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Every year or two, some dark money group or billionaire (but I repeat myself) tries to spin up a new anti-gun operation. That’s because the existing ones have a devilishly hard time convincing thinking people to surrender their God-given constitutional rights. Of course, these AstroTurf orgs typically faceplant after a few months or maybe a year or two when the money finally runs out.

Remember inspiring “grass roots” efforts like the Veterans Coalition for Common Sense? How about March For Our Lives? Old-timers might remember Americans for Gun Safety. Or Gun Owners for Safety. How about VoteVets? In the Buckeye state, it was Ohioans for Gun Safety. Washington State has the Alliance for Gun Responsibility. There are dozens of examples.

The latest of these AstroTurf operations is Project Unloaded. Their mission statement says it all, “The mission of Project Unloaded is to create a new cultural narrative that guns make us less safe.”

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Project Unloaded’s executive director is anti-gun Joyce Foundation veteran Nina Vinik. She was also one of the shadowy people pulling the strings behind March For Our Lives, using those fun, telegenic Parkland moppets to push gun control after the Florida school shooting.

Nina Vinik
Project Unloaded’s executive director Nina Vinik

Oh, and bringing some anti-gun academic gravitas to the new effort, UC Davis’s Dr. Garen Wintemute is on PU’s steering committee.

Garen Wintemute
Dr. Garen Wintemute, Director of the UC-Davis Violence Prevention Research Program (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Note that Project Unloaded’s mission isn’t to publicize facts, data, or research about the role of firearms or “gun violence” in society. It’s also not to convince people of the righteousness of their cause. Instead, their mission is to create a narrative out of the ether. In this case, the snake oil they’re peddling is that the mere existence of guns makes us less safe.

It’s almost as if Project Unloaded is catering to criminals and lunatics. Because for the vast majority of decent, law-abiding Americans, firearms protect individuals and families. Guns protect homes and they protect children, too. In fact people use guns to defend themselves over 1.6 million times a year.

If PU’s leaders believe that fewer guns make us safer, one wonders if they also believe that defunding the police and putting fewer cops on the street will reduce crime. We’re seeing — in real time — exactly how well that’s working out in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis and every other jurisdiction where it’s been tried.

So how does Project Unloaded think they’re going to accomplish their mission of convincing Americans to give up their guns? By shaping the future . . .

Research shows that teens and young adults are forming opinions and making decisions about guns. Through creative and cultural campaigns, Project Unloaded establishes safe spaces for open conversations about guns and provides accurate information about gun safety to inspire the next generation to choose on their own terms not to own a gun.

SNUG is the first of many campaigns by Project Unloaded.

SNUG? Get this . . .

PU’s marketing plan is pure genius. Right up there with Starbucks’ ‘Race Together’ campaign or Apple forcing U2 songs onto users’ iPhones.

We’ll see how well they’re able to sell their snake oil to an increasingly informed younger generation. After all, even the dim bulbs are aware of the increased violent crime around them, especially in urban centers.

SNUG Project Unloaded
Courtesy Project Unloaded

That’s some real sticky marketing, no?  Brilliant.

Younger people might blissfully ignore crime until the bad guys get close enough to them that these young people decide they too want to join millions of other non-gun owners in buying their first gun to help keep them safer.  Just like generations before them.

It always boils down a simple truth: the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun. That’s a conclusion literally millions of Americans have come to in the last two years.

No amount of SNUG bravo sierra from PU can compete with that fact.

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      • Funny thing, local news gave this story about a minute followed by a 15 minute anti-gun screed, must have been sitting on it waiting for this opportunity.

        • As soon as we are done teaching every single one of your kids to mutilate their genitals, if we convince them to, and how to do anal at age 7, we will began teaching them that cisgendered heteronormative male white patriarchy are “freedumb” gun fetish morons, and they should align themselves with other ideals. And if you haven’t noticed, it’s been working well so far.

        • “And if you haven’t noticed, it’s been working well so far.”

          Yeah, I can see how well it’s working every time you post more of your Kommie bullshit, you ARE a prime example of what those “woke” assholes are striving for as the future for this country and the world… I guess I’m fortunate to have lived most of my life with your ilk operating in the sewers but it’s not too late to purge the kommies again, you will ultimately fail, or you will be living in world of worthless shits that can’t do anything, won’t do anything, and want everything handed to them. Either way I win.

      • The first rule of gun safety is treat every gun as if it is loaded. And it is!

        Now these running dogs want to teach people “oh it probably is not loaded…”

  1. Probably not as influential as Shannon Watts who after leading Wellpoint and Monsanto’s PR crusades against cancer lawsuits, quit her job to be a stay at home mom to teenagers and run Bloomberg’s porn inspired anti-gun group, Mom’s Demand Action.

  2. It is always the same thing with these “do as we say, not as we do” elitist leftist Democrats. They are happy to sit behind the walls of their gated communities and their well guarded ivory towers protected by armed security and tell the rest of us we shouldn’t arm ourselves against the “poor downtrodden” they turn loose with no bail and decarcerate. They are happy to tell us that we should taunt the bad guy and then threaten to taunt him again if he attacks us.

