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Joshua Peters, a state representative from a district in the city of St. Louis, introduced legislation that “…would have made it illegal for someone living in the City of St. Louis to own certain firearms.” Now he reports via that he has withdrawn the bill after receiving death threats via email. “As for the people who sent the emails, Representative Peters says he’s moving on and does not plan turn the matter over to police.” OK, a few thoughts . . .

A few thoughts:

  1. How about growing a pair? “Oooh – I received a death threat! I better abandon my principles.” The people of his district deserve a grownup with the fortitude to do the right thing (or at least what he believes is the right thing) even when he gets a few emails that could be reasonably construed as a threat.
  2. Death threats against a politician are a VERY serious matter.  We can’t have a free society when the worst among us get to veto what the rest of us do. I believe anyone who threatens a politician – even a liberal schmuck like Joshua Peters – deserves a serious penalty. It strikes at the rule of law, which is the cornerstone of American society…
  3. …therefore I call bullsh*t. The fact that he decided to sing a few bars from the “Frozen” soundtrack “Let it Go” and NOT refer the alleged death threats to the authorities indicates to me that he suspects, knows or orchestrated the “death threats” to get attention.  The Missouri House is overwhelmingly Republican and while I think the GOP here in the Show Me State have a great deal to answer for, there was zero chance of this bill making it out of committee, much less ever getting to the Governor’s desk.
  4. The press are little more than stenographers for liberal Democrats. Are we to believe that the reporters for KSDK couldn’t draw the same conclusions, ask the same questions, and raise the same doubts? Of course they could, but then that wouldn’t follow The Narrative™ of mean ol’ gun owners and their bloodlust.

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    • I AGREE! Tim nailed the smelly pile that this story is.
      A true credible death threat would be taken seriously. Police would be notified etc. Emails are easily traced.
      I will call shenanigans on this. Nice ploy for news coverage, but seriously I doubt it was true.

      • The most striking aspect of this is the complete refusal of Missouri’s media to expose this liar for what he is. Where is the clip of the interviewer saying “umm, wait…. you’re didn’t call the police after receiving death threats? Isn’t that.. you know… a little weird?” It probably wouldn’t even occur to them to ask. THAT’s how biased they are. I am pretty sure if a pro-RKBA advocate lied right to their faces the result would be an all-out, full-retard, shrieking media Jihad. What a bunch of hateable hypocrites.

        • Uh, “Missouri’s media”? You’re talking about one news station in an urban area. My state has no official media arm, of which I am aware.

  1. I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.


    • Alternatively:

      “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to DEFEND YOURSELF for saying it.”

    • The armed inteligencia doesn’t need to make death threats, we have facts and reason on our side. The side that historically makes death threats are the ones who call for the government to violently disarm its citizens. BS, if he got a death threat he needs to put up, prosecute, or shut up (metaphorically speaking, as he has the right to say his stupid stupid things.)

      • You’re right, of course. But you’d have more success talking to a cigar store Indian than that SOB.

    • People recite that Voltaire quote all the time but it’s just a quote and nothing more as far as I am concerned. I will not waste my precious life on anyone who does not value theirs. If they care so little for their lives or their rights they are on their own.

      • It is technically not a Voltaire quote. It is a quote from his biographer, who created it as a summation of his attitude, something he might have been inclined to say. From WikiAnswers:

        Ch. 7 : Helvetius : The Contradiction, p. 199; because of quote marks around the original publication of these words, they are often attributed to Voltaire, though Hall was not actually quoting him but summarizing his attitude with the expression. The statement was widely popularized when misattributed to Voltaire as a “Quotable Quote” in Reader’s Digest (June 1934), but in response to the misattribution, Hall had been quoted in Saturday Review (11 May 1935), p. 13, as stating: I did not mean to imply that Voltaire used these words verbatim and should be surprised if they are found in any of his works. They are rather a paraphrase of Voltaire’s words in the Essay on Tolerance — “Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too.” The paragraph in which the statement first appears reads:

        “On the Mind” [De l’Esprit by Helvétius] became not the success of the season, but one of the most famous books of the century. The men who had hated it and had not particularly loved Helvétius, flocked round him now. Voltaire forgave him all injuries, intentional or unintentional. ‘What a fuss about an omelette!’ he had exclaimed when he heard of the burning. How abominably unjust to persecute a man for such an airy trifle as that! ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,’ was his attitude now.

        ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  2. Many of the supposed “threatening” actions claimed by liberals, especially involving issues of race and sex, in the last five years have turned out to be either baseless claims or hoaxes.

    These people want the press attention that comes with such claims, but they want to avoid serious inquiries that would expose the hoax and fraud. Given the supine posture of the American mainstream press, this has proven to be a pretty effective PR tactic by the grievance industry in the US, but thanks to the ‘net and activists, more and more of these frauds are being exposed.

    • That’s the playbook, the M.O. Don’t expect better of them; they don’t have “better”.

      Nothing new here, folks. Just some jerk looking for attention and sympathy. It works for them, and them only. I agree that it’s galling, though.

  3. BULLSH*T!

    If the threats were legit, he’d have the appropriate authorities climbing up various people’s assh*les looking for a witch to burn. This guy is fishing for attention and trying to shove his political opponents into a bad light to help him along the way the next time he tries something like this. Nothing to see here, folks. Just another career victim.

  4. He’s a liar. There were no death threats. Anyone who actually receives death threats a) gets a gun and b) involves the police. The only explanation for not involving the police is that the claim is a big fat fraud and once they start investigating it he’ll be thrown in the slammer for filing a false report. How predictably despicable.

  5. just so were all clear…

    “how would you like it if someone attacked you and your family with a gun, and you were unable to defend yourself.” not a death threat.

    “i hope some crackhead kills you so we dont have to put up with your liberal garbage anymore!” ugly and crass, but not a death threat.

    “i am going to kill you.” a death threat.

  6. I think he and the article writer misunderstood. They weren’t threatening his death, they were threatening the death of his career. Big difference and certainly one that would make a politician make an about face.

  7. I live in St. Louis, and the people in his district have not had serious, effective, honest representation EVER in the city’s history. The entire area will have to be bulldozed, rebuilt, and re-populated before it does.

    This man’s constituency consists of thousands of gangbangers and other miscreants, and a handful of elderly church-goers, who vote. The proposed bill was written to please the latter, with no real expectation of passing.

    Racial politics in St. Louis are such a touchy area that local media would never think of investigating or reporting something like this in depth. It would be impossible to do without offending SOMEONE.

    • My Dad was a corrupt Cop in that same neighborhood….from a police perspective I think it was considered the 9th District at the time? It was a bad hood back in the 60’s & 70’s…when my Dad would cruise the ghetto at 0230….with one of us boys trying to stay awake in the passenger seat…ha! I cannot imagine what it is like now…and this guy certainly sounds like a liar…and a bad one at that…Ha!…ha!

      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

    • Leadbelly, I was raised in St Louis, On Benton St. just off of Parnell . What area does this Scumbag represent ? North St. Louis, is just a ghetto .

      • East St. Louis looks almost exactly like Southside (of the James River) Richmond, VA. I was happy to get through there in one piece.

          • I know that. Same town, different state. Like Kansas City, KS/MO and Bristol, VA/TN.

        • Same miscreants (writ large) but a totally different set of “politicians” and “law enforcement” who are (believe it or not) even more corrupt on a base level than the MO STL scum with badges.

          The “cops” in ESL and surrounds are routinely running protection and drugs. The STL may be crooked as all get out, but it pales in comparison to what happens to the slightly east.

          • …I lived…worked and hung out in North St. Louis….North St. Louis County…I enjoyed the strip clubs of East St. Louis as a young man….and more than once found myself in an interesting social position in some apartment on the East Side…I had no problem with most of the people (back then)…but as you say….the politicians and cops have been corrupt for deacdes…it is institutionalized….

            RJ O’Guillory
            Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

      • His district is just a bit north and west of downtown St. Louis. It has among the worst violent crime rates and levels of poverty, and the most dilapidated housing (much of it condemned and uninhabitable) in the city. I would venture a guess that the vast majority of gun owners in the district are already prohibited by age and/or criminal record from legally possessing a firearm.

        • The Ninth (as well as the 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th,and 12th if memory serves) are discontinued/condensed as of January whatever 2014. Everyone was reassigned. Cluster-effs and political shennanigans are running rampant.

