Question of the Day: Should Armed Gun Rights Advocates Attend Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Rallies?

Shannon Watts reckons that armed Americans (a.k.a., “extremists”) are intimidating her members. I think it’s safe to say that members of her organization Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America feel intimidated. I imagine whites at lunch counters in the South during the Civil Rights movement felt intimidated when African Americans joined them, too. Should armed gun rights advocates show up at Moms meeting to fly the flag for firearms freedom? Is that bad for the cause?


  1. avatar sota says:

    assuming the proper level of restraint and decorum is observed, abso-EXPLETIVE DELETED-lutely they should attend!

    show the steaming masses the face of their “enemy” and many will fold.

    1. avatar Jack Griffin says:

      Only if they break the hilarious negative stereotypes associated with gun owners.

      Guys/gals should be well-groomed, well-dressed and generally keep their mouth shut.

      Whine all you want, we desperately need to look/act the part of a the mild-mannered citizen.

      Neckbearded Wal-Mart FUPA troops with Tapco’d SKSes in Three Wolf Moon t-shirts need not apply.

      Just because we’re defending the freedoms of the lowest common denom doesn’t mean invite them to the battles.

      1. avatar anaxis says:

        Hey, what’s wrong with a Three Wolf Moon shirt?!

        1. avatar Five says:

          The absolute best armed representatives to attend would be women, especially mothers. None better to expose the lie of MDA than armed mothers.

        2. avatar CBI says:

          @Five: absolutely! With children — and with good retention holsters!

        3. avatar california richard says:

          +1 for moms w/ guns and kids. Yanks the carpet out from under MDA. Best idea posted here.

  2. avatar Robin says:

    No. That is just being a dick.

    1. avatar alexander says:

      Perhaps that’s just what they need.

      1. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

        With a name like Moms Demand Action I’d think that would be obvious.

        1. avatar alexander says:

          Yes, they do seem to have a chronic lack of attention…

        2. avatar Jacob says:

          What we need is common sense MILF reforms.

  3. avatar Jim says:

    Can we OFWGs hold up “spoons make you fat” signs at their rally’s?

  4. avatar James69 says:

    No, because the media would actually cover these events then as apposed to their “Fakebook” announcement/media/press releases.

    1. avatar Another Robert says:

      That’s a good point I think. Granted, the “news” outlets do kind of bend over backwards to cover their “events”. But it generally doesn’t turn out well for either of them–the “news” outlets or the “moms”. The paltry numbers reveal the “moms” true lack of influence with America at large, and the fact that they get coverage anyway reveals the flagrant bias of the “news” outlets.

      1. avatar James69 says:

        Bingo, well said.

  5. avatar Jon in CO says:

    In this interview, Shannon claims that its “Men mostly” and they’re intimidating “women and children”. Start bringing your wives and kids with you. Show them we are no different than them. A lot of these people are completely ignorant to what the laws actually are in this country, especially in regards to Internet sales. We need to start open forum, public space rallies for information about what really goes on in the gun world.

  6. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    They will cry intimidation if people show but will go unopposed otherwise.

    It would be funnier to infiltrate their protests with signs like “close the Obama loophole” and some other choice f&f, Eric Holder and blatantly trolling signs.

  7. avatar zaphod says:

    Already they seem to have worn out their few moments in the spotlight and there’s declining media interest.

    So, let them sink into insignificance.

    Show up and they WILL be back in the news, and apparently still significant.

    They won’t win any “hearts and minds” talking to themselves at a venue without cameras.

    1. avatar Another Robert says:

      Along those lines–I saw on Yahoo where a local Connecticut station is apparently featuring a “story” on the “moms” campaign against Kroger. The bias is still there, obviously, but it just looks so desperate–it’s not like that is exactly “breaking news” and it’s not like the “moms” are actually enjoying any kind of newsworthy success. They might as well come out a say, “These gun-control kindred spirits are fading fast into oblivion, watch us frantically try to prop them up and trash our own limited credibility in the process!”

    2. avatar matty9 says:

      PLUS ONE.

      Was it Sun Tzu that said “When your enemy is making a mistake, do not interrupt them”?.