    • Gun control is always about People control. Democrat Liberals fear armed Blacks and Latinos. At election time these Liberals talk about racism and how they will pass legislation to solve minorities’ discrimination problems. But the truth is they don’t want these problems solved because they love to use it as an issue for their re-election once they get power. They fear that one of these days these minorities will wake up to the game they’re playing and if these minorities are armed, all hell will break loose.

  3. The success of Nina Vinik’s foolishness is played out everyday in her hometown of Chiraq. Apparently the usual suspects just aren’t listening to this enlightened rich Karen.

  4. I keeps em all loaded and @ arms length. The grandkids know how to use them. The knowledge handed down from generation to generation keeps us safe.

  5. I wouldn’t readily dismiss any organization seeking to use targeted propaganda against the young and uninformed as dumb or foolish. They will spend tons of money trying to perfect their message, with willing partners in the media, government, schools. The youth, while they are still forming their view of the world, are easily swayed by educators and peers. They can’t change your mind to the left, but perhaps they can take your children or grandchildren, and things can change in a generation or two. They are evil.

    • They can’t change your mind to the left, but perhaps they can take your children or grandchildren

      That is already being done, just look at todays college students/graduates brainwashed from K-1 and now children are being “groomed” to believe that all boys are girls, and all girls are boys, that all white people are privileged racists and all POC are victims, wealth is evil, power is for the elite, the state will provide all your needs… 1984, Animal Farm, Atlas Shrugged and Fahrenheit 451 should be required reading for all grade school kids.

      • Add Lord of the Flies, Heart of Darkness, and Clockwork Orange to the list. And DO NOT fail to include the worls of Franz Kafka, particulalry The Trial.

      • I’m glad my son is awokened, and not woke.

        At 7 he thought gender identity theory was the most stupid thing he ever heard. At 8 and 9 realized he was being discriminated against because he is a white Male. He has a brain on his shoulders and is not afraid to use it.

  6. Every year or two, some dark money group or billionaire (but I repeat myself) tries to spin up a new anti-gun operation.

    As long as this continues, we can be assured that the Kommunists and subversives that want to see our way of life decimated are scared of us, it’s when they stop trying to take our guns that we really have to worry.

  7. The girl in the video talks fast and I can’t make out her name. Someone find out who she really is.

  8. My suppressor is snug on my gun. My M203 frame is snug on my gun. My tidy-whitey’s are snug on my nuts.

    I be all snuggy today.

  9. The last thing they want is an “open conversation” when overwhelming, well-documented facts prove their core argument is wrong by several orders of magnitude.

  10. Obviously with firearms in the hands of the citizenry the victim pool shinks. Instead of self defense Gun Control zealots want to provide safety and security for you and yours through herd mentality. The larger the herd increases the odds predators will select someone other than you and yours. Like in ny where millions of unarmed expendables are easy pickings for criminal consumption…C’Mon Man criminals gotta eat too.

  11. They’ll be “SNUG” alright….they’ll be “SNUG” in their casket if they don’t have a means to defend themselves. Tttttt.

  12. If ignorance is bliss, then they’re definitely hoping to wrap those ‘kids’ up nice and snug in it.

  13. Did they get a case of the Biden re cognitive function decline in their propaganda development department? Honestly I have seen better material from 6th graders.

    • If a few million of us take a few cents each from Project Unloaded – then we’ll each have a few cents that they won’t.

  14. Their “Facts” page is a hoot. Every thing the link to ‘substantiate’ their ‘Facts’ is either something that has been debunked by independent non-biased researchers and proven false or another anti-gun source citing the same debunked false research.

    Their ‘Facts’ page is nothing but lies and slanted deceptive presentation. Its just regurgitating the same biased anti-gun lies.

    • There are ~3,500 victims of criminal attacks with non-firearm ‘blunt’ objects daily across the United States. ~78% of the victims are not armed with a firearm and are seriously injured or killed – ~20% of the victims are armed with a firearm employing DGU and are not seriously injured or killed. ~65% of the victims are women of which ~8% of that ~65% women are armed with a firearm employing DGU and are not seriously injured or killed.

      For example; FL Man Beaten To Death With Tire Iron In Random Attack >

      • I’m guessing they did not address the 42,587 (18-45) fentanyl deaths in 2021 and the even higher numbers projected for 2022… I know, they should make the possession, sale and use of fentanyl illegal oh wait it already is, how about an outright ban on the production of fentanyl, or lawsuits against the manufacturer (oh yeah, China, don’t want to piss THEM off), how about ALL gun manufacturers move to China, produce all the parts and pieces over there then ship the parts to Mexico where the Cartels can assemble them and then smuggle the finished product into the US where they could be sold on street corners, back alleys and in old, abandoned buildings. The feds would have no choice but to ignore it.

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