth About Mothers Demand Action”


  21. if you want more product reviews have the firearm/ accessory manufacturer that you work for ship some goodies for examining. or send money to buy stuff. or lend them some crap to test. hell, send me a bunch and i’ll try to break ’em.
    if i only skim the ar stuff i can barely keep up with the onslaught of print and comments here. this proliferation has helped me to identify a number of 2a threats that i was unaware of. watts is a minion of one of the big evils and she is a social network presence to boot (composite toe, not reservoir tip). so, pissing match.
    that kid’ll be fine. just a normal day of schleppin’ a youngster around. i was probably worse leaving the treble hooks on the rods. and we didn’t have ‘steps’ going up and down. having a rifle might have made a couple of those smelt fisherman less concerning.

    • “this proliferation has helped me to identify a number of 2a threats that i was unaware of. watts is a minion of one of the big evils and she is a social network presence to boot”


      Well said.

  22. Magpul needs to make a stroller!

    Sure, that one is almost FDE. But the front guy could really benefit from an AFG, and some M-LOK slots and some rear QD sockets would help the guy in back…

  23. To the woman who commented: ““God-given right”? Where exactly is that in the Old Testament, please?”

    I present to her Luke 22:36:
    “He said to them, “But now the one who has a purse must take it, and likewise a bag. And the one who has no sword must sell his cloak and buy one.”

    Looks to me like Jesus is telling us we must sell our clothes and buy a weapon if we do not have one.

    • Looks to me like if you think you can make sense of such absolute nonsense, which is claimed to be fictitious stories made up to entertain children from 5000 (that is FIVE THOUSAND) years ago, you should not have access to firearms. Demented, deluded, or depraved.

      • Ahhh….atheism….the belief that….

        1)The world has been here forever and never cooled down
        or that…
        2) something started from nothing

        Two un-scientific whoppers

        • He isn’t claiming to be atheist. He’s saying it’s ridiculous to believe the literal words of a book (written by men that happens to be helpful at controlling them by those using the book) from so long ago with no evidence and plenty of evidence to the contrary.

          There are hundreds of other major religions that have existed, and you believe in none of them. You’re not so far from a deist or atheist yourself… how dare you not have faith in Zeus!

        • Please tell me you are not a Christian trying to call out anyone about being incorrect about the age of our planet.

      • Larry, go get a copy of Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christ”. There is ample evidence of Jesus’ existence outside the Bible.
        You could learn a thing or three.

    • I should point out that Luke is part of the New Testament, and she specifically asked for a reference in the Old Testament.

      • If a thief be found breaking up, and be smitten that he die, there shall no blood be shed for him – Exodus 22:2

        And David said unto his men, Gird ye on every man his sword – 1 Samuel 25:13

        They chose new gods; then was war in the gates: was there a shield or spear seen among forty thousand in Israel? – Judges 5:8

    • You don’t have to believe in any particular flavor of religion, or even believe in a higher power, to believe that people have basic rights. The MDA member’s argument is is just another example of Alinski tactics:

      RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

      People have the right to take the Bible as a book of rules. However, it gives the enemy plenty of opportunity to make them look inconsistent (which is the point of rule 4).

      Regardless of one’s philosophical position on individual rights, in practical terms we can only enjoy personal freedom if we are willing to do whatever it takes to prevent would-be slavers from oppressing us. Unfortunately. Because the would-be slavers are always there, and probably always will be.

  24. I believe that people should have the lawful ability to carry AR15s and babies at the same time. I also believe that doing so makes EXCELLENT propaganda for anti-gun forces to use against us. Unlike the chaps in the photo, I choose not to help anti-gunners disarm us. To each his own, I suppose.

      • Because making propaganda photos for the other side is a winning strategy?

        Listen, if you see a guy with an AR and a stroller and think that will help us win the PR war, you’re delusional. And part of the problem.

    • I fail to see the problem. I see three men, at least one of whom doesn’t appear to be with the other two, working in concert to deliver a baby and stroller to the top of a flight of stairs. I think it’s propaganda about how even if we come from different backgrounds we can and should work together, and that what separates us is much less important than that which we share, such as concern for our offspring and the every day challenges that while mundane are none the less real.

      Oh, and one happens to be additionally encumbered by a rifle but therefore ought to be able to provide the others with security. Perhaps this actually represents a barter system in which two men assist a third with his burdens in exchange for his providing for their security?

