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Times must be tough for Mike Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns. It doesn’t appear there are enough living mayors willing to identify themselves as members of the gun-grabbing group any more. So now they’re resorting to using the names of dead mayors to swell their membership rolls. Looks like Mikey’s taken some pointers from former Chicago Mayor Daley in how to drum up extra support in a pinch…

As reports, Freeland Borough, PA’s mayor Tim Martin’s been dead for over a year and  MAIG continues to claim him as a proud member. But that’s not all they’re doing in his name.

In fact, not only do they claim him as a member, but the deceased mayor has signed his name to at least two advertisements, three letters to Congress, and one letter to the President sent by Michael Bloomberg’s office. Now, just how on earth is Bloomberg getting a dead man to sign his letters? And why are media outlets running advertisements that are clearly fraudulent?

Why indeed. Sympathy with MAIG’s cause surely has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

So now that MAIG has become the gun grabbers of the living dead, there must be plenty of other deceased mayors that are just itching to join the prestigious organization. It appears Dumfries, VA mayor Fred Yohey has recently passed on. So has the mayor of San Carlos, CA, Omar Ahmad. I’m sure that if the wizards at MAIG can Google half as well as I can, they can just about double their membership rolls overnight. Collecting their dues may be more difficult, however.


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  1. Everyone’s against illegal guns in the hands of criminals. Unfortunately MAIG is against all guns in anyone’s hands because they can’t deal with criminals.

  2. Here is one for MikeB30200 — so why is nobody calling out these idiots? Does it make sense to resort to underhanded and illegal tactics to grab the guns from legally owning citizens?

    They want to high upon of morality but cannot seem to follow the rules themselves. If they cannot get people to sign up for this campaign, this should tell you something.

    • I think the grabbers subscribe to pragmatic “ethics.” If it forwards their ideology they will lie, cheat and steal to get their way.

  3. It’s a clever strategy since dead mayors can’t loose elections for taking unpopular positions AND there are many more dead mayors than living ones. Heck, democrats have been enlisting the dead to win elections for decades, why not use them to promote gun control? I am saddened, however, that republicans have neglected this important constituency.

  4. The NRA tried to do the same thing, but they could not pry an endorsement out of Charlton Heston’s cold dead hands.

  5. well that pretty much settles it im going to sell my house buy as much hornady zombie ammo as possible and move to a cabin in the woods where I have a good vantage point to shoot undead mayors

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