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Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has taken action to prepare for the announcement of a potential ‘no true bill’ decision in the case of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson by declaring a state of emergency and calling up the National Guard. On the other side of the fence, “social justice” types and the race baiting community have announced their list of preferred protest targets via [h/t]. The list is, to say the least, curious . . .

Here are the suggested protest sites:

  • Robert McCulloch’s office
  • St. Louis County Justice Center
  • Stephanie Karr’s office
  • Olin Corporation Headquarters
  • Judge Maura McShane’s courtroom
  • St. Louis County Police Department
  • Governor Nixon’s Office (Wainwright Building)
  • Clayton School District Office
  • Department of Justice
  • Dean Plocher’s office
  • Ronald Brockmeyer’s office
  • Dan Boyle’s office
  • Thomas Flach’s office
  • Regal III Market
  • Canfield Green Apartments
  • Ferguson Police Department & Jail
  • West Florissant Quick Trip
  • Missouri Botanical Gradens
  • Powell Symphony Hall
  • Monsanto Headquarters
  • Peabody Energy Headquarters
  • Anheuser-Busch Headquarters
  • Emerson Electric Headquarters
  • Steve Stenger’s lawfirm
  • St. Louis Art Museum
  • Gateway Arch
  • Peabody Opera House
  • Ritz Carlton
  • Lambert International Airport
  • Mayor Slay
  • Boeing
  • St. Louis City Police Department
  • St. Louis Galleria
  • Plaza Frontenac
  • Six Stars Market
  • Colonel Jon Belmar
  • Senator Roy Blunt
  • Senator Claire McCaskill
  • St. Louis City Justice Center
  • St. Ann Police Department & Jail
  • Clayton City Hall
  • GCI Security, Inc.
  • St. Louis County Council
  • Clayton Police Department & Jail
  • Ferguson City Hall
  • Lacy Clay’s Office
  • Donors
  • Husch Blackwell LLP
  • Martin Insurance Group LLC
  • Stone, Leyton & Gershman
  • University Square Company
  • Stone & Alter Real Estate
  • Carey & Danis LLC
  • The Law Firm of Thomas C Antoniou LLC
  • Hammond & Shinners Law Firm
  • Collinsville Acquisitions Inc
  • Thompson Coburn
  • Commercial Bank
  • Sanctuaries
  • Greater St. Mark Family Church
  • Veterans for Peace Office
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church
  • Hospitals
  • St. Louis University Hospital
  • SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center
  • SSM St. Mary’s Health Center
  • Barnes Jewish Hospital
  • St. Alexius Hospital
  • Kindred Hospital
  • Southwest Medical Center

The list includes a number of obvious targets of pre-planned rage such as St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch’s office, the St. Louis County Police Department, Ferguson City Hall and Governor Jay Nixon’s office. Even the airport.

But why are hospitals in general and seven specifically-named hospitals, including tiny St. Alexius on the city’s south side? Why? And one of three children’s hospitals in the city? Were sick and injured toddlers somehow complicit Michael Brown’s death? A selection of some of the city’s largest law firms? The Clayton School District offices (miles and a world away from Ferguson)? The Missouri Botanical Gardens? Monsanto, Boeing and Anheuser-Busch headquarters? The Veterans for Peace office? The Ritz Carlton, but not the Four Seasons?

There’s definitely (at least some) method to this apparent madness. The organizers are intent on causing the city’s residents and as many elites the most possible inconvenience for the longest possible time period. The question is, how much disruption will local authorities, police, the Guard and St. Louisans in general put up with before it results in a (possibly violent) backlash.

Given the palpably increasing level of anxiety here in the Gateway City, as well as warm-up protests this past weekend and again on Monday, organizers have succeeded in changing the subject from a crime – whatever the facts of the case – to the death of a black man at the hands of a white police officer. Prima facie racism. Obviously. It’s almost as if Al Shapton has been involved in all of this. Oh, wait.

The National Guard will be there and virtually every police officer in St. Louis City and County will be activated once the announcement comes down. That will look to the cameras and agenda-promoting media types and all the world like an occupying army arrayed against plucky protestors. Just as they want it to. And what are the chances that all of those protests will be peaceful?

The current betting is on an announcement Friday, but no one really knows for sure. Everyone is hoping the reaction, assuming no indictment will be less intense than everyone’s worst fears. We’ll see. Soon.

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  1. Having awakened and tormented the beast they believe they can control and direct the beast.

    How precious.

    Doesn’t anyone read Frankenstein, or at least see the Universal version, any longer?

    • If I remember correctly, Frankensteins monster spent the last of his days in the Artic. More than welcoming a similar outcome.

      • Unless you meant to convey that Frankenstein’s monster secluded himself in the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC), you probably meant arCtic.

        Arctic is the North polar region; South is Antarctic (as in opposite of arctic).

  2. They’ve won?


    This is being made out into something far more than it’s ever going to be. America is sick and tired of those jackwagons rioting and pillaging in Ferguson.

    They’re not going to get much traction in other venues.


    • This is NOT going to be LA in 1992. Have any of you ever tried protesting in the bitter cold of the Midwest’s winters? Didn’t think so. Will there be people in the street? Sure, but when the sun goes down, everyone will be going home to stay warm. Don’t believe the hype.

        • I think with all the screaming people are doing about “less than lethal” methods that should have been used, this situation presents us with an opportunity. Furgeson is the perfect live testing ground for all of the less than lethal methods being developed around the world.
          Sonic denial
          Microwave deterrence
          The ultra slippery snot like stuff
          The ultra sticky stuff
          Net guns
          Sleeping gas
          Shotgun taser rounds

          I think they should divide up the areas into test sections, record video with Yakkity Sax playing in the background and upload it all to Youtube. We POTG could probably come up with a few “outside the box” ideas for crowd control that might work to show that we’re taking their whining(I mean concerns) seriously….

          Air burst itching powder
          Fire hoses full of indelible dye to help with identification later
          Air burst or fire hose skunk essence that lasts a week or so

          I’d watch the videos…..

          It would potentially shave years off of the testing to market phase and we’d be doing it….. for the children.

