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The options for the SCAR stock are very limited, but the options for the AR-15 platform are as colorful as the rainbow. VLTOR has an adapter for the SCAR that lets you do the whole “peanut butter in my chocolate” thing, but their version comes with a buffer tube assembly already firmly in place. Mesa Tactical has slightly different take on things . . .

Instead of re-engineering the whole damn assembly, Mesa Tactical has released an adapter that simply puts the same rear interface that exists on an AR-15 receiver onto the SCAR. So whatever you want to run on the gun, be it a straight ACE stock or a Magpul PRS, it will just work. Heck, you could slap an A2 stock on there if you really felt the urge.

The only downside is that there’s no vertical adjustment. Due on the market shortly, and we’ll have a review before then.

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  1. Is the SCAR stock so bad you need/want to replace it? And if this doesn’t fold, aren’t you paying money for less features?

  2. Now this I can get on board with, a SCAR with a folding PRS would be pretty damn awesome! Honestly even an ACE Skeleton stock would look pretty kickass as a folder.

    • Heck an ACE style mount (instead of AR style) would be pretty kick ass: they have ACE-to-AR adapters, including folding adapters, so you’d get both worlds with that.

  3. Good God, if I ever end up with 5k to spare, I’m going to kit me out a 17s. (yeah, i figure by the time I’m done with mods, and mags and optics, that’s about where I’d be). Oh well, for now, I can just drool.

  4. I’ve already gotten rid of that plastic lower and the terrible trigger, added $2k of optics and a bunch of mags. I don’t like the aesthetics of the stock but its functional. Spending more money on it to not be able to fold it over isnt something I want to do right now.

    If they came out with a fold-able adapter with adjustment capability so I could mount a minimal stock then I’d seriously consider parting with the money .

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