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Over at, we learn that Mexico’s legislature has “reformed” their anti-terrorist laws to do, well, anything they want (Harry Reid is jealous). What they really, really want: reign-in the auto-defensa or citizen militia groups that have taken over large swathes of Michoacan. The ADs (as they are now called) took-up arms, illegally, to stop the rape, torture and murder inflicted on the residents by the Templario drug cartel, under the watchful, well-paid eyes of the local police and Mexican military. While AD infighting reveals the potential for an out-of-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire sitch, anything is better than the horrors perpetuated by the cartels, supported by the government. Which is determined to disarm the ADs and return control to the cartels. Full article after the jump . . .

DD. As reported yesterday in a story posted by Pepe on the Forum, the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) imposed charges of ‘organized crime in the form of terrorism’ against AUC members of Yurécuaro, who were arrested for the murder of PAN mayor Tanhuato, Gustavo Garibay García, which occurred on 22 of March.

For the first time the PGR has filed charges that make it implicit that a community group of self-defense is a criminal organization that commits illegal such as terrorism. On February 11, the Mexican Senate approved reform of the laws concerning terrorism.

The reform law provides jail terms of 15 to 40 years and fines from 27,000 to 80,000 pesos (roughly US$2,045 to $6056) for those who use chemical, biological or radioactive weapons or arms of any other kind to carry out acts that seek to generate fear among the population. The bill states that this punishment will be applied to those who “intentionally commit actions affecting public or private goods or services against the physical or emotional integrity of people, or their lives, that cause alarm, fear or terror in the population or in a group or sector of the population, that threaten national security or pressure the authorities or individuals to make a determination.” If the so-called terrorist attack affects publicly accessible property or the national economy or if hostages are taken, the penalty will be increased by half.

Critics of the new law fear that with such a vague definition in the Mexican security reform, the new law could be used to advance political agendas, suppress social manifestations, persecute opposition parties or individuals and silence critics.

How this relates to the Santa Ana Michoacanos was raised by Pepe in the Forum article when he asked : “Will paisanos sending assistance to AD’s (auto-defensas or citizen militias) who don’t disarm be open to U.S. charges of funding terrorism?”

That possibility remains a ticking time bomb.

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  1. As bad as their situation is, at least we have a clear, modern case study that shows the actual end game and true intent of gun control. If there were ever a doubt as to what would happen in our country without the 2nd amendment, now we know.

    • I was going to say the saaaaame thing. This is how country will end up, with the criminals (our government) controlling everything and turning patriots into criminals. It’s already starting to happen.

  2. I guess that average citizens who take arms against the Mexican federal government’s Favorite Cartel of the Month™ are domestic terrorists. Just like American ranchers who won’t roll over for the American federal government’s Thugs of the Month™. And anybody else who gets in the way of the war machine called “government.”

    • Sure resembles what went on in Germany, Russia and Italy last century.

      Some humans just can’t seem to learn from history.

    • Ralph….I realize this has absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand, but how do you attach the cute litte trade mark “TM” thingie to words you type? I don’t have that symbol on my keyboard.

  3. “for those who use chemical, biological or radioactive weapons or arms of any other kind…”

    Yeah, typical weasel lawmaker. Next they’ll say a capital crime is anyone who murders, rapes, or jaywalks.

  4. Hmmm…15-40 years in prison or slavery & death. BETTER to die with a gun in your hands. Viva la revoulution.

    • Hell yeah. The people of Mexico aught to rise up and obliterate the Cartel’s and their puppets in office.

      • Indeed… looks great on paper, until you realize you’re up against all those presents our wonderful attorney general sent the cartels.

  5. Funny they can go after the militias but not after the CARTELS. The militia exists because of the CRIMINALS. No different from libtards here, go after soft targets, cause it’s easy. Cartels will slaughter those civilians for revenge if they are disarmed, what a bunch of shit. Governments like this really have no business ever existing.

  6. This can’t be true. I bet none of you have heard a thing about this from any of the major news networks!

    • Indeed. Also gotta hunt for the story about us giving Iran 2.5 billion since February (another billion released yesterday) to appease them to “stop” nuclear research (et al). Tax dollars hard at work!!

  7. Seems to me that the militias should borrow a page
    from the cartel’s playbook. Any government agent
    or rep encountered shall cooperate (i.e. actually
    do their job ) or they become coyote bait.

  8. While I agree with the AD’s I can understand the worry. Keep in mind that the reason the Bloods and Crips started was because the areas where they lived were areas the white cops would not go. So citizens took up arms and fought back. They established territories of protection, and once the groups would meet on disputed territory, the fighting between them would break out. It became Okay to rob and pillage in the other side’s territory. Now, they ARE the bad guys.

    But, it’s not like the Mexican government gets kickbacks from the cartels. I mean it would be hard to convince the government officials to specifically target the only people standing between them and their money. I mean, the US has the patent on corrupt government officials, right?

    • the reason the Bloods and Crips started was because the areas where they lived were areas the white cops would not go

      This is an urban legend, started no doubt by the gangs and their allies. The fact is that the Crips were started by Tookie Williams and Ray Washington as a street gang and nothing more. The Bloods were merely rivals, fighting drug wars over turf. Neither gang had a decent purpose, now or ever.

      • “Critics of the new law fear that with such a vague definition in the Mexican security reform, the new law could be used to advance political agendas, suppress social manifestations, persecute opposition parties or individuals and silence critics.”

        ….Could be my rear……. Talk about understatement of the week! As if the purpose of laws (at least ones not handed down at Sinai ) is anything but to advance……….., suppress,….persecute and silence.

  9. Fueron al pueblo a rebelarse en grandes números, los Estados Unidos, sin duda, se envían a los Marines para restaurar el poder al gobierno “legítimo.”


