dragon man most armed man in america
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Dragon Man

[ED: As this profile from 2017 reveals, “Dragon Man” has quite a collection. Do you know anyone with a collection to rival his?]

Meet the “Most Armed Man” in America.  He goes by “Dragon Man” from Dragon Man’s Range outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. His brother taped a 20-minute video of the grandfatherly gent walking through his private military museum. The video provides an level of firearms ownership all POTG should aspire to achieve.

Dragon Man has quite a collection. As the camera pans, he gestures to his 65,000 square feet of ballistic goodness. Inside, it houses 3000 working weapons, 88 running vehicles, 900 uniformed mannequins. Everything works, he says. Dragon Man is proud of the 200-plus full auto guns in his name, including 13 Ma Deuces.

He’s got quite a collection. You’ll have to watch it to see the artillery and recoilless rifles. He’s got dynamite, cyanide, uniforms, a tank, jeeps and a whole lot more of militaria collectables, including a lot of very rare stuff.

“Everything works. Nothing’s fake. Because this is a private collection, not a government museum, everything can work,” he tells the cameraman.

He’s got six 1000-pound bombs. Not to be outdone, Dragon Man’s got cluster bombs and crates and crates of hand grenades.

It’s a civilian disarmament advocate’s worst nightmare.

Pour yourself a beverage, get comfortable and take the 20-minute tour.


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  1. And on a similar topic, in another state, The Hill writes; Incoming Dem Illinois governor could sign gun dealer licensing bill vetoed by predecessor.

    And on a separate article, Illinois loses residents for 5th consecutive year. The state has lost more than 45,000 residents this year (it’s accelerating), and 157,000 over the last five years.

  2. According to the 2nd amendment each and every American has the right to each and every weapon described above. And the only intrusion afforded to the government concerning those would be collecting the taxes from the sale. Unfortunately we know have to have the governments permission for everything. From the food we buy to the mode of transport we use. Being the land of the free, common sense would be, we should have total control over our Nation. Not the other way around.

    • “Should” has nothing to do with it. You DO have that right. The government SAYS you don’t, and it has the power to make their words and ideas reality. You have the power to make your words and ideas reality too. It’s called “criminal action” or “rebellious liberty” depending on who’s looking at it. Either one comes with a cost (dangerous liberty vs safe tyrany). Our founding fathers preferred “rebelious liberty”. Our current mothers don’t.

      • Damn, right! Power is were you let it be.|
        If the government says tomorrow that they are taking over the responsibilities of Press so people do not have to, would you give it up?
        China just did it in 2012? They got rid of all the private press that was already limited.

        • The “government” (which is a misleading term these days) has already nationalized the press and has consolidated it’s censorship against actual free, independent press. That’s what the bans and info suppression these days is all about. The ownership of twitter, FB, IG, YT, Google has all been bought under one roof of associated key people. The Smith-Mundt act authorized US produced propaganda to be disseminated internationally in 1948. The “Smith Mundt Modernization Act” was officially recognized in 2013, it’s purpose is “allowing the Agency to make program materials available domestically, upon request, whenever doing so is consistent with all statutory authorities, prohibitions, principles, and standards.”
          It’s administered by an unelected pseudo-gov entity whose only oversight DNI, which, uncoincidentally is the same group.

          If you remember when the hysteria and coordinated media coverage all started, it was 2012 with treyvon martin, followed by sandy hook. This isn’t a theory, they are taking the United States like candy from a baby.
          American’s need to wake up. We’re not in Kansas anymore.

    • “Golly isn’t this the same gun dude who had a bunch of his stash stolen?!? Discretion works…”

      It’s a business he runs.

      Folks pay to fire MGs and cannons on tanks…

    • One of the thieves was the husband or boyfriend of his daughter,if I remember correctly, so it was an inside job. They knew what was there, and how to get inside.

  3. I don’t like even saying this, but undoubtedly some anti-gunner is going to see this video, write his anti-gun congressman or senator and make them aware of the kind of firepower that Dragon Man has. DM has just put a huge bullseye on his back by the FBI, BATFE and various other alphabet agencies to find something, anything that is quasi-illegal so that they can raid him making them look good, and take all his stuff. All for the “public good” of course.

    • I’m sure if there is a bullseye it’s already been painted on him. You don’t grow this kind of a collection without someone taking notice. But good for him. He’s keeping America great!

    • Probably quite a few. Militaries don’t just polish their guns for show. To my knowledge, nobody has been killed by any of them since DM has owned them.

    • “Ok I have to ask… how did he get his hands on 6 1000lbs bombs and cluster bombs!!!!”

      Most likely the US and Allies in WW2 left a bunch laying around in some banana republic somewhere.

      Someone notices them in a warehouse, knows American tastes for things that explode, and arranges to get the high explosive removed.

      Then sells them as de-militarized….

      • Not certain, but I don’t think there were any cluster bombs in WWII, only war I know they were used in was Viet Nam, and there were LOTS of them dropped in Viet Nam.

  4. Serious question: what licenses and what-not does fedzilla want me to have before fedzilla approves of me purchasing active grenades and 1,000 pound bombs?

    Caveat: yes, the Second Amendment is the only “license” that I should need to acquire and possess any military implement I want. Nevertheless, government agencies refuse to recognize our rights at this time. Hence, I want to know how someone could “legally” build or purchase such items.

    • Being as this “American” lives and operates about 15 miles east of me, I’ll let you folks into some of the stuff that goes on.

