Mako Introduces World’s Only Stand-Alone Recoil Butt Pad with A Fully Adjustable Monopod for AR-15/M4-Style 6-Position Stocks

This is a big deal—if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “You know what I need? A stand-alone recoil butt pad with a fully adjustable monopod for my AR-15’s existing six-position stock.” I jest, of course. Because that’s exactly the kind of thought process that gun owners go through. Well, the clever ones. Like the guys at Mako. “Having a monopod incorporated into the butt pad increases shooting accuracy by providing a stable shooting platform and also allows the shooter to concentrate on their shot instead of handling the rifle. When the monopod is not being used, it retracts totally out of the way up into the recoil pad.” Keep in mind that this is an add-on to what you’ve already got; should you own a monopodless version of “America’s Rifle.” The money you’ll save is probably your own. To wit . . .

Today’s butt pad products do not traditionally include anything other than the actual butt pad, except for a few stocks that include an incorporated monopod. However, these expensive stock/monopod combination products typically range in price from US$200 – US$600 or more”, says Addy Sandler, The Mako Group’s CEO. “Our new recoil butt pad with an adjustable monopod (GM-RBP1) offers a totally unique butt pad design and innovative features at a very affordable price.”

Needless to say, TTAG will review this $56 addition to the AR family ASAP.

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