      • I think the Fergusson protestors marching in the Winter sub zero wind chills will rival the usual Moms Demand Action meetings and rallies. They will really need to Burn, Baby, Burn!

      • You’re right. This isn’t going to be LA in 1992. Judging from the security and intelligence contracts I’ve seen being advertised, this should be bigger. Companies are looking for 1,000+ armed security guards to station throughout the area and the intel contracts look like there is going to be a camera on every inch of the city, or at least enough contractors to watch footage of every inch of the city.

        This is going to be big. And yes, we’ve already lost. We lost the moment Officer Wilson pulled the trigger because the other side does not care what the truth is, they ONLY care about making the most noise because if they learned anything from Travyon Martin, it’s that as long as you’re the only side allowed to speak, you can make people believe whatever you say to them.

        • You sir have bought into the hype.

          I live in St. Louis county. Yes they are getting ready. However the leaks started weeks ago about this cop getting off. The leaks have diffused it. That was the plan.

          The people that were going to riot and burn are going to be bored by the time this comes out. It was 14 yesterday and it felt like ZERO with the wind. Let them riot in that.

          The first round was allowed because there was no one around to stop them but the local PD. They were un-prepaired. Now every cop in the state will be ready. They cops control when the announcement happens.

          Yes there will be a bunch vocal morons that can’t see the truth a foot in front of them. Yes the local/state government will have to pander to this group of morons but its just pandering. Lots of non-local groups are going to use this to promote their agenda. They will be inflammatory, totally lack a shred of truth but hey they will get free air time because the news/tv industry is going to capitalize on this as well.

          The race profiteers are hoping its big so they get a big fat pay day. Your average every day MO citizen hardly cares at all because they know the truth of the matter.

          I think a lot of conspiracy nuts, anti-goverment types are hoping this is the catalyst for end of days or some kind of revolution so they can justify their pathetic lives and the crazy amount of money and time they have spent on their obsession.

          Mark my word 7-10 days after whatever happens the news will be talking about the next big storm to hit the North East and shut down traffic in NYC.

        • Seconded Larry. This is precisely zero on my “actual” worry list.

          Am I prepared? Yup. Am I 100% certain this will never leave a tiny few blocks of a couple munis? No, but I’m about 99.9999%… This isn’t LA, this is the MW. None of this ginned up misbehavior will be tolerated south of 40 or west of 270. Or even really close to either border. Lie down in an intersection and get run over. We all know what happened when Reginald Denny was foolish enough to not drive over the trash. No one will ever make that mistake again.

          However misguided, they are American citizens entitled to peacefully protest. That is, until they start being animals with no justification for their actions. Then, they become targets.

    • There is going to be a major blow up and soon in this country. The white hating anti gun race baiters are looking for a fight. They are latching onto any perceived “injustice” which when exposed to the light of day turns out its the black guy getting the load of justice he earned. They tried it in the Duke case. Look how that worked out. Not only did the stripper lie she’s now in prison for murder. How about last year’s Trayvon BS? Little innocent Trayvon turned out he was trying to beat the ZimZam to death. The grand jury is going to no bill this cop. Not because he’s a cop, not because he’s white, but because a violent member of the demographic of peace attacked him. They are going to get denied their BS version Justice. Mark my words. Someone white is going to be attacked by these people.

    • Obviously you haven’t been listening to Al Sharpton.

      An innocent, helpless, unarmed black teenager was senselessly murdered by a racist, white police officer, for no reason whatsoever, and the racist, white grand jury will let him get away with it.

      Because racism.

      Try to listen more carefully next time the reverend puts his fat face in front of a camera.

    • They are protesting lack of a trial. I don’t think its crazy when an unarmed man dies at the hand of a police officer for there to be a trial. I expect it. I didn’t say throw the officer in jail, just have the evidence heard by a jury and let them decide.

      If there were a traffic accident where someone were badly hurt I’d expect the same. If there were a local merchant and he said someone stole some merchandise I would expect the same. If merchandise is worth a trial, and bodily harm is worth a trial, the ending of a life is. In none of the scenarios is there a crime except when the jury issues a guilty verdict.

      • Absolutely not.
        Your premise seems to be that if there is a crime, or a possible crime, there must be a trial.
        If something has been stolen, but there is not enough evidence to determine WHO stole it, then there cannot be a trial.
        There should only be trials where there is enough evidence that a guilty verdict is likely.
        If you were walking down the street, and someone starts beating your from behind, you are on the ground, and the person is kicking you and aiming at your head, you fire in self defense, and kill the attacker, do you really think you should be on trial for murder, because you shot an unarmed person?

        • You bring up an interesting scenario so lets explore that. To answer the question in your scenario YES I would expect to be on trial if I killed an unarmed person. It’s not OK to kill people. Taking a life ought to have some oversight other than interviewing the person who’s still breathing. To your point about a likely conviction. In this instance a trial should happen, I wouldn’t say that if an officer pushed the guy to the ground and cut his arm. He’s dead.

          I’m not saying that you should agree with me, but I am saying that the further we go down the path of being able to kill people without trials, yes even police, the further we go towards lawlessness.

          Additionally in your scenario if I wasn’t put on trial I wouldn’t expect the community of the person I killed to take it lightly. If that person I killed was your son or daughter or father or brother and I didn’t even go to trial you’d probably kill me. Because society needs justice, society needs to see that I answered for my actions and was either cleared or not.

          If I’m willing to pull my gun and take a life, I am willing to stand and answer for that, in court in front of a jury.

        • @ C. Z. If you expect to go to trial because you defended yourself in that exact scenario, it kind of makes me think what type of community you live in the first place. I wouldn’t want a jury of my peers either.

      • Hose down all of the roads, sidewalks and parking lots. Everything will turn into one big sheet of slippery ice. Let the protests begin and watch the protesters all fall down and go boom on their butts. It would be a hilarious video to watch.

        • Look at the weather forecast for St. Louis, the next several days. It may not be cold enough for that.

          Besides, the PD is not going to be using fire hoses on black people. The optics of that would just make things worse.

