McMillan Officially Launches Mc3 Polymer Budget Priced Stocks

And so marks the end of cordial holiday gatherings at the McMillan residence. This year at SHOT Show we told you about McMillan’s new Mc3 line of polymer stocks designed to bring the accuracy and comfort of McMillan’s fiberglass stocks to the more budget minded segment of the market. There’s just one problem: Ryan McMillan, son of Kelly (the owner of McMillan), had already launched his own company to service that exact same segment of the market with a nearly identically positioned product at a similar price point.

Ryan’s company Grayboe introduced injection molded fiberglass stocks in roughly the same pattern as McMillan’s famous and time-tested designs, and at right around the $350 price point last year. At the time we in the firearms media thought that this was a prime situation for the two companies to cooperate, using that technology to allow McMillan to enter a different segment of the market. Instead, McMillan went the Bill O’Riley route and decided to introduce a competing product at a lower price point.

Where Grayboe is injection molded fiberglass, McMillan is injection molded polymer (which is more prone to stretching and deforming). And their Mc3 stocks are being offered at the $275 price point, which is $75 less than Kelly’s son’s stocks. It seems like a pretty blatant attempt to steal market share from the upstart Grayboe by cutting them off at the knees.

We’ll have to see how well McMillan’s new Mc3 stocks stack up to the competition. But one thing is for sure: Thanksgiving at the McMillan house will never be the same.


  1. avatar strych9 says:

    I get what they’re doing and I hope they pull it off well.

    I just put one of their tricked out A5 stocks on one of my rifles last week and having shot the rifle I can say that it was worth every penny of it’s nearly $900 price tag and the nearly five month wait.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    This sounds like the ballistic version of “Family Feud.” And the survey says . . . .

    1. avatar ZenGun says:

      “Name one father vs son tet-a-tet that turned out great for everyone…
      First up, the Darth Vader Family!”

  3. avatar The Dude Abides says:

    Trying to compete with magpul but still be name brand high end.

  4. avatar Mike says:

    this is terrible ‘reporting’.

    It’s a completely different stock for a completely different audience than Grayboe. Where is your proof that they’re trying to ‘cut Grayboe at the knees’?

    I can’t believe I still come to this website.

    1. avatar Katy says:

      Both are injection molded and compete at similar price points. Can you clarify why they are looking at different audiences?

      I mean, if they were totally different processes or priced far apart, I might understand your view. But, I’m not seeing what you are pointing at.

      1. avatar Mike says:

        OK I take that back. They’re pretty close, but plastic vs. fiberglass is different. I wonder how they’ll handle.

        Beyond that, McMillan did license their stock style/shape to Grayboe. How is that a family fued/drama/whatever this article is claiming?

  5. avatar gary olson says:

    Do you make a stock MC3 for a 40x short action

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