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The above video is co-branded Moms Demand Action (MDA) and Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). As we pointed out previously, MDA is fast becoming the public face of gun control in America. No surprise there. The crusade for civilian disarmament is based on emotion rather than facts, logic or reason. Moms tug on hearts. Mayors do not. By the same token, Moms don’t have big bucks and Mayor Bloomberg does. This kind of agitprop costs real money. Also worth noting: the ad doesn’t promote any specific action. Speak out now? The average gun control supporter needs a lot more motivation and direction than that. Thank God they don’t get it.

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      • The Chris Matthews who ejaculates at the sight of Obama, or the mention of his name? I’d feel sorry for him, if I didn’t feel like COMMENT DELETED.

        • Yep. THAT Chris Matthews. His mindless, sycophant ravings are beyond enduring. I understand how you feel about wanting to re-arrange his face…completely. It pisses me off all the more that he makes me want to do violence to him…”exception to every rule” syndrome…I guess.

    • Exploiting the tragedy of Sandy Hook with boisterous cries of “THINK OF THE CHILDREN” coming from these gun grabbers is disgusting. Statistically there are so many things far more dangerous to children than guns, especially AR-15s and other MSRs that these things don’t even measure a blip on the radar. They don’t illicit any feelings of even the slightest concern. The parallel between the Nazis blaming Jews for everything bad in their society and these gun grabbing tyrannical socialist cunts blaming gun owners for everything bad in our society is not at all difficult to see. They’ve already made the racist link too. Liberals are not only tyrants they are fascist tyrants. I really hope people are getting keen on *this*. It doesn’t stop with guns, their agenda is complete, and total indentured servitude of this country to a police state and they will exploit every cogent tragedy to their benefit. People need to start looking at facts and leave their emotions on the shelf.

  1. And of course the comment section is locked down as always. “We want to talk about limiting the second amendment while ignoring the first exists, because our opinion is the only one.”

  2. Don’t forget, the whole purpose of this is to jump on the next tragedy while the victims blood is still warm. Expect something along the lines of “we told you this would happen so do something now (without thinking)”.

  3. Was it decided that the logo of MDA is in fact a barrel aimed at the viewer? If so, aim a barrel at someone and demanding action is… kinda rude.

    • but you see the symbolism of it is that the barrel is aimed at your kids, and the person holding the gun is the entire gun-owning culture of america.

      • Speaking of symbols, a double-edged sword comes to mind.

        Whatever they think it means, they can’t escape the fact that it is THEIR figuative gun pointing at ME. Everything their brand touches carries an implicit threat of violence.

  4. The sad fact is that the real violence is happening in low income areas. Let’s not address that, however, because a handful of white people have been shot! We need to have gun control NOW, instead of rebuilding failed economies! That will solve all the problems…

    Lest we forget, the Democratic party was the party that championed slavery and fought against freedoms. They may have lost when the 13th amendment was voted in, but they managed to develop a whole new form of slavery, dependance on the federal government for everything. They are still trying to limit everyone’s rights.

    • Um… no. The Democrat party that supported slaver is not the Democrat party of today. Both parties have changed in their ideology in the past 150 years.

        • Actually, A-Rod’s comment is historically accurate. Neither the Republican nor Democratic parties of 2013 are connected to the parties of the same name in 1865 by anything more than a name, certainly not in platform. There’s an Internet. You can look it up.

        • Which part is it that makes me a libtard? The part where I can read or the part that I can read a history book?

        • 505Markf – Thanks for backing me up.

          Charles – Look up the Dixiecrats and my point is proven with them as an example. You want me to cite more examples?

      • The Democratic party is pushing forward the idea that the people NEED to depend on the federal government. They don’t offer true solutions to economic depression in urban areas (like Detroit!). Chicago has seen a rise on gun violence since Rahm the Almighty came into power and yet they have the strictest gun control laws in the country. The ARE pushing slavery, that’s EXACTLY what is happening when people depend on the government for everything instead of being able to work themselves up and become self supportive.

        • Trying to connect political party platforms or actions between 1865 and today is simply wrong. The Dems supported slavery in 1865, and then the War on Poverty in 1960s, so clearly they still support slavery in a different name… The “democrats” in 1861 also supported states rights at the clear exclusion of any federal government in 1861. Does that still apply? No.

          Do not forget that Lincoln, a Republican, suspended most of the Bill of Rights (e.g., free speech, habeas corpus, etc.) and even locked up the Maryland legislature to keep them from voting to succeed. He did all that to protect and extend federal powers, to protect and save the union. He also freed the slaves.

