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Fudds love this sign gun free school zone

Alert the media. The Moms who Demand Action on the street corners of Everytown USA have found themselves a Fudd in Texas. Manson “Bernie” Phillip wrote his legislator urging opposition to a pair of common sense gun bills:  one that would make Texas a Constitution-carry state and another that would repeal “gun free zones” for those with carry licenses.  Of course Moms, facing a dearth of anyone in the gun community agreeing with them, hoisted this gun owner up as a “somebody” in the gun world.  They now parade him about to further their feeble cause.

Who is Bernie Phillip and why should we listen to him?  According to the Huffington Post, he’s got “nearly 20 guns”.  That’s a lot, right?  In his letter, he brags of his six plus decades of hunting experience under his belt.  No mention if he has an Elmer Fudd hat too.   What’s more, Bernie claims membership in the NRA for 46 years.  He admits he has not once been involved in gun rights – before now.  However, these two bills pushed him over the edge.  Yep, after all these years, Bernie uses his paper-thin credentials to legitimize his misguided fuddism for all to see.  The HuffPo covers it eagerly:

Bernie Phillip is a 75-year-old Texas grandfather who owns nearly 20 guns ― enough, he says, “to take care of business.” He’s an avid hunter, and has been a National Rifle Association member for 46 years.

But this week, for the first time in his life, Phillip broke with the gun-rights group. He wrote to his state representative urging him to oppose two bills that would loosen restrictions on guns. HB 375 would allow Texans to carry a gun without a permit or license, and HB 560 get rid of gun-free zones, including schools, for people with a license to carry.

“I’m all for our 2nd Amendment rights but these two bills are downright irresponsible,” Phillip wrote in the letter, which has since gone viral on the internet. “I pride myself on gun safety and being a responsible gun owner. Neither of these bills further the cause of making our great state safer for my 5-year-old granddaughter. The thought of another parent being able to carry a gun in my granddaughter’s school when she goes to kindergarten next year is terrifying. There’s just no need for that.”

Of course, the fact that those signs proclaiming his granddaughter’s school as a gun-free zone comfort him.  He has not considered that gun-free signage serves as little more than a dinner bell for bad people with evil in their hearts.

His letter, courtesy of his hoplophobic daughter:

Fudd gun free school zone

He calls the concept of bad guy deterrence as “insane” and “irresponsible”.

That alone should tell you all you need to know about Bernie Phillip, a Texan fudd.

Congratulations Bernie.  You have become famous the most famous fudd in Texas.

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  1. I’m guessing it is less about opposition to these particular bills, and more hand wringing over these “damn kids today” are to irresponsible to enjoy the more freedoms he enjoyed in his (equally or more irresponsible) youth.

    • I wonder how many are evilly black?

      Or, for that matter, pistols, since that’s what this legislation is mostly concerned with. (It might cover long guns too, for all I know, but the context seems.directed at handguns.)

      • No evil black ones but I bet he loves him some bolt action rifles, though, you know the same kind of “sporting” weapon that Charles Whitman used to shoot down 14 people from the UTA clock tower or that Oswald used to blow the brains out of JFK….

        • Just to pick a nit here… UTA is in Arlington, Texas. You meant to say UT which is in Austin, Texas and the site of Mr. Whitman’s escapade.

        • Only those lacking in knowledge of the incident really believe that Oswald, acting alone, killed JFK with a magic bullet…
          All one has to do is observe the ledge around the book depository to become aware that one cannot even SEE the street from that window, let alone shoot at the street from there.

        • I came home with a case of 9mm FMJ the other day, since I was down to 500 rounds and the price was right. Opened the cabinet and found the case I squirreled away 6 months ago and forgot about.
          I might be one of them fellas with an arsenal I hear tell of…

    • Didn’t MDA recently tell us that something like 1% of gun owners own more than 4 guns? Doesn’t that mean that he is not representative of the thoughts, needs, and concerns of the average gun owner? Do we really want the 1% setting the agenda for the common man and woman?

  2. That is the kind of wisdom which has to be learned from someone without a clue. When this guy was growing up, there were no laws on the books restricting his right to carry a gun everywhere, assuming he is not black. He could have carried a gun to school every day, but he likely did not, for there was no reason. People could walk in and out all day long, carrying or not, nobody cared, and nobody died. So, from his *OWN* experience, he would have no objection to either modification to the law. Somebody without his experience had to make up ridiculous stories about what *might* happen, along with assuring him that it is impossible for any normal person to face off with a drug-addled gun thief who has never actually fired a gun, there is just no chance to win.

