With the Supreme Court set to rule on Chicago’s gun ban, Chi-town Mayor Richard M. Daley is trying to pump up the shotgun. I mean, volume. The Chicago Sun Times provides a platform for hizzoner. “How many more of our children, our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers must needlessly die because guns are too easily available in our society today?” Mayor Daley asked, inadvertently making the case for the ban’s opponents. “If you allow people to arm themselves, that places all first-responders — paramedics, police, anyone — in jeopardy going into their homes. You don’t know if they have a gun.” Personally, I would assume the police have a gun, but paramedics? What’s that all about? “Every time there’s a domestic disturbance,” Police Supt. Jody Weis added, “We [will] have to assume there’s a gun.” As opposed to now when they don’t? You know a law is either ascendant or descendant when its supporters trot-out this argument. “If we pick up 12,000 guns, that’s 12,000 children [saved].” Daley said. “If we save one child, the law is worth it. We have saved many, many children.” Saved jobs. Saved children. There’s a whole lot of savin’ goin’ on these days. Or not.



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