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Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)
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By Lee Williams

If you don’t control your mind, someone else will. Jim Morrison said that, and it’s as true today as it was when The Doors front man first uttered those prophetic words.

When it comes to the right to keep and bear arms, there is no one who wants to control minds more than former New York City mayor and multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg, 80, funds a vast array of anti-gun propagandists who operate across multiple digital and print platforms. Some, such as Bloomberg News, are accepted by the mainstream media as a legitimate news source. Others, such as The Trace, masquerade as journalists but are nothing more than well-paid anti-gun activists with access to unlimited print and pixels.

Bloomberg turned to his loyal staffers at Bloomberg News recently to launch his latest assault on our gun rights by trying to change how we define a militia.

The former mayor wants the public to believe that the National Guard is the “well regulated militia” mentioned in the Second Amendment, which is “necessary to the security of a free state.” Therefore, if the public accepts that it’s the National Guardsmen whose right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, our individual gun rights can be eliminated. Or so Bloomberg hopes.

This misinterpretation of the Second Amendment, while laughable, is hardly new. We are the true militia the Framers had in mind – everyday Americans who possess modern firearms, ammunition and the skills to use them proficiently.

Here are some recent examples of Bloomberg’s attempts to redefine militia:

  • A Bloomberg News story published July 1 states that the New York Governor signed a law extending property tax relief to veterans who served at least 10 years “in the U.S. Armed Forces or in the organized militia of the State of New York.
  • A Bloomberg News story published June 29 examined a labor dispute involving active-duty Ohio National Guardsmen – those serving an Active Guard and Reserve, or AGR, tour. “The US Supreme Court accepted the Ohio National Guard’s request to consider whether the agency that oversees federal-sector labor relations also has jurisdiction over state militias,” the reporter wrote.
  • A Bloomberg News story published Aug. 17 profiled an Ohio National Guard unit comprised of high-tech computer specialists including several civilians. It was headlined: “Modern-Day Militia Ready for Fight Against US Election Hacking.”

Telegraphing an attack

These confusing headlines and word-salads were not accidental. They were carefully designed, and they betray the propagandists’ true intent: to change the public’s mindset because another attack on our gun rights is coming.

Fortunately, we have case law and several strong Supreme Court decisions that protect an individual’s right to keep and bear arms. Therefore, in my humble opinion, Bloomberg’s attack will not be a legal one…at least not yet.

This is propaganda, which is designed to alter public opinion and perception, and Bloomberg’s propagandists have always played the long game. They seek to change minds first, which will make it easier to change laws later.

Keep in mind what we’re dealing with. “I don’t know why people carry guns. Guns kill people,” Bloomberg once said, while surrounded by a heavily armed personal security detail, probably.

His attitude and his billions make him our most formidable anti-rights opponent. At least this time we know something is coming.


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  1. The fact that the 2nd declares that the government cannot interfere with the right of the people to form well functioning Militia’s is the forgotten part of the 2nd amendment to me.

    • Too many Americans today now realize (and have been reminded) that the 2A does not talk to us citizens, but to the Gov to place limits on its reach.

      Bloomberg, Beto, Feinstein, Hochul, Newsom, Biden, and all the other Orcs can blab on all they want…that horse ain’t gonna be put back into the barn anymore.

      • Not just the 2nd. It’s the whole Bill of Rights, which is why Bloomberg’s argument makes no sense. There is no difference in the phrase “the right of the people” used in the 2nd from the exact phrase in the 1st and 4th Amendments.

    • Here’s the clue :

      {From above}

      “…the New York Governor signed a law extending property tax relief to veterans who served at least 10 years “in the U.S. Armed Forces or in the organized militia of the State of New York.””

