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Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signs new gun laws (courtesy

At Ammoland, syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin writes:

D.C. journalists called the latest Quinnipiac University poll results in Colorado’s tight gubernatorial race a “shocker.” But it’s a surprise only if you’ve been hopelessly trapped in a Beltway echo chamber. Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper is down 10 points against former GOP Rep. Bob Beauprez among all likely voters. The Q poll also shows him behind Beauprez by 13 points among independents. A survey conducted last week by Suffolk University for USA Today shows the beleaguered incumbent in a statistical dead heat with Beauprez . . .

Any way you slice it, Hickenlooper has lost the trust and confidence of voters of all ideological stripes. And despite incessant “War on Women” wails from feminist and leftist groups, the candidates are essentially evenly split among male and female voters.

“Hickenlooper is behind the challenger on the key qualities voters want in a leader: honesty, caring and leadership,” Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University poll, summed up upon release of the results.

Spinning furiously like a Soul Cycle instructor, a left-leaning journalist at The Washington Post on Monday blamed “partisan venom” and “a polarized, hyper-partisan environment” for Hickenlooper’s fall. But the flaky, gutless gov has no one to blame but himself.

It was Hickenlooper who caved to East Coast gun-control zealots and partisan White House lobbying. As Democratic state legislators rigged the hearing process, snubbed Colorado constituents and insulted Second Amendment-supporting women during hearings last year, Hickenlooper was chumming it up on the phone with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Vice President Joe Biden.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars from Bloomberg’s gun-control groups poured into Colorado. Biden personally lobbied state Dems. Under the political gun, our self-styled “moderate” governor signed extremist ammo magazine limits and intrusive background check measures into law — which he now concedes were ineffective at fighting crime all along.

Hick’s diktats were effective at one thing: job destruction. The gun-control regulations forced Colorado ammo magazine-maker Magpul to move its offices to Wyoming and Texas. Hundreds of jobs and an estimated $80 million in tax revenue went with them. Heckuva job, Hick.

Now, the supposedly “centrist” governor has been cravenly trying to disguise his far-left stripes as he faces a tough re-election bid.

In a videotaped meeting this summer with Colorado sheriffs obtained by the indispensable Colorado website Revealing Politics, Hickenlooper:

  • Lied and denied talking with Bloomberg before signing the gun-control measures.
  • Blamed his decision to sign the radical gun laws on “(o)ne of my staff (who) made the commitment that we would sign it if it got passed.”
  • Admitted he didn’t do his homework until “after all the kerfuffle” — that is, the groundbreaking 2013 citizen recalls that ousted two top Democratic state legislators who carried the gun-control bills — and only got “some facts we should have had at the beginning” after he had signed the measures.

This dishonest fecklessness is why Hickenlooper’s in trouble. It has nothing to do with our citizens’ lack of “civility” or “compromise” or “moderation” — or whatever fantastical scapegoats and excuses the Beltway press corps conjures up in its elite newsroom bubbles. The most damning hit on the waffling governor’s character came not from a “partisan,” but from a grieving father.

Last month, Bob Crowell — father of 19-year-old murder victim Sylvia Crowell — blasted Hickenlooper for indefinitely delaying the execution of mass murderer Nathan Dunlap. When Hickenlooper confided in CNN that he might grant Dunlap clemency if he loses in November.

Crowell didn’t mince words. “I think that’s the coward’s way out, and I view John Hickenlooper as a coward.”

Whether red, blue or purple, discerning Coloradoans smell something worse than a rat in Hickenlooper: a political opportunist who’ll lie through his teeth to cling to power. You can’t change a crapweasel, but you can vote him out.

About: Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin is the author of “Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks and Cronies” & “Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild“. Her e-mail address is [email protected].

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  1. There sometimes is a price to pay for the antis, in various towns and cities, districts and regions and in various states. Where the Second Amendment is taken seriously and revered along with other amendments of the Bill of Rights especially, there may be a price to pay. Hickenlooper may well suffer the consequences.