          There is simply no thematic or conceptual link between old dems/repubs and those of today. It was, after all, a very long time ago. The modern progressive movement did not start with D or R, but with Teddy and the Bull Moose Party (he was a great progressive and much of what he did was great, but not all of it).

        • Just take a look at the Democratic party’s record on civil rights for merely the past 50 years. Look at everything they have pushed and promoted in the past 20, then tell me they aren’t for slavery. The illusion of freedom is still slavery.

        • Open Eye – I really get it, I do. I absolutely agree that the Dems support social programs that increase dependence upon the government. Almost all of those programs (except possibly for some directed at school age children) are wrong-headed. But to say they are just trying to enslave the black population misses the point. They want to make ALL OF US dependent upon the government for the basics. Saying that it’s the Dems and not the Repubs also misses the point. We can’t trust ANY OF THEM to have our best interests at heart unless they actually ask what it is we want or need and NONE OF THEM DO THAT!

          The Founders were right that no federal system can ever adequately address human need on even as big a level as the US was in the 18th century. It certainly can’t now. Decisions that actually affect peoples’ lives needs to be pushed as locally as possible, and no party-line politician of either party supports that.

        • @ Open Eye

          From your comment at 0939: “The[y] ARE pushing slavery, that’s EXACTLY what is happening when people depend on the government for everything instead of being able to work themselves up and become self supportive.”

          The Dems, this President and this Administration in particular have been relentlessly pushing that drivel from the get-go in an attempt to reprogram the thinking of the sheeple.

          Remember Barry’s quote: “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” – inferring that government is the engine responsible for anyone’s success. We’re all slaves and totally reliant on government if you follow their foolish logic.

          *The truth is* that we somehow manage to make progress despite government; though as we go forward, it becomes excruciatingly more difficult as government’s tentacles multiply and proliferate.

      • Today’s Democrat party depends for their survival on keeping blacks in permanent dependency and underclass status. Whether on the plantations or in the projects, the Dems are as pro-slavery as they ever were.

        • BOTH parties need subjugated people! Do you really think the Republicans want the poor to progress? Really? And the Dems are no better.

        • Proof: DC. Democrat-dominated. Black folk are being forced out of their homes so they can be converted into condos for the Government workers. Anti-gun central, yet they need to install wall-to-wall surveillance so there’s at least an illusion of safety. And the Police Chief ignores DC and Federal law to pander to the social elite. Remember, the President lives there. Just Congress’ little plantation on the Potomac.

        • This is where the whole Democrat v. Republican thing starts to fall apart. Most SOUTHERN Democrats (so called Dixiecrats) opposed civil rights reform while NORTHERN Democrats supported it. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed Congress and was signed by a freaking DEMOCRAT. It is not so black or white between D and R. I frankly think both parties are essentially evil in that they BOTH triumph the state over the individual (Patriot Act, anyone, signed by a Republican president).

      • 505marksf just like an elite liberal to say you can teach me. You and BloomLIBberg and Leftbama know better. You’re probably live in New York! Ha!

        • Oh, Charles, don’t take the “liberal” approach to dismiss facts. I frankly do not resume that you can even be educated at all, but I have hope that you can be.

          And it’s New Mexico, actually.

        • You are right Charles, you can take a jackass to the stream, you can even place his mouth over the water but you just cannot force a jackass to drink.

      • A-rod, no, democrats of the past supported slavery because they were elitists; they didn’t see other races as equal; they believed other people needed to be ruled by their betters; sound familiar?

        The democrats/liberals of today continue to be elitists; they don’t believe other people can run their own lives, they believe other people need to be told how to think, believe and live by their betters.

        The old democrats, same as the new democrats.

    • Wow! THAT would be a sort of “super-oxymoron”…albeit a visual one instead of lingual. Conjures up all sorts of disturbing images.

    • Actually they do use kids for that. At the TX capitol pro-late abortion protests, they had small girls carrying signs, even signs with obscene words. I wouldn’t
      believe it if I hadn’t seen the pictures.

      I normally don’t pay much attention to the abortion issue, but I gotta tell you, these pro-late abortion activists are demonic. They are purely evil people. They repel normal people from their cause. I’m sure most of them are anti-choice when it comes to owning guns too.