      The Constitution mentions 2 militias, the organized (commonly recognized as the National Guard) and the *unorganized*, which can range from many thousands (or more) to a literal militia of one (1)… 🙂

      • , the organized (commonly recognized as the National Guard)

        except, no. The National Guard are not militia in the same sense that the men of Lexington COncord, Menotomy, Acton, CharlesTown, were. No, those were all LOCAL militia, men and older boys of the same town, area, district, who mostly lived and worked closely already and were residents of some town or crossroads. As the War for Independence began to take shape, it was THESE local militia that stepped up, with their own equipment and training, and presented themselves under the generals managing the war effort. They remained organised autonomous groups, though sometimes “strays” would serve amongst them until they could be reunited with their original companies. Most times such companies would sign up for an agreed upon period of time. Their own captain, almost always elected, would remain in charge of that unit. He would get orders from up the chain of command, and then place his men where needed. If he were taken out of action another FROM the unit would replace him.
        There were exceptions, but not many, to local town units. One notable one was Daniel Morgan’s Riflemen. To join, you could be from anywhere, Show up where his unit were at the time, Daniel would hand you a standard sized shingle, very close to the size and proportioins of a man’s head. A tree at a known distance of 250 yards was identified, the prospect told to take the shingle and tack it about a man’s height above the ground. Come back, prime and powder your musket, and take one cold bore shot from the offhand position. If you shattered or split that shingle you were in. If yuo failed, maybe practice and come back another time. It is noteworthy that the British Regulars were taught to identify a distance of 75 years, and never try and engage beyond that range, because “you can’t hit it anyway so don’t waste the powder and shot”. Daniel’s men would regularly take such shots and HIT. Morgan’s men were greatly feared by the Brits, and with good reason. They were an early version of guerilla snipers and took a heavy toll on the Lobsterbacks. But they were still militia.

        I think what we need a lot more of is men and groups just like Morgan’s men. Scattered all across the country and each under local control. I know men who can regularly and predictably hit their selected targets at ranges above a thousand yards, and some out to a quarter mile or more. If the ship hits the span, such skills would be very useful in keeping and/or restoring peace and good order.

        • a “militia” can come in many forms and sizes…basically a group of armed citizens coming together for a specific purpose within the context of the law…a western posse, for example…or just a group of neighbors coming together for a short duration to defend their section of the community when LE can’t or won’t…as after a natural disaster or even civil unrest as I once experienced…it occurred spontaneously and was quite reassuring….

        • Morgan’s people were renowned for their ability to take out officers…but his generalship was not lacking when he put Lord Taryllton to flight…

        • As Tionico points our is largely correct. HOWEVER the “Minuteman” Milita were found to be a largely useless rabble as transitioned from “protest” of an insurgency to open warfare of the Revolution. Even more useless during the American (1st) Civil War and again in Cuba. The lack of organization and DISCIPLE is the difference between a unit and a rabble.

        • “I know men who can regularly and predictably hit their selected targets at ranges above a thousand yards, and some out to a quarter mile or more. ” Uhhh, a quarter mile is 440 yards. Half a mile is 880 yards. 1,000 yards is 0.56 miles. With some training, practice, and the right equipment, 1,000 yards is not a particularly difficult shot. Are you thinking about shots out to a mile? Or 1/4 mile shots offhand?

    • nothing in the 2A requires you to join a militia…it only says one is not possible without an armed citizenry…one is a prerequisite for the other…they always put the cart before the horse

    • I’m not sure how you come to that conclusion. The second Amendment only states that the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The introductory statement provides “a” reason that is important but does not codify any right.

  2. Usually these zealots have experienced some trauma involving a firearm either directly or tangentially to become so irrationally fixated. What happened to Bloomberg?

    • Wait, wait, wait . . . could this be the same MajorStupidity dipshit who used to argue that Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution authorized and empowered universal gun control, using “the militia” as the key to that???? THAT irrational dipshit???

      Hell, MajorStupidity, are you simply as incapable of maintaining a coherent position as you are of telling the truth???

      You beclown yourself more with each comment.

      • (whispering in a small voice) I don’t believe this is the real miner. The real miner isn’t this bright.

        • I wondered about that, but it’s harder to tell than it is with fake dacian – fake dacian can spell, and construct a simple declarative sentences, which is beyond the capacity of real dacian.

      • the national guard is an extension of the Federal army…an can easily be placed under their control…

        • Which of course never happened during the Revolution or War of 1812, Right?

          Of course the militia can be placed under the control of the Army. The Constitution places the responsibility of structuring the rules for such a call-up on Congress.

