Lueders: In Challenging Limits on Gun Rights, GOP Uses Creative Solutions to Imaginary Problems

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Bill Lueders
Bill Lueders (courtesy

Throughout the nation, states with Republican governors and GOP-led legislatures are tapping deep into the political zeitgeist and availing themselves of the opportunities of the moment to devise and execute creative solutions to imaginary problems. Here is a rundown of some of those efforts. …

Imaginary problem: It is just too difficult to obtain and bear firearms in the United States.

Unnecessary solution: Take aim at existing gun laws.

Execution: Red states across the country are responding to the escalating carnage of gun violence by pushing back on the onerous restrictions that, despite the Second Amendment, somehow still remain in place. As the New York Times recently reported, “In Kentucky, Ohio, Nebraska, Texas, and Virginia, Republicans have pushed this year to limit gun-free zones, remove background checks and roll back red-flag laws that seek to remove firearms from those who are a danger to themselves or others.”

And then there’s Tennessee, which has long had some of the nation’s laxest gun laws. In July 2021, it approved allowing anyone 21 or older to carry a handgun, either openly or concealed, without any sort of training or permit. (“It shouldn’t be hard for law-abiding Tennesseans to exercise their #2A rights,” Gov. Bill Lee tweeted after signing his name.) But early this year, before a shooter with seven legal guns opened fire at a private Christian elementary school in Nashville, killing three young children and three adults, Tennessee Republicans decided they needed to do more.

They introduced a bill to remove the state’s cruel prohibition on brandishing guns and other weapons on college campuses, as well as public parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities. The bill, before it was amended, called for allowing “law enforcement officers to carry a firearm when under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances”—language the bill’s lead sponsor, state Sen. Joey Hensley, said appeared without his knowledge or consent. Even with this language taken out, the bill still did not pass. But Tennessee House Republicans did stick together enough to expel two black Democrats who made a fuss about the legislature’s failure to do anything about gun violence besides encouraging it.

— Bill Lueders in Unnecessary Solutions to Imaginary Problems

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  1. “Red states across the country are responding to the escalating carnage of gun violence by pushing back on the onerous restrictions…”

    If the restrictions worked then why is there escalating carnage? If they don’t work why do we need them and why defend them?

    Also, I’m not saying that guy’s light in the loafers, but he certainly looks like he’s had more than a few Bud Lights in his day and he very probably owns a Harley that he rides to Chic-Ffil-A after he picks up a few things at Target.

      • At least Kawasaki is not in a marketing campaign with Bud. Harley is.

        Commemorative cans and everything.

        Chick-Fil-A just hired a corporate DEI coordinator and now openly supports Pride.

        Forcing a “decision dilemma” is what they do. You either cuck or react. Either way they get what they want in most cases. They’re quite clearly choosing their corporate targets specifically to target Conservatives because, historically, Conservatives will give them exactly what they want.

        “When applying this principle, it’s important to understand that you can’t just hope the target reacts in a way that spotlights the injustice. You want to anticipate your target’s likely reactions, and design your action to provoke the reaction you want, and then incorporate it into your action. If it doesn’t work the first time, adjust and try again.”

        Read all about it. You can even sign up for the mailing list where they’ll teach you to think like a Lefty. Shit’s right out in the open.

        Remind me again where all this Conservative “winning” is?

        • I think people would be wise to explore that website and read the book Rules for Radicals. Fight their fire with fire.

        • You can get the Beautiful Trouble book too, it’s a good offline reference that they can’t stealth edit on you.

        • Don’t give a fuck what HD Corp does, my last interaction with them was in 2019 when I purchased my current bike, If your idea of “riding” is laying on a gas tank doing a hundred forty plus then you are basically an organ donor repository… I have ridden bikes from all over the world and I’ve settled on Harley Davidson NOT for the company or their political leaning (if I let politics run my life I would just sit here doing nothing for the rest of my life)… I service all of my bikes, HD Corp has no control over me and the Bike that I bought in 2019 for 26.6 thou out the door (tax, tag and title) is worth 34 thousand today, who fucking cares what the company is doing with Budweiser, I don’t drink Budweiser… My daily ride is a minimum of 100 miles and most weekends we log at least 300 to 500 miles, you don’t do that laying over a gas tank,,, I stretch out, kick back on my backrest, set the cruise control and ENJOY the day… You do you but keep your mouth off of something you don’t know anything about… We’ve been through this shit before, I don’t fucking care what YOU think and you don’t fucking care what I think, so just fuck off…

        • So, tell me if your employer went “woke” tomorrow what would YOU do? Would you quit your job? Fuck no you wouldn’t, you are too deeply invested… I don’t have THAT problem but what I DO have is the desire to maintain a certain quality of life and if that means I must “hold my nose” and engage in commerce with companies that I don’t agree with then that’s what I will do… The shareholders will hold them accountable and if I hold stock in a company that I feel is acting in a manner that is in opposition to my beliefs I will dump it in a NY minute…

        • “Remind me again where all this Conservative “winning” is?”