        • ….The Arch is a wonderful piece of architecture….(a bit of a strange ride to the top)….but when you stop and think about what it is supposed to memorialize…what it is supposed to celebrate…so to speak….it is a bit bizarre…especially if you are an American Indian…I’m sure a lot of them have reservations (ha!) about “celebrating” the great westward expansion…across the Mississippi….nothing like putting up a monument to genocide…and have it accepted as The Disney version of American History….

          RJ O’Guillory
          Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

          • No, I am on their side on that one. We stole their country. But it can never be set to right again. Unless they put US on reservations. But that would be as wrong as what we did.

  8. Does Missouri have an equivalent to the federal FOIA? Are the emails to his legislative email address public records? In my state they’re public records.

    • 1) MO does have FOIA Law

      2) Not sure if emails are public, but I suspect they are (without doing the research)

      This could be a fun project. Maybe write the State Police and AG and request an investigation against whomever made such threats. . . . . $20 says Josh has to resign if that happens. I suspect MO House Speaker Tim Jones knows this and won’t let an investigation go far (so he can make young Josh into his urban B!tch). . . . .

      • Speaking as a former public payroll parasite with seven years experience practicing as a municipal attorney and a state administrative law judge (granted, not in MO), I am 98.745% sure that any email correspondence sent to or from his public office are subject to a public records request.

        Since the “alleged” email threat relates to the little attention whore’s public function, there may even be a way to get at it if he claims it was sent to his personal email address.

        Fun project, indeed!

      • C’mon man. MO FOIA is a sad joke, just like MO sunshine laws – they get violated everyday, and nobody in government is ever even wrist-slapped for flagrantly ignoring them.

  9. Is it still okay to threaten to beat a politician half to death, if we include our name and a place to meet?

  10. Tim

    You are correct. A few years ago, a Democrat Senator received “death threats” (someone placed orange target stickers on her office door). She not only went to the media and complained, but she also referred it to the Capitol Police for investigation. So Josh, I cry BS. Oh, wait, did you withdraw your bill only to introduce a new one?

    Bill re Gun Trafficking:

    How much do you want to bet this thing gets loaded up with negative admendments such that F2F transactions are banned without a NICS check?? Are we really to believe Josh that this bill will stay “clean”? No – you got caught with a dumb bill and I was proud to mention it to Dan Zimmerman. Now this crap. Nice try, but no cigar Kid.

  11. I ran for a significant political office in 2010. I got in-person threats from union thugs, gay rights activists, and environmental extremists. Had a teenage girl spit on at a campaign event – thanks brave Union Guy! Also got at least one death threat via telephone and had a recording device planted trying to get conversation between my wife and I.

    Reporting it? Whatever… no interest at all from police… ‘it’s just politics.’

    I was running as a Republican. For our side It comes with the territory.

  12. Yeah this is obvious crap. It’s just an attempt to further the gun owners are unstable maniacs narrative.

    • I cannot think of any fellow gun owners who are not respectful of the law, including threatening people. “He needs his ass kicked” is about as much as I have ever heard.

  13. Agree. We, as the constitutional responsible militia, should insist that the death threats be turned over to the LEO’s. If we don’t publicly condemn them and insist on a proper investigation, then we have only ourselves to blame for the added tarnish to our image, whether the threats are real or not!

    • We should turn this investigation over to Holder and Obama. A death threat is a serious crime and I am sure neither will rest until the perps are brought to justice.

      … I’m not even sure if I’m being facetious anymore. I think the administration broke my sarcasm box.

      • Please try and get it back. You’re going to need it in the near future, more than ever before.

    • I wonder if there’s any way to make a statement to the LSM, something like, “Constitutional Gun Owners don’t make death threats. This is a very serious matter and we are demanding that this incident be investigated so that the one(s) making the threat(s) can be prosecuted as the common criminals that they are.”

  14. I agree. It sounds like a scam. Death threats are a serious crime. You don’t just let that go and say, ‘oh well, I’ll back off instead’. Unfortunately, this is in line with the behaviors we have seen from this crowd. (ie – LYING, propagandizing, creating fake facebook posts, etc). And the Media as always, plays right along.

  15. tactical retreat.

    By “backing out” and claiming “death threats” he saves face for a potentially defeated bill and a potentially prematurely terminated career, and gets to paint pro-2A’ers as violent, death threat dealin crackpots while he feigns being the “bigger man” for letting it go.

    ps, I agree 100% with point #2 Robert.