    • “Usually these zealots have experienced some trauma involving a firearm either directly or tangentially to become so irrationally fixated.”

      Tell us about the trauma that led to your irrational fixation, ‘minor’.

      Was it a favorite uncle that touched in in inappropriate areas and threatened you if you told your parents??? 🙂

    • he likely experienced the rush of extreme and dominating control over another, and it went to his head. His hatred of all forms of weaponry IN OTHER PEOPLE”S HANDS derived from that. He quickly understood that as long as I have MY gun he cannot control ME.

    • Bloomberg initiated “stop and frisk”…when that was taken away, he decided to go to plan B…disarm everybody….

    • Dont temp fate DebbieW, with Bloomberg’s money he could easily raise an army to do just that(theBiden approved). As for he himself doing anything physically, No, his money does the work for him.
      I think a night in West Garfield Illinois all by his lonesome would be much appreciated.

  3. The Oath Keepers are a militia. The NFAC are a militia. The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was a militia. The Deacons for Defense and Justice were a militia. And I am comfortable with all of them. Of course some of them have been better than others. But they are all a militia.

    And they all have been successful at keeping the government in check. Which is why the establishment, the Deep state, does not like the militia.

    • I don’t actually object to the National Guard being termed a militia, although I doubt such terminology would stand examination, but that in no way affects the formation of any other militia, and you’d have to be a fool to think it did. But even if there were no militia involved, that would not alter the prohibition preventing government interference to RKBA. The opening phrase of 2A in no way limits the second phrase as it would if it said “for as long as ..” or “until it is not …” or some such. It does not. And once again, when you see 10,000 plus words sprayed around trying to convince someone that 27 words do not say what they clearly DO say, you absolutely must recognize the efforts of a would-be tyrant, and disregard anything he ever says in the future.

      • I agree with you. I believe the National Guard can be thought of as a militia. However the word “militia” does not limit the creation of a militia by only a government source. The group’s I mentioned above I consider to be the organized militia. However we have had what you might consider an “unorganized militia”.

        The most recent example is when thousands of law-abiding Americans posted themselves as guards, in front of the military recruiting centers. After the murder of several military Recruiters in Chattanooga Tennessee.
        And I would also say that the defense of the Bundy Ranch was also the formation of a militia. That had somewhat of an informal organizational structure.

        And the militia can and should have the same weaponry that the military has. Since the Obama-Biden administration sent MRAP’s with machine gun turrets, select fire weapons, including grenade launchers, to thousands of civilian police departments. All over the United States.

        The civilian militias should all have access to the same weaponry.

        And that is why I am a big supporter of bump stock ownership. Because many people are not going to be able to afford a real machine gun. And perhaps their personal semi-automatic weapon may not be able to be converted to select fire. Or perhaps a reset trigger??? Both of them provide similar weapon performance to a real machine gun. But cost a hell of a lot less money.

        And I wonder why that “can cannon” makes the government so nervous???

      • In my state the statutes clarify the organize militia is the “NATIONAL GUARD” under the stated Second Amendment..

        All other persons are considered a member of the unorganized militia, but the state considered the unorganized militia an organized militia, if two or more people gather together with arms..Therefore is illegal unless authorized by the Governor..

        That statute is violated every year during hunting season, yet have never heard the Governor’s office announcing a temporary militia gathering authorization during hunting season..

        • “militias” are organized to neutralize a threat…not to thin the deer herd or fill a freezer….

    • a “militia” can come in many forms and sizes…basically a group of armed citizens coming together for a specific purpose within the context of the law…a western posse, for example…or just a group of neighbors coming together for a short duration to defend their section of the community when LE can’t or won’t…as after a natural disaster or even civil unrest as I once experienced…it occurred spontaneously and was quite reassuring….

  4. One thing people need to understand about these Leftist Democrats is that they make up a rationale to justify whatever it is they want to do whether or not it is true or even makes and sense. It doesn’t matter to them one way or the other as long as they get to do what they want. That is why they are to be totally ignored and resisted at all costs. You will need to fight them every inch of the way and yes, if need be, get in the gutter with them when you fight back, no holds barred and no mercy. They won’t blink an eye to destroy you and you should do the same to them. Difference is most of them are cowards and bullies and we are not afraid to confront either type and put them in their place.

