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According to various news sources including Fox News and AZCentral.com, one of the People of Walmart managed to shoot himself in the groin Tuesday evening:

The man was in a Walmart store near Watson and Yuma roads [in Arizona] around 6:30 p.m., when the semiautomatic handgun began to slip as he carried it unholstered in the waistband of his sweatpants, Buckeye police said.

The man told police that when he tried to reposition his loaded gun and keep it from falling, he shot himself in the groin area.

Officers arrived and found the man in the meat department with the gunshot wound, police said.

Yes, in the meat department. This one just writes itself.

He was taken to the hospital with survivable injuries, police said. No one else was hurt during the incident.

Police said all indications are the shooting was accidental, but police did file a report for unlawful discharge of a firearm. (AZCentral.com, Man Accidentally Shoots Himself in Groin in Buckeye Walmart)

Yes, this was a negligent discharge. Unholstered. In the the waistband of his sweatpants. 

Use a holster, kids. Oh, and keep your finger off the trigger.


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    • I doubt he was a responsible gun owner. By the description, sweatpants, no holster, my mind is conjuring up a different picture. Probably baseball hat on crooked with straight bill, bling around the neck, extremely loose sweatpants…

      • Man if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s an asshole wearing sweatpants. Scumbags I tell ya! And them straight billed hats… how dare they not warp their clothing to the exact curvature I find socially acceptable. I bet he was planning on riding a skateboard on the sidewalk too and listening to the hippity hop!!

        • Having spent more than five decades analyzing human behavior, I can tell you it’s a pretty safe bet that people who don’t give a shit about their personal appearance also don’t give a shit about anything else.

      • Don’t forget the gold teef and Glock. If you’re gonna carry Mexican style, have a stiff belt and make sure it’s a DA/SA pistol.

      • Agreed. That idiot probably watched some “gangsta” movie and wanted to be Yumas most wanted😁.
        Hopefully he oes the gene pool a favor and won’t be able to procreate.

      • ….and skid-marked undies showing…!!! It is not about your skin color. It is about your BRAND you and your ilk have developed and perfected for so long!!! Want to be viewed differently?? Change and improve your brand!!!!

  1. Nice choice for a photo. A revolver which would not have NDd even under these extreme circumstances.
    What, TTAG has zero file photos of a glock in some fools sweatpants? I would think such photos to be a dime a dozen. It’s not like the world isn’t full of plastic fantastic fanboys. And then I wouldn’t be on here pointing out yet another amateurish TTAG ‘mistake’.

      • I have 4- and 6-y/o daughters and even they would find this far too whiney 😉

        There. I went ahead and snapped a more article-fitting selfie just now for y’all. Hope you enjoy.

        • LOL. Old Navy? I wasn’t actually wearing them but threw them on for the photo. At least that’s my story.

          Chris donated a photo to the cause as well, which I’ve added into the article 😛 (I like his better, but it isn’t the correct size to be the lead photo, so what can ya do)

        • So you find pointing out amateur errors to professionals who should know better to be “whiney”?
          Good to know. Somehow I have a feeling that you are one such ‘professional’.

        • “So you find pointing out amateur errors to professionals who should know better to be “whiney”?”

          You really are a know-it-all asshole, you know that, Ken?

          Obviously, TTAG is far too juvenile for your tastes, so why don’t you do everyone a favor and just fuck off?

        • Mr. bull horns:
          OFC! Why do you think I chose “Mr. Knowitall” as my avatar? As to why I don’t just go away… why, it’s because I love pissing you off sooooo much.

    • I would think that a revolver would be even heavier and more prone to slipping in sweatpants. And I suppose you could manage to put your finger on the trigger and pop off a round while readjusting a revolver, just as with any firearm when handled incorrectly. So… not sure the choice of revolver would have made all that much difference? Idiots can usually find a way to do idiotic things in any context.

      • Because a revolver trigger is MUCH heavier and longer than most striker fired triggers. You could probably put your finger right on the trigger to adjust the gun position and it would be fine (but don’t try this at home)

    • The stupid and dishonest photo pissed me off too.
      Shame on you Kat and TTAG.
      Are you guys trying to become CNN or something?

      • “Dishonest”?


        Thanks for taking a picture, Jeremy S. I don’t own any sweatpants but I suppose I could’ve done one in yoga pants…. 🤔

        Copyright and intellectual property rights are real, guys, and the photo pool is not bottomless.

    • Not sure that it would prevent this ND but it sling a little hate to show a revolver with the cut line.

      A Dick Special , no less.

  2. I wish I had a image of Nelson from the Simpsons pointing and saying, “Ha Ha!”

    ‘Cause if I did? I’d put it right here.

    Stoopid monkey farmer deserves that image.

  3. “…as he carried it unholstered in the waistband…”

    What could go wrong?

    Do people remember “Baretta”? Tony carried a 2″ .38 revolver without a holster down the front of his jeans. I tried that once. Once. After needing to retie my sneaker, I became aware of the downsides of that form of carry. (At the time, I didn’t realize that actors didn’t always carry until the scene called for it.)

    • Yes, that WAS the problem.

      Pro-tip: never ever carry a loaded handgun on your person unless your loaded handgun is in a properly fitting holster, even if you are carrying a revolver with a heavy trigger in your pants pocket.

      • 100%, correct, in fact in many states you will get arrested for carrying an un-holstered gun. In Texas , license holders may be subject to criminal charges for carrying a handgun in plain view unless carried in a shoulder or belt holster.

