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“Samuel Cutrufelli [above, right] entered the home and put a gun to Leone’s head before binding the elderly man with a belt and rummaging through the residence for valuables. Leone said he was able to wriggle his hands loose before convincing Cutrufelli to let him use the bathroom. He then grabbed one of the five handguns from his bedroom and spotted Cutrufelli in his closet. Cutrufelli, in turn, allegedly fired his gun, striking Leone in the jaw. Leone then fired back before Cutrufelli wrestled his gun away and put the gun to Leone’s head and pulled the trigger . . .

but no bullets remained in the gun.”

Both men ended-up sucking-up taxpayer funds via extended hospital stays. Cutrufelli—an admitted meth user—filed a lawsuit against Leone, who told that he’s countersuing.


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    • we should ban meth and this would never happen! and we should ban guns and this would never happen! we should ban bad behavior and this would never happen! it must be so relaxing to be this naive just make laws write them down on a pretty piece of paper and good things happen……. statist gonna state

      • I’m not even close to a statist. I just find drugs like meth, cocaine, PCP, bath salts, etc. to ruin lives, whether they are legal or not. I understand to an extent why many folks at TTAG want to end the war on drugs. However, I think we would simply be trading one whole mess of problems for another, and I’ve stated before (in a non-statist way) that I don’t want my tax dollars going for someone else’s rehab.

        Others have compared the drug war to prohibition. I disagree, because I don’t see the occasional meth, PCP, or bath salt user. I can and do have a scotch or three after work, and return to a normal life shortly thereafter. The meth / heroine / PCP user is not so functional.

        Those are my free opinions, and they are worth just as much as you paid for them. That’s alright. If I wanted to be popular, I would have been a firefighter.

        • rehab? you mean prison? cuz your paying for that…… oh and drugs are an inanimate object they dont ruin lives only people can put that drug to use to ruin there lives kind of like hhhhhmmmmm a gun but let me guess thats different. losers do drugs these people find a way to kill themselves no matter what you ban they chose drugs to kill themselves some people go on shooting sprees some people become liberals (joke). what the drug war does is take away the consequenses of drug use of the user and spreads to the rest of the country, loss of freedoms, higher taxes, murder, and the creation of gangsters and cartels for the black market that is created by prohibition. all to keep a few losers from hurting themselves.

          prescription pills, alcohol, and cigarettes, kill more people every year than any illegal drugs. stop worrying about other adults and how they run there lives you nosey nancy.

        • “because I don’t see the occasional meth, PCP, or bath salt user.” – right, because it is illegal, those that do use Meth, Coke, etc. occasionally or socially aren’t out doing it after work at the neighborhood bar. Maybe a nightclub, on vacation, or in their hotel room before going out.
          What you DO see are the out of control addicts, those that make the news or on the streets.
          Basically, most people see harder drugs the same way a teetotaler who works at an alcohol rehab clinic sees booze or an Urban Liberal sees guns.

        • I read the Wikipedia article below, but couldn’t reply to it. I’m perhaps one small step closer to favoring the legalization of drugs. But it’s a small step, and I’ve seen a lot of out of control users. I still don’t see much of an upside to legal PCP or meth. I continue to see problems with legal Marijuana use, and armed robberies of Marijuana dispensaries. For me, personal experience (with addicts, not drugs) vastly trumps a Wikipedia article about Portugal.

        • Accur81, Perhaps you would be interested in joining LEAP. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

          Or at least learning more about ending prohibition from current and former cops. There really is sound science behind ending the “drug war”. The problem is that it’s so profitable for both sides…

          Just go to –

        • People dont do that crap because its bad for them to do, not because its illegal. What about Weed which is ten times less damaging for society than Alcohol. The war on drugs is as insane as prohibition was. All drugs and alcohol should be illegal til you are 21 and some of the drugs mentioned should be decriminalized while others outright legalized but regulated.
          End of story (and problem). Gangs and prostitution would shrink by 50-75%…..and the law enforcement racket would shrink as well, so they will keep it from happening. Cant lose that taxpayer money for prisons and pensions. Crooks.