  5. He’s as much a lunatic tyrant as he is wealthy. He and his money serves a purpose otherwise he would’ve been shut down long ago. If he was as pro-2A as anti-2A he would be openly hated to the extreme by the socialists.

  6. The Far Right thinking the current radical Supreme Court is pro gun again shows their ignorance of the power mad Supreme Court, not just now but down through its history. Yes with the Bruen decision the court threw gun owners a bone but then turned right around and stabbed gun owners in the back with the letting the bump stock ban stand.

    If the current Far Right Supreme Court had really been pro gun they would have heard the case and legalized bump stocks which would have cleared the way to later legalize machine gun sales as well. Of course the Court did neither and never will as full auto arms threatens their absolute power over everyone.

    2A was originally written to cajole the States into joining the Federal Government. The carrot was to let the States have their own private armies to murder slaves in case they revolted as the slaves in Haiti were doing at that time that scared the hell out of the racist Founders of Capitalvania. 2A was written in the vaguest of terms because if they had outright banned the right of the individual to own arms the revolutionaries of the time would have swept them from power so the new Government had to make the proletariat think they had gun rights while in reality writing 2A vaguely so the courts could restrict and ban all the weapons they wanted to and that has been the history of the Courts.

    There were anti-gun laws on the books before 2A was ever even written and they were not rescinded when 2A was written into law. As a matter of fact anti-gun laws continued to be written after 2A and increased to this very day and all were blessed by the corrupt gun hating power mad courts.

    • Of course, there were anti-gun laws before Independence. We were colonies of Great Brittain which was controlled by a king who was as mentally compromised as Joe Biden, and also was controlled by his “advisors.” When they attempted to enforce those laws in Massachusetts that ill-conceived misadventure resulted in about 250 dead or badly wounded Redcoats of the approximately 690 to 700 they transported across the Bay.

    • You have been shown more than once the historical inaccuracies in your propaganda, yet you continue like a cult member repeating the same lies.

      • He follows the apocalypse cult of the 20th century. The 70+ year “experiment” that failed. It attracted the worst people and brings out the worst in them.

        • And he doesn’t realize in some of his rants he makes an argument for legal insurrection against corruption.

          The boy will look back on his youth as wasted opportunity if he lives to be old.

    • darcydodo…RE: yada, yada, yada and “There were anti-gun laws on the books before 2A was ever even written and they were not rescinded when 2A was written into law.”

      FYI…The Second Amendment is
      a Right that no man can infringe.

      The Second Amendment is not a law or a permission slip like kkk nazi Gun Control democRats attempted to make it in the past and attempt to make it in the present
      and future…Apologize stupid.

    • Stop mixing your medications with recreational pharmaceuticals and cheap alcohol.

      Talk about verbal diarrhea.

    • There is still a law on the books in the county I live that requires motorists to pull off the road, shut off the motor, exit the vehicle and stand 25 feet from said vehicle when they encounter ridden horses and or wagons and carriages. The law makers never bothered to repeal the laws they just stopped enforcing them so what’s your point?

  7. A fine example of the corporate billionaires that bought out the left. And then converted it to fascism.

    They own the bidens and people like dacian and miner49er.

    • It’s pretty amazing how quickly lefties went from “fight the power!” and “corporations suck!” to “do what you’re told!”, “take the jab!” and “Facebook cares about me.”

      The old lefties have dementia as an excuse. The young ones simply embrace the left in support of the tyranny.

      • Commies being commies and they feel it’s time to consolidate power………..forgot to disarm the kulaks though.

      • Because antifa wants to be the political police to enforce the party’s rule.

        Think of Iran’s “morality police” but with less restraint.

      • The founder of Rolling Stone magazine was interviewed by Joe Rogan. Said the government needs to control what’s said on the internet.
        I wonder how many people who read RS in the ’60s and ’70s are fans of .gov approving all speech in the public square in 2022.

