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The New Generation Jalisco Cartel says hola! Oh, and those don’t look like U.S. gun store guns to me. Just sayin’ . . . [Click here for another Jalisco show and tell.]

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    • Oh, IT IS… except for a smidgeon of “show fence”, which even rattlers can find their way around.

  1. The Failed “War on Drugs” needs to end.

    Right. FVCKING. Now.

    When are we going to declare Mexico a “Failed State”? Cartel members can go on youtube, and pose for a photo-op with their guns, and a huge banner (someone had to actually pay for that banner and print it off…) in broad daylight, with 50-70 masked guys armed with fully automatic rifles, and no one seems to give a damn!

    Our soldiers and Marines shouldn’t be running around the sands of Iraq or Afghanistan, they should be running around the sands of the American South-West, shooting these barbarians!

    These are our modern-day Visigoths, people! Our modern-day Huns, or our modern-day Vikings! These are the enemies of Civilization! You know those scenes from history books where the barbarians are rallying together before they storm into the civilized city, killing, raping, and looting and burning to their heart’s content everyone and everything in sight? Well, look at that video, ladies and gentlemen!

    Imagine those guys going down the streets of your nice comfortable suburban neighborhood! Imagine the screams of the young women they’re raping next door, oh wait, you won’t be able to, as they’ll have blown your brains out after kicking in your door before doing that!

    History books of the future are going to wonder why us Americans didn’t do anything about those barbarians when we had the chance…

    Its only a matter of time until they turn their sights on us. Don’t think they’ll be limited to just the South-West. Do you think the Ancient barbarians stopped when they took the outlying areas of the Roman Empire such as Britain, or parts of Gaul? No, they wanted the Heart of the Beast! They wanted “Urbs” “The City” Rome itself.

    They aren’t going to stop once a city like Tucson or San Diego falls to them, no. They’re going to keep on going, Seattle, Topeka, those are on their hit-lists, or even our modern-day “City”, New York, NY.

    They are coming.

    • But they are all potential democrat voters so they are welcomed with open arms. In fact let’s give them free housing, food stamps, medicaid, and an education for their kids. Also, don’t bother learning our language we will be sure to force American citizens to learn spanish.

    • I give them a “warm reception” in the pacific northwest.


      A old war dog could use one last fight. I have yards of tripwire that remains unused.

    • You can’t declare mexico a failed state, Since when is Mexico a state? it’s a country -.- The war on drugs is not easy and short. There are marines still fighting over there killing talibans and al-qaeda fighters. There’s just too many, and as of the cartels, these ppl grew stronger on the down low and now that the mexican president wants to start a war with them they’re too strong by now. You imagine mexico like USA, but it’s not. If they go to a color print off place, they’ll get what they want, they’ll print off as many sht as they want without being told anything, why? cuz money talks. and or they have a contact who produces that. It’s nothing like usa, it’s not like u can call 9-11, i’ve seen convoys of luxury trucks one by one with armed men, these guys are strong. The municipal police is scared of these ppl, the only ones that face them off in shoot outs are the military and federal police but many federal police men are corrupt. Btw, since when do they rape children and go house by house? That’s just some bull sh, ive been to mexico, and where one of the cartels was mentioned. It’s totally different to how you’re thinking.

  2. The drug was IS over. The winners: drugs and the prison industry. FREE ALL non-violent prisoners; THERE’S a budget reduction for you!

    “Our soldiers and Marines shouldn’t be running around the sands of Iraq or Afghanistan, they should be running around the sands of the American South-West, shooting these barbarians!”

    +10,000. End these cancerous wars: Syria, Iran, Yemen, Mali, and ALL THE REST!!! American wars of control are 90% of the waste…

    Yes, as you said, put troops along the border; put the rest to work rebuilding our bridges, roads, dams, vital infrastructure.


  3. This is a PSA. A message to federales, governement agencies and municipalities.

    The purpose of the message is to punctuate and reiterate that they have high standards.

    The speaker says others give cartels a bad name by killing and violence: cartels who want to extort and sequester (?) should go to other states. Other cartels have disrupted families in other states and are not welcome in Jalisco.

    All of them have to live clandestine lives.

    He says their cartel are there to maintain the Mexican way, a standard of life for families and a business model – not to disrupt the lives of others.

    He also says liars extortionists even if not in the realm of the drug business will be dealt with accordingly.

    He says they have all the resources necessary to maintain their business model. They are in a position to maintain their standards

    • I don’t remember all of high school Spanish, but it almost sounded like these guys want to be a drug cartel that doesn’t kill off swaths of innocent people as part of their business model. It’s bizarre, almost like a state militia that wants to make a quick buck selling coke and heroin on the side.

      • Not really bizarre; just good business. Successful criminal organizations are simply ultra pragmatic business operations: murdering innocents is a waste of manpower, draws unnecessary attention, and kills potential customers. It’s more efficient to murder rivals (AKA other criminals), and maintain a monopoly.

        There is honor among thieves, as twisted as it seems.

  4. Somebody better let these guys know that criminals are not allowed to carry “assault weapons…”

  5. You cannot see it in the photo but the video includes close-ups. You have to give these guys credit — several of them have ballistic vests and most of them actually have their organization monogram (CJNG) on the ballistic vests!

    That is not a small time operation.

