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“I believe that the best way to stop someone with a gun other than law enforcement is to have a gun yourself. I think too often as African-Americans we’ve been told to not arm ourselves. And I think too often we are just sitting back and letting someone come and save us. If you look at our communities right now across the country, they are in a wreck because we cannot protect those communities.” – Philip Smith in African-American Gun Rights Group Grows In The Age Of Trump [via]

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  1. Oh the horror, a black conservative! With a gun no less! Oh the horror they dare think for themselves. The Democrats have been demeaning blacks for hundreds of years and it doesn’t seem like they have any intention of changing in the near future. The only thing which stymies me is why do blacks vote for them?

    • 3 letters L.B.J. Famously quoted as saying something to the effect of

      “Give me Civil Rights and I’ll have those n**** voting Democrat for 200 years.”

      Time has proven the man correct. He didn’t vote for the Civil Rights because he believed in them like JFK is rumored to have but because he knew that by doing so his party would gain a whole new voting bloc. At first I think he was right as the blacks graciously elected dems but now I think it’s just out of family tradition and brain washing, they keep voting D because well their whole family has for generations and they’re constantly told that Conservatives want them back in chains.

      • You are only part correct. The GOP for 50 years has turned into a Rural / suburban party.
        You can not vote for a party that in most elections does not even run a candidate. A party that never hold registration drives. That does not fund challengers to get ad time. And does not address issues voters want dealt with.

        • “registration drives” only work if you intend to vote for these “new”/dead/absent “voters”. If you force sign up “new voters” and expect they will show up at the polls you are crazy. Doesn’t happen. If they intend to vote they will register all by themselves.

        • Tiger…… Another problem [ both parties ] is that the individuals that run their respective parties choose who is going to be their candidate and back them. We only get to vote for their choice[s].

      • LBJ couldnt vote for the Civil Rights Act because he was the Vice President. the only time he could vote is if the vote was tied

  2. The left would say we don’t want minorities armed because of racism, but in reality, I and many others here would love to see MORE law abiding, minority gun owners.

    Everyone has the innate right to self defense. Owning a gun helps facilitate that right.

    • Maybe this sounds weird but I think owning a gun also helps discover and appreciate other rights as well. It makes you independent and makes you want to protect that independence.

    • Totally correct! If often said everyone should exercise their 2A rights, but especially if you’re a minority who believes you are in danger of being killed by a racist like black Americans and LGBTQAAP#2 (not kidding) people or if you’ve actually been a victim of systemic racism and genocide like the Jewish or Armenian people. One would think these people would be the strongest advocates for the 2nd Amendment, but too often when there are leftist there is a culture of victimhood and #metoo that abhors personal responsibility.

    • Amen….. it does help you protect your loved ones and yourself which is your right. It does help you appreciate the other rights also. And it does make you realize you, not the police or govt. are responsible for your safety.

      If there are LEs or others not comfortable with legally armed minorities then get over it…. these people have the same rights as all other people do.

  3. That’s funny. Somehow I find I’m not freaking out like I’ve been told I would at the sight of a black man with a gun.

  4. I’m surprised more law abiding blacks aren’t armed. They represent 13-15% of the US population yet they commit 51% gun related murders. Obviously there are some armed blacks that are armed…

    • They have strong societal pressure to not be armed.

      In effect, they have to fight the programming they have been exposed to by the Leftists.

      You know them, they are the same ones who have told them over and over again that only the Democrat party has their best interests in mind.

      Yet strangely, Black unemployment is at the lowest in over 30 years under that “racist Trump”, while it was sky-high under Obama, who, oddly enough, was Black himself.


      • See what happens when a Black man refuses to endorse invidiously racist gun controls when a White Democrat ORDERS him to. David Duke would blush.

        Gun control is NEVER about guns, ALWAYS about control, invariably of those considered inferior.

      • “African-American Gun Rights Group Grows In The Age Of Trump [via]”

        Does “…In The Age Of Trump” mean:

        – ‘During the time frame in history that just happens to have Trump as PotUS’


        -‘Trump is a racist-ass evil meanie and blacks had better tool up?’

        – Other?

        It’s NPR, so I don’t want to click on then to try to decode this.