        • A cockatoo? This is excessive carry! Nobody should need to smuggle anything bigger than a budgie in their pants…

          Just make sure it isn’t a sulfur crested cockatoo as I hear the high sulfur content can cause your barrel to corrode.

    • When that show was made, plainclothes cops wore womens’ girdles to hold their .38 snubby in ab carry position. That was how they did it then.

  4. What kind of people go out about town in sweatpants? I can’t even walk the length of my house without them down around my ankles.

    • In my experience sweatpants are worn by folks that are too fat to fit into regular pants. And the caretakers of mentally challenged folk tend to dress them in sweats.

      • I disagree, I know a lot of fat guys who don’t wear sweat pants in public because they have some sense of pride in themselves.

      • I’m 6′-3″ and weigh over 325 and that makes me fat by pretty much any definition. I wear sweat pants in my house, but never out in public. And I mean NEVER, because they never stay up, especially if I throw my wallet, car keys, knife, flashlight, etc. in the pockets. And I AM NOT going to commit the fashion felony of wearing suspenders with my sweat pants.

        • I am 6’1′ and 330 lbs.. I know exactly how you feel… I don’t even attempt to go out in sweatpants.. Funny shit happens with sweatpants on.. lol

    • The general excuse is they can’t find pants their size easily. The real reason is because they couldn’t find anything as lazy.
      Pretty good odds that anyone you see wearing sweatpants in public is just lazy or a sloppy human being.

      • Somehow I suspect that you are unaware that jeans come in sizes by the inch… but only until 36″ waist, and from there on out its two inches at a time. Now if a pair of pants is too loose at 36 on a guy who’s a 35, why wouldn’t they be just as much looser on a size 39, who has to wear a 40 now, because 39″ jeans don’t exist(unless one has them custom tailored, which is really the way clothing should be anyway since each body is unique)??

  5. WTF, sweat pants and no holster. In this State it is against the law to carry concealed without a holster. Laws are tricky, I wanted to make damn sure I’d be legal,” Firearm must be secured in a holster” ah ha, so that’s how they can get me.

  6. Waistband of sweatpants??? Sweatpants have NO waistband. Just like this D/A had NO brain! Your picture shows jeans with a leather belt, plus a revolver. Semi-auto will stay in place with this arrangement. Not so with a revolver. BUT – do stupid things, stupid things happen. Glad he shot HIS meat department & not someone else’s.

  7. Not to get all worldly about this and start talking immigration and foreign policy but it would seem that Mexican carry necessitates Israeli carry…

  8. The problem is lazy asshats not putting pants on. And not putting on a holster. And not keeping fingers out of trigger guards. And carrying apendex. So much could’ve been fixed by not being lazy.

    • Unless he really did intend to destroy what his muzzle covered and was able to identify his target, and did not mind hitting its companions beyond it.

  9. Ha! Should have been a NAA mini-mag. Fits in my sweet pants pocket w/holster, or sometimes no holster. In this guys case, it all Depends, now.

  10. If he’d had a 1911 he’d still have his junk attached. Now the only dates he’s gonna’ get is with a lady who can’t pass on a 50% off deal…

  11. The guy deserves an honorable mention for a Darwin Award. He failed to kill himself but there’s a good chance he is no longer able to reproduce.

  12. Cheap sweatpants, shopping at a cheap store, too cheap to buy a cheap holster and probably also too cheap to get training because AZ has constitutional carry.
    Ten bucks says he was carrying some cheap-ass striker fired POS.
    What a WETAWD.

    • The person shot himself because he was stupid enough to carry with a round in the chamber. No sympathy from me!.

      • Eh. I’ve been carrying with one in the pipe for years. Some people do, some don’t. It’s all about the gun owner and how comfortable he/she is with handling it. I prefer a chambered round in the event I’m actually in a situation to draw my weapon, because it’s easier and more efficient to simply click the safety off than to run the risk of not being able to rack a round when the adrenaline hits. I’ve read where people have gotten seriously hurt or killed because they didn’t have a round chambered when they pulled their firearm. Just my two cents.

  13. That’s IT. Now I really DO have to move to Alaska. No kidding, that’s right around the corner from where I live. That close, I can usually hear the gunshot(s) but all I heard this time was so many sirens coming from all over. I was cooking and didn’t really want to stop and turn on the scanner. This really brings out my inner sick and twisted sense of humor. Am I the only one who thinks he went there to get some thinly sliced salami? “Please shoppers, nothing (literally) to see here. Clean up on isle six, please move along.” I guess it really does make a difference when it happens in your own back yard. -30-

  14. Reason #1 why I will NEVER appendix carry. Holster, no holster, thumb safety, no thumb safety. Safety Rule #1 is NEVER point the gun at something you don’t want to shoot, which in appendix carry is either a main artery or something even more important.

  15. The person shot himself because he was stupid enough to carry with a round in the chamber. No sympathy from me!

    • @terry You are kidding I hope. A carry gun without a round in the chamber is almost useless in a real situation, unless you think just pointing an unloaded gun at some wacked out meth freak is enough intimidation to get him not to cut your wife’s throat, then by all means, carry without racking the slide. See if you can accomplish that while pulling your daughter down to the ground to avoid being shot by some maniac. Hope it all works out for you, I carry with a JHP in the chamber, no safety, in a secure holster designed just for my model gun.

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