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A gaggle of Baker High School students are telling the world they did nothing to make an unnamed Mobile, Alabama cop draw on them. Hmmm. The officer in question doesn’t look like a gun bully; he looks like a law enforcement officer approaching a dangerous situation. Why he’d come straight at a car full of Crips (for example) without backup, God only knows. But I hardly think he considered leaving a goat on campus a dangerous felony. Maybe he thought the kids were planting a bomb. Or kidnapping someone. Who knows? Hopefully we will, sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, lower all the windows and put your hands on the steering wheel when the cops come a-callin’ on your car. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. And what exactly is there to investigate? Some trigger-happy Badge Thug threatened lethal force against a group of unarmed kids. Fire the Badge Thug, each of the families should then sue the department and Badge Thug for emotional trauma, and we can move on.

    • How about we hear why the officer drew before we decide he shouldn’t have?

      Gun owners are subject to a “reasonable person” standard when they draw or fire a weapon in self-defense. Why not cops? Assuming an independent enquiry. (Stop laughing Ralph.)

      • I would absolutely love it if cops were held to a “reasonable person” standard when they draw or fire their weapons. Just like you or I.

        He drew down on a bunch of goatnappers. I would be very interested to hear him try to justify that.

      • LEO have a broader latitude on that “reasonable person” schtick. When Joe Q. Public does it and it turns out to not be reasonable, there are consequences. Not so much with Johnny Law.

    • Well David; I would say get a little more information before drawing and quartering the cop. There really isn’t enough here to say if the cop was justified in drawing on a bunch of kids.

      It was dark, there might have been other situations of criminal activity in the same area, it could be near a gang area with known drug activity, vandalism, etc., etc.

      There really are times when cops are justified in drawing there weapons as a protective measure; especially when they have enough trigger control that they don’t end up shooting unarmed citizens or dogs running away.

      • I don’t care if he was in the must rundown part of the worst city in the US (which he wasn’t). If violence is not required to enforce the laws that he is hired to protect, then he’s not justified. I’m sick and tired of cops pulling their guns as some needless “show of force”.

      • So questioning the actions of a cop equates to “drawing and quartering” him?

        Hyperbole much?

    • Hi David,
      We are all worried about living in a Police State; things are getting worse, not better.
      This incident occured on a dark Sunday night when the car pack should have been empty.
      What has no been made clear was the Police Dispatcher / Duty Sgt call / instruction on this action. So many police car are now ‘one-up’, this can skew balanced judgement.
      Listen to the kids speaking, no thought for the consequences of their actions; being out of bounds after hours. Student pranks are sometimes funny, sometimes dangerous and often with the risk of being caught. These kids gote caught.
      I am glad that the bored on-call SWAT team didn’t offer to backup the lone officer.

  2. Look, he’s a cop. He did what he thought was right, or was trained to do, or wasn’t trained enough to do, or felt like doing, or saw on tv once.

  3. Like I’ve said, the police will kill you!

    Suppose this idiot cop had tripped and pulled the trigger? He would walk.

    Follow up on the investigation. Bet he did not follow protocol. . . . .should he not have waited for backup when he felt the need to draw his weapon and point it at someone? Bet he gets told never to do it again. . . . . . . . Bet he’s involved in a “good shoot”, with no witnesses.

    • I am going to say that if he actually shot a group of unarmed, non threatening high schoolers and there was video, he most definitely would not have walked.

  4. What would you do approaching a car full of teens (obviously gang related) armed with an assault goat? This is why Alabama should have never passed the goats everywhere law! I’m sure Moms Demand Action for Goat Sense will have a field day with this!

    • Moms Sense Goat, Demand Action
      Moms Demand Sensible Goat for Action
      Moms for Goat Action, Sense Demand
      Demand Sense for Goat Action Moms

      I love messing around with the name of this group.

    • Let me ask all of you experts out there, how did this police officer know who was in the vehicle, if they were unarmed, and what their intentions were? He most certainly has a right to draw his weapon as he is outnumbered, the van was on school property after hours, and he had no idea what was inside that van. Morons!

      • Okay

        1. I am making light of the humor in all of this.

        2. I actually have some experience in this field, so easy on the name calling Hoss

        3. If he was so concerned about it. He would have had them leave the vehicle one by one from a covering distance instead of rushing into a situation where he had less control.

      • Sorry, I don’t buy the “inverted standard” BS that excuses cops for escalating the situation just because they don’t know there isn’t a threat. Beyond encouraging needless violence, it actually discourages intelligence-gathering. It’s the same rationale that’s used to justify deploying the SWAT team for student loan fraud, etc and it needs to stop.

