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Martin 'Omalley (courtesy

Writing for The Boston Globe, ex-Maryland governor and presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley reacted to the shooting in a LaFayette cinema with a call for more gun control. “We need comprehensive gun safety laws to save lives,” O’Malley opines, using the gun control-euphemism-of-the-moment. Come to think of it, considering his radical suggestions for combatting “gun violence,” I reckon we can substitute the words “90 degree slippery slope to a complete gun ban” for “comprehensive gun safety laws.” Check it . . .

This is where we should start: The federal government should limit the sale of firearms to tightly regulated, licensed dealers. That means closing the “gun show loophole” once and for all, and banning unlicensed private individuals from selling guns.

We should also impose greater restrictions on what, to whom, and where dealers can sell guns. That means banning the sale of assault weapons, increasing inspections, and establishing a national gun registry to help law enforcement track down dangerous criminals. It also means requiring gun owners to secure and safely store all firearms in their homes.

This is by far the most extreme anti-gun agenda this writer has encountered in over five years of gun blogging – short of the occasional call for an outright ban on civilian firearms ownership. Putting the government in charge of “licensing and regulating” the entire civilian firearms industry – banning any and all private sales – is a bald-faced move towards the Mexican model, where only the government sells firearms.

In case you don’t know where that leads, O’Malley spells it out: the government would decide “what [firearms], to whom, and where dealers can sell guns.” And then keep records on everyone who was allowed to buy one. And visit gun owners’ homes to check-up on anyone and everyone – probably at random and without a warrant – who bought one, to make sure they’re being stored safely (the UK model).

Clearly, O’Malley views the words “shall not be infringed” to mean “shall be infringed.” The bigger question: who’s with him? Which gun control group or politician will renounce O’Malley’s prescription for civilian disarmament? I’m thinking none. If they’d have their ‘druthers, every gun control advocate would be down with this plan. They won’t admit it, now, but it’s their collective vision of gun control paradise. Which is, of course, hell.

That said, I am delighted that Martin O’Malley wrote this Boston Globe article. It reveals the ex-Governor as nothing less than a proto-fascist, and nothing more than coward. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of Liberty.” Experience tells us that timid men can be far more dangerous than their courageous counterparts. Hence the Constitution. ‘Nuff said?

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  1. “Gun safety”. As in, “I wish I had my gun so I could stop these psychos from killing me”.

  2. Fine. Get rid of all your guards and all their weapons, and no weapons for you, then we’ll talk. Piece of crap.

  3. ‘It reveals the ex-Governor as nothing less than a proto-fascist…’

    What else would you expect from a former governor of Maryland.

  4. So is the former gov saying that private citizens can’t sell their guns or can only sell their guns to government approved buyers?Meaning The State.

  5. Define the man: Hypocritical lying sack of excrement! He has armed guards and at no real risk (besides, who would bother to shoot a 3rd rate political hack). Additionally he knows damn well there is no “gun show loophole” but conveniently forgets this when he wants a sound bite on NPR, too bad for him that the rest of the leftist media ignores him.

    • Isn’t it rather refreshing when a politician comes right out and says what he really thinks of the Second Amendment?
      Hillary should be as equally forthright, so all of our gun loving democrat friends can make an informed decision…

  6. The only thing worse than a Jihadist willing to murder everyone who disagrees with his religion in order to get a harem of virgins in the sky, is an American Politician. This one is a fine example.

  7. “Which gun control group or politician will renounce O’Malley’s prescription for civilian disarmament?” – Great point, and the answer of course is not a single one. Not Bernie Sanders or Obama or Bloomberg nor any other “common sense” gun control advocate will say one word against O’Malley’s opinion or it going too far. This is exactly what they all want, at minimum.

  8. You guys have it all wrong, Martin O’Malley is our friend. He is reinforcing the radical rabid gun control positions that the Donkeycrap party really lusts for. Maybe he will push some mugwumps and Fudds off the fence and onto our side in the next election..

  9. There should be a group with title “Ask a Marylander” that would field questions for residents of other states preceding the primarys.

    I said “Rain Tax” to an Arizona native. She said, “What?” Couldn’t even understand what I just said. That was joined by 39, yes, thirty nine other taxes while he reigned.

