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I don’t carry a Taser. It’s one too many weapons systems for me. But if someone wants to carry a stun gun instead of gun, or in addition to a gun, why not? More specifically, if Michigan allows its citizens to carry concealed firearms, why would the po-po object to law-abiding members of the general public carrying a Taser? Reporter Heather Lynn Peters of The Muskegon Chronicle asked two top cops why they oppose civilian stun guns. Their answers reveal that the Wolverine State’s concealed carry laws have done sweet FA to alter the attitude of authoritarian condescension infecting local law enforcement . . .

“I think it’s a bad thing,” said [Muskegon County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Jeff] Blackmer, who has been a stun gun instructor for the sheriff’s office since 2009. “It’s bad enough to keep kids away from knives and firearms.

“People might treat (stun guns) like toys and they’re dangerous. There is an awful lot of power,” he said . . .

A Taser could be used for just about anything — an armed robbery, a car-jacking, any violent crime. They are far more persuasive than a knife,” he said.

And Deputy Blackmer’s logic is about as persuasive as the ATF’s logic for launching Operation Fast and Furious. Again, if adults can handle deadly weapons, why not not-so-deadly weapons? Because A) they’re too stupid and B) they might fall into the wrong hands. Gotcha.

So here we are again: legislative control to control criminal access to dangerous weapons, and stop people from doing dumb things with objects that can make others go owee. How’s that working out for ya at the moment? According to these 1960 – 2009 Michigan crime stats, same as it ever was.

While a Taser is arguably more “persuasive” than a knife, I know which one I’d rather face. More generally, where did Blackmer get the idea that protecting people from themselves—rather than each other—is a policeman’s proper role? Have we as a society decided that cops are now substitute parents and full-time social workers, not law enforcers?

Take it from someone who lived in the UK for 18 years, treating adults as children—the “Nanny state” philosophy—is a direct path to tyranny. Meanwhile, as always, beware the “reasonable man” . . .

Muskegon County Undersheriff Dan Stout said he sees “both sides” of the issue.

“I can see where people say, ‘I don’t want to kill somebody, but I want to protect my family,’” Stout said. “On the other hand, I can see people getting a false sense of security, too, and maybe not waiting for local law enforcement to get there. They need to let the true professionals take over.” . . .

His only concern about allowing “citizen Tasers” is the possibility that someone hit by a stun gun might recover more quickly than expected and cause trouble for the stun gun owner.

“In law enforcement, we train our people to react when we deploy a Taser and subdue a suspect,” Rosema said.

“You as a private citizen, you have to deal with the reaction of just Tasing somebody, and it’s usually not an enjoyable event for a person who has just been Tased.”

Hubris much? Honestly, someone needs to sit these cops down and explain the intersection of Darwinism and the U.S. Constitution, if you know what I mean.

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  1. Ouch! I’m going to have one helluva headache from having my head patted so hard by this patronizing “true professional”. Thanks, undersheriff Stout, for providing such an object lesson in why we poor, benighted citizen need to just shut up and let the pros do the home-defending and loved one-protecting for us.

    God knows cops are always there when we need one. Minutes away when seconds count, and all that. So by all means, keep those scary zappy things out of the hands of the toothless rabble you’re hired to serve. We wouldn’t want anyone actually feeling more empowered and secure than they need be. We’ll just pipe down and let you take over. Meanwhile, more of us will use guns where some might otherwise use a less than lethal option and let you true professionals draw a few more chalk outlines on the ground.

  2. You should have posted Stouts photo. He looks rather stout – I wonder if this “true professional” ever wonders why people call him a pig. I doubt it – self reflection and analysis aren’t common traits in those who are more equal than others.

    “In law enforcement, we train our people to react when we deploy a Taser and subdue a suspect,” Rosema said.

    Yep, they are trained to use at least four to six heavily armed and armored men (and sometimes women) to pigpile on to a person so the person can’t move while they are shocked by a device that keeps their muscles from voluntarily moving while all 4-6 cops yell “stop resisting” and “put your hands behind your back” which of course can’t be done so long as the immobilizing taser is used or while six hundred to a thousand pounds or more of weight is placed upon the person.

    There’s no way a person defending themselves could ever react like that. That’s why we need “true professionals” to wield the tasers.

  3. The only thing I’d ask a cop about would be directions. Well, that’s not entirely true. When I want information about the deployment of rubber truncheons to extract bogus confessions, or the effective use of a toilet plunger handle as a proctology tool, or how to cover up the murder of unarmed civilians, I would ask a cop. When I want honesty, I inquire elsewhere.

  4. So Tasers are considered “non-lethal,” right? So where’s MikeB and PorcheSpeed and our other readers on the Left on this story? I find it kind of interesting that they come out in force on anything regarding gun rights (a.k.a. “gun control”) but seem to clam up when it comes to talking about restrictions on non-lethal weapons.

  5. I say just as well not spend a grand on it! The first time I ever used one the guy didn’t even blink his eyes! It seems it doesn’t always work on psychotics! I switched to my $10 can of Cold Steel pepper spray and blinded him. It was much more effective and more fun watching the reaction! Gotta admit though, it hurt like hell when I was shot with it!

    • Pepper spray? You used pepper spray on an attacker?? Don’t you think you should leave that kind of thing to the true professionals? That’s awfully presumptuous of you.

  6. Tasers are cute, but if you need to take out a badguy please use a real gun and do it right.

  7. Cops don’t want civilians to have Tasers? That’s really shocking.

    Sometimes I just crack myself up.

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