      1. avatar kenneth says:

        No, I think that one was Napoleon. But Sun Tzu did say:
        “If your opponent is of choleric temper, irritate him.”. And I can’t think of anyone who irritates easier, or a better word for their ever present temper tantrums.

  8. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    And it may be better at some level to have unarmed gun rights activists with training guns to make a point that felons don’t care about the law.

  9. avatar alexander says:

    Why not have armed, polite and pleasant moms attend their meeting?

    1. avatar TheOtherDavid says:

      Great minds think alike see my post, +1 this!

  10. avatar TheOtherDavid says:

    Perhaps not open carry – that would be a field day for the negative stereotype kind of story you know the media and Ms. Watts would love.

    But how about “Moms Demand the Second Amendment” protesters? “Moms Demand Carry Rights”? Polite women, young and old, across ethnicities, carrying signs, engaging in polite conversation and distributing some “fact check” info regarding the so called “gun violence epidemic” (spoiler alert – it’s not an epidemic).

    Having soccer moms, inner city grandmothers, and the Pink Pistols show up at some of the rallies might would certainly increase press coverage but right now the press coverage is either Shannon’s astroturf brigade or mall warriors with AKs and bad tacticool beards.

    I considered “Moms, Indeed, Love Firearms” but I thought the acronym might be awkward…

    1. avatar James69 says:

      with ARs and bad tacticool MagPul beards. – fixed it

      “Moms, Indeed, Love Firearm Safety” – fixed it.

    2. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “I considered “Moms, Indeed, Love Firearms” but I thought the acronym might be awkward…”


      (I like the way you think…)


  11. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    Only if Shannon will be there. . . .

    1. avatar James69 says:

      Dirk, your gonna have to take one for the team. Sorry Guy.

      1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

        I will wear a suit and tie

  12. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    I was trying to find one of the Mom’s demand Nazism Rallies at the NRA convention in Indy with my daughter in tow; but we could never find them.
    Yeah, show up with your kids, that will really get the Fascists clucking.

  13. Slightly off topic, but relevant…

    I don’t think we should underestimate the organizational power of the Bloomberg-backed groups. The Napoleonic Nanny is a smart guy and learns from his mistakes. He also knows how to find the weak points of his enemy and exploit them.

    I attended a legislative hearing in Olympia, Washington two days ago. Our side was outnumbered about 10:1 by people wearing T-shirts of the Demanding Moms or Everytown. They had several organizers helping their 100+ followers sign in and be ready to fully occupy the hearing rooom, which they did.

    The few pro-gun people who showed up had to sit in a basement overflow room and watch on video.

    The Bloombergians had a well orchestrated lineup of speakers who told their emotional stories of relatives killed BY a gun. We had speakers of our own, including me, so at least we were able to match them speaker for speaker.

    I think it is fair to say that Bloomberg has found our weak spot, which is at the state level. Especially in states that are controlled by the Dems. Even if we make gains on the Supreme Court or the White House, we will be facing a web of restrictive state laws that will take decades to roll back.

    If you are in anything less than a “free” state, you really, really need to get active in your state association and get your friends involved too.

    1. avatar TheOtherDavid says:

      True, this. Bloomberg has unlimited resources for the fight and, while we know it, the rest of America doesn’t seem to understand that Shannon Watts is a multimillionaire PR expert with Monsanto and GE Global Health on her resume. Watching how a fairly solid 2A state like Washington has in the last few years been turned totally on its head by savvy marketing campaigns funded by tech billionaires misleading gullible low information voters….Yipes.

  14. avatar Robert says:

    No we should not. Too much opportunity for something bad to happen. Too many ‘scary’ photo opportunities for the media, who are not our friends. Gives them attention they do not deserve, and probably does scare some of those nervous nellies.
    I say ignore their rallies, hardly anyone shows up anyway. Refute their nonsense via other venues.

  15. avatar James69 says:

    I bet they end by saying “the greater good” as well.

