Man Holding a Toddler Hostage, Writing On Windows in Blood, Is Shot by Maryland Police

defensive gun use

As of this morning, 30-year-old Jean Perez is in critical condition after barricading himself in his ex-girlfriend’s home with their 3-year-old son. This happened in Montgomery County, Maryland.

According to officials, “The first call to 911 was reported to be a woman screaming. The call taker heard a male voice state, ‘I will kill you,’ and the line was then disconnected.”

By the time officers arrived, the woman and her current boyfriend were outside, having escaped in fear for their own safety after being unable to get the child away from Perez.

Hostage negotiators stood outside the home for more than an hour trying to establish a line of communication with Perez in both English and Spanish. However, he could not be convinced either to release the child or come out of the building.

In addition to writing on the windows with his fingers in what appeared to be blood, Perez also responded to the hostage negotiators by lighting an object on fire and throwing it out of the child’s bedroom window.

“Smoke detectors were activated and audible, and the screams of the child could be heard coming from the second floor,” police said in a statement. “Tactical team supervisors made the decision to enter the home for the welfare of the child. During this time, an officer observed Perez and shot him.”

Thankfully, the child was rescued without having sustained any physical harm.


  1. avatar Just Sayin says:

    “Tactical team supervisors made the decision to enter the home for the welfare of the child. During this time, an officer observed Perez and shot him.”

    Read it s l o w l y, Broward Co Sherriff’s Officers & Orange County Sherriff’s Officers.

    And don’t give me that “situation dictates” crap.
    We KNOW that. It’s the cowardice we don’t understand.

    1. avatar Marty says:

      Cowardice? You don’t have a clue, and as such don’t embarrass yourself with stupid comments. In situations like this one, the #1 goal of LE is the safety of the hostage, in this case a 3 year child. They need to obtain as much info as possible including whether the suspect is armed. It’s SOP to try and obtain comm’s with the suspect and try and end the situation peacefully. That takes some time. I’m surprised they let it go for only an hour, probably because they determined something going down hill not mentioned in this post. However, what they did is exactly what they should have done and your comment is asinine.

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        Marty, he’s referring to the school shooting in Broward County, where officers stood outside listening to an active shooter instead of this case, where officers did the right thing.

        1. avatar Marty says:

          Yea, after seeing his additional comment, that’s what I figured. See my reply to that.

      2. avatar Just Sayin says:

        I think I understand what you’re getting at. (And thanks for holding back on the personal attack.) But I have experienced adherence to SOP that has in fact worsened the problem.
        The two specific LEO groups I called out stand in stark contrast to this event. And neither is a shiny example of your SOP that you want them to be. Both were abject failures with many hiding behind SOP.
        Look, strict adherence to SOP and rogue actions are two sides of the same coin.
        The public at large will, in fact, never know all the details of the two events I cited.
        Both involved personnel that failed to do their job (which is what I am naming cowardice), and the fact that those responsible will never be held accountable is another example of (unwritten) SOP.

        1. avatar Marty says:

          Sorry, but I think I missed your two examples, but if you are referring to Parkland, you’re kinda right. Parkland was not in any way an example of standard SOP’s. That was an abomination of standard SOP’s. The Sheriff, the Captain on scene and the SRO violated every SOP I’ve ever seen when it comes to an active shooter. None of them deserve to have any position in law enforcement. Maybe a school crossing guard, but even that’s debatable.

      3. avatar Kendahl says:

        As long as the suspect isn’t in the process of harming a hostage, you take all the time you can get to figure out the his emotional buttons and how to get the hostage (first priority) and him out safely. But, as soon as he switches over to harming the hostage, you go in fast and hard to put him down. If you are good, as well as lucky, you will get him before he gets the hostage.

        1. avatar Marty says:

          Absolutely. That’s why I was a little surprised the made entry after only an hour. They obviously knew something that we didn’t.

  2. avatar Peirsonb says:

    Waiting for this to get added to the “cops shoot unnamed people” stat people like to throw around.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Bet you mean “unarmed”.

      1. avatar Rad Man says:

        This is why I insist upon being named at all times.

  3. avatar LarryinTX says:

    Critical condition? Did we run out of ammo?

    1. avatar JWA says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  4. avatar Ed Schrade says:

    Wonder if he was here legally or a citizen, just curious.

    1. avatar Dev says:

      Why does it matter? More citizens than illegals commit crimes. Also many illegals don’t have Hispanic or Islamic sounding names. Way to promote the racial stereotypes though, Giffords and Watts would be proud of you.

      1. avatar Robert A says:

        “More citizens than illegals commit crimes”

        Absolute nonsense, this “fact” has been thoroughly debunked.

        1. avatar FedUp says:

          Look at everything that’s technically a crime in this country, and the fact that the citizens outnumber the illegal aliens 15:1.

          It’s obvious that the number of citizens who committed a crime in this country in the past 12 months exceeds the number of illegal aliens in this country. Therefore there are more citizens committing crimes.

          But that doesn’t change the fact that illegal aliens commit more crimes per person than citizens.

        2. avatar Anymouse says:

          100% of illegals commit crimes. It’s right there in the name. Once you’re not part of the system, it only gets worse. How many drive without licenses or insurance? How many unlicensed even know DUI laws or respect them?

      2. avatar GS650G says:

        Hold.on there Dev he was just asking a question and you called him a racist.
        And just remember every deported illegal is one less potential problem for the rest of us.

        1. avatar Ed Schrade says:

          I did smoke out the liberal trolls, didn’t I .

  5. avatar rt66paul says:

    I am pretty sure that a higher percentage of the illegal immigrant population live the thug life than legal immigrants and/or American citizens. The prison population seems to prove this fact.

    1. avatar Marty says:

      I’m pretty sure you’re right. If we checked the per capita of illegals vs the per capita of citizens, the illegals have it hands down.

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    Fortunately, Lon Horiuchi wasn’t on the case. He would have shot the baby.

  7. avatar Hannibal says:

    Yup, that seems like some exigency. Actually that would be a moot point given he’s an intruder.

    Either way, there is still a place for tactical teams, and this is a good representation of it.

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      One way to reduce the “JBT” reputation that civilian LE has these days:

      Fire everyone in the command structure who sends the paramilitary/tactical squads where their use is not justified (which is currently over 90% of the incidents they are used in).

  8. avatar Marty says:

    The real question should be how many crimes are committed per capita of the citizens and of the illegals?

  9. avatar American Patriot says:

    Another good ending outcome, job well done.

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