      Wait, I think I have it, this is three men on their way to an ‘open carry rally’, thus all already share a common goal and thus are much more inclined to assist one another as they feel at least a momentary kinship. It’s a demonstration of how civil life improves us all and brings us together. Also, it explains the rifle.

      • I see a man with a rifle helping a father in a suit, with a child in a stroller up a flight if stairs. No proof of any connection between the two, and frankly the attire leads me to believe the men are not connected. If the father was the man with the gun, would expect him to hold the handle of the stroller, not its base.

  25. “More guns equals more dead people!!!! I have never ever felt I needed a gun to go anywhere. If you live in drug and high crime areas, MOVE!!!!”

    This quote is just sickening and shows how disconnected these people are with the real world. Many people who live in high crime areas live there because it is the only place they can afford to live. Also it doesn’t matter where you live, crime can happen at any moment.

  26. Love the “If you live in a drug or high crime area MOVE!” assertion.
    So, if you live in a state like AZ or TX and rally because you don’t like the gun freedoms these states offer, can we make the same demand of you?
    Didn’t think so hypocrite!

  27. I think these guys set the record for being the most “tacti cool” (man I hate that word), parents ever. If I ever become a father I hope to be 27% as “tacti cool” as they are

    • I dunno what the situation was. This very evening, a truckload of strangers pulled into my driveway on a dead-end street, and climbed out of the truck. With my .380 on my hip as always, I fetched my .45 and stuck it in my belt, went to see what was going on. There were about 10-12 Mexicans (none live on my dead-end street) walking around in my driveway and yard. As I headed upstairs to retrieve my AR with a 30-rd mag, I caught sight of a moving truck backing toward my driveway, eventually saw a big group moving with a truck and trailer had arrived in an untenable position on this tiny road and were headed to back into my driveway in order to turn around. Stopped and watched as they completed their exercise and left. But my options were important to me and my family, did not hurt anyone, anywhere.

  28. “If you live in drug and high crime areas, MOVE!!!!”

    GFY. America has a Constitution, with a Bill of Rights, that guarantees that our natural, civil, human right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. If you don’t like the Constitution, YOU MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Excellent point.

      The Constitution and its Bill of Rights applies everywhere in the United States, even bad neighborhoods.

      What a jackhole that guy is. Just move. Because the people that can’t don’t deserve to protect THEIR own lives. Right. Got it.

    • “If you live in drug and high crime areas, MOVE!!!!”

      Why don’t you come and make me, chicken poop?

    • Given the ratio of household financial assets to home equity in the U.S., I’m rather sure that everyone who can afford to move…has.

  29. The next spin off from these silly sheep will be called “MOMS DEMAND ACTION TO RAISE MINDLESS LITTLE P*@##$%S”

  30. In spite of the stereotypes, I’m really starting to believe there is much more intelligence on our side than on theirs. I know there’s some cherry picking going on here, but honestly, when I read the forums – any forums – the anti-gun folks consistently fail to articulate their angst in any meaningful way. They spew. They froth and fume, but the only thing they manage are barely coherent screeches of fear and misunderstanding. So much for the cliches, I guess. If you see a rational, measured and researched opinion out there, chances are good it came from our side. Win!

    • It’s hard to tell because they are so willfully ignorant of the topics they claim to care about.

    • There is a dearth of factual evidence or logical argument to support the anti’s side. This produces a synergistic, two-fold effect:

      On the one hand those who think rationally and value facts and evidence aren’t generally anti’s while at the same time those who are find it difficult to support their position via facts and logic. See this way it shouldn’t be surprising that there is little but emotives and empty rhetoric on an all anti forum.

    • The rank and file (useful idiots) are running on emotion. But don’t forget that these bleating sheep are being herded by people that are very calculating and rational. It’s goes back to the ancient Greeks, at least. Some were developing formal logic. On the other side of town another intelligent group said, “screw logic, we want to win elections” and invented rhetoric.

      Yeah, I know that both are probably older than that.

    • Tried to buy a couple, but was not willing to surrender every bit of privacy to EBAY in order to spend my money. So far, zero sold.

    • The only problem with that shirt is that Freud was dead in the ground for a couple decades before Jeff Cooper invented the word…

      • Not exactly so; while Col. Cooper may have coined the term, Freud wrote that an unreasonable fear of weapons might well reflex sexual immaturity and suggested that the appearance of weapons in the dreams of abstinent women likely symbolically represented a penis. To the degree that they found this imagery disturbing, Freud suggested that what they actually feared wasn’t weapons but sexuality.

        That’s not very quotable, but it would be accurate to say that Freud at least suggested hoplophobia was related to sexual repression or immaturity.

