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Warning: TTAG can not return the 6:06 you may waste watching this video. My point in posting it here: JessicaKardashian1 represents a significant percentage of the population who simply don’t know how to think. Not what to think. How to think. Whether that’s the result of a union-dominated education system or simple genetics is an open question. But it’s worth noting that gun rights advocates are well served by celebrity shooters and the coverage they receive in social media, entertainment TV, etc. Their ballistic activities force firearms fence straddlers to consider the possibility that shooting is, on some level [that they can barely comprehend], OK. In short, the fight for firearms freedom is just as much a cultural battle as a legal or political struggle. Watch this space for Take An Airhead to the Range Day.

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  1. This woman has proven that she’ll do anything for attention. If she needs to shoot guns to get attention then that’s what she’ll do. I’m gonna go out in a limb here and say that we really don’t need any more folks who are simply trying to get noticed because they are holding a gun.

  2. All I need to see is the word “Kardashian” and I won’t spend one second, let alone 6 minutes!

    • When the teachers quit smacking them in the back of the head while asking aloud for everyone to hear, “Do you want people to think you’re retarded? Are you an idiot? No one in civilized society will hire you. Do you aspire to ditch digging?”.

    • I do believe it was the point when;

      1) Teachers that cared began to retire.

      2) The public school system began to believe that giving a student lower than 50% on any grade was discriminating, and allowing students to be held back a grade or two was cruel.

      3) Parents stopped being involved with continuing education and character/ethic building at home.

      • To be honest, despite the failure of many school systems, some children do just fine – because of their parents.

        I can also hardly imagine the utter despair of a teacher who has to teach basic reading skills to kindergarteners, let alone first grade and beyond.(Not only read, but there are kids in kindergarten who can’t even do letters and numbers, let alone basic math.) Even more depressing, the plight of the high school teacher saddled with kids who should have been held back at the fourth grade because they still can’t read.

        That US society at large has become so dependent on our (just over 3rd world) educational system to teach their kids stuff the parents should have been teaching them before they hit pre-school is a really interesting, and frightening, topic.

      • As the husband of a very proficient teacher that is leaving the profession as many other accomplished teachers do I would agree with #3 wholeheartedly.

  3. “a significant percentage of the population who simply don’t know how to think.”

    “But it’s worth noting that gun rights advocates”

    You do realize that there is a significant overlap of members of “population who simply don’t know how to think” and members of “gun rights advocates”, right?

    • I’m betting there isn’t as great an overlap as the one that would put “intellectually challenged Americans” and “gun control advocates” on a Venn diagram. God knows we’ve provided PLENTY of anecdotal evidence to support any such contention.

    • I used to agree with you, Robert.

      But I’ve seen too many idiotarians on both the Left and Right to believe that there is any correlation between thinking ability and ideological position (both general ideology and regarding specific issues).

      Even people who agree with us about gun rights didn’t necessarily reach their conclusions by logic and thinking. We humans have an amazing ability to rationalize our choices, rather than making our choices rationally.

    • To paraphrase Carlin – Just think of how stupid the average person is, and realize that half are even worse…

    • GS650G: Exactly! When people tell me their vote doesn’t matter, I say this:

      You know that guy at work that has the crazy ideas that he loves to tell everyone about? Everybody’s got one. Maybe he’s not at work, maybe he’s another parent in your kid’s scout troop, or some guy at church… whatever. You know who I’m talking about. That guy votes. He’s probably actually more likely to vote because of his strongly held (crazy) ideas. So if for no other reason, you need to vote just to cancel him out. You have to. You. I have my own crazy guy to worry about.

      Don’t tell me it doesn’t matter.

  4. She will think it is stupid until she actually needs to defend herself. My take from this is the abuse of our language and our lack of good education.

  5. I like how some of the “girly girl” things she discribes are things we do.

    Shop for and compare clothes.
    Assemble matching outfits for various occasions.
    Have giant bags with every possible tool in it.

    Seriously, just imagine a cliche homosexual voice talking about guns and gear. It’s amusing.
    “But, I know that you can carry more with the 5.56, but I just really prefer something in .308, right?”
    “No, I think you should really go with this bag. It has these adorable adjustment straps that just slide right around when YOU need them to.”
    “Oh- my- GAWD! Just LOOK at this new camo pattern! Ugh, HOW am I going to find boots to match this? Don’t get me started, I’m going to need to redo my enTIRE loadout!”

    Hahaha, I’m so amused.

  6. Can’t log in for some reason…anywho… I like that range…I go to it sometimes. Either there or Markham park. $10 bucks for the day (not by the hour like every other indoor range I’ve found…and that’s Pembroke pines, not Miami. If anything, it’s more Hallandale than Miami). I hate the Kardashians… -.-

  7. This sort of stupidity cannot be eradicated by a teacher – even one with a 2X4 and permission to wield it as a club. This is cultural. This twit was raised to believe that twititude is a worthy aspiration. Her parents did this to her. Her friends did this to her. I can almost guarantee that she would resist any attempts by a teacher or professor to find and then jump-start her brain, because she thinks she has already found it and is using it at several thousand RPMs. Her parents would go screaming to the moon if anyone, anyone, dared impugn their daughter’s intelligence, personality, or values.

    She believes that who she is, is perfect. She wants to be the female version of an air-head, and to use that persona to find friends and, eventually, a husband. I just don’t think it’s fair to tell a teacher that they could solve this. You don’t solve this person. You avoid her.

    This is low intelligence in action.

    And don’t get me started about “girly girl.” Where TF did that come from, and when did it become a positive thing? Oh, my aching head.

      • We’re really close to Idiocracy right now. But, the evidence indicates that as it comes to full bloom, it will be mixed in with a sizable dose of 1984, and the 1% will live in Gattaca.

  8. I, like, um, watched that whole thing, and like, TOTALLY, I mean, totally totally like FREAKED OUT that that this girly girl really beleives that her opinion matters to any one at all. My braIN HAS TURNED TO MUSH. Fortunately, my daughter, a girly girl giggly and all that likes to shoot, SALVATION!

  9. The key to preserving the Second Amendment is in turning Non-Shooters into Shooters. Especially non-shooters who probably vote for Democrats. We want to put ourselves in a position where the Second Amendment will be preserved regardless of what fool sits in the White House.

  10. I think it quite funny that the genius who made the video disabled comments, after asking for comments. Guess she didn’t get the response she wanted.

  11. Can’t stand this arrogant slut.But still wouldn’t wish a missed shot hit her!Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

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