Maryland HB 1261 withdrawn
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
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Just days after the spectacular suffocation of an “assault weapons” ban bill in a Virginia Senate committee, yet another Bloomberg-funded attack on firearm rights has failed, this time in adjoining Maryland.

Yesterday a proposal at the Maryland statehouse to force state registration for a long list of guns that anti-gun politicians have labeled as “assault rifles and pistols” was withdrawn by the House Judiciary Committee in the face of fierce opposition and questions about a registry being unfunded and overwhelming to administer.

Known as House Bill 1261, the measure was set to criminalize the possession of many firearms in wide use in Maryland, stipulating jail terms plus fines as high as $1,000 per firearm for failure to register.

Maryland House Delegate Dan Cox was one of several taking to Twitter to announce the failure of the bill:

The bill is among a package of gun control measures being pushed by Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action anti-gun front groups.

Maryland HB 1261 withdrawn
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

The failure of the registration bill comes on the heels of a blistering attack by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who has admonished Maryland legislators for ignoring his crime bill aimed at reducing crime in the state’s largest and most violent city, Baltimore.

Charm City is plagued with a homicide rate that is ten times the national average. In just the first two months of the 2020, 44 people have died—a 45% increase over the same period last year.

The Republican governor is insisting on mandatory minimum jail terms for gun crimes. Democrats at the statehouse, though, continue to sidestep the proposals despite the alarming body count in Baltimore, claiming they need evidence that mandatory minimums work.

The stalemate is a continuation of decades of failure by a Democrat majority in Annapolis to stem crime in the state’s leading metropolis. Instead, anti-gun legislators have focused on firearm regulations that have yet to make a dent in crime statistics.

In 2013, Democrats enacted a sales ban on pencil-barrel AR-15s, AK-47s and other rifles they deemed “assault weapons”, while grandfathering in rifles in possession prior to the law taking affect.

Despite the pronouncements that the law would “save lives,” the homicide rate in Baltimore remains at or near the top of national statistics.

Maryland moms demand action
Liz Banach, of Maryland Moms Demand Action (AP Photo/Brian Witte)

In the Maryland statehouse, gun control groups are continuing to pressure for more regulations overwhelmingly aimed at penalizing law abiding citizens, such as a bill to criminalize the Free State’s 400-year tradition of private long gun sales and transfers among Marylanders.

Crimes committed with long guns in Maryland have been shown to be only a fraction of those committed with handguns, but gun control measures involving long guns remains the priority for the out-of-state-funded groups pressuring the legislators.

Maryland HB 1261 withdrawn
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
Jeff Hulbert is the founder of the Patriot Picket

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  1. Registries are only meant to confiscate guns that will be banned later/ currently banned.

    It has no affect on crime because its not designed to address to criminal use, only lawful possession. Firearms used in crime are primarily stolen. Reportedly stolen guns will simply be traced back to the victim it was taken from.

    Its a huge waste tax money, manpower to maintain, and time considering it does nothing to address violence.

  2. For all the big talk about hating rich people, the democrats, the Left sure wants to make sure only the rich can afford gun ownership.
    The rich will always have guns and ammo. That will never change.

  3. The loss of the great hero Elijah Cummings was a huge setback for Baltimore.

    Since then crime has skyrocketed out of remorse and mourning the loss of his stewardship.

    Replacing him with a trans POC would be the first step in reducing crime and calming The People.

    Erecting a 300 ft. statue of him in the Fairfield area would be the second step.

    Banning all the guns would be the final and most important step.

    • If they built a 300 foot statue of Cummings the Mau-Mau’s would steal it in a week for scrap metal.

      • It will be well guarded with armed security and 24/7 surveillance with facial recognition.

        Because the historical monuments of The People must be protected for future generations.

        So that another Charlottesville never happens again.

        • “It will be well guarded with armed security…”

          But, but, you just said : “Banning all the guns would be the final and most important step.”

          So, you freely admit your Government goons will be armed to keep the peasants in line?

          The one first up against Serge’s “Execution Wall of Restoring Liberty” needs to be *YOU*, son.

          (And no blindfold or last cigarette for you, those are for men. Dogs don’t get that courtesy… 😉 )

        • RedFlagRising I agree our monuments must be protected for our children’s children etc. too see

      • So screw the thieves and make out of the concrete denied to Trump for his wall. And, what the heck, 300 feet is not a worthy enough height make it 1000 feet tall and divert flights around it lest anyone forget.

    • “The loss of the great hero Elijah Cummings…”

      Hey, TTAG-ers, my Google-Fu sucks today.

      Can anyone find that ‘fantastic’ pic of the Democrat temper-tantrum ‘sit-in’ including Cummings sitting on the House floor with baby pacifiers in their mouths Photoshopped in?

      Because that’s the real way Cummings will be remembered… *snicker* 😉

    • And how will you convince the “criminal classes” to hand over their guns? When you send in your secret police, these people WILL fight back. They will see you as just another oppressor trying to keep them in their place.

      • The left has no intention to convince “the ‘criminal classes’ to hand over their guns.” That is part of the whole plan. The “criminal classes” get to stay out of prison to continue to provide a steady income to the “lawyer classes” so that they can continue to donate to leftist politicians to keep them in office; and the “criminal classes” get to keep their firearms so that they continue to intimidate the rest of the “classes” into voting for the left who promise to protect them from the “criminal classes.”
        So simple it is brilliant if it were not so evil.

