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Christmas 2020.  Now that you’ve opened presents and enjoyed a Christmas feast, welcome to TTAG.  Just for fun, would you share with your fellow POTG what you decided to pack on this special day?

Yes, I know someone out there is probably dreaming about packing their bags and leaving the relatives’ house early.  Or maybe you have pulled it off and are already headed home.  I’ve been there myself years ago.  Not this year though.

On my hip today is the usual GLOCK 19 pictured above primarily because it’s my everyday carry gun.  I left the extra mags in the bedroom because I’m at home on COVID quarantine.


The short version of my tale of woe:  We visited my side of the family yesterday.  The day began with a repeated loss of bowel and bladder control (not mine).  From there, we witnessed a generous helping of emesis (look it up) at the Christmas dinner table just as the family meal was served.  Followed up with the fire department and amberlamps to close out the evening taking one to the hospital.

Yes, the cherry on top was an older member of the family showing all the symptoms of the Shanghai Shivers except for loss of taste and smell.

Oh, it made me long for the days of dry, over-cooked turkey and other hit or mostly miss delicacies because the family patriarchs (and matriarchs) had a little lot too much Crown and Captain the night before.

So my fam spent today at home on self-isolation to minimize the risk to the lovely bride’s side of the family.

Hope my fellow intelligentsia had a better Christmas and that Santa brought you some of the things you wished for.

So, please share your Christmas 2020 story and what you’re packing in comments.

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    • Still preparing our home’s Christmas dinner, but am working on the same and hope to have such sated bliss by evening.

      In the meantime and to answer the author’s question, I was gifted a maple 1911 semi-auto 6-shot rubber band shooter from Elastic Precision. Incredibly fun!

      • I got the nerf gun variation of the Shockwave. Pump action and shoots two darts at a time. Nerf gun battles with grandkids are awesome.

        • Those are pretty easy to upgrade with stronger springs and little dremel tool work. Those that are motorized can have their rate of fire boosted by increasing the voltage but be aware that this can wear out plastic drive gears at an accelerated rate.

      • @ I Haz A Question, I just watched the video on that weapon, pretty bad’azz slide action!

        • I have to admit it is some twisted fun shooting relatives in the keister every time one of them bends over to pick up something.

          It’s the simple things in life you treasure.

    • I’m packing a remote control on the couch. I’m probably going to pass out soon – because I’m also packing a full belly too. And if I don’t pass out – probably going to eat some more, then I definitely will.

      The last gun thing I bought: Some butler creek scope covers for two scopes where the elastic thingy holding the old covers on wore out. Also bought some 30-30 dies from a major online firearms retailer.

      Hold on. I think I smell some brownies. If I eat some brownie’s, I’m definitely passing out!

      • You’re killing me, anon. I just stuffed myself with dinner, am on the tail end of doing the dishes (a courtesy to my wife, since she cooked everything), and am now starting to smell the warm pies being readied for dessert.

        Tomorrow’s Saturday, so looking forward to sleeping in… 🙂

        • I’ll be 20 ft up in a tree comE
          Daylight. Supposed to be 12 degrees. There’s still a big un running around out there, saw him on camera two days ago.

  1. Wearing Glock 43x stuffed with Fed HST, just like every other day. And holding grand babies in the arms. And Jesus in my heart.

  2. We do our celebration at Mom’s on Christmas Eve. Last night it was my S&W 442 w/Spiegel Boot Grips, reload, Spyderco Blade Tech and Surefire. Didn’t feel the need to carry heavy at Mom’s. Besides, I had my son for backup. Didn’t ask him what he was carrying, but I know he was.

  3. As a 35 yo man on Santa’s lap asking for a Blackpowder 32cal squirell rifle or a Remington pocket revolver I didn’t feel like he’d treat me like that nerf loving young man, but alas only socks were for me this year. I did restore a Thompson Center Impact I bought at the pawn for $10 today! God bless us all for the new year I will wish for a wife

  4. Sorry to hear you had some family medical issues. I hope the sick person recovers quickly and completely.

    No medical issues here. Yet. Aside from some secondary effects of over eating.

    I’m packing my Glock 23 with a 9mm conversion barrel, and since we’re in Philly I tossed a bunch of extra mags in the bag. My BIL is packing the Hellcat he just got over the summer in the Alien Gear Shape Shift holster we got him for Christmas.

    Santa brought my wife a nice 80% Grogu (Baby Yoda) lower (among other things) to go with the stormtrooper one she got me a few years back. I just placed an order with 80% arms using Christmas money from my in-laws (and outlaws).

    It’s been a Merry Christmas for us. I hope it has been good for everyone else as well.

