Megahouse Auto Blaster for The Rubber Band Man, Rubber Band Man

Akihabra is ground zero for Japanese geekery. You want the latest gizmo? Hey baby, they got it. And if you want to know what it is they got that you want (up to and including everything), is eminently bookmarkable. The site gives us the 104 (411) on the new Megahouse Auto Blaster rubber band gun. Apparently, you can load “up to 6 rubber bands at a time” with a Rapid-Fire mode to “blast your colleagues at the office.” Do Japanese children go to school in offices? Just wondering. Meanwhile, make the jump for the Transformers part of the program . . .

The Auto Blaster Type B is in fact two guns in one, and if you ever need to “travel” light, you can remove the “Automatic Rubber Gun Chamber” from the top of the gun to get a single shot compact blaster.

Good luck explaining the “travelin’ light with a rubber band gun” concept to Homeland Security or TSA or whomever at the airport. And now the bad news wrapped in good news.

Only available in Japan, the Megahouse Auto Blaster Rubber Ban gun can be purchased online via


  1. avatar Tony Curtis says:

    You can still check a toy gun in your luggage.

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