  31. I spent some time in Israel. In one of the malls I went to, there was a man in shorts and flip flops holding his sons hand on the escalator. M4 strapped to his back. Can you imagine the outrage here? Nobody scolded him, took pictures with their cell or called the police.

  32. If you feel the need to walk around town in Pennsylvania with an AR strapped to your chest, maybe you need to move to a safer state.

    Concealed carry is the way to go, especially with a 45 in an IWB and no one has to know.

    • If you feel the need to comment on how other people choose to bear their arms, you may need to re-examine your own interpretation of “Shall Not Be Infringed.”

      • Maybe when your antics polarize even pro-gun folks, then perhaps it’s time to re-examine your antics.

        AR + stroller = fringe. This is how our enemies discredit all of us. Why do people on our side trip over themselves trying to help our enemies? Everyone has the right to carry an AR and a baby, just like everyone has the right to walk around in a pink tutu. But if idiots started showing up at gun rallies wearing pink tutus, then our enemies would use them to discredit the rest of us. EVEN THOUGH IT’S LEGAL. It’s just piss-poor judgement. Painting us as fringe nutjobs is about all open carrying rifles is good for at pro-2a rallies. Well, at least they’re not also wearing pink tutus.

        See also:

        • AR + Stroller = Dad being politically active while mom is working.

          The man cares enough about the political process that he will take his gun, his views and his child out in the rain to be heard by his government. And you sit and call a guy being a stand up American fringe? GFY!

          Its people like you that enjoy the rights that people like him fight for. You sit in the comfort of your lazy boy, like a few facebook pages and comment on TTAG saying you support the 2A and the constitution. This guy is a walking billboard of what the bill of rights represents.

          This guy gets it. You on the other hand….are completely clueless.

        • There is no AR + stroller. I’m the owner of the stroller and father of the kids, we came unarmed because we were going inside the capitol. The ARs happened to be with the nice guys who are on our side protesting in favor of protecting the rights of my children in that stroller. I’ve never seen a pair of nice guys demonized so much for helping me get my kids out of the cold rain.
          We can’t control that the media happened to take a picture. We can’t control that the antis then took that picture and wet their pants over it. We can show that we are the decent and reasonable side by treating those who share our ideals and use different tactics with respect even when we disagree. The open carriers didn’t turn their backs on me because I chose to leave my rifles at home, and I won’t turn my back on them even if I think their tactics aren’t always the most correct or effective.

        • @Brandon Bentrim:

          “and I won’t turn my back on them even if I think their tactics aren’t always the most correct or effective.”

          Could you clarify this? Are you saying that you think that tactic (OCing an AR) isn’t always the most correct or effective?

        • anon says:
          May 5, 2014 at 20:08
          @Brandon Bentrim:

          “and I won’t turn my back on them even if I think their tactics aren’t always the most correct or effective.”

          Could you clarify this? Are you saying that you think that tactic (OCing an AR) isn’t always the most correct or effective?

          In short, yes. I think there are good and bad times for OC of rifles, and sometimes it’ll hurt us more than it’ll help us (see California, although that state is mostly a lost cause anyhow). I didn’t bring my AR with me, I brought a suit and tie and my kids in a stroller. But guess what? The guys with AR’s (CSF, in this case) show up and are bodies on the ground, voters in the booth. Even if you aren’t “one of them” they are on our side and I have respect for that, and for them. The fact that they were willing to help me get the kids up the steps is proof of their good character. I don’t want to hash out a huge merits of OC discussion here – but just recognize that there are lots of gun owners who stay home and won’t be politically active. These guys show up, and they are good people.

      • Somebody thinking you look like a tool doesn’t count as infringement unless you have a very thin skin.

        • Someone caring enough how someone else is carrying their firearm is how we get to have infringing laws passed.

          All this criticism is is “I believe in the Second Amendment, but….” crap dressed up in a different outfit.

      • I guess I’m the only one here that doesn’t have a 40mm Bofors gun mounted to the bed of their truck, a 75mil howitzer towed behind it, and a 30 mil gatling gun guarding my property.

        Geez….I sure feel dumb about my not so infringed rights ya morons!

    • Concealed would not seem to be the way to go at an open carry rally (context is so important!).

  33. There’s as many frothing at the mouth crazy anti-gun folks as there is frothing at the mouth gun toting lunatics.

    Remember all the death threats by gun owners to a lowly gun shop owner who was considering stocking a legal to sell firearm? It cuts both ways friends….many of us are dragging us down.

