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A Phoenix Arms .25 Auto as a backup gun?  That’s what Matt the HVAC guy takes when he goes to the big city in his HVAC Tech in the City post at Everyday Carry.

He adds this to his photo:

Don’t think for one second that I’m not actually carrying everything you see in the pic….
If I were to include everything I carry, including what I carry in my “murse” (camo canvas six pack cooler), the pic would actually have several more items…
I do have a CCDW that I carry in my typical leather tri-fold wallet (not pictured here…. Will take new pic once I save for and get the Dango M1 edc wallet).

The Raptor mini-karambit?  That would take some getting used to.  I learned from Steve Tarani on the standard Karambit (wonder if he still has some Tarani-branded Karambits with 5.11?).  Also in the pic is a Gerber auto knife (or maybe assisted opening, not sure).  And a Klenk tools razor knife.

He’s carrying a lot of gun in the HK .45 USP, along with a spare magazine.  But kudos to him for the extra high-quality firepower.  But a Phoenix .25?

Just last week, when I offered a friend a couple of .25 Autos for fun and entertainment, he turned me down.  “Ammo too expensive,” he said.  Then he said if he used one for self defense and shot someone, if they figured out he shot them they might be really upset with him.

Exaggeration, I know.  But still.  A .25 Auto?

Matt’s also got a Fenix PD35 in his pocket.  Rechargeable and all that.



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  1. A back up gunm, yup, yuo, I was going to ask Gadsden Flag about what back up he carried, or is that a big secret about Coos always have a back up gunm?

    • Possum, most of the guys I worked with didn’t carry a backup, or off duty. But, to answer your question, I carried a S&W 442 w/Spiegel Boot Grips in a Galco Ankle Glove holster. With a HKS speed loader in my R/F pants pocket. Yes, I carried a reload for my backup. Three for my 1911.

        • I have never met you so I don’t know if your overweight or not( obtuse), , , . FnA was an old way of saying I’m with you, with it, with the plan. right on, in agreement. “Hold my beer and jump off this cliff with me” , , FnA ,

        • Possum, I know what fucking A means. It was the “yada, yada” that threw me off. Not sure if you were mocking me.

    • Strych9, no you won’t. God carries an M-1 rifle and a 1911. As much as I like HK, owned many and still do; do you really think He would allow such an abomination?

  2. I’m not knocking his choice of calibers for a BUG. But a Phoenix when your primary is an H&K? Did he bankrupt himself with the H&K and the Phoenix was all he could buy?

    I put the Phoenix in the same category as the Raven, the Jennings, the Titan. Although giving credit, etc., the Titan I had was a reliable little gun. Not so the others. The Jennings was so bad I gave it to the Ohio River.

    • Ha, I could tell you a story about that, short vers. He had a POS 25( it jammed) I had a Titan, still do, gt26, I couldn’t get the safety off fast enuff( fixed that) . Hey we r still both alive, but the fight was Cajun Joe

    • davis p380 deserves some hate as well. mexicali carry teen, last striker for this lad (never say) glad i survived it. probably dropped all the way through a time or so, don’t remember if i kept one in the pipe or not. kinda tough to adjust things bracing a flat of mickey’s fine ml and a couple quarts of schlitz red bull ice.
      not sure which was the greater risk to my right kidney.

    • Let me offer a phrase that may provide understanding of why one would carry a cheap BUG.


      • Projecting again, miner? Only a leftist would be stupid enough to post pics of their ‘throw down’ on social media.

        You and vlad the imposter are working over time to ensure that
        trump gets a second term.

  3. This edc is a world of contradictions. He carries an expensive large caliber handgun as well as a cheap as rocks anemic pocket gun. To each their own but why would someone carry a .25acp Phonex arms… ever? Especially when they have the money to buy an HK. A friend of mine once found a Phoenix arms pistol in the pocket of some pants at a thrift store and alerted the manager.

    • Probably has the .25 on hand when he’s crawling around HVAC systems in or out of buildings.

      Might run into critters that would be overkill for a .45

      That USP is nice. I would seriously switchout my -19 for one.

    • Zip lock weighs more then a regular baggie. Beware the spider venom, it’ll fck with ur head Man., , , ,IIm still trying to figure out what you meant? Could you go to English translation to Possum

    • Rodster, you’re joking, right? I have to believe that not even the simplest of simpletons would post his “drop piece” on the internet. On the other hand, I’ve seen some dumb shit. Once had a guy ask me to help him load a lawn tractor in the back of his truck. He was trying to steal it at 0300 hrs on Christmas Eve. We were standing beside my marked patrol car with the overheads on. I was in full uniform. My reply, “Uh no. Have a seat back here.”

  4. These EDC articles are becoming somewhat of a source for jokes. I’m sure a few (off-duty LEOs?) might carry all that stuff every day and play the “my EDC pecker is bigger than yours”, but in reality all the guys I know who carry have maybe half that payload. A pistol, a knife, and a penlight. Maybe a backup mag if you can tuck it somewhere. This is Every Day Carry, not a camping trip.