          Seriously, Strych?

          How about a 6-3 SCotUS in our favor, instead of the picks the HildaBeast would have parked there.

          Do you think we would have gotten ‘Bruen’? Think the EPA would have their wings clipped, or supercharged right now?

          Whatever you’re smoking, can I have some from your bag???

        • “Chick-Fil-A just hired a corporate DEI coordinator and now openly supports Pride.”

          before the confused gender people hijacked DEI it was used to help the disabled get jobs.

          as for CFI support of pride, no evidence of what they are doing so all you have done is post a lie.
          and shown your too stupid to see there hiring of a DEI manager now gives CFA protection from junk lawsuits.

        • Maxx:

          You’re way, way, way too emo for this. You apparently can’t handle facts, because your feelz are too big. Shoot the messenger because of a motorcycle company. LOL, smart!

          If you stopped and thought for a moment, you’d realize that I haven’t said “Sell your Harley” or anything similar. I haven’t trolled at all. If I wanted to troll I’d say something like this:

          So, when it comes to PedoBikes do you prefer the 500 Flatchest or are you more into the Dick Chopper style?

          Because trolling ain’t hard.

          Instead, I’ve pointed out what’s what and even provided you with part of the Lefty playbook related to it so that you might read it and understand what they’re doing. Having done that, you could find a third way instead of being caught in the decision dilemma. But no, you can’t do that. Instead, you get mad at me because reasons and then flatly declare you’ve already decided to play a game that was built to ensure you cannot win it.

          Instead you attack the exact person who’s pointing out yet another attack that feeds the war against the standard of living you claim you want to keep. Which is exactly what this is, by the way, and if you knew sweet-fuck-all about commies and how they operate you’d know this.

          But emotional manipulation doesn’t work, right? You’re not mad banging away at that keyboard and telling me to fuck myself repeatedly. No, not at all, that’s pure rational thought based entirely on the arguments and facts I’ve laid out before you and the link to the Lefty playbook that you so obviously read and considered so very, very deeply before responding in a rational and unemotional manner.

          “How about a 6-3 SCotUS in our favor, instead of the picks the HildaBeast would have parked there.”

          So, you get a few seats on the SCOTUS and they get the entire administrative state set up against you plus half of Congress and the White House. How’s that going to work out over time?

          Well, skipping straight to the answer: They take the SCOTUS and then they do whatever the fuck they want to you and it’s “legal” because they say so.

          This is a cultural revolution that borrows from both Mao (bottom up) and Lenin (social atomization) to attain power and it’s going fairly well because Conservatives have watched it with confusion while scratching their ass and drinking a Bud for the past 20 years. Call it a “cold civil war” or whatever other term you prefer, it doesn’t much matter. What matters is that Conservatives admit that it’s happening and also admit that the real power in this country isn’t with Conservatives but rather with the normies which is why the *campaigns* against Target and AB Inbev actually work.

          For the umpteenth time (though now somewhat ironic): Target audience.

          Can you stop that? Sure. But I’d suggest you look at how the Bolshies and Maoists functioned if you’d like to. Or you can just keep thinking you’re winning, lose badly and then be confused.

          They leverage their strengths specifically because they’re a minority. Because they’ve read things like Behavior in Organizations (Porter, et al 1975) and then moved to weaponize those things they learned.

          You don’t even have to do that to leverage your strengths and downplay your weaknesses, you just have to realize your strengths for what they are. Will you?

          As Sun Tzu said: ““If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

          You’re not in the first position. You’re mostly in the latter two with a 60/40 split for the last one. Which means over time you will lose.

          And you can see that happening. I’ve been screaming this shit from the rooftops for 20 years and Conservatives shit all over me and then are super surprised that “gender ideology” has *suddenly* taken over pretty much every K-12 organization in the country.


          Irrelevant, and of questionable veracity to begin with considering the word games at play since 1963 and the tendency to conflate UK and US definitions as part of a word game worthy of Nero’s handle.

