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AK with drum mag (courtesy

“A man has been arrested after he was pulled over and caught with an assault rifle [actually a pistol] that was loaded with a drum magazine in his backseat,” reports. And that’s about all we know. Save this . . .

Michigan State Police Sgt. Jeff Juneac said the MSP Hometown Security Team and MSP Fugitive Team were working together on Flint’s south side on an unrelated case on Friday, May 20.

Troopers in the area saw a man carrying what appeared to be a weapon to a vehicle. HST members stopped the vehicle in the 600 block of Lincoln Street around 1:30 p.m., according to Juneac. The traffic stop resulted in the seizure  of a 7.62×39 assault rifle that was fully loaded with a drum magazine and had one round in the chamber from the backseat of the vehicle.

The man in his 20s was arrested at the scene, according to Juneac. A woman in the vehicle was released pending further investigation.

No word on whether or not the drum guy was a “bad guy” (i.e. a prohibited person). Whether he was or wasn’t, Michigan doesn’t have magazine capacity laws. Just sayin’ . . .

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    • I’m gonna guess no CPL. As soon as he entered the vehicle it is considered comcealed in the state of Michigan.

      • Even if he does have a cpl the weapon wasn’t in his control so all occupants would need cpls.

        • No, as long as he is in the vehicle no one else is required to have a CPL. And he was the one arrested for the gun, not others.

  1. In Michigan, even with a Concealed Pistol License, you may not have a loaded rifle (or shotgun) in a vehicle. And long guns must be in a case designed to hold a gun.
    There is some debate about whether you may have a loaded detachable magazine that is not attached to the gun. The chief of the state police says yes, but it is not exactly something I want to debate with a patrol officer on the side of the road.

    • Mich suggests should strip all mags before can transport in an auto? So big stupid there.

    • Wouldn’t this be null and void though considering this is technically a pistol?

      • If it’s under 26″, it’s a pistol and needs to be registered as such in the racist state of Michigan, and you need a CPL to carry it uncased in a car. (the whole purchase permit/registration scheme was a 1920s response to southern blacks getting jobs in the car factories, just like the Jim Crow laws of the 1800s)

        If it’s over 26″, refer to HandyDan’s post on rifles.

        Somehow, I suspect the arrested fellow is not a CPL holder.
        However, does merely seeing a guy over the age of 21 carrying a gun to his car give you Probable Cause for a stop and search, or Reasonable Articulable Suspicion for a stop and ID/CPL check?

        • Yeah, looking at the picture I realize that it is probably the gun they referred to in the story. I thought it was just a stock photo.
          The picture looks like it is an AK pistol, which would be legal to carry in Michigan loaded and outside of a case with a CPL.

        • Should have read the linked article before commenting.
          It is indeed the firearm in the pictures, a 6 1/2″ AK pistol, and the MSP are lying through their teeth again.
          If the kidnapping victim has a valid CPL, the only crimes here were those committed by the police.

          Leonard Embody would have a field day with these ‘professional law enforcement officers’ (and Michigan’s black-robed ****suckers would throw his suit out on the grounds that his gun looked scary so who cares what the laws say)

        • What do you want to bet the suspect is of a skin tone other than white, so seeing an uncased “scary” gun being carried to a car plus minority equals probable cause to most cops.

    • You’re mostly wrong. If the AK pistol has an RI-060 and is properly registered as a pistol and has what I believe an OAL not to exceed 25″… He can carry that locked and loaded in his front seat provided he has a valid Michigan CPL.

    • Even my kids know that the side of the road is not the place to litigate a case. Officer is human and can make a mistake/be wrong while doing his job. Smile, be polite, admit to nothing, make your arguments in court.

      • Which would be 4-6 months later, unless you have enough disposable cash available to post bail, and then pay for a decent lawyer.
        But for most people, a cop’s roadside law interpretation means you’re going to rot in jail, lose your job, and who knows what else.

  2. This is pure sensationalism. Until they provide more details about the alleged suspect the Michigan state police are using this to show they are “doing something about crime”. I guarantee if it turns out that the arrest is unwarranted and no crime was committed we will see absolutely nothing in the news.

  3. If the pictured gun is what they “recovered” it’s a pistol not a rifle, so what if it has a drum mag? So what if it was loaded?
    Need more info.

  4. leaving aside the rifle/pistol/legal or not discussion…

    “the MSP Hometown Security Team”

    Really? The Hometown Security Team? How much money did the Michigan State Police pay some marketing firm for that one? Can we expect a whole series of catch-phrase police groups now? The Triple D Team (Detroit Deterrence Detectives), The Warren Warrantless-search Wanted Squad, The Eat Lead SWAT Team (Flint, obviously)

    • MSPHST was an improvement over their old moniker….Tactical Weapons Action Team Squad

        • The SHITsquad was a real thing in Miami during the Cocaine Crises. Only then it stood for:
          Specialized Homicide Investigative Team,

    • Seems like the ‘armed felon’ part would have been as sensational as the ‘AK drum magazine’ part, and would have been emphasized in the initial news release, if the MSP’s PR hack was doing his/her job.