    • I respectfully disagree, at least in the long term. I agree that in the short term we need to replace Democrats with Republicans, but make no mistake the GOP is no friend of ours. The old Liberal and Conservative labels simply don’t apply anymore and they haven’t since Reagan, who tripled our national debt (he submitted the budgets and had veto power), institutionalized the “war on drugs”, signed off on expansions of gun control, and turned asset forfeiture into an ongoing nightmare (over $2.4 BILLION to date). The old labels just don’t work anymore.

      Long term what we need are legislators that prizes individual rights over the needs/desires of the State. And neither party nor most political candidates qualify for that right now.

        • Some of you are getting on my nerves a bit here.

          Anyone not willing to entertain lucid, eloquent, and obviously educated responses like the ones 505markf is putting out there is more a part of the problem than the solution. For crying out loud, he even challenges y’all to Google it yourself.

          It makes me very sad indeed to see such narrow trains of thought. This blog has been a real godsend. Can we PLEASE try to continue to keep the property value around here up by not resorting to the effing ignorant name calling.

          If I may, he’s talking about separating political labels from ideology. And how things have changed so much regarding that over the past century and a half.

          And not for nothing, he’s absolutely right. Whether you like it or not.


        • bugsinteeth Aw you libs got your feelings hurt? That’s whats wrong today the left talks about how you “feel”. Go watch RAchel MadCow and you’ll feel better. Does OLefta Care cover feelings? Ha!

        • I honestly don’t understand how 505 was being a lib defender. I gotta agree that both parties are going to screw us in some way its just what brand of lube their using. 505 is absolutely correct when he said we need politicians that favor individual rights.

        • Wow Charles, you are obviously not paying attention to the lame-ass party that the GOP is today.

          A lot of us are fed up with the GOP doing basically nothing to challenge Obama and the democrats’ agenda. The GOP even supports many of the things they do – e.g. domestic spying, amnesty for illegals, gun control, etc.

          That doesn’t translate to “defending libs”, and if you think it does, you’re not smart enough to keep up.

        • I’ll agree with him. Go ahead, feel free to cal me a lib-defender.

          I believe the gov has no right to define or intervene with marriage(Gay rights). End the drug war(It’s about time). Women have the right to choose (pro-choice) an abortion without religious persecution or government involvement. I am pro second amendment. I am for small government. LTC/CCW Reciprocity. You name it. Hell.. I’m pro LEGAL immigration, and anti Obama care (because it’s screwing the middle class.. Ask my ‘libertard’ parents how they just got screwed by their dear leader).

          The republican party has their dick in far to many of the wrong mayonnaise jars.

          Get out of the marriage debate. Get out of the “Voter ID” nonsense. Get out of the Anti-Abortion ridiculousness. And wrap up the religious politics.

          Those alone would grow the parties numbers.

          I think Obama is a waste of time. But, I’m not blind. The Republicans (GOP) have stopped at nothing to disrupt every move the Obama administration has made.

      • @Chuck (Hates NJ) Because, apparently, the posters here are comprised of “lefty lib liberals”, according to some vocal denizens of this blog’s comments.

        I thought that my posts were transparent enough to convey that I was parodying that, perhaps a nom de screen such as TacticalARFreedom, etc. would have made that more clear.

      • Agreed, 505; both parties have done major damage to our liberties and freedoms over the years.

        The designs of the Democrats are much more threatening and damaging to freedom, and as I believe you stated, we need an infusion of R’s to recover some measure of equilibrium before so many freedoms are lost or curtailed that the damage becomes permanent.

        • When are people going to realize that the whole Left/Right-thing is a shell game? You don’t recall the Free Speech Zones or everything that happened at the Republican Convention in NY during the last glorious administration?

        • Charles – well said, but damned if I don’t want a Republican majority in both House and Senate in 2014. It is not the answer, but it may stop the bleeding. Triage to get into surgery, at best.

      • The problem is you have to identify what type of Liberal / Conservative you are talking about. We have a lot of people who are Socially Conservative but fiscally Liberal. Then tend to be against stuff like abortion but when it comes to money issues they support unions, socialized medical etc.

        Then on the other had we have people who are fiscally Conservative but Socially Conservative those are the people who tend to be attracted by people like Ron Paul and tend to call themselves Librarian.

        There are some of us who are both Socially and fiscally Conservative. Personally I tend to fall in to the both Conservative group.

        I think the biggest is the small vs big government question. That is were I think a lot of Conservative screw up. We need to push these types of calls down to the state and get it away from the federal government and I think many of my Librarian friends could agree on that.