  5. 642 with +P Hornady at the ready on my belt. Gifted a Goat Gun AK47 to display with my scale AR I was previously gifted… which I assembled immediately after breakfast. Ever had french toast casserole? Recommended. Merry Christmas!

  6. the same little S&W bodyguard.380 that’s in my pocket every day. the kids and grandkids are coming here so no need to pack anything bigger there’s something in every room and all but the grandkids carry. Merry Christmas everyone

  7. Today my son took us to Wonder Woman 1984 in one of the few theatre’s open. Wonderful violent movie(a little long)! Packing my lowly Taurus. Since it was in Indiana no “no gun” signs. Waiting on the Christmas ham right now…

  8. why would I tell anybody what I am really packing at any one time? Favorites are XD with Sig V-Crown, AR 300 BLK pistol 25.5″ CCW, AR 6mm ARC CMMG 20″, and Black Aces Tactical Bullpup semi-auto 12ga. 28″ 18.5″ barrel. That’s the baseline, lots of other options. 50 BMG Barrett’s don’t carry well, hard to keep from dragging. May be that’s why to call those gun sacks drag bags. Merry Christmas and a positive Trump New Year.

    • “why would I tell anybody what I am really packing at any one time?”

      Unless everyone in your life knows you as “Phantom30” and someone is out to get you in real time according to your TTAG posts and their tactical decisions will rest entirely upon what KIND of firearm you have at this very moment… I think you can relax, killer

      but the OPSEC, man, the OPSEC!!!

  9. Its 15 degrees out and getting colder. 6 inches of snow and still snowing. Thug element is in shock. Which is good since this is the one day I dont have a pocketful of “get your ass away from me”. I’m also staying inside the manse. Tomorrow is a different story.

  10. benelli M1-super90. Loaded with #6. 7.5’s weren’t knocking those pigeons down.
    Sixes do.
    Oh, and a G19 in the waistband loaded with gold dots.

    • Beef: it’s what’s for Christmas dinner!

      Prime Rib, sweet potatoes, green beans, Yorkshire puddings and gravy. Pumpkin pie and ice cream for desert. Whole fam is here.

      • Slab of salmon for dinner. Lot’s of goodies on the side. Beef is good. But for special occasions I go for salmon.

      • “Prime Rib, sweet potatoes, green beans, Yorkshire puddings and gravy.”

        Almost the same here – Prime rib, Yorkshire Pudding from the fat drippings, spinach and fat drippings gravy with sauteed mushrooms.

        Consumed while packing an NAA mini-revolver on a modified neck lanyard loaded with CCI Mini-mags (top pick of STB 410’s .22lr self-defense ammo quest awhile back)… 😉

          • Is open carry allowed in Mass?

            Snicker….. TeeeHeee. haha..haHAaaaaaa. HAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAA…. HAAAAAAAAHAAAAA………………….Damn dude thanks for the chuckle… You are too funny…
            But, yes open carry in Massachusetts is legal with a Class B License to Carry issued for this purpose. However, you cannot open carry in all locations of the state. Massachusetts does not preempt gun laws, so you must be aware of local regulations for open carry.

            A Class B license shall entitle a holder thereof to purchase, rent, lease, borrow, possess and carry: (i) non-large capacity firearms and feeding devices and ammunition therefor, for all lawful purposes, subject to such restrictions relative to the possession, use or carrying of such firearm as the licensing authority deems proper; provided, however, that a Class B license shall not entitle the holder thereof to carry or possess a loaded firearm in a concealed manner in any public way or place; and provided further, that a Class B license shall not entitle the holder thereof to possess a large capacity firearm, except under a Class A club license issued under this section or under the direct supervision of a holder of a valid Class A license at an incorporated shooting club or licensed shooting range; and (ii) rifles and shotguns, including large capacity rifles and shotguns, and feeding devices and ammunition therefor, for all lawful purposes; provided, however, that the licensing authority may impose such restrictions relative to the possession, use or carrying of large capacity rifles and shotguns as he deems proper. A violation of a restriction provided under this paragraph, or a restriction imposed by the licensing authority under the provisions of this paragraph, shall be cause for suspension or revocation and shall, unless otherwise provided, be punished by a fine of not less than $1,000 nor more than $10,000; provided, however, that the provisions of section 10 of chapter 269 shall not apply to such violation.

  11. I just built a .308 heavy barrel tactical rifle on a Savage 110 action I bought cheap. I am working on a holster. Two cows will have to die for this one. Maybe I should put wheels and hitch on it?

  12. The prime rib is still in the oven, and I’m drinking eggnog, after the Irish coffee this morning. Also, I am at home wearing sweats, so not “carrying”, but the SR9C loaded with Critical Duty is within reach without getting up, and the Taurus Millennium G2 9MM loaded likewise is in the bedroom for backup until I can get to the rifles and shotguns in the safe…

  13. Me and mine made it to this point alive and well. All things considered, I could not ask for more.

    Merry Christmas to all. I can only hope you can find peace and contentment where you are.

