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Twenty-one-year-old Missourians are allowed to buy a handgun. But they can’t carry it in public until they’re 23. Why and how and when did THAT happen? Don’t ask They’re too busy doing the journalistically farcical vox populi deal—a heinously manipulative media technique that’s normally the purview of bubble-headed bleached blonds on local TV news. Oh wait; it’s a transcript, and Ms. Williams isn’t blond (as of writing). So . . . “We asked people their opinions about this gun legislation,” Jessica Williams reveals, cleverly hiding her degree in Statistical Analysis. “And got a lot of different answers. ‘I grew up with guns, I think everyone should know how to use it,’ said Greg Pettus. ‘I don’t like it, I think it should be as high as possible. It just makes me really uncomfortable that people of a younger age could carry guns and not know about it,’ said Samantha Alcozer.” What about older people?

My Mom’s 86; I gotta say she’s passed the gun-carrying-is-OK-at-your-age curve. In fact, Sam’s got the right idea for a test: “Do you know you’re carrying a gun?” Anyway, we get the why of the matter. ”

The [unnamed] sponsor of this bill says he introduced it because there are a lot of young soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan who can carry a gun while they’re fighting, but can’t get a conceal and carry permit at home.

Sure, PTSD-sufferers shoudl be able to protect themselves against PTSD sufferers, too. I jest. Again. Still. The is more illuminating.

The bill in question is Missouri HB 1692, and actually started out as a measure dealing with regulating real estate brokers.  It has since been extensivley amended to include not only the minimum age requirement change for concealed carry, but a couple other firearms law reforms (and also some additional provisions that have nothing to do with firearms–this has become quite an . . .  ecelectic [sic] bill).

We’re going to rock down to . . . ecelectic avenue. OK, I’m done.

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  1. Let's get it done!
    I am 21 and inspect Real Estate propert so carrying would make me (and my mama) feel a lot better

  2. I agree with the idea of making the conceal and carry law to the same age of acquiring a pistol, its asinine to make a age seperation between conceal and carry and having a pistol at 21, if someone isn’t mature or able to properly operate a firearm at 21 or 18, it will not make a difference if they wait another two years. Also people will still illegally carry and commit crimes with firearms regardless of this passing, preventing an individual who will abide to laws and not commit crimes only makes it more detremental for those right citizens. I am 19, I own several firearms, once im 21 I will be purchasing a handgun. I know for a certain that waiting two more years won’t make me any less respectful and have proper reverence for firearms. If I am not willing to commit crimes with firearms (better yet any crimes in general) what will waiting two years change? Besides thinking about the gratuity of waiting two years. Heck I’d be more worried about having a handgun and having it exposed for someone to try to steal it from me, rather than not knowing I have one in the first place. One of the only laws and regulations I wish existed for purchasing a firearm is that you have to take a hunter safety course of firearm safety course to purchase firearms. I feel this way because I have a freind who is a complete moron when it comes to guns and he bought a rifle on a whim after he borrowed a shotgun of mine when we had an event and shot clay birds. He has no freaking idea on how to operate, clean, manage a gun, he doesnt hunt or even has the sincere commitment to respect and learn proper methods of firearms, and with this freind of mine I have derived that opinion. He’s a idot, and can buy a firearm without proper training, Lets take away this stupid two year exorbitant wait. And at the same time make it a requirement to least learn how to be safe with a gun before buying one. Also we need to stop blamming the tools of crimes and blame the backgrounds that create them, irresponsibility is the problem of firearm crimes, not the gun themselves. Hopefully people feel the same way.

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