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Like rust, Bloomberg-funded Mayors Against Illegal Guns never seems to sleep. Not content to have bubble-headed Hollywood types making their case, the MAIG men have apparently decided a little more heft is required to forward the cause of civilian disarmament. So it looks like, in addition to most of America’s chiefs of police, there are plenty of retired top brass who think restricting the RKBA is what’s really needed now. Apparently (some) old soldiers never die, they just chuck the duty to defend the Constitution.

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  1. These weren’t chiefs of police. They were Generals who get a nice fat retirement to live comfortably away behind gated communities.

    • Not for a movie theater, not for the streets.. Hey, I agree with them. It is wrong for a nut to shoot up a movie theater. Deal with them, leave me alone.

  2. Honestly all these commercials or what ever, I don’t see them.. The MAIG needs to be disbanded.

  3. They’re just like any other politician. Anyone doing work can’t afford to have their head that far up their ass.

  4. So now we have generals telling us, “guns are bad m’kay?”… Cut me a break! What a bunch of hypocrites trying to find relevance after a forced retirement… Sheesh!

  5. Stephen A. Cheney, I now consider you an Ex-Marine. You have chosen to stand and oppose the Constitution and you are no longer exhibiting Honor, Courage, and Commitment. You must have forgotten what Semper Fidelis means.

  6. Since they’re retired, and I’m active duty, I feel pretty comfortable telling these OFWG O-7/8/9s to FOAD.

    It’s almost as much fun as telling retirees to mind their business when they attempt to correct me on uniform regs.

  7. “Look here you serfs, I am special because I played my politics well enough to get promoted beyond Captain. I can do whatever I want with guns, I was in the military. You, on the other hand, are much easier to control when disarmed. “

  8. Any of these people who swore an oath to support, protect, and defend the constitution should be charged with treason for doing s#it like this…

  9. Just goes to prove that generals & mid-level military brass have ALWAYS been politicians, nothing more, nothing less.

    And, they always whore, for the right price, just like a politician, be it for Northrop Gruman or Doucheberg’s MAIG.

    Not to mention, ANY public servant, former or current, who propagandizes or conspires to destroy the Constitution (aside from lawful amendment process) is in direct violation of their Constitutional Oath, thus are guilty of Treason, and/or at the least perjuring their Constitutional Oath, which has no expiration date.

    Soooo cannot wait to see Nuremberg 2.0 vs all POTUS admin & their apparatchiks since JFK; fine, reality of it such only leaves us with Carter and on.

    Why starting with Pres. Carter?

    Because it was the ‘peacenik Pres’ whom via his National Security Adviser and daddy to the daily propagandist Mika at MSDNC’s Morning Joe ‘got a dead intern found in my FL CONgressional office I’ve never answered for‘ Scarborough, one Zbiegniew Brezezinski who actually CREATED Al-CIA-da aka ‘the database’ of Islamist mercenaries/Mujahadeen & funded OBL aka ‘Tim Osmond’ that we’re having to deal with, today.

    FU to all the historically amnesic a-holes. Deal with it bitches: it’s well known history, unless you delude MSDNC, Commie/ComedyNewsNet & FauxNews as actual news.

  10. The entertainment stars in the first video quickly lost credibility. Now they are using old retired men to play the “elite card” – that everyone should agree with them because they know more about weapons than the rest of the American public. I call BS.

  11. this should alarm everyone. first with the nonsense over the sequester, before that the issues with Libya and now this? the US military has become politicized and many think thats the real reason you’ve seen Marine greats like Mattis and Allen retiring instead of taking on new assignments.

    this just completes the circle. no parts of the govt are worthy of trust anymore.

  12. While the military certainly has a higher percentage of true patriots and a lower percentage of dumbasses/school yard bullies than other branches of government, they’re not devoid of the type. I’ve met plenty. And while you respect that they wore the uniform and laid it on the line, you have to scratch your head and wonder how they got the mindset they did. Daddy issues, perhaps. He’s a civilian now, and stupid civilian he is.