      • I know. Since they didn’t actually state he WAS a felon, the cynical part of me says they’re just trying to make the questions go away.

        • Or the media wants to create the impression in smurff minds that every gun owner in America is driving around with several of these in their car looking for an excuse to empty them

  5. Let’s say that it was an AK rifle? Why can’t we have a loaded rifle in our vehicles when we can have loaded handguns in our vehicles? Is this something that we should be challenging in the courts?

    • In a state with generally friendly laws that I frequent you can’t use mags over 20 rds for self-defense, so arguably a truck gun with a loaded standard capacity mag is not kosher.

  6. No doubt the assault pistol was on its way to a gun free zone to commit mass murder. That’s why I keep my AK pistol locked up.
    Also, soooo glad that those plastic cylinders are less deadly in my state. One less useless law cluttering our books.

    • Well if he wasn’t a felon, he is now. Ughhh why will you people who live in these states not work harder to overturn these horrible states laws.
      They would love me, sig 226 in front in back of my truck a ar15 with 5 30 rounders in back with a mossberg 500 with #9 and 00 buck alternating.
      My state law says that my truck is an extension of my home.

  7. “and had one round in the chamber”

    Oh, thank heavens… I thought he might have had TWO rounds in the chamber!

    • Every time I see an article with that pearl-clutching phrase it reminds me of “Regulators”:

      “Sixteen in the clip (sic) and one in the hole”

  8. I was just looking a Saiga 12 drums before I read this post. The MI Police might have had a heart attack if the looked in the back of my car after 3Gun this weekend. Although only my CCW pistol would have been loaded.

  9. you guys at ttag have become complete morons. your questioning why based on the article he was arrested? really? almost every state that allows vehicle carry, weather it is allowed with or without a premit (in texas it is legal to carry in car with no license or permit) have rules that state that the weapon must be concealed and not in plain veiw or it is a crime. no matter if it a pistol or long gun. i dont knownof any state that doesnt have at least a rule it has to be in a case, outbof plain view or in some sort of compartment where itbis not seen. example…..carrying a loaded handgun in a glove compartment or under seat….legal. Having a loaded weapon sitting in your seat in plain veiw and not concealed….illegal. if the report was accurate he was doing the second of those 2 and in turn was most likely illegal. in fact i know of no state that allows you to blatently carry a loaded firearm in plain site and plain veiw on a cat seat. this is for those asking “what state”. im pretty sure none do. and its a smart rule. it not only protects the owner from having that gun stolen. but also protects against some 12 year old seeing the gun, gtabbung it and possibly shooting himself. regardless of the fact, this guy wasnt bery smart having a loaded gun out in plain site. and anyone who tries saying this is some sort of attack on his right to bear arms or are defending him and saying the police were wrong are the kind of people I worry about ruining responsible citizens gun rights. this kind of story or irresponsible action is exactly what the left uses when they say gun rights are becoming to lax or we need to ban states rights to carry in car or on a person. this kind of ignorance this guy showed hurts all of us who defend and want to keep our gun rights. what a fucking idiot

    • John Hope,

      To turn the question around on you. Are you a ‘moron’?

      Did you research MI laws before commenting? I know the answer so let me be clear and answer the speculation as I teach CCW/CPL in Michigan.

      1. The Draco Pistol shown would be considered a handgun under Michigan law.
      2.If properly registered via RI-60 (Sales Record) and the owner had a CPL he can carry the pistol wherever he pleases while in or operating a vehicle.
      3. There is no ‘hidden from view’ requirement for a pistol with a CPL. Operation of a vehicle makes it concealed (this would even extend to supposed ‘open carry’ on a motor cycle, the moment the vehicle is in operation open becomes concealed technically)
      4. Reasons for the stop could include: Felon in Possession, Pistol not Registered (cannot be carried unless he’s an out of state resident with a reciprocal CPL in that case) or an unrelated crime where the gun happened to be involved.

      The more you know

    • Please begin listing states that force one to keep a gun hidden while inside your car. I know of no state that does, (perhaps California or New York or some leftist state), but certainly not Michigan nor any state I regularly travel in (which is quite a few).

  10. Dan Griffin
    Florida says rifles and pistols must not be visible while in the car
    No cwl, must be in a zippered or closed case ( not necessarily locked)
    Glove compartment fine, loaded fine
    With cwl, not in plain sight, no need for zippered or closed container
    Only exception is while on the way to hunt or fish,you may open carry.
    I had a loaded NHM 91 with bipod and 75 round drum in my car last weekend
    It was in a zippered case while I was on my to the secret shooting spot in the Everglades

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