Meprolight’s New Mepro Foresight ‘Augmented Reality’ Reflex Sight

meprolight foresight augmented reality reflex sight

courtesy mfr

Meprolight just announced a new reflex sight that features what they’re calling “augmented reality.” The rechargeable Meprolight Foresight projects a digital interface right on the lens. The sight will display a variety of data including a compass, sight level, shot counter and a range of pre-set reticles. MSRP = $714.

Here’s their press release . . .

Middletown, Penn. (January 2019) – Meprolight USA®, the US sales and marketing division of Meprolight®, a world leader in a variety of optic solutions from electro-optics sights, self-illuminated night sights, innovative pistol sights will be unveiling the most radical innovation in weapon sight systems in years at the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 22 – 25, 2019. The MEPRO FORESIGHT, the first augmented weapon sight on the market today, provides essential tactical data projected right on the transparent optical lens.

meprolight foresight augmented reality reflex sight

courtesy mfr

The data, projected in real-time, includes battery level, sensor data, Bluetooth connectivity and a shot counter (future software upgrade). It has five present reticles for various tactical scenarios, a built-in compass and an inside leveler to maximize hitting capability. A built-in sensor allows for automatic brightness adjustment. A digital zeroing mechanism allows the user to load a present zeroing profile from Meprolight’s mobile APP (Android and iOS) through a Bluetooth interface.

The Meprolight MEPRO FORESIGHT APP allows up to 10 zeroing weapon profiles or user profiles. It features up-to-date and the latest MEPRO FORESIGHT firmware a rich reticle database, plus it allows previously stored profiles from the mobile APP to the sight.

The MEPRO FORESIGHT augmented weapon sight powers with a rechargeable battery or USB-C port. The display window dimensions are 1.299” x .787” (33 x 20mm) with an overall dimension of 4.6” x 2.35” x 2.65” (117 x 60 x 68mm) and weighs a mere 9.9 oz. (280 grams). The MEPRO FORESIGHT is a game changer when it comes to optic solutions for the tactical or sport shooter.

Retailers can now order Meprolight® products, including new 2019 products from Meprolight USA®, the US-based division of Meprolight at [email protected] or call 833-MEPROLIGT (833-637-7654),

Commercially Availability: April 2019

Stay current with Meprolight USA® on our Facebook page.


  1. avatar Big Sky says:

    Pretty cool. I suspect that those using it will get shot faster because they are looking at all the information. Kind of the like pilots who fly into mountains while staring the glass in their cockpits.

    1. avatar Bearacuda says:

      I was thinking the same thing about those reality augmenting visors I saw promo’d here a few months ago–seems like a good way to distract yourself when you should be paying attention.

      1. avatar pwrserge says:

        Depends on the data presented. A gun sight view projected onto an AR headset could be invaluable in combat. It’s eminently within the reach of our tech base, the only challenge would be grunt-proofing it enough. I expect something like that to go into service with special forces units within the next decade.

        1. avatar Bearacuda says:

          I could definitely see spec ops using it. That said, how much would people even see the peripheral info if they’re experiencing tunnel vision? I guess to me it just seems like the gains wouldn’t surpass the cons in terms of widespread adoption. Maybe it’d make more sense for a team leader to have it? I’m not in the military but I feel like I’d get way too easily distracted by all the stuff an AR HUD could do.

          Plus there’s this:

          I know it’s not a perfect comparison but I could see dependency on the AR HUD becoming harmful.

        2. avatar California Richard says:

          Next decade? If its available to us, NOW…. then they have had it available to them for the PAST decade. Whether or not they see any utility in it or have any practical use for it is something they will make their own mind about.

        3. avatar strych9 says:

          “I expect something like that to go into service with special forces units within the next decade.”

          Testing on such a HUD and on the TALOS suit are both starting later this year. The HUD will end up on the battlefield long before TALOS does but even that’s probably only a decade off, if that long.