    • Most of the black on black murders are gang related teenagers and young men with criminal records who cannot legally own a firearm. They fight turf wars and kill because they have no feeling of a future.
      Their religion is crips or bloods or what ever gang is current, maybe MS13.
      The majority of the black people are good people who obey the anti-gun laws of the urban areas, laws written by racists.
      After the Civil War almost every black whether former slave or free person joined the Republican Party and many ran and were elected to office, from city hall to Congress.
      But local southern politics resulted in zoning and business laws that resulted in many southern blacks “going Democrat” because that was necessary to get a business license to drive a cab [horse or later automobile] etc.

  5. I wouldn’t heap praise on this guy that touts himself some quasi conservative on our side
    Firearms for me but not for thee.
    A few quotes:

    “He also points to a national climate of racism that many see as an outgrowth of Trump’s election. “We look at what’s happening in the political arena in terms of the conversations and the types of conversations,” he says. “We see folks that were on the fringes of society, let’s say, eight, nine, 10 years ago. But they’re now out front talking about various things that are somewhat disturbing.”

    (Trump voters are racist, MAGA is racist OFWGWG’s were racist against Obama because he was black)

    “They have gotten bolder and bolder in their conversations in terms of our place in society,” he says. “We’re getting too progressive. Or we’re moving too much up the ladder in society, so they want to kind of keep us down.”

    “Amid a pattern of alarming rhetoric, as a black man, Smith says his guard is up. “I think the days of us sitting back and just turning the other cheek — I think those days are long gone.”

    “And a third piece, if you’re on the no-fly list, you need to not have a gun for any shape, form or reason.”

    (Translation: IF your on the secret no fly list, without due process you should be denied your rights< because nobody EVER gets put on that list erroneously)

    "If you look at urban areas such as LA or east LA or South Chicago, and there's a lot of gun violence in those areas," he says. "Any time you take a group of young men — black, white or any color — put them in an area in which they have a confrontational relationship with the police and, on top of that, give them no economic skills that can be transferable into 2018, all those gentlemen and ladies are going to be very, very frustrated. And they're going to do what they have to do to survive."

    "Even if that means killing people, he says. "It's that these folks, that these brothers don't have any recourse for anything viable that's going to allow them to have a skill to provide for themselves and their family."


    • You want Blunt? Trump does have a bad shadow following. And yes, His MAGA speak does not seem aimed at all of America. Then you reinforce that shadow by ranting about drop outs & drug dealers? Sorry, but that is not exactly a warm & fuzzy vibe your giving me.

      • I hate segregation by groups, the left is always doing that, WHY THE FUCK do we need an “African American NRA” IMO WE are ALL Americans we should embrace our strengths, regardless of the race Yet some people need segregated “Safe spaces”. I bet if that black guy hung out with a group of OFWG’s, He would see that they have more in common that he thought. Yeah I voted for trump but it’s not like we had a choice, Commie uncle Bernie sanders, Crooked sucubus hildabeast and donald the jackass trump.
        EVERYONE has a right to Bear arms. But to me that article is a dog whistle about blacks have to arm up because some Racist white trump voting boogieman is out to hold the black man down in the ghetto.
        No one in the NRA has lynched Colin Noir He doesn’t need a blacks only safe space, The left just can’t help Themselves. WE need to stop fighting each other and recognize who the real enemy at the gates is………..Big Government.

    • I was against obama because of his politics. Raised in Indonesia he tended toward communism and he was loyal to the Muslim governments because that was how he was raised.
      He acted like a King with a throne and I;m glad he is alive and well in private life.

  6. ” “I believe that the best way to stop someone with a gun other than law enforcement is to have a gun yourself.” ”

    “I believe that the best way to stop someone with a gun other than HAVING A MEMBER OF law enforcement STANDING NEXT TO YOU, THAT IS WILLING TO DO THE JOB, is to have a gun yourself.

    fic’d it.

      • Really? Is this the same as the women who yell “we will no longer be silent”. Now what was the last silent woman you knew? A unicorn with bigfoot riding towards the pot o gold at the end of the rainbow.