          Regardless, my grandmother’s skin cells were just skin cells before they became cancer. Once they became cancer discussing what they formerly were is nothing more than a waste of time.

      • “Rules for Radicals” is of limited utility to our side. Understanding its principles allows us to anticipate and predict our opponents’ tactics, but the tactics it contains are all calculated to work against us and do not work against them. Try to hold Leftists to their own principles and their own rules? They don’t have any. They laugh at you for trying. Everything that was mandatory yesterday is forbidden today, and vice versa, in their world. Everything they say is a slogan, something they do not actually believe, a lie calculated to trick us into giving them power. They do not actually believe anything at all other than that they should rule and put their boots on our necks. Everything they say and everything they do is carefully calculated to achieve that end. They aren’t interested in honest debate, or in protecting anyone’s rights, or the rule of law, or freedom of speech, or freedom of association, or any concept of “justice” or “equality” that doesn’t start and end with them taking over and grinding us into the mud. We left behind the place where there was any point in attempting dialogue a very long time ago. We are living in what historians will call the run-up to armed hostilities.

        • ““Rules for Radicals” is of limited utility to our side.”

          Wrong. There’s a lot there we can use, if it wasn’t for the rubber-spined jackwagons we have showing no courage.

          “Use the enemies own book of rules” is some seriously powerful stuff to use, if only they would use it…

        • Try to hold Leftists to their own principles and their own rules?

          If you actually studied the Left you would understand that, philosophically, they have no real rules and only one principle. Instead they have a playbook.

          But most of them don’t understand that playbook. They’re monkeys pushing buttons on a machine that dispenses what they want. Throw some sand in the machine and they’re clueless as to how to fix it.

          Knowing this, they are easy to bait into easily defeatable positions provided you don’t assume that the point of a debate is winning them over but rather winning over the audience.

      • @MAXX,
        We ride vastly different mounts into the same wind. For much the same reasons.
        I returned from my restful vacation in Tay Ninh province and used all my mustering out money to buy a few bikes. BMW R-50 and a Kawasaki 350 A7SS. Rotary valve twin. Fast. Put a Honda 750 disc up front, clipons and full road racing fairing. Topped out at 115, but was my schooling as a Cafe Racer. Broke my back on it in ‘71.
        Made the Run To The Wall in 2007 on a Moto Guzzi Cafe Bagger. Much better in the swervies, runs great on rotgut gas and I did 815 miles on it one very rainy day returning home.
        The lure of Cafe Racing is that you bet your life and skill on clearly reading and negotiating the next corner. Over many years, you get faster, and fall off less and less. It’s my life, and I get to choose how it is risked, nobody else has a say in it.
        I can’t ride sitting up like you big kids do. Too much pain, I’ve tried. Can barely walk. But I can ride all day in a full race position, with the wind to hold me up, if I just do my part and go fast. It’s MY addiction.
        Just sold my last Harley (77 XLCR) because I had big trouble picking up my ‘02 cafe bagger Sportster off me when I crash. Don’t miss them because of that. Let’s not argue over bike choices. We share the same wind.
        Life begins at Seventy!

    • “If the restrictions worked then why is there escalating carnage?”

      Chicago claims the reason for their carnage is lax gun laws in Indiana and other border states.

      Notice how it’s always someone else’s fault, accord to them. The complete lack of personal accountability and responsibility is how to identify the fascist Left…

      • Still illegal for anyone living in Chicago to buy a handgun from Indiana.

        Changing Indiana’s gun laws won’t make it illegaler…

        • And stirequires the 72 hour “cooling off period” of they’re purchasing a long gun. Gun purchases across state lines are regulated by which one is the most strict. It just makes the “lax Indana gun laws” argument another typical example of the “ALL leftists idiots” indisputable fact.

      • There’s always someone else to blame, scapegoat, show trial, and execute.

        That is their way.

      • Chik-Fil-A just announced that they’re hiring a DIE director. Some people say that this is more evidence of them going “woke” (like Bud Light and Target did).

        • I don’t do Chik-Fil-A. The employees creep me out with the ‘posed false smiles and cheeriness’. it reminds me of those serial killer clown movies where the serial killer clown is all smiles and cheerful to lure in victims.


        • I love me some “hate chicken.” And I appreciate good customer service. If that includes fake smiles demanded by management, count me in.

        • Heeeyyyyy (in a pathetically poor imitation of the Fonz), this Man with no name guy pays attention to the Lefty moves!

