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When I was a kid my grade schools had regular “emergency” drills. Sirens would wail as we’d crawl under our desks and fold our hands over our heads. It never occurred to us that it might be worse to survive a nuclear conflagration and face a slow death from radiation poisoning. We accepted that the world was a cruel place and soldiered on with our young lives. The world is still a cruel place. I was saddened to read in USA TODAY that school children living in the dystopia of Mexico are required to participate in classroom “shootout” drills, in which students are trained to . . .

drop to the floor, cover their heads, keep away from windows and DO NOT take photos or video of the shootout.

“The first thing the kids want to do is take pictures to post on their social networks,” says Erika Arciniega, director of crime prevention for the Guerrero state police. “We don’t want them to become targets.”

No word on whether teachers are allowed to pack heat in order to protect the kids in case their school goes from being caught in the crossfire to being battleground.

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  1. Mexico has very strict gun control laws. It’s almost impossible for the average citizen to own and carry a handgun for self defense unless they have an “in” with the authorities. For years Mexican nationals working in the US have obtained handguns here and smuggled them home when they went back to visit. Most of the firearms confiscated by the authorities that can be traced back to American sources are taken, not from the drug trafficers who prefer military style automatic weapons, but from simple citizens who have broken the law in an effort to protect themselves and their families.

  2. The can’t take photos in case they accidently identify the undecover cops or military who are doing the shooting.

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