      • Grand jury = jury. What more do you want? I’m sure they presented a mountain of evidence to the grand jury. If there is enough cause to send it to trial, they will. In this case, I do not think it will go to trial. This is how true justice works.

        • Grand jury is not presided over by the court, and the only evidence is presented by the prosecutor. In this case, there are some considerable doubts regarding whether the prosecutor actually wants to prosecute, so they may well not present all the evidence, or present it in a way that favors certain interpretations.

      • Pah-lease

        If you think a trial does anything but push this down the road, you are nuts. George Zimmerman was forced to trial (at huge expense to all), found innocent and not one person who thought he was guilty before the trial changed their mind. What about justice for an innocent man? Why should the cop have to have his life further destroyed for some undisclosed amount of time to satisfy the mob if evidence clearly points to no wrong doing on his part? Why in the example above would you be forced through the expense and anguish of defending yourself in court because some scumbag attacked you on the street and forced you to defend yourself? If there’s evidence that the cop did wrong and they can convict him of it, by all means there should be a trial, if not, put it to bed and let’s all move on.

        The community you speak of is nothing more than a mob, most of which has no real interest in truth or justice, only in the lynching of a cop , they will never be satisfied unless he goes down for this, evidence be damned.

      • angryAZ knows whats up. This is too big of an opportunity to let pass. The race industry will be all in when the announcement is made.

      • Nah. Getting older. Takes more than a pretty face (or nice legs in yoga pants) to impress me any more. Chicks who lay down on asphalt in protests during their spare time are not my cup of tea. I’d hate to be stood up for a rally.

  3. Listing so many potential “targets” is meant to stretch law enforcement resources as thinly as possible and to spread fear as widely as possible.

    The racial arsonists are doing their best to fvck the town to a fare-thee-well. When they’re finished, Ferguson will still be there, but it will be a financial wasteland. Would an insurer cover property there after this? Would a lender finance a commercial project there? Doubtful. And then the race-baiters will blame it all on white people.

    They have stated that they want white people to be afraid. As a result, people are tooling up so that they don’t have to be afraid. Unintended consequences are a b!tch.

    • I suspect we might see some fun and games in Oakland, which is a little closer to home. SF possibly, and LA.
      I don’t live in any of those places, but you know what they say. Do hang with stupid people in stupid places..

    • “And then the race-baiters will blame it all on white people.”

      That’s what gets me. This place is being turned into a wasteland and we’ll hear about how it’s all whitey’s fault. Slavery did it. Or the modern systematic oppression via traffic tickets. But never the mobs that are actually burning the place. Never the ‘communities’ that do nothing but complain.

  4. Bring out the fire trucks and make pretty rainbows, hard to have a pleasant protest when you’re soaking wet, or knocked on your a** by 500 gallons a minute through a monitor. The perfect “less than lethal” solution to less than peaceful assembly.

    • That would bring to mind the South in the Civil Rights era and only reinforce the notion that this was a renegade cop who killed in cold blood.

      • Yep.

        And the South Korean riot police against NoRK supporting ‘students’, the Freikorps against revolutionaries, police under attack by violent protesters at Sharpeville.

        Another great day for the good fight against communism.

    • It’s going to be 57 Saturday and Sunday in St. Louis. As far as far as fire hoses go, the protest leaders are PRAYING to get video of black people being hosed down by white firefighters. There are hundreds of professional sh!t stirrers in St. Louis right now, and their job is to create an image and construct a narrative for the main stream media. If I was in charge, I’d put it off as long as possible. If these people have no sh!t to stir, they can’t make any money.

      • Or at least wait to make the announcement when the next couple of days are predicted to be cold.

      • Super-Soakers. If they show them on the news being bombarded with firehoses, “It’s the 60’s all over again.” Show them laughing with super-soakers wetting down the mob, it’ll be hard to NOT laugh.

      • As far as far as fire hoses go, the protest leaders are PRAYING to get video of black people being hosed down by white firefighters.

        Not if the kidz are being soaked to the skin by spray directed into the air. Or maybe foam.

  5. I’ve got a few friends in St. Louis and all are gutless. None of them own a gun for protection, and they lament the violence, but say the police shouldn’t intervene, and that the protestors are justified. They’ve drunk so much Kool-Aid they whine about being verbally harrassed and their cars being vandalized, but refuse to even think about doing anything about it.

    Poor Missouri…

      • Yup, St Louis has nothing to do with MO. Their BS would not be tolerated in my part of the state. Then again, we don’t have to worry as no busses come here from St L.

    • Don’t worry, your STL friends are outliers. The vast majority of folks I know in Da ‘Lou vary from well-armed, to far better armed than the MO Highway Patrol. I know a few, save for aircraft, are better equipped than the MO Natty Guard.

      Your average gang-banger may have a coupla “clips” yo. The civilized folks have a coupla cases. Or pallets.

  6. I’m disgusted that they are specifically targeting hospitals, especially a children’s hospital, for disruptive and possibly violent protests. They already burned and looted all over Ferguson, I guess they are aiming for even more destruction this time.

    • Its all about the benjamins. Hospitals have community outreach programs, some funded by FedGov grants, and thats gotta go somewhere. Same with the big banks and corporations. I heard some black conservative, maybe Larry Elder point out Monsanto has already given money to the protest groups, but they are back again. Remember that the local SEIU/ACORN group is hosting meeting, so I’m sure there is that thugz angle too. Especiallh since Obama had a meeting, off public calendar, to encourage them to “stay the course”…..

      • Obama had a meeting, off public calendar, to encourage them to “stay the course”…

        Um, isn’t that called “Sedition?” Or “Inciting a Riot?”

    • Yeah I’d call that a tactical error on their part. People who have a sick loved one–especially a sick child–in a hospital are not going to want to hear chanting. Medical staff coming off of a 12 hour shift will not want signs shoved in their faces. But, if the protestors stick to sidewalks and they don’t obstruct traffic, they are in the clear legally. However, if they try to come into the hospitals or, even stupider, do anything that interferes with patient care, they will be going to jail.