    Or, of course, there is senility.

  3. Some guys get really soft in their old age. My own dad, the man who introduced me to the joys of recreational shooting and the responsibility of gun ownership, supported the AWB. Of course, because he doesn’t own one. Funny how people are always willing to sacrifice rights on everyone else’s behalf, just as long as it’s not a right that THEY exercise.

      • Yep.

        Have a former landlord big outdoorsmand and hunter owned local sporting goods/gun store. Walked out of Chosin with 1st MarDiv. Loves him the Garand, has an M1919 in Alaska huge gun vault. But them AR15s, NO ONE should be allowed.

    • Boba Fett, This +1000
      Old Bern forgot to say “they put a bottle in front of me…then I got a free frontal lobotomy”.

    • Except he’s trying to impose his own on each of us. He isn’t simply declining to carry on school premises himself. He’s lobbying the legislature to prohibit the rest of us from doing so.

      • True. Every week day for next 130 so days until Sine Die people are going to be expressing their opinions and pushing their causes. The dude is entitled to his opinion and to support it, just as I am. I may hold him in contempt, consider him hostile, even characterize him as a traitor to gun owners, but at the end of the day I’ll at least I’ll allow him his opinion regardless of how misguided it is.

  4. Meanwhile, the principal of my kids’ school not only gave me specific permission to carry on school property, but wants me to, and said she wished there were 100 other trained, CCW permitted parents to be on campus.

    • Kevin,

      Is your school in Texas? If so, roughly what region of Texas. If not, what region of which state?

      • ehhhhh Campus Carry and open carry passing 2 years ago?

        It’s not New Hampshire, but I wouldn’t say it’s a police state. In fact it’s only been getting better and better since the democrats were thrown out a few decades ago.

        Sometimes the fat belt-buckle legislators need a little prodding and threatening…that’s all. Remember that the primary elections can be tougher to win than the general. A salient point to remind them of since we saw the tea party act burn a lot of “moderate” republicans.

  5. Its interesting. I’ve never been to Texas, but more and more I’m noticing that it sure seems to be chock full o’a-holes. I wouldn’t have expected it, but its true.

    • Agreed. I always thought of Texas as one of the last bastions of freedom and traditional values. I don’t know if it is an influx of liberals or if it was an exaggerated reputation, but I have lowered my respect for Texas lately.

      • It actually doesn’t surprise me at all, but I don’t listen to the MSM stereotypes of Red States.

      • I was there over a year ago for a while and was very disappointed with TX; lost a lot of respect for it.

    • I always used to imagine that Texas of all places must be a gun rights paradise, but I hear more and more leftist stupidity from there all the time. I’m sure it’s mostly a couple metropolitan areas that are to blame, but it’s a shame that they can damn near ruin a state.

      • That just about sums up the states with bad gun laws, too. I live in upstate New York. It’s rural and red here. Our lives are made miserable by NYC. Where there are large cities, there are liberals who want to stomp on your rights. That’s just how it is.

    • You’ve never been here, to this state of over TWENTY SEVEN MILLION people, but you’re convinced of its composition of a-holes? Is that right?

      • Yes, its actually something that I’ve observed for a few years now. Texas indeed appears to be an a-hole rich environment. How about you go ahead and pick an argument with me..thereby proving me right. Oh wait, you already did.

        • Madcapp
          Go look in the mirror, the state you currently live in has got plenty of aholes, you’ll be looking at one.

        • No, he asked a question. Apparently your state is full of snowflakes who get triggered easily.

          /not a Texan

        • just a refresher, what maddcapp said was:
          “Its interesting. I’ve never been to Texas, but more and more I’m noticing that it sure seems to be chock full o’a-holes. I wouldn’t have expected it, but its true.”

          I cannot see any question, nor nary a single question mark, in there. Perhaps you need a remedial English class on the differences between questions and statements????
          Just FYI, its simple. Questions have one of these (?) at the end….

    • Madcapp
      Please stay the flock out of Texas!
      We don’t give a Aeronautical Intercourse what you think!

  6. A famous Fudd deep in the heart of Texas.

    There has to be a country & western song in there somewhere.

  7. “I’m all for our 2nd Amendment rights, but…”

    The “but” told me everything I needed to know.

    • I’m with you! I don’t remember any ifs, ands or butts (yes 2 t’s), in the 2A. All I remember is “shall not be infringed”.

  8. Have said numerous times the fudd / they don’t mean “my” type of firearms are sometimes worse than antis. They don’t think they are included in gun bans and find out too late they are.

