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The pro-gun group Gun Owners of Maine is preparing to fight the state’s newly implemented three-day waiting period in court, but that fight is going to take money.

Back in April, anti-gun lawmakers in the Pine Tree State passed a measure requiring a 72-hour waiting period for gun purchasers before they can be transferred a gun they have purchased, even after passing the FBI’s federal background check. Passage took a barrage of procedural games, and then Gov. Janet Mills didn’t act upon the legislation, cowardly letting it become law without her signature.

Consideration of the law by the state legislature forced one major Maine employer to announce it would take its business to a different, more gun-friendly state if the measure was passed. Kittery Trading Post, the gun seller and outdoor sports retailer located by Interstate 95 in southern Maine, said it would move its firearms business across the border to New Hampshire if the waiting period took effect.

The 86-year-old business stated in a letter that the law would have “irreversible consequences” on its third-generation, family-owned gun and outdoor sports company.

“The 72-hour waiting period forces law-abiding customers to make two visits over three days to complete a legal firearm sale,” the trading post’s letter to a state gun-rights organization stated. “That means extra time, gas and sundries which further drives up the cost of the transaction for the consumer. We are a destination store in a tourist state and 55% of our visits are unique each year. We will be vigorously supporting the lawsuit against the State of Maine on this legislation. If this law is implemented, we will be forced to move our entire firearms business to New Hampshire.”

And New Hampshire officials were more than happy to welcome that eventuality. Brandon Pratt, a spokesperson for New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, told the Portsmouth Herald that the governor had reached out to ensure Kittery Trading Post ownership knows the business is welcome in New Hampshire.

“The governor spoke to the leadership team at Kittery Trading Post and made it clear that the Live Free or Die state would love to be an expanded home for the Kittery Trading Post,” Pratt said in a prepared statement. “He looks forward to working with them in the future to meet whatever needs they might have!”

Now, Gun Owners of Maine is asking for donations to help fund the lawsuit.

“We take this very seriously and will see it through to the end—but we need your help,” the group said in an update on its website. “We genuinely appreciate your support, and take your comments such as ‘Maine is counting on you’ to heart. We also know that the economy makes it difficult for many people to have anything extra left over at the end of the month, so when we receive comments of, ‘It’s not much but it’s all I have,’ we know this is something you believe in.”

Those interested in helping fund the lawsuit can contribute to the effort online by clicking here.

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  1. The entity that controls you uses your money taken through coercion to do so and when you want to fight back against that control you have to pay from what’s left out of your own pocket after and during that coercion.

    Funny how that works. Almost like the whole thing is rigged so eventually, no matter what, you lose.

    • What effect would a 3 daze wait have had on the lunatic who murdered 18? He already had a boatload of gats. And military training. And the whole dang area knew he was a threat including cowardly cops. No plans for a trip to Maine & now that’s never🙄

      • “What effect would…”

        What effect would the Puppet’s multi-trillion dollar spending spree have on the climate? Answer: none. But their constituents feel like they’re doing something, so stupid governing is widely supported because dem feelz.

  2. Thugs etc don’t make gun purchases in gun stores anyway. The 3 day wait will only effect honest citizens.
    Moving the store to New Hampshire may be the better option, for Maine will only pass other more restrictive laws in the future. Contributing to the moving expense may be a better option vs the lawsuit.

    • Relocating yourself to a gun friendly state would be many times more expensive, but exponentially more effective.

  3. I wish our state was 3 day waiting period. Here in Washington state, we now have a 10 day waiting period, no purchase or transfer of AR-15 or any other redefined so called “Assault Rifles”. No pistols with more than a 10 round mag. This ban is being fought in the courts, but meanwhile all us law abiding citizens are having our rights violated and the Governor and Attorney General simple do not care about citizens’ rights and think it’s just fine..

  4. Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a sick agenda that gets off on Controlling people. Like Gun Control making defenseless Blacks pick cotton all day in the hot sun or like Gun Control making defenseless Jews board freezing trains to concentration camps. As long as Gun Control exists the potential for its related atrocities to be repeated exists. FJB.

  5. Maine will follow the leftwing vermont ……..

    The question for the future is only if new hampshire can resist ?

  6. My last two gunm purchases were impulse bought. I’m certain a 3 day waiting period would have changed my mind.
    That Remington 870 with big long 30 inch barrel, dang , got it home , waited two weeks and I still felt dick shorted.
    But ahh hah, the 4n3/4 revolver. Hah hah. Mines bigger, a little, sure beats going to Japan.
    Next on the list one of them freedom arms with an inch and a half barrel.

  7. I remember buying a shotgun in Kalifornistan years ago. Bought the gun, had to wait 15 days to pick it up. Go to pick it up and am told I have to come back the next day because I bought it after 4:30 or some BS so one of the days didn’t count as a full business day.

  8. We need to begin the process of recalling Janet Mills now, not after some set of cinditions but now.

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