        • Drugs don’t ruin lives. Drugs being illegal ruins lives. Drugs being illegal makes people do bad shit because they’re afraid of being caught. It means that they have to deal with shady people to get their drugs. It means that they’re afraid to get help if they get in over their heads, because they don’t want to go to jail.

          I’m sure you’ve ruined far more lives than simple drug use ever has. Someone wants to do an activity that doesn’t hurt anyone for recreation and you decide to throw them in jail, destroy their family, and ensure they’ll never have a decent job again. A girl is hard up for cash and decides to have consensual sex for some money to pay the bills, so you throw her in jail and mess up her life. I’m sure you get the point. If drugs and prostitution were legal, we wouldn’t have any of the crime associated with those things (which is the majority of crime in the country).

          Also, if drugs were legal, why the frak would you think we’d use taxes to pay for rehab? Who has ever suggested that? Even if they did though, it would probably cost far less than we currently pay in taxes in the War Against Personal Choice.

      • “ruin lives, whether they are legal or not”

        So why not quit wasting billions of dollars and thousands of lives pissing in the wind trying to stop it?

    • It would never happen if our “justice” (I use the term sarcastically) system wasn’t an utter joke.

    • Ever heard of Adderall? If it were available OTC, you would never see meth again. If its good enough for the kids…

    • Actually: the reason that they gave for the Health Care Bill was that it was a “Constitutional Right”. If you read the 5th Amendment, it makes the court system and an attorney a “Constitutional Right”. If we had “Lawyer Control” by socializing the courts, putting salary caps on attorneys, and and making it all free for the victim, we would, by default, fix the Health Care Problem and make a lot of this other stuff irrelevant.

      • Notice how you would have to SOCIALIZE. That word in this country is often times accused of being the first step on a slippery slide to communism. With today’s political temperament the chances of that happening are as good as the proverbial snowball’s in hell.

  1. 1-Bleep the lawyer who brought the lawsuit.
    2-Bleep the judge for allowing the case to go forward.
    3-Boycott the state this lawsuit was allowed to occur in.

  2. How funny that i’m listening to “Use the man” by Megadeth as I read this article.

    I hate hearing this crap. WTF is wrong with our system…..

    • Megadeth ftw! I’m rocking Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying right now. 🙂

      On a non-smiley-face note, that is one screwed-up situation. The story on Fox says the meth-head’s father filed the suit for him. Great family they’ve got going there. As other people here have said, that’s a lawsuit that’s going nowhere fast…but still.

    • Dave Mustaine in da house! The guy make Ted Nugent look like a liberal. Okay, so Mustaine’s kinda nuts, but he can sure play that axe.

      • “Okay, so Mustaine’s kinda nuts…”
        Which is like saying that Robert kinda likes Israeli swimsuit models.

  3. Doesn;t appear that the case has gone forward. Lawsuit has simply been filed. No attorney listed for the civil action. His criminal defense attorney is quoted. Anybody can file a lawsuit against anyone almost anywhere. That’s our system. Wake me up if this lawsuit actually gets anywhere.

  4. Why doesn’t our Judicial System fine the people responsible for obviously BS cases like these instead of wasting tax payer’s money on the entire process? Why does it even have to go to court to get thrown out (or gasp, actually tried). It’s baffling.

    • Not baffling at all. Tort reform, such as a “loser pays” system, has been proposed many times in many jurisdictions, but it always gets shot down by the tort lawyers and assorted ambulance chasers.

  5. Admitted banned substance user owning firearms… when I, as a law abiding citizen, have to answer the same question when purchasing a new firearm. If I answered “yes” I will immediately be denied the transfer. I guess after the fact makes no difference in the eyes of the law. If it weren’t for this, I’d say charge them both.

  6. Good case to why if your going to shoot, you shoot to kill. When the bad guys can sue the victims. Then there is really something wrong with the court system.

  7. only in Kalifornia the old man should have just finished the job on this loser….good guy 1 bad guy 0 …… f**kin loser

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