  13. A few points: You can’t carry a weapon on most military facilities unless it is a duty weapon. Autocratic? Yes…the military is by nature and design. More than a few military officers are control freaks, a few are closet fascists. There is a reason the Constitution established civilian control over the military. Many retired general officers are looking for a job either in consulting, politics, or the like and will pander accordingly. They didn’t get to be general officers by an inability to kiss bigger, more powerful asses, no matter how much they stunk.

  14. Well this goes against logic for there cause when do the military decides what weapons we can keep. Our four fathers made the 2A to protect our rights from military dictators.

    Doesn’t matter that some old scum ball who doesn’t know squat about firearms thinks its the 2A “Shall not be infringed”. Generals dont matter most Pentagon brass are beruocrates not solders who brown nose Congress and the President so with the fascist wanting total power they will force career minded beruocrates to help there cause of be forced to retire no surprises here. For these already retired morons well like I said once a political stooge always one.

  15. Generals are no more soldiers than big city chiefs are cops. They’re, with few exceptions pols.

    When I was in service we talked of the 2 wars, the 1 against the enemy and the 1 against our officers. Nothing much appears to have changed.

  16. With the country plugged in to Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians, even if this saw some MSM airtime people will just be like, WTF? And go right back to killing brain cells.

  17. Looks like the second guy, Paul D. Eaton Major General, US Army(Ret), missed the memo on the purpose of the video. In his first appearance he said “guns in the right hands protect us”. While he was most likely refering to the police, he was extremely vague. Another interesting thing is that they seem to say that guns only belong on battlefields and I always thought MAIG had a soft spot for police when it came to guns.

  18. All prostitutes making a little extra Bloob Bucks. These guys wouldn’t have said $hit if they weren’t being paid, one way or the other. Who are they to use their rank to express a demand? A high rank in the military is not elected office. Thanks for your services, enjoy retirement.

  19. As a RETIRED soldier, veteran of multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, as a husband/father, as an American Citizen, I too DEMAND A PLAN. However, that plan should NOT include taking any American’s ability to defend themselves from criminals, gang members and a Federal Government (extremely unlikely as it is).

    Put those who have proven themselves mentally incompetent in the background check system. Prosecute those who attempt to buy guns illegally. Those who get caught using a gun stupidly (Joe) or illegally ban them as well and put them in jail. Dont create areas where criminals can operate without risk of getting shot (gun-free zones). If someone desires to carry a firearm and is legal, let them.

    DEMAND A PLAN not any plan, but a good one.

  20. Does it have to be a good plan? Or will most any plan do? Do weapons need to be taken or can children just be saved? Maybe the generals will come up with a plan involving duct tape & bloombergs mouth, that would be one I could support, Randy

  21. Name a country that allows its military to decide matters of policy and maintains its liberty. Turkey is the only one that I can come up with where the military has for a long time been seen as preserving the rights of citizens, and that’s a sketchy case.

  22. You can always find someone to bloviate for money or fame, so dont lump all service people in as one class, as some posters here have done to LEOs also.

    With respect to these gents, some of whom I am sure have seen some difficult things in their service to country, its likely that some of them may not even realize how their words have been selectively edited, and presented in the context that MAIG intends.

    Nevertheless, they certainly dont speak for all vets or all flag officers, for that matter, and they should know better and stop “selling” their rank for a political cause, no matter how well intentioned.

  23. Eaton blogs at HuffPo and worked on Hillary’s presidential campaign, so he’s been an openly partisan Democrat for years now.

  24. A pro-gun organization should start their own “Demand a Plan” campaign. Use the same style and everything, but with strongly pro-gun messaging. Demand a plan to stop gun violence and protect gun rights. Confuse the heck out of everyone because they’ll no longer know what sort of “plan” they’re “demanding”.

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