      I am not as hostile to these protestors as some commenters here. However, I don’t believe this case is as clear cut as they seem to. But even though I sympathize with some of their grievances, I would not hesitate to physically drag them out of my hospital (if I happened to work at one of the listed St. Louis hospitals). So stick to the sidewalk, anarchy kids. And don’t f%&# with the sick kids’ parents. You might just get throttled with that little handkerchief you use to hide your face.

  7. They have not won a damn thing.

    This will be a protest by opportunist, agitators and the grievance industry. This is no longer about the death of this person but about the opportunist, agitators and the grievance industry.

    The fact that Muslim groups, Anarchist and much of the same crowd you heard about during the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) BS are going to co-op this protest, should tell you right there this is all bogus

    Never let a good crises go to waste. If they go lay waste to people and property who have zero to do with the actual shooting, they will get no sympathy from anyone.

    Just like the Zimmerman protests, this is being agitated by community leaders who get their power from chaos under the disguise of moral cause.

    Sadly, they will not be getting 10ft of snow to bury the protestors.

  8. Ahh yes, inconveniencing the 1% by making sure they can’t go to work. And also the 99%, who also won’t be able to get to work, because a bunch of jackholes are setting up a picket line outside of their office, and they have no idea why.

    Seriously, what is the point of protesting outside of Boeing? It’s a bunch of engineers and scientists, trying to make it impossible for a plane to crash. These morons want to protest the work that allows them to get to the protest in the first place, seeing as how many of them are going to be from out of town, flying in on Boeing jets, and complain that somehow a bunch of guys whose job it is to analyze metal, electronics, and aerodynamics, had something to do with a thug getting popped by a cop?

    If any of you protestors are listening, leave the hospitals, churches, businesses, anything not involved with the police or courts system of Missouri out of this. They had nothing to do with this, and all you are doing is hurting innocent people, which I thought was what you were protesting against in the first place.

    • Nothing will ever happen at Boeing. Nothing.

      More private security who have no concern about killing you as a ‘National Security Threat’ than one can count.

  9. I still didn’t see any LGS’s or ranges named on the protest “target” list.

    (rhetorical) Coincidence?

    Yeah, I hear them crickets too.

    • But you have to give them high marks for listing Anheuser-Busch Headquarters … although I have a hunch that they will be there to acquire mass quantities of beer rather than picket or protest.

  10. I don’t understand why they are targeting most of the places and I don’t understand the racism from both sides…in my eyes this has nothing to do with race and my stepdad is a cop…I’m young, black, educated, a marine, working class man and if the cop has done something wrong then he needs to be punished and at the same time I don’t agree with the looting and violence. My thing is that even if the grand jury doesn’t indict him, if it was wrong and God sees all that he will have to answer to Him at the end..but this is not a race thing at all and I’m so disgusted at people from all races we are all Americans if you were born to American parents and we all should act like it

    • List isn’t just for protest sites. The PDF makes it clear that some locations are being included on the list so that they will on the provided maps and easy to locate if needed – hence hospitals and places to get food and water.

      • I just wish all of this would end from both sides….it’s just crazy but everyone will have to answer for their actions when their life ends

        • So, all of those who know this was a ‘good shoot’ should just roll over?

          Brown was a thug who got what he earned, nothing more, nothing less. There’s plenty of absolutely heinous and wrong extra-judicial killings that are worthy of all this, well, everything. This isn’t one of them.

          That’s the problem.

        • 16V Is absolutely on point. Bad shoots happen all the time, you want to change the culture, make a bad shoot your platform, not a thug who attacked a cop minutes after committing a strong arm robbery. If justice was what this group was after, they’d chose the case much more wisely. They just want a chance to loot, riot, and display their faux outrage and they want to do it now.

      • Hah, I knew it! They listed the Anheuser-Busch Headquarters as a location to acquire beer, er, important supplies!

    • It’s a shakedown list, pure and simple. Threaten these businesses , collect donations in exchange for leaving them alone. It’s the Jesse Jackson business model in action.

  11. I will lay a bet that any protests will be attended by people whose sole purpose in being there is to agitate and escalate this into a full on riot. Nobody sets up dominoes without the expectation of them being pushed over, and all the dominoes are in place.

  12. Love the caption above. Nothing funnier than middle class white liberals showing their black brothers and sisters that they are indeed “down for the struggle”.

    • Oh just wait till they get beat up for being a whitey.. Laughter and good times should ensue…

    • Reminds of that scene from Gran Torino

      fast forward to 3:45 for the best line of the whole interchange “Whats with all this bro shit anyways, you wanna be super spade or something? These guys dont want to be your bro and I dont blame em… not get your ass down the road”

  13. I disagree that they have won.
    While they have a right to protest, there are some important things to remember.
    1. If they block access to a hospital, I can just see an ambulance barreling through the crowd. It might get ugly.
    2. Airport? Really? The second someone throws a urine bottle, The TSA will be involved, and well it will be the wonderful big government smack down they always wanted.
    3. Boeing? I am not sure what they build there, but if there is a government contract involved they will get some blackwater type folks to keep that government property safe. Much like any other private business, trespassers will be shot.

    Speaking of shooting, just wait till a law abiding business owner, decides to start shooting into the crowd that is trying to destroy his business. All hell is going to break loose.
    If Gov Nixon is smart he will declare marshal law right away and have those powers at the ready the second it gets out of hand.
    Don’t get me wrong I am all for peaceful protest. Have a grievance, speak out about it. But do so peacefully. If things go the way we suspect, it would be good to have things in place and at the ready to shut it down. I certainly don’t want to see Ferguson burn, and I am sure most don’t. If the SHTF I am sure communication will be limited. The first thing that will happen is news agencies, streaming bloggers will be shut down. After that they will move in and clear the city. They don’t want the crack down to be displayed, as to avoid invigorating others.

    • 1. If they block access to a hospital, I can just see an ambulance barreling through the crowd. It might get ugly.
      – I really doubt it based on the paramedics I know.