        • Common sense gun control is keeping my finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. Common sense gun control is only ever pointing the muzzle in a safe direction. Common sense gun control is always treating a gun as loaded. Common sense gun control is locking up my guns when not “in use” so my kids or their friends can’t get at them. Common sense gun control is carefully overseeing my children 1-on-1 as they learn to use guns.

    • Because the racialist left wing wishes to render Black people as dependents, victims, and serfs.

      What about contradicting that narrative bothers you?

      • bingo

        The ‘old white guy’ narrative is failing the 2nd Amendment. Why does someone have to start whining the moment a little press goes towards someone who isn’t white.

  7. Meh…it’s not unusual to have armed black folks. I got one in my home. The gunshops and ranges are filled with lots of non-white people too. As mentioned there is a massive disconnect as far as voting “D”. I don’t blame them either. The so-called pro-gun republicans are pathetic around here.

  8. Most blacks will think the same as you do, they want the middle class life, they want a spouse and children at some point in their lives. They want to sit down to good meals, maybe a smoke or drink. If they are cripple, they want relief from pain and to be able to motivate like they did before.
    In short, if they are Americans, they want the American dream, just like any other American.
    Americans who want to disarm other Americans are just a bunch of scared folk who are scared to empower themselves.

    • “Americans who want to disarm other Americans are just a bunch of scared folk who are scared to empower themselves.”

      In truth, there are those on the far left and far right, who wish to subjugate others.

      Neither antifa nor the Klan wants victims who can shoot back.

      • I think you are terminally confused. ‘antifa” are mainstream modern demtards. The “Klan” was FOUNDED and run by oldtime dems. So what is your drivel/point?

  9. Black, white, yellow, green doesn’t matter we’re all varying shades of red on the inside. Long as you’re not a complete asshole towards me I’ll probably get along with you. Why is the left still so hung up on race?

      • “Because the left is openly anti- European white.”

        The left is openly against any contradiction of their narrative.

        If you’re Black and you WANT to have racial slurs hurled against you, defy a White Democrat when he ORDERS you to support invidiously racist gun controls. Been there, done that.

  10. All of my FFL transactions in the past purchases has been done by Central Texas Gun Works in South Austin is owned by a black gentleman. All employees open carry in the store. Great customer service.
    Only exception was very first handgun purchased was a Ruger 38 Special LCR from another Store owned and operated by a good old boy, not very female friendly. Stood at the counter looking at various handguns while staff of all guys were too busy visiting with each other. It felt like they had no idea why a woman would be there. Finally was asked “can I help you.” I just wanted a small revolver to have with me traveling late at night to drive to my elderly dad’s house to help out on weekends. To give my younger brother a break who lived in a cabin on dad’s property. Ended up with the LCR 38 Special with Crimson grip, at owner’s suggestion. Was the most painful thing I ever fired due Crimson grips are hard plastic. Later changed to Houge grip.
    Fast forward to today’s world, have since purchased a number of handguns and a Mossberg Shotgun.
    Going to a woman friendly shop after that experience has made all the difference in owning tools for recreation and self defense. Don’t know if Good Old Boy’s shop is even still open but would never set foot in there again. How you are treated as a woman makes all the difference between taking responsibility for your own safety or becoming anti 2nd Amendment stooge!

    • Texas Gun Gal……. As a 68 yr. old Texas native, I have seen so much of what you say. I remember one guy working for the same company I was that gave a woman there a bad time because she was there. He said that she couldn’t pick up as much weight as he could so she should be at home. I guess these damned neanderthols will always be around. I like to see women getting permits and carrying. I enjoy seeing women hunting and enjoying the outdoors. It’s for all of us to enjoy. One of the things I have seen is the problem of finding someone that knows how to fit a rifle stock to a person of small stature. Collapsable stocks on A R s have helped this scenario. Be safe and enjoy yourself.

  11. As a Black man I love my guns, I have ARs CCW an even own 2 Suppressors There are a lot of Blacks , That must own

  12. I believe that the best way to stop someone with a gun other than law enforcement is to have a gun yourself.”

    1. My family learned how much you can count on the police to protect you during the 1919 Chicago race riot. The Chicago PD explicitly refused to protect the Black community from the likes of future Democrat Mayor Richard J. Daley. My great uncles and returned doughboys like them, broke into the National Guard armories and armed THEMSELVES in the defense of their families and their community.