    Lots of people found out the hard way here in Australia that their expensive clay shotgun or similar was suddenly an “dangerous weapon”. “Useful idiots” is something banners always look for.

    • Idiots are, indeed, very useful for anyone who wants to prohibit something. Not having a clue about life, they are real easy to convince of anything. And so the mom’s found one. Its not at all surprising. The shock would be if they COULDN’T find a single one, out of millions of possibles.

  9. Why does the vocabulary in this piece of propaganda remind me of the stilted rantings of the Hysterical Mother? Could it be the use of misdirection and outright fabrication? Maybe Academy is selling handguns to 18 year olds, but I doubt it.

  10. My in-laws are all staunch Conservatives. Higher on the income scale, no abortion, God, guns, and country, all prior military. The elders expect background checks, no repeal of Hughes, etc.

    This is, with exceptions, a generational mindset. We have to wait it out.

    • “This is, with exceptions, a generational mindset [of adults age 60+]. We have to wait it out.”

      I have come to the same observation and conclusion.

      Our fellow citizens who are 60+ grew up with government that had the appearance of propriety and they generally support whatever government did.

      I can only hope that our younger generation has seen plenty of examples where government is no longer even concerned about the appearance of propriety and therefore reject most government positions.

  11. “The Second Amendment never meant guns everywhere for everyone”

    That’s exactly what it meant you moron!

  12. Since being stationed here in Texas 1999 and after getting out and settling down here, I’m no longer surprised by this state. Disappointed, but not surprised. Constitutional Carry is before the legislature again and I personally don’t think it stand a snowball’s chance. You hear the usual nonsense of “I think people should be trained and licensed” business, but when I ask them why they think Texans are so much more incompetent than people in Arizona when it comes to guns, (with their problem free ConCarry) that they need the state’s permission, they have nothing to say.

    This state (and the most of the republicans in office) are “all hat and no cattle” as the saying goes. It’s sad.

    • Unfortunately the people of Texas are mostly fine with living in an anti-gun police state when the big businesses are moving in.

    • A talking point for you Texians might be to bring up Alaska to your legislators–you know, that far-off State that’s over twice as big as Texas, and, apparently, twice as ‘free.’ We have everything that you have, and all of the things that you DON’T have, in the way of firearm freedoms.
      Constitutional provision affirming the RKBA? Check. Castle Doctrine? Check. ‘Stand Your Ground?’ Check. Constitutional Carry? Check. Open Carry? Check. Anything NFA? Check. ‘Shall Issue’ CHLs (for those that want other-state reciprocity)? Check. NICS-Exempt CHLs? Check. CHLs good for 5 years, with mail-in renewal? Check. Absolute state-law preemption over municipalities? Check. An absolute dearth of ‘No Berettas’ signs? Check.
      Tell ’em that I have yet to soil my sneakers sloshing through any blood running in the gutters. It probably won’t do any good, but you can try.
      Oh, and to us, ‘.30-‘o6’ is a rifle cartridge. Nobody knows what a ‘.30-’07’ is.

  13. Unfortunately Texas is only a “bastion of freedom” when it comes to getting big business in, but when it comes to actual freedom we’re more a police state like California because of these elitist RINO pricks like Strauss and Patrick.

  14. How much you want to be the likes and shares were purchased and not organic? And probably 90% from fake profiles.

    Anyone can go viral with anything these days.

  15. On eBay, he’s called a “shill bidder” working for the seller (of lies perpetrated by the “Mommies”). The dude (if he’s even a real person) is probably dead, or senile; and just writing what his handlers tell him to write…

    More Fake News from Bloomie and his “fluffer”, Shannon Watts…

    • Anyone who works with a sales person of any type, but most notably a street hawker, gambler or a con man, to drive up enthusiasm and/or price is called a “shill”.

      Just because it’s a fantastic movie and on topic:

  16. So, “Mothers Against Only Some Violence” found someone to say silly things agreeing with their position (but, I repeat myself) in Texas. Thus, These Laws Must Go.

    OK, so that means, if I can find *one person* to say bad things about gun restrictions, say someone from New York State to say the SAFE act is silly, that just invalidates the whole thing? Oh, wait, I could say that, and have.

    I look forward to watching Mothers Who Care What You’re Killed With, not That You Are Killed, as they work to dismantle Proconsul Cuomo-the-Younger’s midnight “emergency” civil rights restriction legislation, which in the event has been used for selective enforcement based on erroneous mental health reporting, yet allowed one of his aids to be shot while they were visiting one of the open-air contraband market / free-fire-zones where people who don’t bother to follow the law congregate. (Jr. of course made speeches after this about needing more gun laws, and less guns, not less gang-bangers.)