  16. avatar Mark Lloyd says:

    Shannon is so full of it. She said during the interview that the moms were INTIMIDATED. The bad men with guns were there to intimidate us. Then she says it was an ATTEMPT at intimidation and that in the end, everyone sat around and the moms asked the gun-nuts to wear MDA pins and everyone took pictures with each other. So the attempt to over-blow the event fails. In the end, everything was fine and everyone got along.
    The gun-nuts, and I say that affectionately as I am a fellow gun-nut, conducted themselves appropriately and everyone had a good time.
    S. Watts says this happens all the time where open and concealed carriers show up and MDA events and “try to intimidate us” Sounds to me like everything is working fine as in the end, everyone is getting along and not scared of the gun guys. It appears to be working fine.
    I’d have to say to continue on being ambassadors of our gun culture.
    Of course, this is exactly what Shannon Watts doesn’t want. She wants the dog and cat to fight, not curl up together, lick each others ears and take a nap.

    1. avatar NYC2AZ says:

      Counter Protest in English = “Intimidation” in proggie bullshit newspeak.

    2. avatar MarkPA says:

      The Moms have 2 choices:
      1. – clutch their pearls and run-away;
      2. – clutch their pearls and stay.

      If they run-away then their rally wasn’t much of a rally; was it? They don’t have the courage of their convictions. Whatever news reporters are there will get to talk to the OFWGs.

      If they stay then they aren’t that intimidated; are they? How to they carry on saying with a straight face that they are intimidated while remaining in the presence of armed OFWGs?

  17. avatar kevin says:

    No, of course not. That would just fuel their frenzy. People like that are best ignored.

  18. This is determinable by simple breakdown of the effect on the public:

    Interaction mode 1: Anti’s show up at our event with signs and no guns.
    we don’t mind if they show up at our events to protest (they’re no threat to us).
    they don’t mind if they show up at our events to protest and they feel justified doing so.
    neutral observers see nothing interesting about either party at best and at worst think, “Anti-gunners went to a pro-gun event and nothing bad happened to them? Guess their point just eroded a bit.” Our narrative is supported and their narrative is harmed.

    Interaction mode 2: We show up at anti’s events to protest without signs but do bring guns (and without breaking any gun safety rules like pointing guns)
    they mind if we show up at their events to protest (a great deal) and say they feel intimidated even if we just stand there silently on the periphery.
    we don’t mind if we show up at their events as long as we’re not supporting their narrative.
    neutral observers see us being dicks (admittedly, perspective matters) but not being evil or dangerous which backs our narrative and harms the anti’s narritive.

    It looks to me like the status quo is the best single thing for the discussion. Anti-gunners SHOULD continue to attend pro-gun events and continue to reap the rewards of being surrounded by armed defenders. Pro-gunners MUST continue to attend anti-gun events (as close to silently as possible) as a demonstration of our benign nature. The result, after a while people will start seeing that the provocateurs are not those that wish to retain their rights and that those wishing to restrict rights, even those that are widely disagreed with, have no basis within our system of government or within our system of morality and law to make the demands that they do. We will overcome by simply being right in public, repeatedly.

  19. avatar Lee says:

    No. They’re a bunch of losers that cant even get more than 10 people together.

    When you show up and argue with them you give them a form of legitimacy and you give them more press coverage. Treat them like a child acting up or a blue haired feminist…ignore them.

    1. avatar Mark Lloyd says:

      It’s better to make ten friends than not.

  20. avatar Don says:

    Why should it matter if they are armed or not? That’s their business.

  21. avatar Friedrich says:

    I vote no, why give them the attention.

  22. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    I don’t really care except they get MORE publicity(and look legit) when evil white men with evil black rifles do a “counter” demonstration. Speaking of the meglo maniacal midget bloomie>just saw a news report(FOX) about him seriously running as an Indie…I hope so.

  23. avatar Anonymous says:

    We are not in any way anti-gun! – Shannon Watts


    The laws in this country have allowed these extremists to use the second amendment to kill the first. – Shannon Watts

    Shannon, the 1st amendment protects the people from being prosecuted by the government for expressing certain views. By the way, gun owners have the right to peaceably assemble – just like you. We all know your upset because some gun rights advocates showed up to peaceably protest at your peaceable protest. We all know you are upset because some of them brought some guns – also their right.

  24. avatar H says:

    Doesn’t help the cause. Doesn’t open minds. The people who would attend such a meeting aren’t on the fence.
    Gay men bare assed in chaps kissing each other in the street don’t help their cause.
    Guns are now an emotional and political issue. The facts stand for themselves. That’s how to persuade folks. Keep stating the facts. Because the numbers reveal the lies and ineffectiveness of gun control legislation.

