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In the state of Virginia, concealed carry is allowed generally everywhere, except where the owner of the property has specifically posted “no guns allowed” signs. Most stores don’t prohibit it, so law abiding citizens freely carry concealed handguns through their doors every day. Naturally, the Moms Demand Action crowd see the ability for law abiding citizens to be able to defend themselves as a problem and have decided to inject themselves into the situation . . .


Last week, they succeeded in bullying the Staples store’s manager into putting up a “no guns allowed” sign and they trumpeted their success on Facebook. Naturally, every comment disagreeing with their point of view has disappeared down the black hole of the delete button. However, despite the lack of opposition apparent in their comments, gun owners were more than a little peeved that a store in their area had been intimidated into banning citizens from legally performing an activity which they are properly licensed to perform and wasn’t hurting a single person. So they fought back. And won.

Guess what – the demanding moms weren’t amused.


What makes this situation so interesting is that both sides used the same tactics, and yet the MDAers labeled gun owners as “gun bullies” while portraying themselves as angelic crusaders. In their minds, no matter what gun rights supporters do, if it impedes their plans in any way those gun rights people become “gun bullies.”

It’s more of the same — gun owners are evil, nasty, disgusting low-lifes simply because they own guns. The escalation of rhetoric against gun owners is the reason I keep seeing comments pop up on every gun-related article I read stating that the NRA is a “terrorist organization” and is actively killing children. They’ve finally realized that they can’t win on the facts — there are no facts to support their disarmament agenda — so they’ve moved on to blaming gun owners for all the ills of the world in an effort to paint them as uncaring low-life scum, unworthy of consideration as human beings.

Not to go all Godwin, but wasn’t that the first step towards cattle cars sometime last century?

[via Gun Free Zone]

UPDATE: So, it turns out that the Moms Demand Action crowd made this story up in its entirety. The main point of the article is still valid — that they have a double standard that makes feminists’ claims seem tame by comparison — but they are liars too. Click here for the whole truth.

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  1. They’re leftists, so being intellectually dishonest and hypocritical is pretty much a requirement in their totalen krieg to bring about their utopia (dystopia) and equality for all.

  2. Can we please stop seeing pictures of Shannon Watts? She makes me want to throw up every time I see her smug mug. Also, I thought we talked a bit about not giving these idiots any more press. TTAG is the only place where they get consistent exposure. Hell, even the Brady’s don’t get this kind of coverage.

  3. Alinsky tactic: make your side of the argument morally superior. Even if it’s not. Then rinse, repeat. Until everyone believes you.

    • Arlington (wherever the boundaries happen to be set today) happens to be a liberal enclave. The actual response surprises and encourages me. There is hope for the East Coast yet.

  4. Which is why gun rights groups like the NRA should be pushing a sub group of women gun owners as spokes people and a counter to Shannon’s group of pissers and moaners pretending they are the only group of moms that care for children.

    Get off their ass and start getting mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and grandmothers out in the public eye saying we want our right to defend ourselves.

    • They need to be more proactive. Start interviewing the victims of gun control, organizing them, and having them protest outside MDA’s HQ and Brady’s HQ with catchy slogans.

    • A better tactic might be to entice a business to take not just a neutral stance, but pro stance. Provide signs like the traffic sign opposites – instead of the red circle and slash that means “Hell No, Not Here”. a silhouette of a pistol surrounded by the green circle meaning “Hell yes, Go Ahead” and with the text “Legally armed citizens welcome here.”

      Except for the text and red circle/slash this sign should look EXACTLY like the anti-gun sign, even if it includes the reference to the local/state law that permits CCW.

      • i talked to a small business owner buddy not long ago. He is pro-carry, but was encouraged by his insurance agent to take a neutral stand. It sounded to me like a pro-firearm stance or signage in his business was going to make insurance a fair bit more expensive.

        Another piece of a poorly designed machine…

  5. The group, “Moms Demand Victims” is both well-funded and coached by Bloomberg and his cronies so it’s no surprise that they all operate in much the same way.