    So he’s not good for anyone, Dem or Repub.

  10. anybody else look at that smug, arrogant face and feel an overwhelming urge to bitch slap him down a hallway?
    I am just wondering if it’s just me.

  11. Don’t trust any politician north of Virginia when it comes to gun rights (and include Virginia’s current governor).

    • “Don’t trust any politician …… when it comes to gun rights (and include Virginia’s current governor).”

      Fixed it for you!

      • Mods, you having problems with WordPress edit function?
        Tried twice to comment, no luck, tested adblock and ghostery ok (browser Palemoon), but no edit function after.

        worked ok in other article- is it about links?

        • It’s the NSA, getting hacked by the evil house of blue (D) head mfs.

          You give us the signal, secret squirrels, we’ll save ya. Start your next text with the word “i” and we’ll take it from there.

  12. This is the view of most democrats who hold or aspire to hold office at the federal level. It just takes some peoples breath away when they are this honest about it. This is what we will face if Hillary somehow manages to win the presidency.

    • BS Jerr
      You let someone go (D) head blue state, it don’t matter if they’re dog-catcher or school board, or community organizer. They ALL think they know better, are better than you, and they want to f-the-world and usher in satan.

    • “The others” think they have to go further and further left/full on libtard marxist in order gain ground on Ms Kankles. She is in process of (predicable) selfdestruction and will never be the demtard candidate anyhow.

      But perhaps the most left IS the one that gets to pick up the marxist mantle from Oturda. Or perhaps he will just have to stay.

  13. Serving American’s up a heapin’ helpin’ of BS, and he doesn’t like the Constitution.

  14. I’m glad to have an honest left winger for a change. I don’t think he is saying this just for effect. He believes it. He is responsible for Baltimore. As the former mayor of that city he laid the ground work for the status the city is in now. His police department. His looking the other way when police and other departments corruption was slowly destroying the city. The mentally disturbed liberal would vote for Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin if they said the right words.

  15. We should move immediately, comprehensively, swiftly, and unceasingly to ban liberal (D) heads from worthless, infinitessimal evil states of blue.

    Who the f do these people think they are?


    And you can’t even be trusted to get that done.


    • Anyone say he’s running for pres. Really means he’s running for “matching funds”

      FU AGAIN

  16. As someone who lived in MD at a time in the past, I attempted to read the legislation. It was really painful to plow through. Especially the silliness of the “named” evil rifles. The usual AR and AK culprits. SKS but only with detachable magazine. Mini-14 only with folding stock. Conflating “telescoping” stocks with underfolders as if an adjustable seat in a car was a bad thing. Amazingly the Hi Point carbine and various other pistol caliber carbines were not specifically mentioned in spite of evil, black, pistol grip, and no redeeming hunting value. Guess the 10 round mag still saves the day unless you (eek!) add a fore-grip and it somehow becomes an all-powerful demon. It shouldn’t be, but still is, shocking to see what a bunch of idiotic blabber passes for legislation. Glad it did not pass intact; glad I moved farther south a long time ago.

  17. OMalley is a horrible horrible man. He is the epitome of what is wrong with the party that claims to support civil liberties. He thinks that because he is handsome, white, and has an education and pays lip service to blacks and illegals he can get away with all of this. Sadly, it has carried him far. I hope he just goes away, because he brings death, authoritarianism, and taxes everywhere he goes.

  18. “Establish[] a national gun registry to help law enforcement track down dangerous criminals.” — Martin O’Malley

    Does O’Malley know that criminals cannot be required to register their illegal guns? It would violate their Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination, held the US Supreme Court in Haynes v. United States, 390 U.S. 85 (1968). Only law-abiding gun owners can be required to register — criminals are constitutionally exempt from all gun registration laws.

    I think this shows that the gun control agenda has nothing to do with reducing crime.

  19. During his time as Governor he raised taxes 37 times ! ! ! He allowed the Black Gorilla Family gang to run the state prisons. Is this Presidential material ???????????????????????????????????????

  20. O’Moron is an idiot . He’s the one who gave us a tax on the rain that falls on our property .

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