  2. ha crapweasel, I enjoy reading’s site) but only if my brain hasnt had enough liberal derp that day. At some point, the amount of stupid shit people say on twitter hurts my brain.

    • I read her weekly column in Conservative Chronicles. (Yeah, I like a physical paper). She is a sharp lady. She nails it with Hickenlooper.
      I hope we can say good riddance to him, come November.

  3. 3 state senators lost their jobs and now hickie is on his way out. Watch them wind up on kapo bloombergs payroll.

    Mid terms are coming. If it’s a true blow out every POTG needs to write the GOP leadership and tell them, we will only support you if we see immediate movement on repairing the 2a damage done in past decades. If not, next cycle we go independent.

    I switched from registered gop to indepent. Every time the gop calls me for support or a survey I tell them why I switched. Earn my vote.

    • GOP is organized by voters. Change it yourself. Abandoning it now will have the exact same effect it had when obama was voted into office. If conservatives split, we lose. It’s as simple as that.

      • It IS that simple. You stated it well. My concern is in some states there are so many “independent” candidates including various degrees of Libertarians, which may well siphon off enough voters to keep the incumbent Obama butt-kissers back into office.

        • Yeah, independent candidates are in a lot of states… I love libertarian views, but we all need to come down to reality.

        • As long as the liberals remain organized within the Democrat party (not divided among several small parties), the conservatives need to remain organized behind the Republican party. To move your vote to a more-conservative or more-libertarian candidate will give the election to the liberal Democrat. Terry McCauliff was elected Gov. of VA with less than a majority (only 47%), because the Democrats were able to split the opposition between the Republican and Libertarian candidates. It has also happened in US President elections. (Ross Perot gave the election to Bill Clinton.)

          If you don’t like some things the Republicans are doing, then you need to stay with the Republican party and change the GOP from the inside, because you will not change it from the outside, and the progressives’ agenda will be empowered to destroy this country also.

        • The dems don’t split the vote, the GOP splits their own vote. When was the last time you all voted for a GOP presidential candidate because they truly represented you? Or were you just voting against the dem? When voting AGAINST a candidate and not FOR a candidate you aren’t voting for the best choice, you’re voting for the lesser of two evils. And that’s how we got here my friends. Lye in the bed you make.

        • Why should I vote for someone who doesn’t support my views? You’re pretty much asking me which hand do I want to cut off, the right or the left.

        • If you/support the hand that is pro gun, by logical extension, protection of most other areas of good governance will follow (or will at least be compatible).

        • Why does the GOP assume it is entitled to independent and libertarian voters. In theory(big stretch for reality these days), if we assume liberals favor social issues and conservatives favor fiscal issues, then the left is just as much “entitled” to my vote as the right. I’m not voting for someone who doesn’t represent me at all. And in some cases depending on who I get to choose from I don’t vote(heresy). What am I supposed to do? Encourage more giant Dou$&es and turd sandwiches to run against each other by giving them the symbolic pat on the back with a vote. You know these narcissists see it that way. They never see your vote as, “he thought I wasn’t quite as bad as the other guy.” They see it as, “they love me for everything I stand for, full steam ahead.” I do tend to vote GOP more on the local level, but on a national level they are almost as bad as the democrats, and depending on the candidate, sometimes worse.

        • So clue up, drag yourself (kicking and screaming, if necessary) into the 21st Century, the Era of Freedom, and go full-on Libertarian!

          When each and every person is doing exactly what he or she wants to do, and allowing everybody else to do what they want to do (and nobody hurts anybody but masochists), then we’ll see a virtual return of the Garden of Eden. The problem is the ones who want to control others. The antidote to that is, don’t obey them.

          The fundamental tenet of Liberty: Don’t hurt anybody. However, if somebody intends to hurt you, stop them quickly and decisively. Edit: Try to move out of their way first. “Turn the other cheek” means (to Me) to roll with the punch and remove their target.