    • Got a tear forming waiting to hear from Dirk. Sniff, sniff.
      Darn rules anyway.
      On a happier note, I’ve never been a bully before.
      I think I kind of like it. Makes me kinda warm and fuzzy.

      • I’ve never been a bully either…not sure how to feel about being labeled as such. To be a bully don’t you have to have some sort of advantage over another person like popularity, physical strength, money or power of some sort? I think in this case it is quite clear who the bullies are.

        • “To be a bully don’t you have to have some sort of advantage over another person like popularity, physical strength, money or power of some sort?”

          I believe that bullying is a matter of intention followed by action. It requires the credible threat of either physical or emotional harm in an effort to coerce an action you would not have willingly taken. The MDA bunch believe that their threats of social ostracism and financial harm should they campaign against you are “activism” when they are in fact classic bullying tactics. They also believe that on the pro-gun side the mere PRESENCE of a gun is so intimidating that the threat is implied and that is the only reason anyone agrees with our side. It is not possible for them to admit that 1) our weapons are meant to intimidate bad guys and defend the law abiding, and 2) Our position and argument is based on law, logic and “common sense” while theirs is based on emotion and manipulation of questionable statistics.

          So who’s the bully?

        • It’s called projection:

          A defense mechanism in which one attributes to others one’s own unacceptable or unwanted attributes, thoughts, or emotions.

          Take a look at #2 in the list at the Wiki page for projection.

          You can see it in almost all of the Left’s “arguments.”

  6. Every crime against humanity begins with dehumanizing the other side.

    Why does anyone expect civilian disarmament proponents to be any different?

    • You’re absolutely right, and that has been the way of the liberal progressive statist antis’ for many years at all levels starting with the schools.

      Negative association through relabeling and reengineering thought (brainwashing) has been ongoing for decades by these people; we’re just seeing the current surge because of the opportunity presented by recent tragic shooting events at normally relatively “safe” venues. These people don’t care about inner cities – no votes there, but when middle class settings are targeted, they have to act on the opportunity.

      Their negative labels are meant to demonize guns and anyone associated with them. Its part of their basic platform intended to justify the highfalutin “common sense” measures they seek to impose on those who would otherwise be viewed as law abiding citizens.

      The grabbers have to use every negative label they can so there is less sympathy for gun enthusiasts who are basically being railroaded.

    • +1

      They not only have to tell people that gun owners are somehow less than, but hope we respond in such a way that furthers their agenda.

  7. LOL… I read some of the comments and other postings on their Facebook page. Truly MDA panders to their low intelligence members.

  8. gun owners are evil, nasty, disgusting low-lifes simply because they own guns

    Hate is a critical element of a culture war. It’s a lot easier for them to kill someone that they hate.

    As for Ms. Twatts, she’s just in it for the money, but she’s very good at manipulating the weak of mind.

    • Not just a culture war, any war. Dehumanized enemies are easier to kill. Just look at the propaganda the US Gov put out during WWI and WWII. And this is war.

  9. These women need to grow up. This isn’t a school argument among 10 year olds. People are exercising their constitutionally protected rights. This “bully” crap is just nonsense. They act like obnoxious 5 years olds demanding constant attention. These days it seems that if someone disagrees with a politician, a teacher, a weatherman or joe-blow on the street they get these labels. Hater, bully, etc. Grow up. These people thrust themselves into the forefront, therefore they are not above criticism. Nobody is above criticism. Nobody. If all they can do is demonize us then they are lost. That is all they have. Go home ladies, you are a bunch of rank amateurs. You may have Doomberg’s money behind you, but that is all you have.

    • That is all they have.

      In all culture wars, hate is enough. Hutus and tutsis, Shiites and Sunnis, ethnic cleansing . . . hate works.

    • ^ What Ralph said!

      “This ‘bully’ crap is just nonsense. They act like obnoxious 5 years olds demanding constant attention.”

      I hasten to point out that “obnoxious 5 year olds demanding attention” generally get attention, usually a lot of it, not always negative. As in the case of the Staples, many parents will go to great lengths just to get the brat to “Shut the hell up!” The kids sitting quietly in the back seat and asking politely for the exact same thing will not likely get the ice cream cone.