    • Alleged death threats. I’m still not convinced that really happened as reported, since, you know, no ever said they were reported to police for investigation.

      • I thought everyone here always says to never call the police about anything because they’ll just come shoot your dog. So now you demand police reports?

        Additionally, I bet whomever moderates this site can tell you there are threats made by pro-gun people. I can tell you I see plenty of things that could loosely be interpreted as such on other sites. Did everyone not read the weekend digest where just such a threat was mentioned?

        Do you guys REALLY think someone like this ^ fella didn’t send threats to this store? I think it’s a lot more likely than not.

        • When have I EVER said on here to NOT call the police to report a crime?

          Clue: NEVER.

          If someone is receiving what they believe are credible death threats, they should report it and start an investigation.

          Some…S-O-M-E may say “never call the cops, period, ever” but I’d say that’s far from TYPICAL of the attitudes of most here.

          It does not help the discourse to throw in straw men or even extreme corner cases as if they are “normal.”

    • There’s as many frothing at the mouth crazy anti-gun folks as there is frothing at the mouth gun toting lunatics.

      Actually, no there are not, the few that do exist are just really noisy.

    • I don’t buy that there were legitimate death threats sent that guy’s way. I think he got a shitload of angry phone calls, and decided it wasn’t worth the free press. But it’s a lot easier to hold on to your man card and gain pity points if you back off out of concern for your safety, whereas if you fold because the people who keep you in business are pissed off at you, you kinda look like a moron, and a wuss.

      • Heh? I see it the opposite; making a business decision is a lot less embarrassing than giving in to anonymous threats.

  34. I think this MDA reporting has gotten obsessive. I don’t even read most of the SW/MDA/Bloomberg posts now, which means I’m reading very little at all here.

    Yes anti’s ideas are nearly entirely powered by unicorn farts, and yes they are dangerous if left unchecked, but we can do alot better if we break orbit from Bloomberg’s ego and work on our pro-gun culture without constantly referring and comparing to the antis.

  35. What’s wrong with this picture? That baby isn’t wearing 5.11 tactical jumpers! What is the world coming to…

  36. I’m the dad (guy in suit) in the photo and boy has this taken off. There are a few pertinent details to understand this a bit better. Here is the comment I left on moms demand actions Facebook post which clears up some of it and perhaps gives you some insight to the numerous personal attacks that have been leveled at my family in recent days;

    “Wow, I’m nearly speechless at all the love and support from you all! I’m the gentleman in the suit who is clearly just another mouth breathing redneck that you all want me to be. I’ve learned so much about myself from your constructive comments, apparently my wife needs to divorce me ( I guess it must be because we just learned I have a small penis), I’m not sure how the process works but I guess child protective services needs to take my daughters, too.
    Really look at yourselves. I see a bunch of middle-school level insults being leveled by a bunch of childish hoplophobes without the mental capacity to even rationalize that people on the other side of the issue are compassionate, polite, and good.
    The rain was coming down sideways and blowing the umbrella my wife was holding inside out. If you’ve ever been to the Capitol that side has no ramps. Instead of letting my children get soaked and cold I graciously accepted the help of some kind gun owners who helped me safely get my kids up the steps and under cover protected from the elements.”

    so yeah. The weather was bad, I had two kids in the stroller plus my wife was holding the third (plus kid gear stowed under). We were trying to get the kids to warm dry cover as quickly and safely as possible. Emptying the stroller of the kids would have required even more help and the kids would have gotten soaked and cold- not a good start to a day full of teaching them how we lobby for our civil rights and gun bills.

    The gentlemen with the AR’s were closest and a quick glance told me that they were obviously handling the weapons in a careful and safe fashion. I asked for help and they graciously rendered service for my wife and I. I was unarmed as I was going inside the Capitol to meet with representatives and senators. I’m grateful that fellow gun owners are so friendly and helpful because it is not easy bringing 3 young kids around a 100+ year old Capitol complex!

    News media happened to be there (penn live) and happened to take some photos, after which the antis saw it and freaked out. I’ve been told my kids should be taken from me, my wife should divorce me, Im raising a generation of rejects, I’m a child abuser, my children live in fear, I’m mentally deficient, I’m the next Lanza, I should have been aborted, I’m a nazi terrorist, and (my personal favorite) my penis is small.

    Many comments on their page by friends and acquaintances of mine testifying of my character have been deleted and censored, but remember they “just want to have a dialogue” about the gun issue. What they really want is to lecture us from a position of ignorance. I’ll continue being politically active and volunteering my time with great organizations like FOAC and CGOPA.