        • To Campbell Soup Brain

          In reality hate speech is controlled by civilized countries but not in Capitalvania. A good example is the monster Alex Jones. It took 10 years for the grieving and threatened families who were under attack by right wing nut cases before Jones got what was coming to him. This should never have been.

          No Constitutional Right is unlimited when it harms innocent people and if there ever was a good case for banning hate speech it was monsters like Alex Jones, the poster boy for the Far Right sicko’s that will do anything to make a buck.

        • Hate speech is free speech. It’s unpleasant but intellectually honest and consistent. Also wildly practiced by the left as is evidenced by many of your rants.

        • To Dacian:
          “No Constitutional Right is unlimited”

          That is incorrect. You mistakenly conflate the unlimited ability to exercise a right with being held accountable for using that right to harm others. There is a big distinction betwixt the two.

  8. In the USA, the “Militia” is already defined:
    10 U.S. Code § 246 – Militia: composition and classes U.S. Code

    (a)The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.
    (b)The classes of the militia are—
    (1)the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and
    (2)the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.
    (Aug. 10, 1956, ch. 1041, 70A Stat. 14, § 311; Pub. L. 85–861, § 1(7), Sept. 2, 1958, 72 Stat. 1439; Pub. L. 103–160, div. A, title V, § 524(a), Nov. 30, 1993, 107 Stat. 1656; renumbered § 246, Pub. L. 114–328, div. A, title XII, § 1241(a)(2), Dec. 23, 2016, 130 Stat. 2497.)

    • Tickman,

      Your copy and paste of U.S. Code is all well and good–and has little bearing on the meaning of the United States Constitution Second Amendment which predates 10 U.S. Code § 246 by more than 160 years (if I got the correct date that Congress passed that in 1956).

      Notice that Bloomberg is trying to skew our understanding of the Militia in the Second Amendment, not in current parlance or according to recent/current laws.

      • This pretty much is the mic drop moment :

        “(2)the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.”

        ’nuff said… 🙂

      • uncommon,

        The Militia Act, in virtually the same form, has been around since 1792. The CURRENT version was adopted in 1956, but if you compare the language, it is virtually identical to the Militia Act of 1792. Just sayin’.

        • LampOfDiogenes,

          Thank you for the reminder–of course the original Militia Act of 1792 said nothing about our modern day National Guard.

          Also important: while the Militia Act of 1792 helps inform our understanding of how the Framers (or at least the first members of Congress) were thinking back then, the U.S. Constitution Second Amendment predates even the Militia Act of 1792. Thus, if we are going to study the specific meaning of the word “militia” in the Second Amendment, primary sources must predate the Second Amendment if there are no actual transcripts or minutes of discussion about creating the Second Amendment.

        • The Militia Act of 1792 was damn near contemporaneous with the 2A (Militia Act adopted May, 8, 1792; 2A was ratified December 15, 1791). There is a TON of primary source on the 2A (Federalist Papers, Anti-Federalist Papers, notes of the Constitutional Convention, contemporaneous or previous discussions of state constitutions, correspondence of the Framers, the authors of the 2A – it is historically clear that the Framers considered the right to self-defense, which included the RKBA, considered this an “inherent right” of “the People”).

          I agree, a little judicious historical scholarship is required, but Madison (despite issues with “unorganized militia” in the Revolution) was not a fan of a standing army – the militia was his answer to the standing army, and the reason he wrote Article I, Section 8.

          Do you have a different understanding of the 2A, and if so, can you state your understanding – frankly, not clear to me what your point is.

  9. Which other nations enshrine the right to keep and bear arms to the degree that we do? Brazil may be going in that direction. Any others?

    With election integrity in shambles (although recovering in some places), the left-wing, globalist satanists see the 2A as the biggest threat to their dominance. They will never stop trying to disarm us, but gun ownership will continue to rise as the make the world increasingly more dangerous.

    The rise of independent media (think Epoch Times, Stew Peters, Truth Social, Frank Speak, Gettr, Brighteon, Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Jane Ruby, many etceteras) evidences a strong 1A comeback. The hateful left will do all they can to police speech and thought, but they cannot eradicate truth nor can they replace science with opinion.

    Arms and information: the biggest threats to tyrants. And we have both.