    If whites at lunch counters felt intimidated that was an unfortunate consequence. Some didn’t want African Americans there. Some did. They were in a public place where the reason for being there is to eat. This why African Americans could sit there. They weren’t “sitting in” to make whites uncomfortable. They were denied service because of the color of their skin. That’s the statement they were making.

    Going to a meeting of the flat earth society to present a different belief is just a waste of time. They know what they believe, that’s why they are having this meeting. ?

    1. avatar Anonymous says:

      It is their right to go to the meeting, but I agree – it probably isn’t the best tactic.

  25. avatar Ralph says:

    Stay away from MDA. The air will be thick with estrogen and you’ll grow man boobs.

    You’ve been warned.

    1. avatar alexander says:

      I doubt it that they have much estrogen, except by prescription.

  26. avatar Socrates says:

    I say bring, women ccw holders, absolutely no males in the counter protest and make something not intimating, like a bake sale or something. Maybe, just maybe this might make some “rethink” their position.

  27. avatar LNJK says:

    Valid discussions require both sides of an issue to be represented.

    1. avatar Another Robert says:

      MDA “rallies” really aren’t much of an example of a “discussion”. Again, it generally amounts to a handful of empty-nesters, some in-it-for-the-free-lunch rent-a-protestors, and some mental castrados demonstrating how broad-minded and sensitive to women’s issues they are, playing for a supportive gaggle of reporters who outnumber the actual “audience”. I tend to think a “counter-protest” gives them more legitimacy than they deserve.

  28. avatar Saul Alinsky says:

    They should go only if they ware a black ISIS shirt and a banner that ( in big letters) says ISIS loved moms against gun violence!!!

  29. avatar LarryinTX says:

    Just pass by and laugh at them, then on down the road like they were completely unimportant.

  30. avatar JohnF says:

    I just participated in the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League (VCDL) Lobby Day at the VA State Capitol Office Building and grounds. 1,200 gun owners participated, most of them OC’ing. We split up into teams and visited every single state legislator’s office and dropped off and explained the VCDL Legislative Packet, which is very well done. For a few hours, there was not a hallway, office or elevator in the building without multiple people packing and wearing big, orange “Guns Save Lives” stickers. All the legislators were polite and some were outright welcoming. Afterwards, there was an outside rally with some great speakers. All the local media covered it. VCDL has done this every year for several years.

    We did not see a single anti-gun sign or protester and we heard no discouraging words. It turns out the anti-gunners had their own Lobby Day event planned later on that afternoon. I asked my team leader if VCDL people hang around for that. He said in years past they did, but only a handful of anti-gun people actually show up. It is sort of a non-event. I think if the anti-gun people are accomplishing their objectives with protests and rallies, we should confront them. If they exhibit the kind of apathy they show here in VA, we should just leave them be.

  31. avatar Cuteandfuzzybunniess says:

    Ok I have two thoughts. One is that if they are going to have an event, we should show up esp those of us that are women. This shows that there are more of us than them.

    Secondly if we intimidate them , GOOD. We should intimidate the hell out of people who want to push us around and take our rights.

    1. avatar alexander says:

      Intimidation, done legally and smartly, works very well. It has worked for Obama, Sharpton and a slew of other human waste. It is disgusting, but when there is a war on, unfortunately, taking the moral ground as opposed to the method that works, especially when that method is used by the other side, is just a recipe for losing the war.

  32. avatar JB Karns says:

    “Is that bad for the cause?”

    Seriously? ‘The cause’ is restoring essential fundamental Individual Liberty and a free nation of free people.

    The domestic enemies of those things abound. They will NEVER give up. They will NEVER be satisfied. No amount of compromise or discussion from the liberty position will EVER stop their efforts to disarm anyone not representative of ‘The State’.

    The only realistic way to thwart these collectivist-gerbils is to stand up in numbers, openly and unapologetically exercising that essential fundamental Liberty and baring (yes, displaing/showing) Liberty’s Teeth and making it crystal-clear that their actions and goals are unacceptable.