    • Let me the first (unless I’m not by the time this posts) to say screw those loud mouths. Looks like they are babbling about things of which they have no knowledge. Wait, why does that sound familiar? Hmmm, I’m sure it’ll come to me.

    • Brandon,

      For your courage by being there, being active in your government, you are showing them (the anti’s) to be the hateful, mindless, soulless, self absorbed trolls that they are.

    • Your kids are now anti-gun propaganda that will help paint gun owners as the fringe to fence-straddlers. Congratulations, pops.

      • Oh give it a rest, please.

        He asked some men to help him carry his stroller up some steps in the rain. YOU are the one that is making this about the “OMG….A GUN….IN A PHOTO WITH A CHILD!!!!11111”

        So, Anon…maybe you are posting on the wrong site? Perhaps you meant to post over at

    • I wouldn’t sweat it too much, friendo.
      The majority of press you’re getting is going to be pretty much in the gun circuit. MDA’s 50 or so posters weren’t exactly going to like you anyway.
      The biggest fail in that picture is your distinct lack of beard. Get to work on that and 1) you will be less easily recognized by said 50 MDA posters and 2) Earn the respect of boards like this one.

    • Freakin’ beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to share all that. And with a better perspective on the situation, those anti-gun screechers look more petty and uninformed than ever.

    • I do not see anything wrong in the picture, and in fact I have seen many people carry strollers up stairs the same way. Thank you for clarifying the situation.

  37. Forgot… I try not to be overly tacticool but my 5-year-old doesn’t like to go without her pink camo pop gun.

  38. When had young children in hand, restrictive laws on guns were not existent in the states in which I lived. Open carry was accepted and recognized. Concealed carry was not much more. I oftentimes took my guns with me when I took my children to the pediatrician, or other places. I would take my weapons with me far more often when I went out with my children, than I ever did when I was traveling alone.

  39. I couldn’t resist spamming these idiots and the idiots who think we’re all barbarians on there Facebook page earlier. They make it too easy.

  40. Also, I’m all for open carry, but really? ARs? A holstered handgun would have been much more appropriate. And what’s with the lame ass beards?

    • There are two extremes in the gun control debate.This is the other end of the spectrum, the person that insists on showcasing their AR with open carry with little regard to the public eye.

      Thing is, they forget that the majority of Americans don’t want to see a bunch of people with guns everywhere they go. Probably because it makes identifying bad guys that much more difficult if more plain clothed people are toting a gun. There is a reason police have uniforms…

      And there is a reason why concealed carry has it’s advantages, specifically because it doesn’t spook the sheep and the added bonus of hiding your teeth from the wolves.

      Besides, people are already demonstrating a lack of knowledge about OC and are calling the cops on OCers because they are misinformed or just confused about what is legal and what is not in their State. And this results in people tying up police time for red herrings when the police could be responding to much more pressing calls.

      There’s a difference between being allowed to carry arms and doing so in a way that doesn’t frighten the sheep. And you can’t blame the sheep for behaving like sheep. It’s your responsibility as a gun owner or sheepdog to recognize the environment you’re in and not spook the sheep.

      • And just to be clear, I’m not saying people shouldn’t own or carry rifles. Go ahead, but do so responsibly.

        Not to mention, you can always opt to conceal carry a pistol at any point and time to avoid spooking the sheep, isn’t that a better option to avoid causing yourself a headache by having the police called in on you?

        And honestly, why wouldn’t the sheep call in anyone open carrying a pistol rifle in a public area? Mass shootings happen in public areas and they can’t tell good from bad guy. Not saying it’s OK, but that’s just the reality.

        Open carry can be practical and functional. And dare I say tactically advantageous in certain settings. However, OCing in heavily populated areas is probably not the wisest choice given the political climate and focus on mass shootings.

      • the majority of Americans don’t want to see a bunch of people with guns everywhere they go.

        Luckily I live in a country where I don’t have to give a damn what other people thing. Nor do I need to worry about hurting their feelings.

        If “you have the right to not be annoyed” was written into the Constitution the internet would not exist.

        • “Luckily I live in a country where I don’t have to give a damn what other people thing. Nor do I need to worry about hurting their feelings.”

          Thank-you. Good point.

          I reject his premise, anyway. I think MOST people don’t care one way or another, especially when it’s carried as shown in this picture (ie, very obviously not in an ‘about to attack’ mode).

          I mean, after all…all those folks that OC and get the cops called on them…what percentage of the people who saw the gun called 911?