    2. The first news story I remember after moving to Ohio in 1986 was the Cleveland PD professing not to see a mob of drunken Whites hurling rocks bottles and fireworks at the home of a Black woman, who was trapped in said home along with her small children. After multiple calls to 911, she called a friend who drove to her house, equipped with a 12ga. shotgun. Blessed with better eyesight than the Cleveland Police Department, he was able to see well enough to fire into the mob, driving them off. Miraculously, the Cleveland PD managed to see and arrest HIM. Fortunately, his attorney subpoenaed the 911 tapes… which showed police and dispatchers LAUGHING about the peril of the woman and her children. The friend walked.

    If you rely upon another for your very existence, you are at best a child, at worst a slave.

  13. My best shooting buddy is a black fellow, he and I use to organize trips to a local outdoor range from our office. Since our group was a bunch of computer hardware support guys, there were a several gun owners and a bunch of interested folks in our department. Typically guys would bring wives and sometimes their kids. Lots of folks went out and bought their first gun after getting to try out a few of the ones we brought to our range days. We had a lot of good times doing that.

    The best way to expand the shooting sports is to get other folks involved, take a friend or coworker to the range. That pays dividends to all of us over time.

  14. I was in Wal-Mart awhile back and a young black gent was carrying a pistol in a nylon holster. His pants were conspicuously low around his butt cheeks and his belt so loose his holster swung back and forth as he walked. I walked up to him and politely said to him:
    “It is nice to young men freely exercising their right to bear arms, however I may suggest that to better represent our community you might wish to tuck in your shirt, pull up your pants, tighten your belt and for Gods sake get a better holster.”
    He looked at my rig and then his and blushed as he apologized and quickly set about sorting himself out. He courteously thanked me for pointing out the error of his ways.

  15. Meanwhile, I turned the TV on a network channel and some black landwhale is yapping about the amazing turnout at the March for Our Maoism this weekend. And now back to our regularly scheduled daytime Westerns…

    On another note, Commiefornia is going to force all coffee to be labeled with cancer warnings just like cigarettes.

  16. A liberal colleague of mine stated that when enough minorities start to lawfully arm themseleves thats when the NRA will give up advocating for gun rights. He actually whole heartedly believed that. The cognitive disconnect is simply astounding. I honestly think that the “other side” has irretrievably drifted into la-la land with no hope of return.

  17. Democrat politicians like black people because black people vote for Dem politicians. Democrat politicians also like dead people because dead people vote for Dem politicians.

    Ipso facto, Democrat politicians want black people to die so that they can vote for Democrats twice.

    And when LBJ said that black people would vote Democrat for a hundred years, he wasn’t talking about black people as a group. He was talking about individual black people who would continue to vote Democrat for a hundred years after they were dead. In fact, according to voter records, the world’s oldest person is a black woman from Detroit who is 162 years old and has voted Democrat in every election since 1877.

  18. They’re just nostalgic for the good old days, when hooded D’s terrorized black people kept disarmed (and from voting) by the laws their in-office peeps wrangled.

  19. Obviously fake news designed only as click-bait.

    Everyone knows (it is settled science), gun rights are not of interest to, nor applicable to, members of ethnic minorities. All “gun rights” are racist constructs, meant to keep white people in power.

    NAAGA is so transparently a fictitious creation of the KKK to show that even minorities understand the need for guns. Because if minorities are seen to understand the right and need for guns, that will take pressure off confiscating guns from the KKK.

  20. As a black conservative gun owner I think I look at the Second Amendment differently than most white people sadly.

    I am not a hunter even though I would like to try it someday. The purpose for having guns is to defend myself against a tyrannical government which the United States used to have at one time and its history. This includes the kkk that worked for the government (democrats) or Black Lives Matter that also work for the government (democrats).

    That is why I call any white person, jew Homosexual, godless, fem nazi, etc a gun grabber.

    And isn’t just white people who don’t know this history unfortunately there are a lot of blacks who also do not know. The Second Amendment and all the Bill of Rights are for them as well.

    • Having trouble following this. Are you saying that you are a racist gun owner? Did you intend to say that?


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