    • Now that’s just sad, but talk about a testament to old world engineering. Nearly 80 years old, 11 years of degrading mass production quality, probably used on the battlefield, and still firearms from this era function with less issues than your average piece out of the box today. This is why I collect milsurp rifles. They’re ugly and they’re rough but by god do they work.

    • Yes, but couldn’t tell if it was a 34 or a 42. Either way, I’d love to own it!

      • Looked like a 34 to me. Barrel shroud was too skinny for a 42 and not blocky looking enough. I know that after the war a lot of 42’s were converted to 7.62 nato and new 7.62 were manufactured and used by the West German military. I don’t know if any 34’s got this treatment or not.

  6. More reason to move OUT of Texas. Gonna head northwest and deal with the Canadian border instead. Also eat lots of potatoes.

  7. Video prove Obama full of crap. Those where full auto M-4s and had M-203s you cannot buy from a gun store any wear. AND there where many 1960s era CAR-15s in the pic too which were sold by the military to failed states in the 80s like Guatemala and El Salvador to fight Commie insurgents.

  8. Cool, the birth of a new state? If you’re familiar with the writings of Augustine, that may be what we’re looking at here. A baby government. Censured today, worshiped tomorrow.

  9. If the gun grabbers continue to be successful in their efforts to incrementally restrict and remove our 2A protections, at some point the scene in the above video scene may be coming to a town near you.

    As part of the gun controllers’ efforts, the ultimate goal of background checks and registration is to identify WHO possesses the guns that the grabbers want eliminated. Despite promises to the contrary, that data has already been used to identify certain classes of gun owners in CA. Anyone who thinks any government will honor its promises not to use this data when expediency (or another tragedy) calls is naive and ignorant.

    Starting with background checks and all the way through the most recent current gun control initiatives, state or federal, none will do anything meaningful to reduce gun violence. All are meant to advance the controllers efforts to extinguish our 2A protections; and they’re efforts will all lead of US down the road to an environment such as currently exists in Mexico.

  10. Like Ive said before, maybe its time we stopped “helping”.

    The only “help” we should give is keeping these pricks on their side of the border.

  11. feinswine better get ready to go down there & confiscate those illegal weapons. bloombastard will spend millions on Mexican TV, nato will go in there & kick ass. No? I wonder why, Randy

  12. Yea pretty typical. Soon they will be shooting us in the face while they leisurely walk across the border with cocaĂ­na in hand. After they walk across they will land a job that could have went to my cousin but he was undercut by price. They will then get an apartment, have a US born kid, and apply for government aid. After they get aid, they will spend that money to by blackmarket firearms through gun trafficking channels because they will all be banned. They will then use that blackmarket firearm to rob me and my cousin. The money they get from the robbery they will use to buy a house that my other cousin was planning on buying but now the owner has a better offer.

  13. First, these are not just drug cartels, they are terrorist organizations.
    Like the terrorists in Afghanistan who use the money from their heroine trade to fund terrorist operations, buy off police and politicians, and assassinate any DA or Judge that believes that laws should be enforced, these terrorists on our Southern border are doing the same with cocaine and pot. Think of it like this: we’re sharing a border with Mexistan. Pretending that these are just simple businessmen who want to make an honest living, and not hurt anyone who doesn’t deserve it, is engaging in a willing suspension of disbelief. It should concern us greatly that OTM’s (Other Than Mexican’s) have been apprehended at the U.S.-Mexican border …carrying Korans. Yep, they’re helping smuggle our Islamist enemies into the U.S.
    CBP/ICE don’t know how many have crossed our border and are here right now, but they do know they are crossing from Mexistan.
    What border problem?

  14. After we are neutered to .22 cal rifles and pump shotguns, how will our officials protect us from these murderous hoards?
    I guess they won’t/

    • It will be irrelevant. The trade will be overlooked because our officials will be in on the profits at that point.

  15. Now this appears to be a real current threat to the security of the United States.
    This is WHY we maintain weapons, for when these guys show up in OUR neighborhoods.

    If the US was doing ITS job, we wouldnt be concerned about these nice guys.

  16. Watched the whole thing and I understand Spanish. They call themselves a cartel, but I don’t know if this equates to drug traffic. I got more of a”we are the Jalisco militia” meaning out of this. Their stated goal is to maintain law and order in Jalisco because they can’t count on the Federal government. They are serving a warning to other cartels that intrusion into the lives of the people of Jalisco will not be tolerated and will be met with force. I did notice that a lot of the M4/16s were equipped with grenade launchers. Seems that the most of the weaponry is MilSurp government issue stuff. Either Mexican or Ours.

    And, Jalisco is nowhere close to the US border….

  17. I don’t know who these guys are and don’t speak spanish. Are these guys terrorists or militias? The mexican gov’t is a complete failure and corrupt. Doesn’t suprise me that some local forces would try to provide some security for the local populace.

    Terrorists to some are freedom fighters to others.

  18. Do you guys get that they don’t need to come here, right?

    The cartels are already here, the only problem is…. they are not Mexican, they are American, how do you think little Stevie is getting his cocaine? or fun Michael his marijuana? I don’t see Mexicans selling their product here, I see blacks and whites.

    Lets close the border, but overall, let’s close any space for hypocrisy, Mexicans are not poisoning our children, we are, we call Mexico a failed state? how do you call a society that consumes that crap like there’s no tomorrow.

    Lets take responsibility for our own addiction.

  19. I understand Spanish and they are saying they will defend jalisco and not terrorize it like other cartels and the feds… They are more of separatists than a cartel

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