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Tensions at airports are running a little high these days, especially in Florida. Earlier this year a man opened fire in the baggage claim area of the Fort Lauderdale airport killing five and wounding eight. Ever since both the media and the airlines have been freaking out about firearms in airports.

Just last week the Orlando Sentinel published an article sounding the alarm over the continued ability to have an unloaded and locked firearm in your checked baggage. One man in Orlando last night decided not to help the situation, creating an hours-long standoff in an airport while wielding a fake firearm.

From CNN:

Hundreds of officers descended on Orlando International Airport on Tuesday night after reports of a man with a gun near the rental car area. But the weapon turned out to be fake, authorities said.

A two-hour standoff that followed sent panicked travelers fleeing, with some hiding behind concrete barriers in the parking lot.
Police later confronted the man and ended the standoff after nearly two hours. No shots were fired and no one was injured during the incident contained to a rental car area, the Orlando Police Department said.

According to the cops, the man was looking for the cops to help him commit suicide. The fake gun definitely looked real from a distance, but the screw holes in the frame are a dead giveaway upon close examination. Not that the cops had that opportunity.

Any situation where someone is threatening harm with a firearm needs to be taken seriously, as was done in this case. Naturally those in favor of gun control will contrive some way to blame even this incident on the “easy availability of guns.” And they’ll decry the gun culture in the US.

The fact is, though, that attacks at airports happen all over the world, in places like Turkey and Belgium. What this incident should teach us isn’t to be afraid of airports but instead to be vigilant, keeping your situational awareness up at all times in these largely gun-free zones. Because in reality, actual attacks on airports by determined terrorists can and will happen.

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  1. Can nobody just put the garden hose in the exhaust if they want to off themselves? Stop trying to make other people do your dirty work for you.

    Should have shot him in the knee.

    • These modern PZEV vehicles don’t put out enough CO to kill you, need an older car.

    • “Should have shot him in the knee”?

      They should’ve shot him in the nuts to keep him from procreating and passing on those defective genes.

  2. Hundreds of officers? I’m assuming that is typical CNN exaggeration and/or fabrication.

    • “Hundreds of officers?”
      Yeah, they had most of the roads blocked off around the airport and didn’t get them opened back up until after midnight. One whole side of the terminal was shut down. You would have thought there was a major bomb scare rather than just one suicidal guy with a gun in the first floor of the rental car parking. Robbery and theaft probably spiked at all the 7-11s and Walmarts in Orlando during that time.

  3. Sounds like a well trained and professional law enforcement dept. No one got scared and unloaded his/her magazine in a random direction of the bad guy. Talked him down and brought him in. Nice work

    • Yes, they showed a lot more restraint than I would have expected.
      I figured after the shooting earlier this year, they’d have wasted him on sight.
      Can’t believe he wasn’t able to commit Suicide By Cop.

  4. Humbly offered… is it inappropriate to ask the headline writers to not perpetuate use of the phrase “fake gun”?

  5. If this guy wanted to commit “Suicide by Cop” as the article stated, why couldn’t the Orlando PD have saved the taxpayers a lot of money prosecuting him and ultimately giving him room and board for x number of years by accommodating his wishes?

  6. Can we all stop beating around the bush and start calling “gun control” by it’s real name? It’s a thinly veiled attempt to coerce people to rely on the government and give up their autonomy. Aka tyranny.

    Start calling gun control tyranny and you will realize your tolerance level for it diminishes considerably. No more debates, no more talking, no more compromises. Why? Because tyranny and those that promote and practice it, by constitutional definition, are simply not conducive or compatible with a free country.

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