Here’s a blurb about The Michigan Moose Project from the state’s Department of Natural Resources: “By the 1970s, the white-tailed deer population in the Lake Superior watershed in the Upper Peninsula had declined drastically, and biologists in the MDNR began to consider a moose translocation to fill a vacant niche. Aerial and ground inspections by Ontario moose experts confirmed suitable habitat. In 1985 and 1987, 61 moose were translocated by the MDNR from Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada, to northwest Marquette County. The moose reintroduction project represented a monumental undertaking in terms of equipment, manpower, distance involved and costs. Resources of the MDNR and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, as well as monetary contributions from private citizens and organizations, were invested. The operation was highly visible in the scientific and sporting communities, and received widespread coverage by the news media.” And now . . .”The state Senate unanimously approved a bill today that would direct the Michigan Natural Resources Commission to set up an advisory council for a moose hunt and an annual hunting season,” the Detroit News reports. Success!


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