  16. Show me the death treat you sniveling coward. And if an email is all it takes maybe we could get all the other “sensibe gun control” laws off the books?

  17. Also keep in mind that some people, like Moms Demand Action, believe that the simple action of carrying a firearm in a holster on your hip is a threat or attempt at intimidation. So it is possible that he received a picture of a nerf gun and considered that a death threat.

  18. Was there actually a threat? I have no inside info but it does resonate with some of the false rape and hate crime accusations that have come to light. Perhaps he was informed that public opinion had him slinging burgers after the next election and tried for an excuse that didnt leave him looking like Flipper. Now he just looks like a putz….but thats no bar to public office.

    • Tawanna Brawley. The lying girl that accused the Duke lacrosse team of “rape”. The media has no memory of them, because they buck the narrative….

  19. “A few thoughts”

    Yes, yes, yes and yes.

    Peters must have had a sit down to read some tea leaves. He’s such a liar!

  20. I’m getting a kick out of the accompanying video with the Doe eyed representative. “[Golly gee] I’m not trying to take away from the rights of individuals who lawfully are supposed to have a gun“.

    BULLSHIT. You called for the confiscation of all semi-auto pistols and shotguns in the city (police not exempt) with the threat of imprisonment for 10-30 years.

  21. Reminds me of the story that the Tea Party screamed the “N-word” at Rep John Lewis (Congress) of GA as he and the Black Caucus were ascending the steps to the capital in 2010 during a Tea Party protest.

    The next day, Andrew Breitbart challenged someone, anyone to come up with video proving that it happened and no one did. However he did receive 20+ videos of the exact moment, the exact location that it was supposed to have happened and there was no N-word uttered by anyone. So Andrew offered $10K to anyone who could prove it, then raised the offer to $100K a couple of days later.

    The charge was NEVER proved and moreover all of the subsequent videos proved the exact opposite: it didn’t happen.

    Yet years later the media and other pockets of the Institutional Left are still talking about how the Tea Party screamed racial slurs at Rep. Lewis as he was walking up the stairs to the captital.

    Bottom line: the Left doesn’t care about the (real) Truth. All they care about is getting the accusation out there, because they know that the huge majority of citizens who don’t care about politics, don’t care about ideology, don’t care about anything but Cheetos, beer and Kim Kardasian will hear “I had death threats because I proposed gun restrictions” and that’s how it BECOMES truth.

    Tea Party folks dispute that it happened immediately after “the incident”:

    Four years later, Progressives bring it up as though it’s a fact.
    Another example of how progressives stick together, lie, then reenforce their own lies. And since progressives only mix with other progressives, and the mainstream media knows this, they live in a bubble of ignorance.

  22. He created a fictitious “crime” and played it out to the hilt. Because he realizes a police investigation would turn up nothing – because it didn’t happen.

    Now he plays the martyr card. O wot a shame these “death threats” to our politicians are! Someone should repeal that “free speech” crap. But not for me.

  23. So he’s willing to pass a law that puts lives in danger unless one of those lives is his… yep, sounds like a politician.

  24. “This isn’t going anywhere. I know, I’ll claim death threats so I can get outta this mess”.

  25. I fully agree with #3. BS. Its a cheap little weasel political move. Hey pal, come big or go home.

  26. Everyone has their right to opinion, and should be free to speak their mind on any subject.

    Still, it is not advisable to threaten someone’s rights. That is nothing to take lightly.

    • The bill was not proposed by a city/county government. It was proposed in the Missouri House of Representatives as a bill that applies to persons “residing in a city not within a county” (StL is unique in that regard).

      • Thanks beanfield; I knew there was some jiggery-pokery involved that made it unique to Saint Louis, but couldn’t remember the details.

  27. #3 and #4 for the win! He is a Democrat, therefore a fascist and therefore not to be trusted. Any words he speaks are therefore suspect.

  28. The lesson I take from this is how easy it is to control him. Want him to stop? Send an email.

  29. From Article III, Section III of the Constitution of the United States of America: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

    Does pushing laws that disarm the American people against their enemies (foreign and domestic) count?

    Because if it does, who would be surprised that he received a “death threat”? Technically, the government (you know, that entity charged with preserving our liberties) should have said, “Now see here, Mr. Lawmaker, there’s a penalty for treason. Guess what it is.”

