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April of 2015. That was the last time that monthly NICS checks, as reported by our friends at the FBI, were less than they were in the same month the previous year. We know what you’re thinking. Between President Obama — who doesn’t want to disarm anyone — and Hillary Clinton — who really isn’t sure about that whole Bill of Rights thing — it’s an impenetrable mystery why so many Americans continue to buy firearms in record numbers. Any ideas?

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  1. To have some way to defend ourselves when the government goes full blown tyranny.

  2. Dan -I met you and Robert at last year’s TFF. We had VIP tickets but there was a little confusion with the range officers about the full auto bays. Anyhoo, my nephew and my brother from Dallas got punked. You asked me to contact you before next(this) year’s TFF and you might be able to see to it that they ( Mike and Eli ) got to do Full Auto Friday “on the arm”. Apologies for using the comments section, but I did not know how else to contact you. Many thanks.

  3. Good question! For myself I am buying a few replacements for what sank in that boating accident. Who knew lead ammo would sink like a rock? Now I gotta replace all of that stuff. Again!

  4. I’ll wager, even the left is buying.
    And I think that first timers have discovered the fun in shooting and are buying a second, and a third, and…

  5. (1) When people get wind that something may be banned, they get interested.
    (2) New shooters introducing their sport to new shooters, introducing their sport to new shooters…etc.
    (3) Existing owners picking up more tools because prices are low, and politics are high.

  6. (3) Existing owners picking up more tools because prices are low, and politics are high.

    This would be what I’m doing. Harder to take it away once I have it than it is to ban it and prevent me from buying it. And there are certain things I want to own.

    In fact, I’m picking up mag fed shotgun today so have it in the safe prior to any election silliness. It’s nothing more than a fun gun, to eventually be built into an open division 3 gun shotty. If not for the Democrat stupidity I might have gone years before picking on up.

    Looking to get an AR10 receiver set and an AK, prior to November as well. I hope to hell we get a non-anti in the WH so I don’t have to buy so many things, so fast.

  7. more threats of gun control = more people buying guns

    more people buying guns = more guns in the hands of people

    more guns in the hands of people = less crime.

    YAY! for the gun grabbers, mission accomplished. Now leave us alone.

  8. I teach basic firearms courses filled with new gun owners. These new gun owners see our country sliding toward tyranny. Good people are preparing for the possibility they may have to rise up against an out-of-control government. It is a bit surreal to hear it, but when you have a political party that believes they can change the interpretation of the Constitution at will, that all they need is a pen and a phone, this is inevitable. People who have tasted freedom will not let it go without a fight. Lets just hope we set aside our petty differences and win this election.

  9. I don’t know why, and don’t really care. Just keep on buying, Mr. and Ms. America!

  10. Dontcha know guys, the feds have those numbers gummed up. The MSM tells us a lower percentage of homes have guns, msnbc can’t possibly be wrong.Them damn preppers and anti gov types are the buyers of these arsenals. I know it’s true cause Katie told me so, and that saint has no agenda…………….
    For the children ™ .


  11. This is funny because I just read this on Yahoo! finance news:

    “Gun Stocks Down as Background Checks Plunge 13% in May”

    Of course, when you look at the chart you see that gun sales drop EVERY May. Probably everyone taking a break for a month to go shooting after spending their tax return money on new guns and ammo in April or late filers in June/July as it continues to increase month by month into the holiday season. Lies, damned lies and statistics have nothing on liberal interpretation.

  12. These numbers would NOT include those with CHL/LTC in states in which possession of such license allows you to not do a background check for a purchase. Correct?

  13. I can’t help but wonder how many 80% rifles and pistols are out there not showing up in the NICS checks. Maybe I just wasn’t aware before, but I seem to notice the gear/ads more and more. Went to the range and the RSO and I talked about his intentions to build a couple of 80% aluminum lowers he’d bought but hadn’t completed yet.

  14. This is all confusing. If so many more people are buying guns, why are cities and states, well cities and towns making so many new rules that make gun ownership harder? If so may more people are buying guns, why are politicians at all levels working so hard to cripple our rights? I read there are 100 million gun owners out of 330 million people in the country. Wouldn’t a block of 30% of the total population get the attention of politicians? The 330 million includes children, so the block of gun owners should actually be more than 30% of people who actually vote for things. With numbers like these, why are we always under attack?

  15. “itโ€™s an impenetrable mystery why so many Americans continue to buy firearms in record numbers. Any ideas?”

    Every buyer has his own reasons. I keep buying because the Democrats keep promoting slimeballs like Barack Obama and the Crusty Old Crook while they flood our country with trash.

  16. Aw it’s just a few evil white men buying their hundred and 1st gun. So I’ve heard…

  17. Americans do not want to be disarmed. We are where we are today because we were willing to fight for it. Australia was disarmed, but they never really knew freedom in the first place being the descendants of convicts sent there against their will. Great Britain was disarmed, but they have always been subjects of their betters in the form of the Crown. Europe is disarmed and look how well that is working out for them.

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