  14. Let me start by wishing everyone a very blessed, safe and Merry Christmas, my plans had to be cancelled as we had a winter storm which left several inches of snow and ice under the snow, we lost power at 8:10 yesterday evening and came back on this morning around 11 but we still enjoyed a Christmas meal and opening gifts, first time in years we’ve had a white Christmas, as a kid growing up on Christmas day we always had a big crowd at my parents house my older brothers and sisters and their families would come, aunt’s and uncles just a big crowd after we ate and exchange gifts the men folk were off to have a shooting match getting back home sometime early the next day, I still keep that tradition we go target shooting but not staying out all night, lol, as to what I carry a Sig X Compact with Gray gun’s laser-sculpted grip module 9mm it’s been very reliable over the years just didn’t get to shoot in this Christmas, but still thankful and blessed, Merry Christmas everyone 🎅🎄☃️🔫🔫

  15. About to take the ham out of the oven. Mrs. gettin the rest of the fix’ns finished up. So I’m about to pack on a load. Kids are all grown and No grand kids…Yet…although the Mrs. is hinting. Normal assorted playthings in various corners. P89 on desktop with Critical Duty as well as Shield 9 loaded with Critical Defense in a Alien gear Cloak Mod. Have a most enjoyable day. Peace be With You.

  16. Today I enhanced/increased my carry ensemble.

    The usual:
    I was wearing my hip holster with my “every day carry” Smith and Wesson M&P40 full-size semi-auto handgun chambered in .40 S&W and loaded with 180 grain bonded jacketed hollowpoint bullets.

    Enhanced/increased carry:
    I live in a very quiet and very peaceful semi-rural to rural area. Yesterday morning on one of our nearby rural dirt roads — where you are more likely to see deer than people — there was a “road rage” event where a vehicle shot another vehicle several times. Law enforcement has no suspects. Before leaving today to visit family, I also brought a full-size 1911 semi-auto handgun chambered in .45 ACP with a 7-round magazine and a spare 9-round magazine — and I kept it laying on my center console ready for immediate use in case we ran into the same attacker. And I will probably continue this practice for the next few weeks.

    Caveat: this alleged road-rage event occurred far too close for comfort. I travel that rural road often enough that I recognized the exact location in the photo of the event in the local news.

    • It’s very concerning when the insanity one associates with danger areas happens close by…

    • I live in a rural area with a solid working population. 2 years ago there was a photo of the end of my county lane here on a TTAG story where some meth head hiked in and tried his luck at my insurance agents house. After her husband ran him off with a gun, he broke into an elderly gentleman’s house who shot him with a 9mm. The helicopter came and got the perpetrator who I hear lived. Too close for comfort. Always be ready no matter where you live and when you neutralize the threat it’s ok if it takes more than one bullet.

  17. Torrential rain and gale force winds! Gonna go see the kids on the weekend, so I’m packing whatever is light enough not to pull down my pj’s! Merry Christmas everyone!

  18. I unfortunately lost all my firearms in a boating accident….. really…..I did….
    So if anyone wants to help a brother out with some CC love, I promise NOT to take it boating….. just lmk what you got to gift me and i’ll let you know if it’s up to my standards….
    My standard carry WAS a Colt Delta Elite w/Sig V- Crown BOO-LITS 😉

  19. Springfield XD .45 service with 3 x 13-round mags in my shoulder harness. I never leave home without it anymore.

  20. Dang, that sucks. I hope the relatives get well soon. COVID ain’t no joke, and neither is the flu, especially if you’re on the shady side of 70.

    Packing the Springfield XDm 9mm compact around the house today IWB, same as every day. Christmas isn’t that special. 🙂

  21. 9mm taurus 24/7 g2 compact
    15 rounder in it
    2 13s in reserve
    135 grain jhps
    streamlight 1L-1AA with a cr123 in it
    kershaw cryo ll

  22. Christmas at my sisters this year was entertaining. Brother in law invited a friend of his that’s going through a rough divorce and it’s his first one without his kids. After dinner, during our smoke and sip his friend expressed his gratitude for letting him come and complimented us on having such an inclusive and fun loving family. Brother in law says “yeah, we’re like the ATF around here.” His friend say’s “well, I don’t see any firearms.” In about 10 seconds laying on the table was a 9mm Sig (brother in law), M&P 2.0 .45 Full (myself), SW9C (wife), SWVE .40 (Son), 9mm Hellcat (Daughter in law), 9mm S&W shield (Daughter). He was dumb founded, partially because he had no idea as all were CC’ed, and partially because there were so many. His family was mostly gun neutral, but his ex was vehemently anti-gun. It was a long a conversation that proceeded, and sure many of you have had it as well, the culminated in setting a date for for some range time and basics for a soon to be new enthusiast. Only thing better this year was the look of pure joy on the 5 yr Granddaughters face upon opening her very own pink Red Rider bb gun, range combo (bb’s, ear muffs, glasses, targets, ect) from Papa. She was disappointed it has to stay in Papa’s Closet(my gun safe) but I promised we could go shoot Sunday when it warms up 20 degrees here. I hope all had a blessed holiday with family and friends.