      • It’s been seven years since I’ve studied Spanish but…
        “Were the people to rebel in great numbers, the United States, without doubt, would send in the Marines to restore the “legitimate” government.”

        IDK mierda.

        How’d I do, Russ?

        • Mierda = Shit

          Your translation was pretty good, but let me rephrase that in spanish again:

          “Si el pueblo fuera a revelarse en grandes números, sin duda alguna, los Estados Unidos enviarían a los ‘Marines’ para restaurar al gobierno legítimo en el poder”

  10. As in our own country, politicians are attracted to money like a moth to a candle flame. The Mexican drug cartels are the wealthy group in Mexico, so who does the gubmint back? Couldn’t happen here of course, or could it?

    • I say without malice that rich U.S. investors taught the Mexican government, the PRI in particular, how and why to do the rich man’s bidding, especially if he has the guns, be they Marines or narcos. Our largest commercial risk insurer in the U.S. does plenty of business in Mexico. When valuable freight moves on the highways in Mexico, they insist the trucks have two vehicles with machine guns for protection. And they like it that way. They can get the machine guns with government approval. Business as usual, with few disruptions. I was told this by the second-in-charge at the firm, while we watched our kids play lacrosse in a safe green suburb. That’s how money sees the world…from a distant safe place. It’s actually rather ugly when you think about it, but I don’t want to lose my tennis partners arguing about the consequences of the Mexican status quo, do I? Well, maybe one of the guys I often lose to? OK. Maybe he’ll quit the club? Ethics….. The AD’s are the first good Mexican product I’ve come across that you can’t drink.

    • We should be, but to intervene would spoil the narrative. We need a few more illegal immigrants to shape the voting demographics in Texas, Arizona, and CA. Maybe when that’s all fixed we could lift a finger?

  11. Neither side in this situation is nessescarily good, however them changing the law is a giant load of bull dung.

  12. Ah Mexico! The land where you can go to prison and never be released because they never charge you with a crime
    But seriously folks aren’t these people eligible for political assylum in the US? Personally I want more people in the US who are willing to take up arms to fight rape, murder, slavery and torture assuming they follow all federal, state and local laws of course.

      • When it comes to matters of national security I have no trouble with the government making “executive” decisions as they always have. The recent video of Al Qaeda indicates the threat still exists and I think locking them up is a waste of perfectly good deplorable conditions. It’s not that I trust the CIA I just feel that they are doing a lot more for my well-being than Al Qaeda.

        Call me selfish.

        If I were going to change something in the US I’d like to see laws that hold the police, witnesses and prosecutors accountable (mandatory fines and jail time equal to time served of the prisoner) for wrongful convictions based on withheld evidence. Rubin Carter never even got an apology.

        • Not calling you selfish, stupid is the word I would use.

          Imprisoning people for life without a trial is not wrong to you? People like you create police states.

          This whole paranoia and wars is playing right into their (the terrorists) hands. I find it sad that you can’t see that. Then again, attacking a country that hasn’t done anything to you probably makes sense too (for you).

      • @ Lolinski: Comparison between fighting a violent, radical international organization not protected by any rule of law to a domestic situation where there is a Constitutional right to due process (Well in the U.S., dunno about Mexico) is dubious at least, shear ignorance at worst.

        • Thank you Yellow Tail. I would have replied in like manner but since I was engaged in a conversation only to be called stupid when I did not agree I chose to forego additional comment. I would tell Lolinski that yes it is people like me who create ploice states to contain terrorists acting in, but not declaring, a state of war.
          I wish I was smart enough to think of an alternative because I would rather be fishing.

        • It would be a good system if you caught terrorists.

          The problem is you catch innocent people with “funny” sounding names (AKA goddamn Airabs) and then imprison them for life without even giving them a trial.

        • The difference is whatever the authorities say it is. You don’t think the government is above using a scary word like ‘terrorist’ when it suites them?

          Just close your eyes and repeat with me… “for the children!”

          • If you actually believe that why aren’t you in Cuba leading the fight to free your “freedom fighters” from that unlawful imprisonment? Or in Syria helping to sodomize and murder innocent Muslim women and children? Or helping to kill those evil American doctors in Afghanistan? Or rounding up Christian women and children in Egypt?

            Yea, you’re right, its all lies from the evil Americans, defaming the brave Muslim “freedom fighters” who only want to be left alone to worship their god, and gain entrance to heaven by raping and sodomizing and killing as many innocent people as they can. My bad.

  13. A war almost completely ignored by the mainstream media. I find the endgame of gun control, a corrupt government, and vicious drug cartels to be highly noteworthy. The loss of life is order of magnitudes greater than the Sandy Hook massacre, which spent months in the media spotlight.

    I’ve said it before: anyone within a few hundred miles of the US-Mexico border ought to have an AR-15 or similar rifle with standard capacity magazines available for self defense. The cartels are certainly well armed, and our southern border is not secure.

  14. Viva Zapata cabrones❕❕❕
    Don’t give up your weapons “Autodefensas”. You will just become easy prey again.

  15. thank you TTAG for posting this article on your site. I feel every one should know about this revolution going on in Mexico. These innocent people have taken so much violence that they resorted to breaking the law to SAVE themselves from this every day hell they live and what does the Mexican government do ?? NOTHING, oh im sorry they do the exact opposite of help they make inhumane laws that literally send control and power back to narco traffickers. If this isn’t the most clearest picture of a CORRUPT GOVERMENT then I don’t know what is. My heart goes out to the people of Mexico but this is a prime example of the type of “gun control” that these crooks in office here in OUR AMERICA want “for the people”. whats to stop this kind of unethical “gun control” from spilling over into the US?….have you watched the news lately cause i have never heard a single peep about the gruesome struggle that’s happening right over the border.

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