        • I assume the employees are putting on an act because management tells them they have to do it or lose their jobs. They’re no more unctuous than some other people I’ve had to deal with. The chicken sandwiches are undistinguished, but the lemonade is pretty good. It’s unfortunate that they got on the Woke Train to Nowhere and supporting our enemies. They won’t be getting any more of my money.

        • The chicken sandwiches are undistinguished,

          Hardees chicken sandwich is nearly identical…

        • Apparently they didn’t get the memo. I don’t eat there often, but I’m done with them until further notice. Everyone who’s sick of this corporate nonsense should boycott them. ESG only takes off if we let it. What’s it going to be?

          Say what you will about the friendliness, but they have the best customer service in fast food.

    • “If the restrictions worked then why is there escalating carnage? If they don’t work why do we need them and why defend them?”

      Your Sensibility is lost on wannabe mensa’s strych9. They are a lost cause.

      • They know it doesn’t work. They’re lying.

        It’s what they do. Because lowfos and midwits believe it and the Right never pushes back in workable way.

        Notice that the corporate business press is completely losing their shit over AB Inbev and Target, but mostly Target.

        Because they realize they woke up a bunch of normie “independents”, namely suburban women. Which is the PR equivalent of stepping on a large antipersonnel mine.

        • Hopefully. It’s one thing to be online or at in-person events that suburban moms with youngins can avoid. Quite different to see it on full grooming display in the front of the Target store. I hope the pressure continues.

        • Smack people in the face hard enough with a nice big emotional stick and you’ll get a reaction. Especially true of suburban moms just trying to do some grocery shopping with their kids because of the way that surprise functions within the brain.

          In this case it’s an issue of degrees, they moved too many all at once against a backdrop they didn’t fully understand because of the actions of other companies that set the table for unpredicted blowback.

          I wouldn’t count on them making a habit of that, but I’ll take it where I can get it.

  2. remove background checks and roll back red-flag laws

    THAT’s a LIE… Background check is STILL required to buy a gun in FL, in fact you still need a physical CCL to avoid the three day wait, FAKE NEWS… So, just who is THIS clown… Sounds like dacyboys long lost twin whatever they are…

    • Background check is a FEDERAL requirement. States have absolutely no control over this. (although they should – if we truly had “States rights”!

      • Our leaders on the Right are disinclined to push back. This places them in marked contrast to “sanctuary state” politicians who actively sabotage INS/ICE investigations and declare Federal immigration laws null and void within their boundaries. “Medical marijuana” states openly defy Federal narcotics laws. Portland and Seattle are handing out free needles and free heroin to the junkies, in violation of a raft of Federal laws, and no one says “boo” about it. They don’t even lose a penny of the billions in Federal “revenue sharing” money that the Feds confiscate at bayonet point from Blue states so that Gavin Newsom can pay his state employee pensions and print up welfare checks for “undocumented migrants.”

        It seems to me they’ve already set the precedent and accepted the principle that states can safely ignore any and all Federal laws they don’t like. Speaking hypothetically and for entertainment purposes only, I think it’d be great to see someone like DeSantis drilling the third hole in an AR receiver on live television, raising it into the air, and saying “Wolverines!” The commies can hardly complain when people make use of the precedents they set and the principles they endorse. They will do so anyway, of course. And I will laugh at them.

        • Because ALL of those places are raging leftist shitholes, of course they don’t lose federal funding.
          Democrats only get elected by convincing their voters that they CAN vote themselves a higher standard of living. When we did have a “justice department”, buying votes was illegal!

  3. “But early this year, before a shooter with seven legal guns opened fire at a private Christian elementary school in Nashville, killing three young children and three adults, …”

    A mentally ill ‘trans’ person that was, according to her writings and messages warning she was going to do something bad and her desired suicide, as screwed up as a soup sandwich …. kinda left that out Lueders. So the problem wasn’t guns, it was mental illness.

    left a lot out in the bias to focus on guns.

  4. There is no such animal as Gun Violence and using it, going along with it displays one’s ignorance in neon lights.

    There is the Criminal Misuse of firearms just as there is the criminal misuse of bricks, bats, pots, pans, rope, fire, fists. feet, knives, vehicles, etc.

    The insane, knee jerk Gun Control save-us-all mindset to go after the rights law abiding John Q. Public, the NRA, etc. following a criminal act is as insane as a Salem Witch Hunt.

  5. “They introduced a bill to remove the state’s cruel prohibition on brandishing guns and other weapons on college campuses, as well as public parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities.”

