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About a week ago in Indianapolis, a man was arriving home around 9:00 p.m. after running a few errands when he was jumped by two armed attackers, right on his front stoop. The two suspects forced the man through the door, pistol-whipped him, shot him in the leg and demanded cash.

While this was happening, the man’s wife was running to his aid. The attackers, wearing gray clothing and masks on their faces, demanded money from her, too. The woman then ran off toward the kitchen and grabbed a handgun instead. By firing one shot, she scared off both of the attackers and quite possibly saved her husband’s life.

There were two young children inside the home during this incident who were not harmed. The man was hospitalized for his gunshot wound but is stable and expected to recover.

All things considered, besides the fact that the two perpetrators are still on the loose, this is a fairly good outcome. As John Boch says, peace of mind is an armed spouse.

Stories like this powerfully contradict the mainstream media’s narratives – which is why you won’t see them broadcast or distributed by those networks. We do our best to report on defensive gun uses as often as possible, and we archive them all publicly here.

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  1. Great work by the wife (hero). Unfortunately, the story was probably a non-starter for the media.

  2. The ideal kind of wife I want to have one day. Not a situation I’d ever be find myself in though considering i always have mine on my hip.

  3. It doesn’t state if she fired one shot and missed or fired a warning shot. Either way, with two armed attackers and her husband already shot, this could have easily ended with orphaned children if the attackers had decided to shoot instead of run.

    Practice and shoot to hit.

  4. Wow, this is an amazing story. Sooooo…..we don’t need to home carry, after all? Turns out you *can* win an impromptu foot race with a home invader back to you household firearm. The attackers were in close enough proximity to her that that they could demand money from her, but not so close as to grab her? Demanded cash, but not credit cards or even the whole wallet and purse? Curious, that.

    She ran to the kitchen to retrieve her firearm? Hmmm. It could have been in her purse resting on the counter. My wife sometimes does that when she gets home. Still, it sounds fishy.

    I’d want to know if neighbors heard both shots. Did police find two slugs? Let me guess, they didn’t find hers, but the one in his leg just happens to be the same caliber as her gun. Throw in a vague description of the assailants and this whole thing sounds more like a domestic situation gone bad or a negligent discharge, either way followed up by a flimsy cover story.

    • You forgot to inquire as to whether she was making her husband a pimento cheese sandwich. If so, then we have an obvious sign of marital discord and fuel for a violent confrontation. It must be a bitch to be you.

    • If one has to “run” for a weapon, they’ve put the odds in the BGs’ favor.

      I carry continuously – morning till night. At bedtime, my 16+1 9mm is on top of my nightstand. My wife’s shotgun is leaning against the wall, 3′ from her grasp.

      Except for bedtime, a weapon (mostly 2) is/are on my person. I will not be “running” for a self-defense weapon.

    • Reading this on the toilet (Stop laughing, at least a few more of you are too)… where is my gun? On the sink countertop next to me. It followed me from my desk a while ago. In another minute, it will follow me again to the living room.
      All quite normal in my house.

  5. Liberals want all women disarmed. They will do, ANYTHING, they can to stop a girl, or a grown a woman, from learning about firearms. A Liberal would prefer a woman raped and or a young girl kidnapped, never to be found again. Instead of a female stopping her attacker, using their own firearm.
    Liberals are the devil. You atheist can call them something else.

    Last Call For Free ‘Ladies Night’ Shooting Range

    • Male Bovine Excrement! Your comment is that of a raving Ultra Right Extremist who uses the “every” and “no one” all too freely.

      Less hatred and rage – more reaching out to others – will do everyone a great deal of good. I’ve been an independent (small ‘i’) voter and activist my entire adult life. I’ve never failed to cast a ballot for which I was eligible. I’ve never belonged to a political party, and never shall. My objectivity is unimpeachable.

      The sooner people come together on common ground, the sooner we can come to resolve and agreement on controversial issues. It’s about the Greater Good, not an individual position.

      • Your failure to face the truth is the reason why Blue state citizens are losing their civil rights. There are no “Ultra Right Extremist” who are elected in California, or Maryland, or New Jersey. Only the Liberals YOU VOTED FOR, and who are passing unconstitutional laws.