  2. avatar bud says:

    I’m gonna hold off until they include a heart beat monitor with one of these. I need to be able to see my health status and whether or not i’m dead.

    1. avatar Doc Samson says:

      You funny!

    2. avatar SouthAl says:

      Or a penile plethysmograph upgrade.

    3. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Does it have “Pac-Man” preinstalled?

  3. avatar rosignol says:


    Seems like an accelerometer could detect the firing impulse. Coding the scope to count down from a specific number (however many shots are in the mag) would be trivial, you’d just set a number via the smartphone app. It wouldn’t be perfectly reliable (it wouldn’t know if you swapped mags before they were empty, etc), but it would be pretty simple to make. I dunno how useful it would be, but it would be pretty neat (and the guys who got into guns via video games would be all over it).

    A rangefinder that automatically adjusted the point-of-impact based on distance to the target (and a configured ballistic profile) would be useful, is anyone making something like that?

    1. avatar James says:

      Sig has the Bdx scopes and range finder that do exactly that

  4. avatar OBOB says:

    What’s next…PlayStation or X-box hookups for rifle sights?

  5. avatar RGP says:

    The next version will let people look at porn sites.

  6. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    xray specs.
    espn sight.
    maybe some wildgame recipes. “if you make this shot here are some suggestions for possum belly stew. i see you’ve changed your aimpoint. i found two preparation methods for squirrel burgoo.”
    as long as they remember a dot or some cross hairs.

    1. avatar Martin T Schwabe says:

      What do angry bunny rabbits have to do with this? Just kidding.

      1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        you could get hit with a snow shoe.

  7. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Will it be available for PUBG?

  8. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    Meprolight just announced a new reflex sight that features what they’re calling “augmented reality.”

    My ex wife had that feature as well… it wasn’t great.

  9. avatar PotassiumBob says:

    “The Meprolight MEPRO FORESIGHT APP allows up to 10 zeroing weapon profiles.”

    I want this, it would be nice to have one optic i can switch around multiple firearms’s QDs without having to resight it each time.

  10. avatar possum says:

    Augmented Reality????? errr uhhhh, I haven’t even gotten the concept of Reality as of yet, now it’s augmented,,,,. Cheaters

  11. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    the only things that i want to see augmented i would not be viewing through a mounted optic.

  12. avatar Anymouse says:

    Since I’m not an operator operating operationally, I have to ask: do you need to have a compass in the middle of a fire fight? Seems like counterproductive clutter to me. Some people complain about a second or third aiming dot being too much. At red dot distances, a level seems unnecessary too. Maybe one of the other reticles is BDC, mil, etc.

  13. avatar Nunya Dambidnez says:

    Of course, all that data will be hoovered up into the Utah NSA data center and archived forever with your GPS location for every shot.

    1. avatar bob123 says:

      of all the comments left Nunya yours wins hands down….

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Isn’t that the truth!?

  14. avatar Mike H says:

    Inspired by Red Ryder, I see. Pass.

  15. avatar Owen says:

    Augmented reality reminds me of a Steven Wright joke from So I married an Axe Murderer.

    Tony Giardino : How the hell do you even know if you’re going in the right direction?
    Pilot : Instruments, instruments!
    Tony Giardino : Oh yeah? Yeah? What’s that?
    [points to an instrument]
    Pilot : That’s the artificial horizon, which is better than the actual horizon.

    Now it can be: “that’s the augmented reticle, which is better than the actual reticle”

  16. avatar Jonathan says:

    There is some interesting and useful feedback in this thread.
    The information on the screen can be altered to include as much or as little info as you would like. There are features on this product which are ahead of any other Weapons Optic currently on the market. Of course it won’t be for everyone, but having this capability will certainly be valuable to some.

  17. avatar American Patriot says:

    Another Red Dot sight that needs all these bells & whistles for when you need your 1000 yd zero on you 5.56. The money is better off spend on something with magification where you might need multiple zeros instead of using a CQB sight.

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