    That is not true, it is 100% false and misrepresented. The laws against brandishing are still the same and no one introduced a bill to remove them. Apparently you don’t understand the nuianced yet obvious distinction between brandishing illegally and legally.

    • “Apparently you don’t understand the nuianced yet obvious distinction between brandishing illegally and legally.”

      Shorter version…you’re a fucking liar Lueders!

  6. Ironically, Luedicrous’s headline summarizes his own side’s approach.

    “Escalating Carnage” is objectively, mathematically false; violent crime has plummeted over the course of my life as gun ownership has skyrocketed.

    Gun laws are a “creative solution” to a “problem” FBI, CDC, etc. (i.e. the opposite of the “right wing gun lobby”) have thoroughly documented as imaginary.

  7. “remove background checks and roll back red-flag laws that seek to remove firearms from those who are a danger to themselves or others.”

    that is not true, it is 100% false and misrepresented.

    background checks are still the same as they were, its a federal law.

    laws already existed, as they do in all 50 states, to remove firearms or any other ‘implement’ from those who are a danger to them self or others. you’re just upset they don’t basically re-write the law creating a specific law focused on firearms only that allows unrestricted ’cause we say so’ without warrant or cause.

  8. “And then there’s Tennessee, which has long had some of the nation’s laxest gun laws. In July 2021, it approved allowing anyone 21 or older to carry a handgun, either openly or concealed, without any sort of training or permit.”

    that’s not true.

    First, its 21 and older if NOT A PROHIBITED PERSON … a prohibited person is not allowed.

    Tennessee never had lax gun laws, no red state has lax gun laws, they just didn’t have the laws you and the rest of the left wing idiots want them to have.

    Second, how dare you exercise your constitutional right under the first amendment … right? Please show us your state required and mandated certificate of training and permit to exercise your constitutional right.

    • and to add…

      NOT A PROHIBITED PERSON as it is even in blue states and all 50 states.

    • Remember, Pr0gressives do not lie.

      They exaggerate, distort, or omit depending on the message.

    • ….”lax” would appear to be a hugely subjective term…[much like “hillbilly state”]…just like the house next door…states have no business making rules for their neighbors and how they conduct their affairs….

  9. We refuse to sit at the back of the bus anymore and it pisses the fascists off.

  10. “Red states across the country are responding to the escalating carnage of gun violence by pushing back on the onerous restrictions…”

    completely falsely misrepresented and left a lot out.

    in response to violence, red states recognize it for what it really is and its not ‘gun violence’ so red states go after that thing you are apparently unfamiliar with and that is the actual people that are the actual cause of the violence instead of punishing the law abiding and facilitating the criminal violence like they do in blue states.

  11. “But Tennessee House Republicans did stick together enough to expel two black Democrats who made a fuss about the legislature’s failure to do anything about gun violence besides encouraging it.”

    that’s not true. they were expelled, in simple terms, for basically inciting disorder and basically trying to incite a riot in the chamber.

      • Two were expelled, but the county commissions chose them to serve until special elections can be scheduled. The legislators can run for re-election in the specials.

        • How dare you! No such thing has ever happened at a mostly-peaceful protest. That is a vile lie and you should denounce yourself immediately!

          It was pallets of bricks, btw.

  12. Anyone notice where and who governs the places with the escalating violence?
    Lax enforcement of existing laws, or laws that punish the law abiding while allowing those with criminal intent to remain armed and on the streets are more to blame than a lack of gun control laws or limits on who can own what.
    Not a single gun control law ever has or ever will prevent someone with violent intent from arming themselves or prevent a violent crime from occurring.

  13. like all left wing idiots, Lueders imagines the GOP is the boogy man in his delusion simply because the law abiding wants to exercise their right and the GOP is not ruling over to do what the left wants which is to impose a tyranny.

  14. Gun control is and always has been BULL. Prior to 1968 anyone in America could order anything the wanted in the mail with no dealer or background check involved. I ask you were we not a safer country then.

    • Why yes, we were indeed a safer country… No mass killings in the 50s, only 5 in the 60’s (three of those involved shootouts with cops or cops opening fire on protesters…

  15. Its amazing how these Leftist anti-gun freaks can manipulate things and provide false information to make their points. First off, it is blue states and cities where the most violence including gun violence takes place in this country and that is well documented. Second, when you talk about contrived issues how about all the Blue governed entities that in the face of Bruen intentionally pass laws they know are unconstitutional and this is why they lose almost every case that is brought against them. Additionally, their policies of defunding the police, handcuffing police actions, not prosecuting those who have committed serious crimes, letting criminals go without bale, letting unvetted illegals cross our borders at will, is what has really escalated all kinds of crime in this Country. The author of this article quite frankly is out of touch with reality and only categorizing a narrative that is easily debunked.