        If you as a Liberal gun owner are voting for Liberals, who are giving you “Free Stuff”, then you will not have your guns in the near future. But you will have the Free Stuff, that you want the government to give you. “Free of Charge”

        As a Liberal do you support ending Ladies Night at gun ranges?
        Do you think children should have to wait until they are 21 years of age to buy a gun?
        Do you support the Mulford Act?
        Do you support constitutional carry?
        Do you support Stand Your Ground Laws?
        Do You support a 10 day waiting period?
        Do You believe the Bump Stock should be outlawed?
        Do you support arming teachers?
        Do you support magazine limits?
        Do you support extended background checks?
        Do you support the NFA?
        Do you support the Democrat party agenda on gun control?

      • ECPatriot,

        Unfortunately, there is no common ground between myself and someone who insists that my family cannot possibly defend ourselves from younger, faster, and stronger attackers who have the additional advantages of surprise and superior numbers.

        It is no different than demanding that a woman find common ground with her rapist.

        If you really are retired law enforcement, then you know that police almost NEVER arrive in time to save the day and rescue a person or family under attack. As the adage goes, “When second count, the police are just minutes away!” Or if you are a wounded victim of a spree killer bleeding out on the floor of a nightclub, the police are just hours away as in the case of the Pulse Nightclub.

      • When you have two sides with different individual positions for the greater good you get division. Anyone who has been alive for any amount of time should knows this, it’s human nature.

      • Common ground is difficult enough to find under the best of circumstances. As it is, we are talking about a disagreement over basic civil and human rights. Even if I were to agree with someone on every single topic except gun control, they would be my sworn enemy. At this point in the debate the evidence is incontrovertible and easily accessible to anyone interested, and thus anyone still advocating for gun control is either delusional and unable to correctly perceive the issue, so stupid as to be unable to understand the issue, or so dishonest as to distort the issue intentionally…and as a result people, innocent people die. What useful common ground should we seek with fools, lunatics and liars?
        The gun control debate is no longer an honest debate, our side the people of the gun, won a long time ago. Whats in the other camp are fools lunatics and liars, how can we reconcile?

  6. Something in this story doesn’t sound right. Even if it did occur as described there is another problem, if you are a gun owner at least take the responsibility to train yourself. This should have ended with two suspects assuming room temperature being identified by the arriving officers. If you pick up a gun you better be able to use it properly.

    • If a gun owner should be trained, as you state, it appears you’re not practicing what you advocate.

      “Room temperature?” Really. Any responsibly trained and qualified gun owner and CCW citizen knows full well the goal is NOT to kill. It is to neutralize a threat. PERIOD!

      I am a former LEO, and lifelong gun owner/shooter. At no time was I ever instructed to KILL. I was and am trained to neutralize a threat to the best of my ability.

      • If I have no safe way out of a life or death situation, I will shoot until the attacker stops. I am not going to be playing “catch and release” with someone trying to kill me. Unfortunately, for my attacker, my response will come either in a swarm of #4 buck shot or multiple penetrations of 230 grain ball. These responses may result in that stop being permanent. Firearms have no fine adjustments. If I’m not certain of these facts, and willing and able to accept these consequences, I shouldn’t be carrying “any” potentially lethal weapon, as under those conditions I am a danger both to myself and everyone else. Since it’s scientifically impossible for a dead body, and that’s what we’re talking about here now, a dead body, to have it’s temperature remain static, it will eventually return to room temperature. That is an accurate, simple and yet profound, statement of fact. It’s a little blunt and maybe a little disrespectful of the late deceased, but that doesn’t make it any less representative of the conditions as they now exist. These above actions will also render the inert object into a state known universally, in hospitals and morgues everywhere, as AD-RS. Which is the unavoidable result emanating from the other person trying to kill us which is what made it necessary for us to shoot it until it stopped attacking us in the first place. -30-

    • The truth is that we really do not know exactly what happened. The news media seldom tells us the truth, and facts are usually a secondary concern to the news media. They also abbreviate the story to fit it in a small segment of a video or column. It is likely that the two cowards turned and ran as soon as she returned to the room with a gun. If you have seen video where bad guys turn and ran after being confronted by an armed good guy, it is downright amazing how fast these cowards can move. Anyhow, once they turn and run, the threat is gone and the justification for a defensive shoot is gone too.

  7. “We do our best to report on defensive gun uses as often as possible, and we archive them all publicly here.”

    Thank you.

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