    Somehow though, I’m sure that’s not the kind of “death threat” he meant.

  30. Just another racial and victim-hood panderer…and his enablers, the drive by media, who have to come up with meat for the dogs, no matter how rotten.

    So predictable: The anchor’s serious intro, the oh so earnest junior reporter, introducing the carefully edited talking points…the idealistic young representative…reading a couple anonymous emails. EMAILS? REALLY?

    Did anyone notice the tabs scrolling under the TV screen –
    “toddler missing/triple murder/children killed”.

    Could the elected representative take a chance and talk about THE PEOPLE committing these kinds of horrific crimes?
    Maybe, like, talk about the whats REALLY GOING ON IN HIS DISTRICT- the dysfunction of welfare dependency, broken homes, drugs, child abuse, etc.

    NOW THAT would take some balls, not whimpering about about himself, and how he cant propose new laws without being criticized. boo-efffing-who…
    you want to reach thru the screen and grab this young man and shake him- WAKE UP YOU PU$$Y!

    The only adult in the entire room was Sam Craig from the MO Second Amendment Coalition who pointed out that

    or in this case shotguns, automatic weapons, and FLAME THROWERS
    (really? show me the store selling FLAMETHROWERS in St Louis)

    IS NOT going to affect the behavior of the CRIMINALS.

    Complete kabuki theater. So predictable. So sad and tragic.

    I suppose I should be outraged, but I am so tired of prog-tard thinking
    and media dysfunction, that I’m turning the switch off on my BS meter…
    so here is my new response-

    Sorry, St Louis, (and prog-tards everywhere) this is Darwin’s Law in action.
    You voted for this junior Jesse Jackson wannabe.
    You deserve what you get.

  31. While I’m not a huge fan of Anne Barnhardt,. but this guy could learn a thing or two about handling death threats from her. Her standard response to death threats “Bring it!”

  32. “Death threats against a politician are a VERY serious matter. We can’t have a free society when the worst among us get to veto what the rest of us do. I believe anyone who threatens a politician – even a liberal schmuck like Joshua Peters – deserves a serious penalty. It strikes at the rule of law, which is the cornerstone of American society…”

    Fuck you. A free society doesn’t have a class of men who get to rule over the rest. Politicians should live lives in complete terror, as all mob bosses deserve.

    • “Fuck you. A free society doesn’t have a class of men who get to rule over the rest. Politicians should live lives in complete terror, as all mob bosses deserve.”

      Who makes sure the potholes in your subdivision get repaired? Do you want that job? Do you want all the jobs elected officials manage, like working out details about how to get a sewer installed among competing interests?

      Grown ups understand that peaceful civic life depends upon order, and order has to be maintained. Ideally it is maintained by civic-minded public servants (My alderman, Fred Wessels seems to be such a man) who handle such things – much like I might delegate installing a window to a contractor.

      We need a better class of public servant, and we need to restrict the government’s size and scope – radically – but people will always need some kind of government.

      • “Who makes sure the potholes in your subdivision get repaired?”
        The commissioner of streets and roads.
        “Do you want that job?”
        Not really, but I could do it.
        “Do you want all the jobs elected officials manage, like working out details about how to get a sewer installed among competing interests?”

        Of course not. But how many authoritarians does it take to maintain a map room? The rest will get taken care of by the marketplace.

        And it is criminally insane to grant the Registrar of Deeds the power to incarcerate people for doing things that Big Brother disapproves of.

        If you want something, you will find a way to pay for it. Ganging up on your neighbors to steal their income to pay for what you want is criminal activity, unless you call it “government,” then it’s supposed to be the boss of your personal life as well.

        Does anybody else see anything wrong with this picture?

        • SUPERB answer. People have lost the ability to think things through to their logical conclusion.

          And I refuse to blame the schools for this; I blame it on people who refuse to actually know anything.

      • “but people will always need some kind of government.”

        Says who? Are you saying you’ll never be able to function without some authority watching over you? Are you saying that if there were no president, or NSA, or City Council, or police SWAT teams, that you would die?

      • So your position is that only the government can fix potholes? And we depend upon them for everything else?

        ANYONE with the proper tools and equipment can fix a pothole; this just shows that you think only the government can “fix” things. You are seriously deluded.

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