      2. Airport? Really? The second someone throws a urine bottle, The TSA will be involved, and well it will be the wonderful big government smack down they always wanted.
      – The TSA is great at groping but that’s about it. They depend on police, often the municipal police, for enforcement actions.

    • EMT’s won’t run down people in their way. They’ll just pull up stakes and take their customer to a different ER.

      • Indeed. Its going to be boring. If anything it will be entertaining to listen to the clowns on the media interview the jokers trying out protest each other. Who’s agenda will get the most media coverage?????

    • Ferguson is already over the tipping point. It will burn, or it will rot. Would suck to be one of the people from the community that built it who remains there, but hey, if they’ve been voting Republican since the 1860’s or Democrat since the 1960’s, then they have to shoulder some of the blame.

  14. The protestors seem to be actually hoping for more pain and death. Be careful what is wished for, protestors. With all the tooling up, many of the people will be able to care of themselves and not spread thin the police coverage.

    • My favorite part was the list of Supplies for protest included White Bed Sheets annotated with “(for banners)”, in case you got the wrong idea…LOL!

  15. “The current betting is on an announcement Friday, but no one really knows for sure.”

    They keep betting on days and getting it wrong, buthis weekend is a strong possibility though. My guess is the decision has already been made and they are waiting for the the bad weather that is going to be coming through. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the make the announcement in the middle of the night.

  16. They haven’t won squat. Yet.

    So far, the only winners seem to be the folks who sell guns, ammo, plywood, etc.

  17. The protesters have not won. They will end up rioting, looting, burning, and beating. They will look like the savages they are. Ask the protesters who rioted and looted in LA, 20 years ago, how much they won.

  18. Roll out a few taco trucks and Mobile hot dog stands… Cops and protesters will be wanting some hot food and drinks.

    • Bad idea. The wealthy, liberal, trust fund having, college attending activist types think anyone one making money is inherently evil. They will stage a sit in to block the evil capitalist hot dogs. Or cry “racial appropriation” if someone decided to serve tacos. It will be an outrage on Salon for a whole week.

    • No joke- A customer of mine has been considering setting up his BBQ truck in that area(KILLER smoked Brisket!), he’s just worried his food truck would get trashed if anybody saw him serving to a single cop. He’s a DEEPLY southern black man that couldn’t care less about the agenda driven protests.

      To quote him…. I run my own business, the only color I see is green.

  19. When a US reporter interviewed an RCMP officer shortly after the terrorist attack on the Canadian Parliament, he asked, ‘What’s the homicide rate in Ottawa?” The officer responded, “Well, last year we had five.”

    Everyone’s death diminishes us, but the really outrageous problem is gang violence. That is not a racist statement, it is a statistical reality. But what could be more ‘racist’ than community that ignores the obvious, that by our silence we are abetting self-inflicted genocide?

    Updated Oct. 17, 2014: St. Louis Police (this does not include St. Louis County) reported more than 4,400 crimes to the FBI in September. Statistics released by the St. Louis Police Department show there were 15 homicides in September, up from 14 reported in August and up from nine reported in September 2013. Total homicides continue to run ahead of last year. Through September, homicides totaled 101, compared with 79 at this time last year and 89 in 2012. Homicide numbers don’t always match completely because adjustments are made when people die later of injuries or developments change the category. (source: St. Louis Today).

    There is no public outrage as gangbangers slaughter each other and innocent bystanders in the streets. We have become desensitized to it. But let a questionable shooting take place between a police officer and a minority, and all hell breaks loose. As Stalin is reputed to have said, “One death is a tragedy, a million dead is a statistic.”

  20. “The question is, how much disruption will local authorities, police, the Guard and St. Louisans in general put up with before it results in a (possibly violent) backlash.”

    I wish they would protest in the neighborhoods of some of my liberal-guilt ridden acquaintances in the are who are always talking about the oppression of black people by the police as if they’ve EVER walked into one of the neighborhoods they talk about.

    The only problem is when St. Louis gets tired of these agitators Eric Holder will be right there to stop the city and state from doing anything to restore order.

  21. The police put out their own list!
    Waste treatment centers
    Used car dealers
    New Jersey
    New York
    Ebola clinics in Africa
    Nazi death camps
    My ex wife’s house
    The Kardashian’s homes
    Fukishima, Japan

  22. Sigh.

    There’s such a shortage of IQ points in public offices that it is a wonder why we don’t just make semi-simian IQ’s a requirement of political office and appointed positions.

    There’s a very simple solution to these “protests.”

    Step 1: Declare a ban on any open flame in the jurisdiction for reasons of public safety and “fire hazards to commercial property.”

    Step 2: Call out fire engines with at least a 1,000 gallon tank and a monitor on top of the truck. Oh, and make sure it has scene lighting and a CAFS system.

    When the protestors show up to try to torch some businesses, foam down the property.

    Protestors in the way? Protestors making threats on the firetrucks? Foam down the protestors. Use class-A foam because it is “biodegradable” and all that hippy nonsense. When asked “why?” say “Because it appeared they were playing with matches.”

    Oh, what’s that? It is supposed to be in the 20 to 25 degrees F range in the area over this weekend? Golly, that sounds downright chilly. Bet it doesn’t get any warmer for the protestors covered in foam and water, sliding around on the pavement, getting their leather shoes ruined in the foam, etc. Boy, sucks to be them.

    For those who have never seen a fire truck with a CAFS system – CAFS makes a little bit of water go a long, long way. CAFS on a wildland truck allows us to even make the right kind of foam stick to vertical surfaces. Nice stuff. Non-lethal, but someone getting covered with firefighting foam is going to be miserable, wet and slick as a greased pig.

    The simple solution to these “protests” in Ferguson is to make the protestors miserable. Wet, cold and messy will do more to dampen their enthusiasm than MRAPs and rubber bullets.

    • Look, the grand jury decided to no-bill this guy aeons ago now. I think that the approach of letting as much tension out of the system ahead of time (by repeatedly leaking the no-bill and false leaks on when the announcement will drop) is inspired. I’m starting to feel like the folks in charge there really know what they are doing, which is a contrast to how it was handled in July when this all broke. We’ll see if they don’t have a few more clever things up their sleeves before this is all over.