        • Libertarian, I believe is the label you were looking for. They tend to be civilly liberal and fiscally conservative. The philosophy is similar to a quote from Thomas Jefferson.

          Paraphrasing, “If it does not pick my pocket nor break my leg, why should I care?”

      • I must agree that the old labels do not apply. With few exceptions the fighting between the dems and repubs is not about ideology, it is about power. Each is trying to undermine the other at any cost–and neither is advancing the appropriate social goal of actually governing. I find it impossible to respect a political party whose primary goal is to sabotage the other. Nor do I see any improvement on the horizon. This is a very dangerous development; it threatens anarchy by making it impossible for the government to function.

  5. Say what you want, it’s a pretty good commercial in terms of pulling on heartstrings… we need that ad company working for our side!

    • Very good point. We need to never forget that our opponents are skilled and highly intelligent. Failure to appreciate that leads to underestimation. They got skills, no doubt.

    • Disagree. We need to fight with facts, figures and logical analysis. Fear and emotionally charged crap like this will only energize your core base – logic will convince the masses.

      • No, this is a marketing effort to change the American culture. Facts, figures and logical analysis will send them into a coma, just like when they were in school. How successful would Coca-Cola be if their commercials were filled with talking points and graphs?

        • Coca Cola is trying to convince you to drink a specific brand of sugar water. That’s pretty easy. Ramping up policy changes are not, and people don’t tend to stay sad, scared or angry long after the initial impetus passes. I’ve convinced lot’s of people that guns are not the problem with logic. I’ve never seen anyone convinced of anything long terms by being frightened into it, and I generally lose respect for anyone or any organization that resorts to fear tactics regardless of the side they’re on.

  6. The fact that Bloommidget is willing to spend large quantities of his money on this crap just goes to show how committed the far Liberal Left is to disarming The People so they can impose their Socialist Utopian Dreams on us. They don’t notice that Europe is retreating from Socialism, or that Red China has become prosperous by allowing Capitalism and Individual Free Enterprise, nor do they remember how the Soviet Union could never make a washing machine that worked for more than a year because the alcohol-sodden Proletarians working in the factories could neither design or fabricate a decent product.

    Unfortunately, Bloommidget won’t run out of money very soon…your wealth and mine get “redistributed”, but somehow his remains intact….funny thing.

      • After reading multiple comments from you that simply repeat the mantra LIBS R BAD … I feel inclined to make my own comment.

        I would be quite thankful if you would actually contribute something useful when you comment. Repeatedly saying LIBS R BAD makes you sound like a 16 year old who has been brainwashed. If all you are able to do is call people names, you’re of no use on a comment thread. You make people disregard any comment you post.

        Are liberals often wrong? Sure, IMO. Not always but often. But attacking the person instead of the argument is in no way helpful. Conservatives screw up a lot too. Bashing one for being conservative is just as pointless.

        If you actually are a brainwashed 16 year old … then I hope you grow out of this phase.

    • That stuck out when I was looking for comments and votes (both being disabled). It is rather pathetic that you have to put out your message with no means of recourse. If your ideals can’t stand on their own merits in the arena of public debate, then your cause is a lost one.

    • LMAO… I had same reaction. I saw the ad late last night and promptly wrote my legislators to tell them (again) that there is a simple fix to this: elminate all governmentally-mandated gun free zones. I bet they are getting tired of me (but who gives a shit?).

    • Hey g, did you notice they suckered you into another gratuitous YT view? Now go look at an NRA vid a few times to make up for it.

      • I would blame RF for it more than the posters here. They are really not a force of any magnitude, but Robert posting their videos and articles here only serves to embolden them by thinking there are people out there that believe their message.

    • Huh? Maybe if the save the whales people were trying to ban boats. I’m all about saving children and whales and not driving drunk all that dandy crap, as long as that’s what we’re actually doing.

  7. If only someone had a gun to shoot that school shooter! He believe’s he is praying on the unarmed. Methinks he’s right.

  8. And we’re STILL waiting for some proof or at least some evidence to show that more gun laws will prevent these “moments of silence”.

  9. You will note that the comments and ranking are both disabled. BUT, the idiots have left open the video remix editor! Have fun!!!

  10. And the libtard (democrat) commie turds scream “please report to the showers to inhale the Zyklon-B…I mean…de louse”, for the children. “Big Gov” statist monsters.

  11. Oh..this is precious. NRA needs to do a counter ad showing an armed person greeting this loser at the door and dropping him. Preferably a woman.


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