  23. … just finished watching A Christmas Story, so I have my Red Ryder handy.

    Best wishes to all and to all a good night!

  24. Ruger LCP with hydrashocks……same as always.

    The 43 is waiting in the bookcase to back it up if I go out.

  25. Sat and held my new grand daughter (1 month old) after driving to join family 3.5 hours away as I had to to work last night preaching our Christmas Eve service. Accomping me on my drive was my LC9s Pro and extra 9 round mag at the 9 o clock position as always.

  26. Well, I packed my backpack, camera, snacks, and headed out to do some hiking in the Cascade Mountain Range, just outside Leavenworth WA. For protection, I carried a Kimber Micro 9 Nightfall, and a CZ 75 D PCR Compact. The Kimber was in an Uncle Mike’s Belt Slide on my new Bianchi Professional 1.25″ leather gun belt. Was extremely comfortable all day. The CZ was in my camera bag.

  27. GotA love American humor , pack n full stomach , tv remote ..
    god bless ya’all .. pack N , SW 38 , NAA 22lr or 22wmr or both , or .380 micro , saber pepper spray , small 2″ fold N blade , Santa gave me a cap ” We Just Did 46 ”
    Each to their own .. God Bless America ya’all

  28. I’ve been moonlighting as a security officer this year to pay off the last of my bills, so it was a working Christmas.

    Carried (and now carrying) a PX4 in .40. Ammo is 180 gr Speer Gold Dots.

  29. Wife drug in a 13 1/2 pound Prime Rib roast which I separated into 8 and 5 1/2 pound pieces (will do the smaller piece for New Years).. Baked potato, MY Mac & Cheese, broccoli, corn on the cob and deep dish apple pie with a generous supply of Egg Nog laced with Baileys and Christian Brothers Brandy.. Kept the EDC G29 close by as usual w/the SCCY 9mm in the ankle carry…

  30. Either my Glock 26 Gen 5 or my Sig P365XL. I like to keep it small and light but if it has to be a .45, my Kimber Super Carry Ultra.

  31. Glock 19 with a cool cerakote.

    My sister came into town last weekend so we did the whole Christmas dinner and presents on Sunday. This left Christmas Day for me, wife and dogs to head up to the offgrid cabin I just finished like 2 weeks ago to watch movies and just hang out. Wife was so cozy by the fire she wanted to stay all night. Best Christmas ever!

  32. This year, and at my age, waking up on Christmas morning was a gift in itself. My family is scattered from the east to west coasts and from near the Canadian border to the Rio Grande, so we didn’t get together this year. I went out early into the National Forest and put a hundred rounds on steel, as I’ve done five or six mornings a week since March. This time it was with a CZ 75B Compact, the gun I’ll be using for an “Advanced Pistol” class tomorrow morning. (Also, that’s what I’ve been packing in a Kramer holster lately.) Then I walked the dog.

  33. A Ruger Speed-Six revolver AND a Winchester Model 1892, both .357 Magnum. My gift this year was 71 acres of Texas Hill Country heaven near Kerrville. Spent the day working fences and watching for that monster Axis buck I’m hoping to find. The kids and grandkids are scattered all over Yankeeland and couldn’t visit.

  34. Normal in every way, Covid be damned… Packing my Sig 365 as usual, IWB, even around the house, as usual. Made a small turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, etc. Did rhubarb pie along with pumpkin for a change.. Just wife and same brother over as always. Smart enough this time to get a fresh 11 lb turkey rather than the usual 15-18, now maybe I won’t be eating it for the rest of the year…

    After pheasants today with the pooch. 2 in the freezer today. Merry Christmas and Happy/Happier New Year. For the first time in 34 years I get NYE off- usually have an orchestra pops concert to play. No gigs with the Hu Flung Dung virus.

  35. Worst year ever and worst Xmas ever. Spent the last 2 weeks with Covid 19. If you think this s#it is a joke you better have your will in order and be ready to die. The whole time I have been at home sick, my gunsmith, shooting buddy has been in the hospital sick with this crap. They didnt think he was going to make it. Truly a Xmas miracle that he is alive. Packing same thing Im always packing, LB Commanche in 45acp.

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