    • As someone who has escorted fire personnel through LA riots, that sounds like the best solution I’ve heard so far.

  23. If you gave me a time machine and a gun I would not be able to choose between Hitler and Saul Alinsky.

    • The Brits decided to not assassinate Hitler as he was more valuable to the Allies being in charge of Nazi Germany versus someone who was actually competent. Saul makes multiple little Bolsheviks such as Hitlery and Obozo.

  24. Regardless of the guilt or innocence of Brown and Wilson, the protesters have a real gripe against the State’s militarized suppression of their 1st amendment rights. Even if the protesters are saying that Brown was innocent and Wilson is a murderer, their free speech should be protected.

    Sure there are some opportunistic individuals using the unrest as cover to commit crimes, but that’s no excuse for the state to suppress free speech and demonstration of others. Either police need to be more surgical with how they address the opportunistic criminals… or maybe the shop owners should arm themselves and protect their own property at their own expense and on a case-by-case basis?


    • I certainly agree with the latter clause of your last sentence.

      But when you are “protesting” next to people looting businesses and throwing bottles at police you should take your 1st Amendment expression the next block over.

      • I don’t think so. Free speech shouldn’t have to move to facilitate police doing their jobs. If that was the case the state could arbitrarily arrest you whenever they wanted for “interfering with police business” or some other BS. If I was a shop owner in Ferguson I’d (have insurance) and be sitting in the back of my place with an AR-15 ready to go. It’s my shop, I’ll protect it. It’s not the police’s business. The State just uses “looting” as flimsy excuse to suppress 1st amendment rights, just like they use “gun violence” as an excuse to suppress 2nd amendment rights. If the police can’t do their job because it’s hard to find the guilty people among the innocent then that’s no excuse to regulate the innocent. This is the same exact rational they use to push gun control.


        • Rights and responsibilities. If you don’t believe you have the latter (like not enabling looters and people assaulting others by giving them cover) you WILL see your rights erode. It’s not a matter of “should.”

          If everyone agreed to let whatever happen happen the police could shrug and let the place burn in order to protect the 1st Amendment. In reality most people who live there and own property there will demand the police take action and that action will effect everyone. The courts have long found that the 1st Amendment is not absolute: you can be criminally charged if you are blocking traffic, for example.

        • Yeah, and my “high capacity” magazines enable mass shootings. Street protesters enable looting… what a disingenuous connection. Literacy enables protest signs, which enable street protests, which enable looting. Are educators accessories too? If someone robs a shop then the owner can make a report with the police and they can try to catch that person who has demonstrated themselves to be a bad guy. The police aren’t legally obligated to protect your life from imminent threat much less your property. People demanding police protection for their shops would be like me demanding the government provide me with a bodyguard. In some states credible threats of violence against me aren’t even “reason” enough for them to grant me a may-issue carry permit for self defense, much less a state-sponsored bodyguard.

    • The residents never supported the demonstrators. The demonstrators were there to distract the police so their gangbanger friends could loot. The demonstrators in Ferguson played the same role that civilians play in Gaza — cover for the thugs.

      • Yeah right, everyone in the streets in Ferguson represents the most sophisticated low-payoff coordination effort by organized crime in history.

        • So tell me Don, what are the protests about? Are they protesting that the cops don’t stop thugs like Brown from roughing up Asian shop keepers and stealing stuff from their stores? Are they protesting that the cops won’t stop the gangbangers from shooting up the neighborhood? Wait a minute, I read somewhere that protests are organized in sympathy for a gangbanger who terrorized a neighborhood businessman, attacked a cop and shot in the process. Yeah, your right, it must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back bringing forth spontaneous outrage for the police putting down a gangbanger.

          Wilson did the community a favor. He took Brown out with good cause before Brown got a chance to murder someone.

        • You are missing the point. It doesn’t matter if the protesters are right in their thinking. There is a lot for them to protest about, some of it I agree with and some of it I don’t. If they are peaceful, then they need to be left alone to do their thing. It doesn’t matter if they are protesting against police suppression of 1st amendment rights, 2nd amendment rights, in favor of a thug, in favor of the Klan, against your favorite politician, for your favorite politician, or whatever.

          Just like it doesn’t matter if you exercise your 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms because you want to guard against tyranny, go target shooting, carry for self defense, hunt, own a bunch of safe queens, or because you legitimately believe in zombies. If some guy standing near you commits a crime with a gun that doesn’t give the state the right to take yours away and call your support of gun rights “crime enabling”.

          You don’t have to support the protester’s messages or ideas, you need to support their right to protest, because it is YOURS too.

        • It certainly matters if the actions of protestors interfere with the police while they are trying put down a riot by gangbangers. You are not exercising your First Amendment rights when your protest runs cover, whether by design or coincidence, for law breakers. I don’t see the police interfering with demonstrations with no rioting going on unless a protestor breaks the law.

          This First Amendment stuff is obvious an abstraction to you which makes it difficult for you to separate the outside support for gang control of Ferguson from the concept of a peaceful protest. You cannot tell the difference between the freedom riders and freedom looters.

        • I completely understand your argument and what you believe. I just don’t agree with your absolutism. Some of it is as you say and some of it isn’t. Ernest anti-racism people and anti-suppression-of-free-speech people are there too, in addition to your looters and looter cover. Even if they are people who also believe erroneously that Wilson is a racist murderer and Brown was a gentle giant, their general messages against actual instances of racism and rights suppression are valid. Even if they had a completely invalid message, their right to protest is yours and my right to protest and this “enabler” argument for protest suppression is DANGEROUS stuff for all of our rights. It’s way too easy to apply the label “enabler” to someone and then excuse the suppression of their rights.