    It must be clearly shown that to achieve their goals, they will need to pressure govt to use naked force to subjugate free men who will act in righteous defense of Life, Liberty and Property and they will return force for force, resulting in tens or hundreds of thousands, even millions of dead American men, women and children, with the proviso that many govt enforcers, policy makers, propaganda peddlers, captains of industry, captains of finance and a whole host of tratorous citizen-enablers will certainly be amongst those killed in such a hypothetical.

    All this, because of the insatiable appetite of these collectivist/statist-gerbils for suppressing and abrogating the freedoms and Liberty of other individuals who are harming nobody, forcing nobody to live and believe as they do and who simply desire to live in peace and freedom whilst exercising their ‘Rightful Liberty’.

    Liberty advocates and free-men do not attempt to force their beliefs on others. Collectivist-gerbils and Statists do just that.

    There is NO discussing, arguing, compromising, engaging in dialogue, convincing, nor is there any study or statistic that will cause these people to cease and desist.

    Until and unless this dirt-simple fact is grasped and acted upon, there will continue to be Constitutional usurpation and abrogation of essential fundamental Liberty.

    Wake the fuck up and lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.

    It really is as simple as that, so quit fucking playing their game on their rigged playing field by their crooked ‘no-win’ rules. Be men and ruck-up, stand up and declare that we will not comply and if force is used, it will be defended against and returned.

  33. avatar Sian says:

    Nope. They get precious little attention as it is. Let’s not add to it.

  34. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Since they don’t pay dues, this crap must cost Bloomberg a pile of money!

  35. avatar Fred says:

    It’s really not fair to them to rally any pro-gun individuals. It’s pretty hard to not intimidate them by outnumbering them when they have at best four adults present.

    That of course, is a joke, just like their efforts and accomplishments.

  36. avatar foo dog says:

    Moms Demand Action does not have 3.5 Million members- they have been counting “likes” on Fakebook as “members”. And everyone knows that “likes” can be purchased, as can fake accounts, from data brokers.

    MDA is Bloomberg’s paid astro-turf group to deliberately spread misinformation.

  37. avatar Rick Olson says:

    MDA holds its meetings as, “public forums.” Therefore, 2A advocates are as welcome as each individual commie mommie. It is important to be humble, positive, polite, respectful, and decent. There is no Susan G Komen foundation for Hoplophobia Awareness and Research , so that can’t be helped. Their intimidation is self-imposed and we merely being present doesn’t validate said fear, irrespective of the three wolf moon shirt.

  38. avatar B Ryan says:

    Why give them ANY more attention or possible source of media coverage by arguing with those losers, feeding news media editors cut up footage to twist things out of context? Let them whither and die off.

    All you hard asses that go full bore to confront idiots like Shannon’s twits are doing the same thing: desperately seeking attention.

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      The media sympathetic to their cause therefore they get the attention regardless. When we don’t show up, it is spun in the media as if they have no opposition and everyone agrees with them. You sit on the couch if you like, but don’t slander those who take the time to do what they believe is important to further protect individual liberty.

  39. avatar John in Ohio says:

    Counter protest is important. When we were attending their associated rallies, it was always a net positive for pro gun messages. In fact, if we didn’t attend some of them, they would have had no crowd at all. We usually greatly outnumbered any crowd they could muster. And, it was the same old same old… We feel threatened, yada yada yada. It’s a bunch of bullshit. They know they are lying. The cops know they’re lying. And most of the people in attendance know that they are lying. Frankly, just makes them look worse.

  40. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    Yes gun owners must attend these MDA events. The way we need to fight for our civil rights has changed. The best way is to show up be polite and have you side arm in a holster. Empty holster for those in California.
    Learn the stories of people using guns to save lives and tell those stories to reporters. The civil rights battle was always a propaganda battle. All gun owners need to get engaged at some level, even just wearing a pro 2A shirt or hat. They are good for starting a conversation.

  41. avatar PeterK says:

    I’d say attend, but without arms. You don’t want to send them all into shock. Not that the hospital would have trouble caring for the half dozen attendees. But still. It’s the principle of the thing.

    I’m all for counter protests, though. Let them say their piece to your face. If they won’t, it’s probably not worth saying.

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