      • My point was simply that they cannot challenge these things and then sit there and pretend to be deaf, dumb and blind and expect that there won’t be any discourse. Really what did they think would happen? Obviously we won’t lie down and take it. They choose to not listen, not get informed, nor educated on firearms. They shout “bully!” and go sit in the corner, hold their breath, and put the blinders on.

        • Damocles! I can’t BELIEVE that you could write such a blatant falsehood in your response to my comment.

          These moms do not go into the corner and put their blinders on, they wear them ALL THE TIME.

        • One minor correction: They don’t pretend to be deaf, dumb and blind. There is no pretending aboot it eh!!!! Dat is fo realz.

  10. Demonization of the opposition simply means that it’s a culture war.

    As far as the strategy goes, it is clear that the enormous growth of the legality and popularity of concealed carry over the last 30 years is a major bulwark against the loss of gun rights, which is why the antis are so keen on reversing it. They are to be resisted on this.

  11. My father used to tell every single politician and campaign worker who came to our door that he was going to vote for them. If I were the manager, I would do the same thing.

    MDA: Will you put up “no guns allowed signs”?

    Manager: Yes.

    [Weeks later…]

    MDA: I thought you said you were going to put up “no guns allowed” signs!

    Manager: I lied.

    MDA: So will you put the signs up now?

    Manager: “Sure.”

    • Also keep in mind the manager may/may not be the actual property owner, who is really the only one that can decide what is permissible on their real estate.

      If I was on any corporate management, I would make sure that each and every manager/franchisee/etc. was well aware that if a political group (on either side) started hassling employees, the goal would be to get them the hell out of the store as soon as possible. If that means lying to make them think they’ve won, so be it.

  12. Mrs. Watts. How does your child eat? Does he/she get enough whole grains? Does he/she get enough fruits and vegetables each day, you know most children don’t. 60 minutes of exercise with his/her mother each day might be hard to find time for with all of that campaigning you do. Do you own a swimming pool or trampoline? Is your medicine cabinet locked? Do you know who your child spends their time at school with?
    If you can’t answer these questions correctly…then your priorities as a mother are messed up.

  13. TAI must be labeled as Bullies because there are laws to Punish Bullies, and if this ‘selfie’ obsessed narcissist can make a bunch of Bloomberg’s money in the process, so much the better!

  14. I don’t know if I can find it again, but there was a followup posted by some pro-rights people who had called the store and been told that no, the manager never said any such thing and no, there will be no signs, and they were trying to get the MDA group to stop lying about them.
    (Without success so far… wonder what will happen when it turns into a slander / libel case?)

    • Betcha Staples corporate may have a few words for that manager, as well… injecting their company into a topic they want nothing to do with.

      Not that he invited MDA into the store, but when they ask for a picture, his response should have been something along the lines of “I’d like you to leave now”.

      • So what I’m getting from this is that the story here on TTAG is incorrect as well?

        This post says that MDA got the manager to put the signs up, and that pro-gun people got them taken back down, at which point MDA points at the pro-gun side and says they’re being gun bullies. That an accurate synopsis of what is said in this post?

        But according to Miguel, what actually happened is that MDA wanted the signs put up, but the manager said no, and the signs never got put up. The store contact confirms this. Bob Owens over at even contacted Staples corporate and verified that individual store managers do not have the ability to change policy and either put up or take down signs like this. However, MDA went on Facebook and trumpeted their “success,” and then later blamed us for the removal of signs that never got put up to begin with.

        So Nick’s post is correct with regard to the double standard, that they’re allowed to bully but we’re not, but what is missed is that the entire conversation is predicated upon a false situation, something that never actually happened.