        • What’s this ‘we’ shit kemosabe?

          Field a candidate that’s pro-liberty and anti-Statist, and I’ll vote for ’em.

          Field a candidate that’s anti-liberty and Statist Lite, and I’ll stay home.

      • I’m not abandoning the gop. I’m making them earn my support. And explaining to them in no uncertain terms that I will indeed abandon them if they take me for granted.

        Work for my gun rights as soon as you’re sworn into office and keep at it. You’ll get my support.

        • jwm, you are answering Bear: “Why should I vote for someone who doesn’t support my views? You’re pretty much asking me which hand do I want to cut off, the right or the left.” As a registered Republican a voter can “primary” the RINO who represents him. As a registered Independent a voter cuts himself off from his only meaningful power; just like Bear does. Bear is sanctimonious and politically a non-entity. All politicians are grateful for Bear – he doesn’t matter. They don’t have to do a thing to cater to his wishes. He is the PERFECT voter; he doesn’t vote!
          Finding someone to run in the primary against the RINO is the real threat to the Republican Party. Voting for that other guy in the primary – no matter whom he might be – impacts the incumbent RINO. He needs to raise more money to defend his nomination; and then, raise more money to run against his Democrat opponent. That’s costly. He has to make more promises to more people which means he has fewer favors to distribute among his existing contributors. His only alternative to selling his soul at ever higher prices is to cater to voters whose issues he has been ignoring.
          The Progressives and Democrats have found the secret formula to gain power: promise bread and circuses to the gullible and they will vote for “liberals” no matter what their other policies might be. When will Conservatives and Libertarians realize that they can’t win in the game of politics by playing dumb; or, by not playing at all. It’s a rather infantile approach: ‘I’m going to sit on my time-out chair and hold my breath until I turn blue; then you will be sorry!’ Doesn’t work for children and it’s not saving our nation.

      • its organized by voters, corrupted by $$$$ and steered by power drunk politicians. Similar to the other political party. From where I’m standing they look more and more alike, I went independent awhile ago also. I won’t represent you if you don’t represent me.

      • The last Libertarian conference I attended brought up this as a strategy for advancing Libertarian ideals. The approach was two pronged:

        1st – Challenge unconstitutional laws and help create laws that reflect Libertarian ideals.
        2nd – Get Republican candidates to embrace Libertarian concepts.

        Libertarians are starting to become more pragmatic and realizing that the fastest way to a more Libertarian government is to work with the political infrastructure that is already in place.

      • Not to mention Clintons win over GHW Bush with just 35% of the vote thanks to Perot “Independents” from the GOP.
        Bush should have won with a 60% to 40% margin. One of (if not the) largest margins in U.S. Election history.
        Never trust a Frenchman!

  4. Go get him, CO POTG. Its not over, until he loses- pass this along.

    Note to MDA Mom lurkers and various and sundry progtards, in re:
    Shannon Watts bragging they are “bad-asses” for taking on the NRA, with Bloombergs money.

    Michelle Malkin is a bad-ass Mom.

    You, Shannon Watts, and your wannabe clones, in comparison are but a spinning popcorn fart in the wind.

    • No matter what politico is ousted, their anti-gun laws remain on the books., and that is the tragedy.
      Repealing laws is a long tough slow process, rarely successful.
      Politicos do not like to repeal other politicos laws, as it could happen to theirs.
      Passing laws is what the politicos do. Their claim to fame. They can do it very fast indeed. Removing laws is always very slow.
      Courts can rule against laws but that is not the same as removing them at all, and the speed of courts is glacial.
      Arrests are made all the time because overturned laws are still on the books. Case law vs legislative law.

  5. I thought we were told that these “brave” politicians who stood up to the evil “gun lobby” would be held up by citizens for their “common sense” laws and made into national heroes. What happened? Lol

  6. During presidential election years, the mass of poorly informed voters can save an anti gun politician. But that is not this year. He is toast and it is the gun issue that is finishing him off.