        • Exactly. The Left is not against guns. Not at all. They intend to keep guns for their police, their protective details, their riot squads and their criminals who make it all necessary in the first place.

          They are violently opposed to anyone who might call BS on their racket having any ability to oppose them or bring down the racket.

          Like Trump said: they’re not angry at him directly. They’re angry because he stands between them and you.

  4. “In 2013, Democrats enacted a sales ban on pencil-barrel AR-15s, AK-47s and other rifles they deemed “assault weapons”, while grandfathering in rifles in possession prior to the law taking affect…”

    Surprisingly, the MD “assault weapon” ban is one of the most toothless in the country. In some place (NY, CA) you have to butcher your AR or mess with the reloading to make it legal. In MD you just need the right barrel.

    • The *point* of that ban was to reduce the gun’s lethality, but they made the target versions (the ones more accurate) with a heavy barrel legal?

      I realize this is redundant, but, *damn*, Leftists are stupid… 🙂

  5. Yes…the real story of gun crime and murder in the United States is not the presence of guns….it is the policies of the democrat party. Their policies create our gun crime and gun murder problem…..this story needs to be told, both to inform the American people, and to take the fight back to them, rather than simply holding ground against these attacks against rifles and magazines. When Wayne Lapierre, back in the 90s, stated that democrat politicians must be willing to accept a certain level of killing with gun…..the democrats were put back on their heels until obama……the truth is the truth…our gun crime problem is due to the catch and release policies of democrat politicians, implemented by democrat party judges and prosecutors….I have about a dozen stories from various news papers citing the revolving door of democrat policies toward actual, violent, known gun criminals. The latest, from Baltimore….states they know about 100 gang members doing almost all of the gun murder…..but the democrats, as also cited above….are refusing to put them in prison for long periods and even let them out, over and over again on bail. The average number of crimes these guys stack up is 8……..and then the democrats blame John and Jane citizen who own guns for self defense. The story needs to be told….the democrats need to be charged with the results of their policies…..real journalists need to go after the democrats…that is if we really want to lower gun crime……time to take the fight directly at them, accuse them, in public, of creating the gun crime and gun murder in our cities…force them to answer those charges…make them defend themselves…….that way, they aren’t on the offense…

  6. Laws with a primary purpose of keeping guns out of the hands of citizens are clear violations of the intent of the 2nd Amendment. If the state can do this then the 2nd Amendment’s core value—that an armed citizenry is a defense against governmental tyranny—is nullified. This unambiguous meaning is what “shall not be infringed” is all about. In particular, the 2nd’s protections are made even more clear when we have examples of the state trying to intervene in citizen ownership of AR’s and AK’s which are the exact kinds of weapons that citizens need to defend against tyranny. At the time of our country’s founding, the long-barreled rifled musket was the preeminent “weapon of war” because its hitting power at long range was deadly effective in the hands of frontier marksmen. AR’s, AK’s and other 30-round semi-autos perform a similar role today. The lineage between these weapons and the essential need for public defense could not be more clear. Tyrannies demand control over the use of force. The 2nd Amendment is specifically intended to keep that from happening.

  7. Maryland already has a defacto registry. When I filled out the permission slip to buy more than 1 pistol a month. I call the principal’s (State Police) to find out where my application was, the trooper on the other end read off all the pistols/AR worthy firearms I had purchased in the past. Some I still owned some I did not.

  8. “Democrats at the statehouse, though, continue to sidestep [mandatory sentencing for gun crimes] … claiming they need evidence that mandatory minimums work. ”

    I swear, the Democrats must have a special team over at the DNC that sits around all day thinking up new hypocrisies for the party. We’ve been giving them hard, even common-sense, evidence for years that gun control just plain doesn’t work. It just blows right over their heads. And now they won’t get off the crapper on something that does work because, they say, they need evidence?

    The Democratic Party is self-destructing, and thank God for it. I can’t think of any organization that deserves to disintegrate and disappear more than them.

  9. This law was STUPID. Mr Bloomberg wants to take away ALL OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. He has made so much money working with OBAMA and now he wants to force his opinions on every American. The Democratic party has failed to make a strong contribution to our Country since President Trump was elected. The Russian farce was written by a Englishman based on accusations not facts and cost each and every American millions in tax dollars. Then we had the Impeachment, under the Constitution WE all have the RIGHT to face our accuser, the accuser was never identified, never questioned by a defense Counsel which made the entire exercise a waste of time in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

    Before you say the Senate is bipartisan ask your self is it alright for someone to accuse you of anything illegal and then not be willing to stand in court and swear that the accusation is truthful?

    I have been a Registered Democrat for over sixty years and I have never seen such disrespect for the position of President of the United States. It’s time for every American to write to their Congressional Representatives and tell them to start working on the business of running our Country,. NO more FAKE accusations, pay attention to Maintaining our Boarders, Support Our Armed Force, Raise our the standards for our Education, Maintain our National Sovereignty and the standards to become an American.

    Something to think about if we eliminated our National Boarders. Lowering our standards to allow anyone into our Country. how would we protect the people of America from Coronavirus? This virus has killed hundreds in China and if we hadn’t used our right to protect Americans would have killed hundreds maybe thousands here.

  10. Maryland Gun Owners:

    Vote to support what one would assume were your interests, Your Gun Rights, or watch them disappear. It’s just about that simple.The choice is yours. Choose wisely..

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