      There are working machine guns there. He is an SOT/Class3. He does transfers, sales, etc. He runs a WWII museum with an entire American side and Nazi side. If I’m not mistaken, all of the grenades, mines, bombs, etc are all defused/inoperable. He does spew a lot of nonsense to people in video (the people filming most of those vids are his daughter and associates) and at his “compound”.

      Basically, head out to any 200yard outdoor range, with 3 separated areas at 100, 50, 15yards, a paintball course, and a BMX track. All of that space is mostly set aside for teens. $10/person/day, adds up.

        • Honestly? He seems way more into the nazi shit than the American shit. Could be my perception. The nazi part of the tour is twice the size as the allied one.

        • Jon, I don’t know this guy or his motivations, but as someone who has come home from two wars, I would like to point something out. With a bit of paperwork, you can bring home weapons as “war trophies” or souveniers, but only those weapons which were never part of the US arsenal, IOW only *enemy* weapons. If you take over your personally owned 1911, you will not be allowed to bring it back. The result may have been a whole lot more Nazi gear privately owned in the US than American military gear, which would have to be purchased surplus, from the government. Just a thought.

      • “(the people filming most of those vids are his daughter and associates) and at his “compound”.”

        *Perks up*

        Daughter(s), you say?

        She single? Overweight is fine…

        *snicker* 😉

        And a safe and happy nude year to all…

    • I looked into getting a 40mm grenade launcher and decided it totally wasn’t worth it. The launcher is an NFA item and so is each projectile if they contain more than a certain amount of explosive (1oz IIRC) and a normal frag/HE grenade is like 4oz or more of Comp B or similar.

      My understanding after looking into it is this:

      Purchasing explosives can be done with appropriate licenses provided that you meet other criteria, especially storage. Technically the launcher and the grenades are both “destructive devices” according to the gov’t. So there’s the NFA requirement for each individual item. There’s also a Federal Explosives License (FEL) which would seem to get around the NFA requirements except for the launcher itself.

      You will usually also need a state issued license to possess explosives. You will also need an approved magazine for your stuff. The feds have their rules for that and your state probably does as well so you have to meet both. (Fed regs here: https://www.atf.gov/explosives/explosive-storage-requirements ).

      After that it’s a question of getting your hands on the actual boom-boom. That’s the hard part. Even if you have a license and all your paperwork in hand it’s difficult to get the actual gear unless you have a legitimate business reason to have it. There’s no law against buying/possessing it at this point (since you have your licenses and inspected magazine etc) and there’s no law against selling it to you. However, most companies that make explosive devices won’t sell any of them to you unless you can give them what they consider to be a damn good reason to have the stuff.

      So if you wanted, say, an RPG-7, there is at least one US manufacturer of the things. If you wanted to create and test armor for vehicles or anti-missile/RPG systems as a business they’d likely sell it to you (provided you could prove this claim to be legit). If you just want to add it to your private collection they probably won’t make the sale.

        • As well as being amusing that’s actually an interesting question.

          I don’t know if you could Form 2 the thing but theoretically you could do the paperwork and get permission to build the unit sans nuclear material. I mean, regardless of what type of weapon you decided to produce, without an actual core it would just be a small bomb which I suppose you could register as a destructive device.

          Actually being allowed to build a nuclear device is something I think we can all forget about unless we go to work for .gov or a company that actually has a gov’t contract to make the things.

  5. Why does this guy ban people from carrying firearms in his store? None of my local gun stores prohibit their customers from carrying.

    Different topic, but the man seems to be a Jewish transplant from NY. I’m glad he found his way out NY and has made a better life in Colorado. He has a truly incredible firearm collection and I wish him all the best.

  6. Did he provide and address and a Facebook account so that gangs can now rob the guns in his house when he checks into his favorite bar?
    This guy has no common sense and his lack of operational security puts him at risk.

    • His entire property is barbed fenced, the main building has dogs, cameras, one way in, one way out. I mean, a dedicated and skilled, trained team could take it, but a bunch of good ole hood boys ain’t doing it.

      He’s also about 4 miles up the road from a military installation, and about 15 from another. If they wanted it gone, it wouldn’t be hard.

    • This is his business. He wants publicity and advertising. What’s the policy of your local gun store? “We might or might not have one or more guns here behind our blacked out windows in a building with no signage?”

  7. Certainly there are many like Dragon Man here in the good old USA. I had a friend in Pasco WA that undoubtedly had more guns in his collection – and it was limited to mainly 12 gauge shotguns. The local paper once ran a story about him along with a photo of his modest garage. Guns were literally stacked like rows of cord wood. Haven’t heard from him in years, and by now he may have passed, but I’ll keep his name confidential just in case he is still collecting.

  8. Among other things says his brother, ” he’s got dynamite.” Doesn’t dynamite have a shelf life, become unstable and leak nitroglycerine after a while?

  9. “…and crates and crates of hand grenades…”

    Since he represents them as “live”, that would be a $200 transfer tax on each. That doesn’t make financial sense (to me).

  10. “Dragon Man” has quite a collection. Do you know anyone with a collection to rival his?–Not to be a smart-ass but Knight’s is much, much larger.

  11. You’re the MAN Dragonman as are your little Dragonette’s, at a special place we know as DRAGONLAND!!! Bike Track, Paint Ball, Shooting Ranges, the Colorado Springs Military Museum—Dragonland is the place to be in Colorado Springs!


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