  7. So, what chance is there of repealing aforementioned infringements once Hick is out of the way? Has the challenger made any comment on this subject?

  8. “Hickenlooper: a political opportunist who’ll lie through his teeth to cling to power. You can’t change a crapweasel, but you can vote him out.”

    Register to vote and casually walk to the poll station and and place your mark…its that simple to send a liar packing.

  9. Well I clicked on the header pic and went to a months-old article that assured us Hick would not “lose his job” over his gun-control “missteps”. Now I have another reason to hope he loses.

  10. Don’t forget the millions lost when hunters and sportsmen avoided Colorado so they wouldn’t be popped for having an “illegal” magazine. Maybe Hick can hang out with Holder…

      • Michelle so b1tch-slapped the Littlest Nanny on that casual bit of east coast elite sarc… he probably avoids connecting flights in Denver.

        And that weasel wording progtard Hickenlooper….unless massive money is poured into the LIV propaganda machine in Denver and Boulder, and the kind of vite fraud we saw in Philly and FL in the 2012 POTUS election, I dont see him winning. I hope I am correct.

        Go get ’em CO POTG and all Freedom Loving Coloradan’s. 2A rights are the canary in the coal mine, of individual freedom vs the State Tyranny of the Progressive Marxists like Hickenlooper.

  11. I’m fervently hoping he gets thrown out on his ass, along with the D majorities in the state house and senate. I’m doing what I can.

    When they were in power, they also managed to push through a mail voting system, which is rife with opportunities for fraud. I just hope the POTG don’t throw their ballots away or choose not to vote because Beauprez and other Rs don’t pass the purity test on every issue.

  12. I’m a libertarian, but in this election I’m voting for Beauprez in hopes of getting my 2A rights back. I really do hate voting for a republicrat though.

    • Same here. I always vote libertarian but this year I will vote Beauprez (even though I dislike him and most of his politics) just to make sure Hickenlooper goes.

  13. Michelle Malkin is one of my absolute favorite Political Commentators. She knows what she’s talking about and gets it right consistently.

    It is good that Hickenlooper will lose in Co. It means his appointees will be flushed out of office, too. Maybe Colorado will finally enact a version of “Megan’s Law”, which the Democratic Socialists have refused to do, and hopefully repeal some of the oppressive gun laws the DS’s enacted.

    I agree with the comment by “Bob” that the Democratic Socialists have won elections because of split votes on the Republican/Libertarian/Tea Party side. I have been saying that for a long time now. It’s really important in Nov 2014 and Nov 2016 to vote for the Not-DS Candidate who has an actual chance of winning rather than some distant third or fourth Party’s Candidate. The hard fact is that the alternative parties are splitting the vote and enabling the Democratic Socialists to win. We need to stop this dangerous trend in order to stop the advance of the Big Government Statists. “The Bear” likened it to choosing which hand to cut off, but I respectfully disagree. It’s more like shooting the Fox in the Hen house knowing that the Hens won’t lay as many eggs as you’d like for awhile, but knowing you are better off taking the chance of getting more eggs with live Hens over the long run than by losing the whole flock to the Fox.

    • Not surprising you listen to Malkin, a toolbag for fox news, pretending the bush era didn’t expand the size of government and constantly cripple civil liberties. Until Republicans start practicing what they preach during election season, you’re always going to see a split.

  14. Ah, the sweet scent of Schadenfreude wafts gently through the rarified air of the Rocky Mountains, and the rolling plains of eastern Colorado ….

  15. My Euclidian geometry is a little weak, but I’m pretty sure Colorado adjoins my state. I’m really hoping this guy gets the boot as a lesson to all inter-mountain western politicians. The state senate recalls up there were great, but a governor? That’s a real trophy to mount on our 2nd Amendment wall.

    Beauprez calls for the repeal of the latest gun control nonsense on his web site. Let’s hope it happens.

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