  15. I kinda feel sorry for that store manager. Like Starbucks, he got dragged into a fight he most likely wanted no part of. He’s just trying to sell ink cartridges and pencils. No doubt he got tired of being badgered by these five or six “moms” and gave in, figuring that would be the end of it. But of course, our side has a much deeper bench and much louder voices than a few bored housewives, so he probably got ten times the response from pro-rights people. Now he doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind, and all he really wants to do is meet his numbers so his district manager will get off his ass…

    • More likely the manager agreed that he would “look into it” and the Moms simply assumed that they had won and left. It is pretty obvious that if he DID look into it he got a no BS response from Staples Corporate.

  16. Ban guns in Staples. See if I care. I don’t shop there and the pro gunners who do can simply boycott them.

    Of all the stores in the world…they choose Staples and Starbucks? Stereotypical soccer moms banning guns in the places they shop. Because they are scared and unwilling to at least hear the other side. We have the same goal here: stop violence. If both sides would leave their egos behind and actually listen to each other, maybe we’d have a solution.

    • I love this urge to be “even-handed”. For the record, I have no ego. I just lived in restrictive States and have a first-hand idea of what they are after, and that is why I will not listen to them, not because of some nonexistent ego.

  17. Everytime I see Shannon Watts and her brood bully a business into agreeing with their misguided anti carry stance, I think of the Lane Bryant shooting in Tinley Park IL, year 2008. Six WOMEN were rounded up by murderous thiefs, four customers and two store employees, into a back room, shot and left for dead. One survived.

    Shannon should go to those families of the victims, look them in their eyes and ask them what their thoughts would be if ALL SIX were armed that day.

    • On a larger scale and a different issue this bullying tactic against corporations works well for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Why wouldn’t the Liberals be willing to try it for this issue?

  18. Oh no, a random Staples location in Virginia may or may not want me to carry in their store, what ever shall I do?

    This is almost as upsetting as Starbucks allowing carry, then recanting and saying they won’t anymore. But, not following through and putting up the proper signs, which allows me to continue carrying.

    Listen there’s ALLOWED to carry and there’s ABLE to carry, one is not necessarily synonymous with the other. When was the last time you went through a metal detector at Starbucks or Staples?

  19. I think this Staples in on Wilson Blvd down from the Ballston Mall. While not a particularly dangerous place, i am pretty sure that a no guns sign is an open invitation for some local punk to rob the place in no time. There were two smash and grabs at high end jewelry stores in the Pentagon City Mall shortly after they took away the armed security. Advertising that you don’t want gun owners in your place of business is a surefire way of getting robbed even in a very low crime area like Arlington.

    Here is a question for Ms. Watts:

    Where would a criminal be mostly to attack you, a coffee shop with a no guns policy or one which welcomed legal gun owners?

  20. I am getting tired of that organization disparaging the name of Moms! Instead of bringing respectability to their cause, their cause is bringing dishonor to Moms.

  21. Other then the free press they get all 4 of them.
    Who even listens to the 4 of them??
    I know I don’t.
    Stop giving them any space here please Robert.
    Maybe they will just go away.

  22. That 80% spend figure was related to women, not case MDA did not realize it not all women are mothers.

    Also it was debunked and is generally accepted as folklore now.

    I wish we could see the standardized test scores of their kids because their moms aren’t doing them any favors.

  23. There is a group of women I will have to get their official site info..but it is a million moms against gun control my kind of law abiding pro 2nd amendment rights females and an asset to law abiding gun owners everywhere…go pro gun moms!

  24. Question. Lets say complete and total chaos, anarchy, civil war, maybe an invading force/country event takes place. Who will these moms hide behind? Would they be thankful if a neighbor wielding a gun prevents the rape and murder of their kids. Or themselves? What will be their response? Please don’t hurt me or my kids, we’re against guns. Don’t bring guns in my house, we don’t like them. Are these moms against the military when they are called upon to defend us or others? Should we have just sat on our hand during WWII? Ignorance breeds stupidity.

    • That’s the thing about the MDA crowd – they want civilians disarmed, but if you’re wearing a badge and a uniform, you’re as gods to them and can do no wrong. They’ll find out how noble their badged protectors are when push comes to shove.

  25. You can fool some of the people some of the time …

    MDA, Everytown etc are all part and parcel of this same scam.

    But politicians do it all the time!


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