          I do think you drastically miss-estimate the proportions of the groups on the ground over there (and you obviously think the same about my estimations of them). That even a simple majority of the protesters are a coordinated gang effort is an oversimplification of the circumstances that isn’t realistic. Particularly when we know of lots of groups completely outside the gang culture that have trucked out there to protest, as well as the multitudes of pro-rights groups from the area who are there on site reporting in alternative media. What I think is there are a large number of people who simply have seized on this moment to vent anger and frustration at the police, peacefully. There are large numbers of people who believe Brown was not a thug even though he was. There are people there protesting actual racism in the abstract even though this Brown-Wilson event is likely not a good symbol of it. There are people who have taken exception to being ordered to be effectively jailed in their own homes by the state via curfew. There are people there who resent militarized police suppression of speech, in abstract. And there are certainly people there taking advantage of the unrest to loot, just like any time there is unrest, a natural disaster, or the opportunity to do so. This isn’t as simple as “choose a side”. The sides aren’t monolithic in their intentions or beliefs. I, like you will get a jolt of satisfaction if a violent protester or criminal gets what’s coming to him, surgically, but if that comes at the expense of the innocent person standing next to him, I will not.

        • I gave $100 to the ACLU so they can take the militarized police state to task for suppression of 1st amendment rights. Because I don’t support the idea that Brown was innocent and Wilson is guilty. I support the bill of rights. Their right to protest is my right to protest.

        • Your willful failure to understand what is being protested makes you unable to understand that this is not a clear cut First Amendment issue. The protestors were not protesting about militarized police. They don’t neither care nor even know what that means. They were protesting the attempted arrest and subsequent death of a gangbanger who just robbed a little Asian guy. They would be protesting and demanding the little Asian guy’s arrest if he was the one who shot and killed Michael Brown because they support Michael Brown and what he does. Until you understand that you will be unable to understand that the protests associated with rioting were not a separate event but deliberate aid and support to rioting and looting. Since the initial incident all sorts of race hustlers, anarchists, communists, Muslim extremists and even the KKK have glommed onto the protests to stir the pot. Each group, minus the Klan, sees the gangbangers as allies in their war against whoever they have chosen to hate. In the first incident if you supported the protestors you supported the gangbangers because they were protesting interference by the police with one of their own. Currently, the anarchists and race hustlers are legally protesting as is their right to do so and the only time the police interfere is when the protestors break the law, including when Michael Brown’s momma sent some thugs to beat up some of her relatives over Michael Brown swag. If these same anarchists and race hustlers start demonstrating to help out their gangbanger friends as they loot and burn then they won’t be engaging in speech, they will be engaging in unlawful action and do not have First Amendment rights. They would be interfering with the lawful execution of the LEOs duty as they try to stop the gangbangers from looting and burning.

        • Yes, this isn’t clear cut. That’s what I’ve been saying and what you’ve been arguing against. I’m confident that the ACLU will use my $100 to defend the rights of honorable people caught up in this mess and not the KKK. That’s why I gave the support to them and not to the KKK or the Muslim Brotherhood or organized crime.

        • Not if you are in Ohio. It’s not that big. There is one thing for certain you demonstrate why the militia model for national defense was a failure. There are always lots of excuse not to go. You simply do not have the courage of your convictions.

        • @tdiinva: I’ve already addressed this with you in comments, either on this article or another. Yet, you still bring it up ad nauseam. I am the person who has to provide the fuel for the vehicles I use. You insisting that my fuel bill wasn’t what it was doesn’t make it so. As with other conversations with you, the record is here in the comments for anyone to read. Your tactics remain unchanged and just as dishonest as always. You can insult a big game on the internet. Hooray! You win a cookie. ROTFLMFAO.

          Go ahead, get the last word… I know you’re dying to do it. I’ll let you. :p

        • I will take that last word. I am not the one full of piss and vinegar breathing fire and I am not the one who is the internet tough guy.

    • Regardless of the guilt or innocence of Brown and Wilson, the protesters have a real gripe against the State’s militarized suppression of their 1st amendment rights.

      Your cause and effect are reversed. The violence and lawbreaking started before the police response.

      In case you forgot: Brown’s body lay in the street for four hours because the livery service couldn’t pick him up because people on the scene were shooting at the police trying to process the scene.

      Things escalated from there, with rioting, looting, and arson. It was that escalation that forced the police response, and in that context, the police response was 100% justified.

      The first amendment protects the right to assemble peaceably, to petition government, for redress of grievances. The first amendment does not provide solace for terrorizing local residents, blocking streets, looting and burning down buildings, or throwing Molotov cocktails at police.

      Once rioters have created a dangerous environment, law enforcement have both the legal authority and the duty to control the situation and to restore order. At that point, anyone merely peacefully protesting among the rioters does have the legal responsibility to obey orders given by law enforcement.

      • As much as I know that Brown deserved everything he got, the police response was not only ineffective (businesses were looted) it was stormtrooper-esque.

        There were almost no ‘officers’ wearing their badge, let alone name plate. It made me want to puke. Believe in what you’re doing? Think your some ‘hero’? Belly up to the bar and identify yourself. You get paid well to do so.

  25. I’m a little curious as to why with all the double-secret probation
    rules many of the protestors, in particular the ones who wrote
    this target list, are not being charged with terrorism.

    Oh wait. Nevermind.

  26. I’ve been reading about this for days, and I got nothing, I can’t even pretend to understand, and it’s to sick to joke about.

  27. If this happens at the exact same time as Emperor Pivot’s executive amnesty, all bets are off. This is an explosive situation.

  28. As much as it pains me to say this. There is a part of me that hopes this turns into a full scale shooting match. People have gotten their panties in a twist over the most ridiculous thing, so much in fact that they have lost perspective.

    Sure the loss of a single life is tragic. But so much evidence exists that this kid was a dirt bag. (The cop doesn’t sound like a saint either) Not saying he deserved to die, but is this kid really the role model people want as a example? Is he this generations Rosa Parks? Fine, you want to hang your hat on this kid, go ahead, start your revolution.

    I spent a lot of time over seas while in the service and saw real strife. I saw people go days without food, beheading for stealing just to feed a family or what remained of one. That hot shower you enjoyed this morning, these people have never heard of a hot shower. Turn the news on, look at certain parts of Ukraine. Or Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Afghanistan. Nothing like that happens here in the US. But yet I hear people say that’s what they want here. Do you have any idea what you are asking for?!?!?!?!