    • Well, Jones was ordered to pay a little under one *billion* dollars today to settle his little lawsuit…

      • Yeah…by a judge that did not allow him to submit evidence. Would not even allow him to reference his 1st Amendment right. That judgement and conviction will not hold up upon appeal. Some big name lawyers gathering behind him. Awful how he is being persecuted.

      • Yeah I saw that…has any one ever seen pictures or proof all that evil happened at Sandy Hook? Anyone??? Not saying it didn’t happen bet they sure bulldozed any evidence(like Vegas). About the tiny tyrant Bloomie. He’s likely not all that long for this world…

        • Oh that last line just breaks my pore lil ol hawrt int a gazillyin tiny pieces……..

          His demise will be cause not for weeping but for great rejoicing.

  10. It’s all about control, I have to disarm the peasants before I shit on them. What good is it to be rich if all these common pukes keep showing up everywhere? When we get their guns we’ll put them in their damn place. Tell them how the cow ate the cabbage! Make them pay all the taxes, fuck their wives and daughters, take away their property.

    • Redneck.45lc,

      Sadly, I believe your sentiment is accurate.

      And it makes sense. People have an incessant desire for entertainment/amusement: if you are sitting on a giant mountain of cash, you can literally buy and do anything that you could ever want. Toys, plastic surgery, male/female prostitutes, travel, mansions, yachts, drugs, clubbing, whatever seems to amuse you. After a while, however, you exhaust all of that stuff and you are still not satisfied, craving more amusement. So you set your heart on a serious challenge for amusement: manipulating and/or coercing people into acting against their own self-interest.

      That ultimate amusement is addictive and what drives tyrants throughout all of mankind’s existence on Earth.

    • The elites want to return to feudalism.

      Better get used to being described as proles, serfs, and cattle.

  11. The dude who’s sucking the teat (or other parts) of a country that harvests the organs of its citizens for sale wants us to give up our means and right to self defense. No thanks.

  12. In all seriousness I believe someone could make a reasonable argument that a state National Guard is the modern day well-regulated militia.

    Fortunately, that does not change the fact that the Second Amendment protects the right of “The People” to keep and bear arms, regardless of whether or not they are members of their state National Guard. While the Second Amendment mentions a well-regulated militia, that is one of many possible justifications for protecting the right of “The People” to keep and bear arms. Thus the militia clause does not restrict the right exclusively to militias.

  13. Bloomberg can jabber and spend his money all he wants.
    The cat was let out of the bag during the coronavirus pandemic and peaceful riots. I don’t think your going to get that cat back in the bag unless you get really scratched up and bitten.
    Keep your powder dry and your gunms cleaned and oiled next year is going to be the shts.

    • Remember through Bloomberg information services he has the world’s financial markets under his thumb. He could initiate a recession or full financial meltdown just to prove a point.

  14. When the doors of perception are cleansed things will appear as they truly are.

    Poetry of the Lizard King.

    At some point it all gets drowned out and becomes part of the background noise.

    This man wanted to be president.

  15. An oldie but a goodie:
    “A well-balanced breakfast being necessary to the start of a healthy day, the right of the people to keep and eat food shall not be infringed.” Who has the right to eat food: the breakfast or the people? It should be patently obvious.
    And the right to eat food isn’t restricted to breakfast only: eating food at lunch and dinner and at points in-between is cool, too…it simply isn’t enumerated.

  16. The Bill of Rights is not, and can never be used as, a limit upon the People. It is a limit upon Government only, and protects the pre-existing rights of the People; hence the term “the right”. The left has been arguing that the second amendment can be used as a limit upon the People, and all too many Fudds, here included, try to parse the meaning of well regulated and militia. It doesn’t FN matter dudes. Every time you go down that path you have already lost and relegated yourself to living in some fantasy world created by the left.

  17. Getting together with a group of like minded citizens, shooting guns at stuff.
    Then afterwards sit around, drink beer, have a cook out and talk about guns, does that qualify as a “militia?”

  18. The Supreme Court crushed this argument and found the RTKBA is individual; and not contingent upon service in a militia.

    To argue otherwise, in this day and age, is either ignorance, or malicious misinformation.

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