As we promised yesterday, TTAG got on the blower with Atlantic Guns in Silver Spring, Maryland. If you recall, The Washington Post reported that the family of Pentagon shooter John Patrick Bedell had discovered a credit card charge from a gun store in that city (Atlantic Guns is the only such store). Owner Steve Schneider categorically denied the fact or the possibility that Bedell bought a gun from Atlantic Guns. “As a California resident, he absolutely positively would not have been able to buy a gun from us. And he did not.” I asked Schneider if Bedell could have purchased ammunition from Atlantic Guns. “It’s possible,” Schneider admitted. “Proof of residency is not required for ammunition sales . . . He could have bought the bullets from K-Mart.” Schneider hasn’t checked his records to identify Bedell’s purchase, and no authorities have contacted him about it. We’ll report more about the source of Bedell’s Strum, Ruger and Taurus 9mms as soon as information becomes available. Or sooner.


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