    • Poor goat will be trapped in a pit in the basement of a house in a gated community in the suburbs of Indianapolis…. with #monsantomommy telling it to rub the lotion on its skin or it gets turned into a bloomburger.

      • NOTHING you can say will be more preposterous than the actions of this out-of-control cop.

  5. Hmmm…driving while white. Looks like a crime to me. Gee I got stopped as a white teen with a car full of buddies (many years ago). The police never pulled a gun on us. And we were high. Of course we didn’t have a goat. BTW RF Ralph is NOT the only one laughing.

  6. I’m going out on a limb and gonna say he got pranked, big time. Maybe he had a reputation as a sorehead or something. When you’re an intractable sorehead, to a bunch of kids you become an angry little thing to be poked just to see what happens next.


  7. There must be more to this story; that news broadcast was high on sensationalism and low on information. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the high school students are leaving out part of the story. I know, I know, high school kids never lie…

  8. So maybe the fact that if you roll up on a car full of people….you don’t know how many….it’s dark you don’t know what color….and said car is still rolling as if to flee…except you are between the car and the exit….would you not consider that a potential threat?

    Is it not possible that it could look like a crime in progress….the goat was not in the car, the kids had already placed the goat and were attempting to leave.

    This cop hate thing is pretty popular here. Hindsight is 20/20 and its easy to call the shots from your tactical recliner.

    • I operate exclusively from a HS/LD black office chair. It’s ergonomics mean that I can better index the keyboard and improves accuracy in rapid fire typing of replies.

    • I have Picatinny Rails on the arms of my Tactical Recliner, and telescoping foot rest, also a forward assist for when I can’t get up without help.

    • I’m swayed. He should have mag-dumped on this armored vehicle full of high school terrorists!

  9. Yawn. As the other poster said, high on sensationalism and low on information. Just seems like a bunch of kids that are booty-hurt more than anything, barring any further information. No, I am not saying I support cops just point guns at everybody, but all the info we get get is a bunch of kids that caught, doing something in the dark in a place and time they did not belong and a two second video.

    • So if there was nothing wrong at all then why did the police chief not know one of his officers was involved in a potentially dangerous situation and had to draw his weapon and advance upon a car?

  10. School grounds are not off limits after hours. It is public property…hang on…
    OK I’m back. I had to look up Baker High School and make sure it was a public school…which it is.
    Therefore the campus is open 24 hours a day. Sometimes groups return from field trips at all hour of the night and the school is the meeting place for parents to pick up. Or students that drive will leave their cars in the parking lot. It is very common to see people using the track after dark to get some running in. Just seeing a car at a school at night is no justification for pointing a gun at someone.

  11. Laughing at the police apologist who say this is no big deal, you know drawing a weapon at pepole who are not threatening your life or present a rsk of threatening your life except existing..

    Funny these people are usually the ones crying about evil Obama and the government taking their rights and what not.

    Useful idiots.

  12. I had officers pull guns on my h.s. classmates and I during our senior prank. We were arrested at gunpoint and brought to the station where we spent the next 6 hours in a cell with our cuffs still on. All without having our rights read to us or getting to call our parents.

  13. I had officers pull guns on my h.s. classmates and I during our senior prank. We were arrested at gunpoint and brought to the station where we spent the next 6 hours in a cell with our cuffs still on. All without having our rights read to us or getting to call our parents. That was 12 years ago. Guess I did it before it was cool.

  14. Just another government sponsored domestic terrorist waving his gun around and threatening kids without oversight.


  15. you guys crack me up this is news? Why? Hell I am 46 years old and cops still draw there guns when approaching my vehicle on occasion, I assumed it was because I looked threatening or something to them

    • And it’s only another half-step to shooting you dead. In which case you wouldn’t be here, being all flippant about cop overreach and shit.

    • Yes, some insane thug pulls a gun on kids and it’s news. Get over your “authority” fetish.

  16. I’m sorry, but I can’t believe the cop thought he was facing a threat, not the way he strode up to that vehicle alone. Some of you cops out there tell me, is that the way to approach a vehicle with an unknown number of occupants that you are threatened by to the extent that you have your weapon drawn and aimed at someone? When there is back-up right there? (there were at least two police cars, hence at least two police officers). When you have the vehicle blocked with two cars? I’m seriously asking, guys, is that SOP? I would think if there was enough of a threat to draw and aim your weapon you would be behind cover at your car yelling at the driver to drop the keys out the window and the occupants to exit, hands up, etc. But I’m not a cop, maybe that’s not the thing to do.

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