    I keep hearing people saying they want a revolution, yet they have no clue how good they have it. I am getting to the point where I say you want one, you got it. You (I am speaking to the protesters here), have no clue what you’re asking for. You want anarchy, you want a revolution, be very careful what you ask for. Sadly you just might get it. And you will have no one to blame but yourself.

      • If you actually read your history you would know that we indeed had it good — much better than back in the mother country. The Crown levied taxes to pay for the troops to defend the colonists from the French and Indians. Sounds pretty fair to me. Britain could have avoided all that unpleasantness if they had the common sense to give the Colonies representation in Parliament.

  29. Yep and the gentle giant would probably be in jail for strong arm robbery if Officer Wilson hadn’t stopped his thug a##. Good luck in Missouri…at least gun sellers are making $.

  30. These “protestors” are domestic terrorists. They will riot if the Grand Jury does not indict Darren Wilson, and even if the GJ indicts him because they will contend the indictment wasn’t “serious enough”. They don’t give a damn about Michael Brown, they just want to tear down and defy the Systems of the American Constitutional Republic because they hate it.

  31. You are naive. Few actual Ferguson residents were in the streets. The demonstrators were generally from outside the community. Almost everybody in town knew Brown was a thug and that he just strongarmed a store owner. It’s what gangbangers do. Gangs are quite sophisticated operations and know how to control a story. Seems that they got you to take up their side. How sharp is that.

    • +1. This is Chicago Thugz politics imported to St Louis. Expect a migration of corporations and sensible citizens out of the burbs to other metro’s without the same LIV and democrat vote fraud boosting demographics.

  32. Don’t really have to listen to Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to know, before they start talking, that the white folks will be to blame for picking on the poor black folks. They are paid agitators who make their livings with this sort of thing. Don’t know why the black majority does not tell them to just shut up.

  33. They haven’t won….this is the last gasp for the perpetually aggrieved black entitlement crowd.

    Come Thursday, brown is officially the new black for the Democratic party.

  34. Living in St Louis, and working in Clayton, I hear way too much about this. Irritatingly enough, the list of protest sites is reflected poorly amongst the punditry…

    This map is not a list of protest sites!!! This map INCLUDES protest sites! It also includes important locations for the protesters! It includes sanctuaries, where the protesters can get some police-free downtime, with water, wifi, counseling, etc. It includes hospitals, where protesters can go if/when injured.

    I have no pity for those idiots. But a little common sense in looking at the map would be nice. Why in the hell would they be protesting at their own sanctuaries?!?

  35. You never told us how they’ve already won. What in the world?! o.0


    They haven’t won anything. Let all the peaceful protesters protest all they want, in peace.

    Let the violent protesters all get shot. We have the right to PEACEFULLY assemble, not act like terrorists.

  36. Now the announcement of the GJ’s decision will be on (supposedly) on Sunday after they make their determination of Friday. That gives everyone 48 hours to prepare.

    It also gives mother Nature enough time to warm things up. It is forecast to be 58 degrees on Sunday with rain so the weather is not going to impede any reaction.

    What really scares me about all of this is that I think the potential for a major explosion to occur is off the charts. The protestors have had three months to build up their forces and plans but on the other side of the coin, the normal everyday Americans going about their business have had three months to get absolutely fed up.

    They’re not just fed up with the protests, They are also fed up with decades of multi-generational handouts and subservience to political correctness and bending over backwards to a minority population who never accepts handouts without demanding more and more and more.

    Ferguson is becoming a long burning fuse to a deeply planted and huge bomb that occasionally sputters and dims but is right now glowing and burning fiercely.That explosion has been building for over 100 years.

    I have always believed that someday a huge racial inferno will explode and now I am worried that Ferguson may be the event to set it off

    It is a sad day for our country when the President decides to side with the protesters against the criminal justice system and to also decide he really is an emperor and no longer needs to obey the US Constitution

    I really hope i am wrong about all of this

  37. And Mayor Slay has announced that lawbreaking will be tolerated in St. Louis City. The civil rights of peaceful, law-abiding citizens are now secondary to “disruptions” by lawbreakers.

    Thanks, Francis.

    I’m hearing reports of more open carrying taking place downtown. Good; I hope it increases.

  38. Monday would be a much better day than Friday for the grand jury to make its announcement. Friday is when you announce it if you want the biggest riot.

  39. Did you see the video of the mentally unstable man approach the police. They shot him dead. Three senior police officials said on screen that he came at them with a knife overhead. It is clear from the video that he was empty handed. They could have backed their vehicle up and reaquired him. They could have tazed him or between the two of them wrestled him down. It came out later that the community knew him as unstable but harmless. It sure would have helped had the officers been community policing.

    In this instance cops lied on camera. Yet, without footage you’re sure that you know what happened in Ferguson? The above incident would be a much better case! Race case? Nope. Poor policing.

    It is a shame that so many outside interests are hanging their issues on this.

    If you mention Sharpton then mention Limbaugh. Otherwise you sound biased.

    So is it Black vs White, Class vs Class? Sometimes. If the parties who believe it is race could say sometimes it isn’t and those who think it isn’t could admit that sometimes it is, those protests will cease.

    • Yes I am because according to reports there were 7 eyewitnesses who testified, all them black, who backed Darren Wilson.

  40. The nice thing is if they hold a protest in downtown DC it would be just another typical morning commute. And Baltimore wouldn’t notice another riot; they would just assume High School let out early.

  41. The NoIndictment site says, “With regard to hospitals, the makers of this map included them so that protestors knew specifically where they were in the case of an emergency and to ensure that access to and from hospitals was not blocked.”

    Uh huh.

    I remember in the 1980s when somebody (rumored to be one of the airline unions) passed out little cards to us employees that said, “If you use a pay phone to dial 1-800-xxx-xxxx for airline reservations and then hang up as soon as they answer, then it costs airline management 50 cents per call. Do NOT do that. Do NOT call 1-800-xxx-xxxx and then hang up as soon as they answer. That would cost management 50 cents each time. So do NOT call 1-800-xxx-xxxx.”

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