          We don’t really know. We know at least one did, sometimes a few. But “most?”

          Who knows, but I seriously doubt it in the general case.

          All this “most people don’t want to see AR’s in the open” has, to my knowledge, not been supported by any data. HE may not want to see an AR OC’d, but that does not make projection, extrapolation or over generalization a valid, logical conclusion.

        • Interesting, that’s the same myopic viewpoint approach Ms. Watts is using. Guess neither of you can see past your self-interest and want to address the larger picture at what OC and CC means in context to the layman in the US. Particularly when it comes to ARs.

          Again, I’m not saying people shouldn’t OC, nor am I saying they can’t own or carry rifles. I’m just saying both sides need to use some common sense regarding when and where they do so.

          Practically speaking, the only time AR rifles should be OCed is when you’re at the range, transporting your firearm, defending yourself, or engaging someone / something that is presenting a threat to you or your loved ones.

          OCing in public spaces without context (ie. an OC rally) else is inviting potentially negative attention in the form of 911 calls or possibly panic. Why? Because if you dress like the guy above, you don’t exactly look like a good guy. And you can’t expect everyone to know you are a good guy just with a glance — that is irresponsible and naive to the utmost to think so. And it’s rather insulting for people on here to look down their noses at the “sheep”, rather than accepting them for what they are and giving them a measure of respect for their decisions in life (and that is choosing not to own or carry firearms). The responsible thing to do is to have a general feel for how the layman will react to your method of carry and then make your choice accordingly. IE. Don’t complain if you get questioned by the police if you are walking around OC a rifle in a very public place. The police don’t know you, so you can expect at least a conversation.

          Elitism goes both ways. Thinking you’re better than the “sheep” is already insulting and that puts you on your own MDA-esque pedestal where you believe you know what’s best for other people. Sound familiar?

          My point was, in peace-time, people don’t need to be running around with ARs in heavily public areas, simply because we already know that the media will gobble that up every chance they get. Which guess what, hurts the gun owners position.

          Nick Leghorn just posted an article that is hitting on the point I was making — being an insensitive elitist “operator” douchebag showboating with a gun does nothing to help the 2A position.

          If we’re ever invaded, a disaster hits, or there is an event where there is WROL, then please, OC your ARs all you want — because that makes sense in that context.

          Otherwise, I guess it’s too much to ask to put your AR in a easily accessible carrying case.

        • “use some common sense regarding when and where they do so.”

          Bing, bing, bing…we have a winner!

          Another example of “common sense=agree with me” language manipulation to make it sound like anyone that does NOT agree with you has no common sense.

          There’s a logical fallacy name for that…

  41. How is it that whenever I hear “Moms Demand Action” , I sort of read it as “moms DEmand action” (wink wink , nod nod … Heh heh). Any other TTAG readers out there read it to themselves like that?

  42. We already have OC in Pennsylvania by virtue of no law restricting it, the problem is you can’t legally carry in a vehicle. It would be good to do away with this “loophole” in freedom.

  43. “This is pure insanity. We are all unsafe because of these laws”

    — Every government directed genocide of the 20th Century were preceded by “laws”.

  44. it’s been a bit since I had a kid in a stroller, but based on the amount of kit around the kid, I’d say getting it out of the seat and back in wouldn’t be a trivial exercise. I will however say the 2 AI guys should have swapped places. AR carrying dude has a free left hand, he should be on the right side of the stroller. The other guy appears to have 2 free hands, he should have been in front. Then there’d be less issues if the AR caused problems (tripped the dude up.) ‘course that’s all Monday Morning Quarterbacking… I doubt anyone gave a thought to such things and just decided to help. (Maybe that’d be a good thought exercise/article for the TTAG staff? The ways in which carrying ‘handicaps’ you.)

  45. I’m seriously tired of the ‘our forefathers’ argument against gun control. Our ‘forefathers’ also wrote the first amendment then turned around and passed and enforced the alien and sedition acts. Our ‘forefathers’ seem like great men until you find out what they actually did in their presidencies.

    oh, and they’re called the Framers, not forefathers.

    I support gun rights as much as the next guy, but I base my arguments on numbers and history, not what some two-faced men said a couple hundred years ago.

  46. Is it wrong that the only thing I really noticed when I looked at the picture is that I thought he had his finger on the trigger, then my next thought was: “Nice AR!”

    • Nope. I was actually thinking I wouldn’t strap it on under the hoodie….one slip and some enterprising police officer could cry concealment.

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