    If you can carry a backpack’s worth of gear in your pockets, great. But these “EDC pocket dumps” are getting a little silly.

    How about we see some pocket dumps from everyday regular Joes, and not always LEO, former military, Call of Duty Level 50 Grandmasters, etc.?

  5. What’s with all the Facebook posts asking some real stupid questions and looking like fried hell?

  6. Green is an odd choice for a watch band.

    C’mon, don’t act like you didn’t notice it before the .25

  7. I wouldn’t mind having an HP in .22 as a plinker or as a vermin gun. The 25 ACP version would also be good for dispatching rats or the like, though a bit too expensive for plinking. It’s also not a bad looking gun for what you typically see at that price point, IMHO.

    The one thing that concerns me, though, is that he mentions in his comments that he’s never fired the Phoenix Arms pistol. Setting reliability/break in/ammo feeding concerns aside, the HP has a pretty complicated manual of arms if all the safeties are engaged. The manual firing pin safety and the trigger/slide safety move in opposite directions. It’s one pistol I’d probably carry condition 3, because I think I could rack a round with more certainty and speed than I could flick off both safeties.

    Just MHO, of course.

  8. Well , I’m glad we are still on the subject. You can have them LED illumens all you want, yeah there bright in the bright, but don’t do nothing for the beyond. ,. , What dah fck is he talking about, , , Well I’ll tell yah. LED’s cast shadows, glares off shiny objects, and limit your vision just as far as the beam will shine. Tungsten is different , for sure it’s not lighting up the area under illumination, but you can still have enuff illumination to discern objects and night vision left to discern”things” beyond what’s not in direct illumination. .All I know is I my lookie was/is( not, live in town) best with no lights at all, , , ,let’s go play. . . .

  9. Nonsense. .25 ACP is just as powerful as 9mm when loaded with the right bullet and powder. It’s only 1/100th of an inch difference between .25 and .35 which is 9mm. All you 9mm fudds just can’t get over the fact there’s a new smaller faster round in town that can now do everything your old fudd 9 can.

  10. Pocket dump is just a general term for what guys tote around by many means . I’m pretty sure the wrist watch and HK aren’t in pockets .

    Personally I’d not carry a 25 auto, but the last officer shot to death here was killed by one a few years ago .

    • I’m not sure why people look down on the .25auto, it’s been responsible for many successful terminations.

      I know of two incidents, one in a quart room where the mother sat behind the defendant, charged with raping and killing her daughter. At the moment during the trial she merely lean forward and put several in the back of his head. Quite effective.
      The other was in the parking lot of a bowling alley, early in the morning someone noticed an individual with five perforations who had assumed the ambient temperature sometime before.

      As always, a hit with a BB is better than a miss with a cannon.

      • People look down on the .25 ACP because of what they read and adapt as their own personal knowledge. The suggestion that a .22LR is better than a .25ACP in stopping power is inaccurate when tested out of the very short barrels. It also ignores the critical reliability issue of first, cheap guns, and second the issue of rimfire.

        I have carried a .25 as a third backup gun for years. First it was a baby Browning and later a Seecamp. Today because of smaller and smaller guns, it is now a .380.

        Neither of those calibers are a .45ACP in terms of stopping power which is my primary carry gun, but they are smaller and easier to hide especially in the summer. This becomes even more important when one believes it important to carry multiple guns.

        In full disclosure, I have never shot anyone with a .25ACP, but, I have been there when they were used by others with effect. It is also significant that many organized crime assassinations were accomplished with .25 ACP Berettas rather than .22LRs.

  11. Lol sometimes you can tell you don’t want to meet people just by seeing what they carry… Three knives and two guns, this guy will never use half of what he carries, but he’s damn sure looking to.

  12. A serious primary gun with not one but two spare magazines. Excellent!

    The odd choice of a backup extra-mousey mouse gun is just that, odd. Possibly also peculiar.

  13. Maybe his lgs is like the fireworks stands, buy the big firework get the small one for free or if you believe youtube the smaller backup is also something to pass off to an inexperienced shooter so they become your decoy I mean backup,

  14. Some of the shit y’all carry is a bit much sometimes.

    Money clip (reduces bulk significantly)
    Gun (just one)
    Spare mag (usually one)
    Knife(just one)

    I don’t expect to find myself in a situation where I need more than that. Anything extra goes in a bag if I absolutely need it.

    If I’m out of ammo in both primary and secondary handguns, lost two out of three knives, and am now wielding a 2” blade and a 200 dollar flashlight…

    I fucked up somewhere lol.

    I wanna make it clear that I’m not opposed to anyone carrying their entire collection. You wanna carry 5 guns, you do you. Don’t make a difference to me.

  15. ‘Don’t think for one second that I’m not actually carrying everything you see in the pic….’

    if you have to justify it – you’re full of shit

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