    Am I a bad person because the worst thing to me about having a President Trump is Proconsul Cuomo-the-Younger angling for that 2020 run for prezzy, now that Herself won’t be untouchably ensconced. I already can’t stand it.

    Yes, yes I am a bad person.

    • I don’t know if you are good or bad. But you are correct to be worried about 2020. I expect Cuomo, Booker, Warren, even Newsome to all be angling for Pres or VP slot on the D ticket. Maybe others whose names I don’t know. But they are all peas in the same pod when it comes to gunowners’ rights and everything else as well. i am most concerned about Booker. Donald or Pence (and we) will have to worry if Booker makes it onto the ticket because regrettably that could turn a bunch of the Rust Belt and even Southeastern states just by motivating the inner city element to vote, even if the economy is good and there is no new war.

  17. People we gotta learn from this.

    1, I’m all for gun safety but

    2, it’s for the children

    3, the benefits of your proposition just do not exist, because I say they do not exist

  18. I would check and see if he’s even alive…. or real.
    Could’ve pulled a random name off a head stone or just made it all up. Liberal idiots are known to do that.

  19. Growing up I thought Texas to be a place with some serious gun rights.

    Then I grew up and discovered the truth. How long exactly was it that OC was illegal? But that was fixed… now all you need is a permit!

    As much as people talk up Texans and their guns other states are way, way ahead. Shit, New Mexico is run out of Santa Fe (the San Francisco of the high desert) and has had looser gun laws that Texas, well forever. Bad gun laws, mediocre barbecue, Austin… what exactly is the draw to Texas again?

  20. I lived in Dallas from 2011 to 2015. Locals often told me people and businesses from the coasts seeking lower taxes have shifted the political landscape quite a bit in the past two decades. I generally found that people outside the big cities were more patient and friendly.

    Many people who grow up in anti-gun states, myself included being from NJ, see Texas as a bastion of firearms freedom because it’s paradise in comparison to what we’re used to.

    • Pa doesn’t get much ink here. SYG, castle doctrine which extends to vehicle when out and about, OC without a permit, shall issue which is pretty cheap, strong preemption law, guns in bars, 4 bullets on Legalheat.

      • Illinois (one the commie antigun lib paradises) has included in our CCW law that you are able to defend yourself or another with a firearm, anywhere you are legally able to be

    • Yes, you see Texas as a ‘bastion of firearms freedom’, when those Progressive coastal elites show up out there they see evil guns everywhere and will organize politically and push for what they have been brainwashed with, ‘common-sense’ gun regulation.

      Our gun rights are at a critical juncture here.

      It’s not hyperbole to state that the next few years will make or break our gun rights. We cannot screw this up…

  21. Lets examine what we know:

    1. We know that statists are naive and fatuous morons.
    2. We also know that such morons do many things without regard to truth, rational behavior or moral reasoning.

    It is therefore possible that this person owns firearms and belongs to the NRA, not because he is smart or morally grounded, but because throughout his entire life of 75 years, he has lacked the ability to comprehend that he is a naive and fatuous statist doing the opposite of what statists stand for.

    Out of compassion for this confused man, Mom’s Demand Action has reached out and helped him fulfill his destiny as a statist. When he passes on, he can now join his own kind in statist heaven (which is what non-statists usually refer to as hell).

  22. Golly. What a tremendous amount of concern, butthurt and otherwise much to do over one old guy in the boonies who doesn’t agree with a couple of laws. Seems to me an inordinate amount of blubbering over this Mom’s association – like the writer seems to think the world will implode over any value being placed on a single codgers views. Somthing kinda pathetic there.

  23. I think it goes back to his youth when blacks and Mexicans could not carry and if you were a bad boy, the sheriff would make sure you don’t. It was a case of the “right people” being able to carry, the good ol’ boys. No one else need apply.

  24. A slew of pro gun bills have been introduced in the Texas legislature this session.

    There are three that I think are essential. One is to eliminate the fee for LTC’s. One is constitutional carry, concealed or open. One is to eliminate all places it is illegal for a license holder to carry.

    The constitutional carry bill adds a definition to intoxicated including a blood alcohol level. Currently, it is unclear what the definition of intoxicated is. (It’s not having the normal use of mental or physical faculties by reason of the introduction of alcohol, a controlled substance, a drug, a dangerous drug, a combination of two or more of those substances, or any other substance into the body; or it is either that or having an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more).

    If you live in Texas, write your representative and senator to support these bills.

    Check out all of them at

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