    • it’s blue cities in all states, red and blue that have the worst crime and shootings.
      it’s not a state issue, crime is a local city issue.

      The blue city murder problem.
      Beginning in 2015 with the election of Kim Foxx, first of the George Soros–promoted rogue prosecutors, as Cook County (Chicago) State’s Attorney, cities with rogue prosecutors have imposed policies that all—each and every one of them—inure to the benefit of criminals. Such policies have contributed to the lawlessness across so-called blue cities and the steep rise in crime rates across America.

  16. This screed was published in “The Bulwark,” a publication founded by that phony rock ribbed “conservative” Bill Kristol. Gun control is just one of the things mentioned by the author.

    There is no difference between the “red” and the “blue” side of the elitist Establishment. They all hate regular people and want to take our money to line their pockets while using the unlimited power of government to keep us under their thumb.

  17. Easy for obama to say since he has armed security at the expense of we the people 24/7!

  18. Name a Law that has prevented Gun Crime, Mr. Leuders?
    The simple Fact is Laws Do Not Prevent Crimes, they only serve to Punish Those Individuals that Transgess the Law. Prevention and Deterrence are not, and never have been, one and the same thing. Prevention stops whatever is prohibited from occurring. Deterrence only encourages compliance with the prohibition.
    Gun Free Zones are a good example of the difference between the two words. Gun Free Zone Laws were passed to prevent Mass Shootings, yet Mass Shootings still occur, and have actually increased in response to the Law. The reality is that Gun Free Zones have only served as a Multiplier for Mass Casualties. Instead of a limited number of victims before the shooter is neutralized, they’re given opportunity to kill more victims in the time it takes to respond to the Shooter. The evidence speaks for itself that Armed Citizens have stopped many Mass Shooters than the Gun Control Crowd will admit too. That’s a statistic they have lied about for many years, and the FBI has aided in that Lie by falsely manipulating the numbers.
    Background Checks have not prevented a crime. How could it, when the fact that more than 90% of the firearms used in crimes were illegally obtained either by Theft or the Black Market.
    The Mantra and Misguided Belief that “Just One More Law will Prevent Gun Crime,” isn’t just a Bald Faced Lie, it’s indicative of a complete abandonment of Common Sense.on the Anti-Gun Coalition. You continually focus on an object, while ignoring the only Real Root Cause of Gun Violence, the Criminal themselves.
    Until we focus on the Criminals, and the other Criminals that aid and enable them (which includes the entire DNC), Gun Violence will not only continue, it will escalate.

  19. Why go through all the hoops about ‘creative ways to limit limit gun restrictions’? What part of ‘Shall not be infringed’ don’t they understand? This is the Commie’s way of killing the Second Amendment by using ‘the death by a thousand cuts’ strategy. Don’t give an inch.

  20. Zachary Holston III, 50, of Farmington Hills was arraigned Tuesday for second degree murder, a life felony, and felony firearm, which carries a two-year mandatory prison sentence.

    Holston is accused of shooting the woman following an altercation outside the family business in Sterling Heights on May 26.

    He was allegedly walking toward his vehicle when he was approached by the victim – his half sister – her husband and daughter in the parking lot. A physical altercation allegedly occurred over paperwork located in the vehicle, leading to both parties drawing firearms.

  21. Andrew Bryant, 50, of Noblesville, was arrested on charges of criminal recklessness, intimidation, and pointing a firearm, the Carmel Police Department said in a release Wednesday.

    Investigators believe Bryant visited a house on Eden Village Place, not far from the intersection of 126th Street and Keystone Avenue, on Sunday and demanded information about the homeowner.

    People inside the home called 911, but the man — later identified as Bryant– was gone by the time officers arrived.

    As a precaution, the residents left the house and spent the day somewhere else, police say.

    Upon returning home that night, they noticed multiple bullet holes in the residence.

    • Those damned woodpeckers making holes in a humans house like that. Thank goodness they leave persimmon trees alone. Now that large sycamore it’s just full of woodpecker holes, pileated, big, big, the holes they make look like 20mike mike.
      Woodpeckers are giving gunms a bad name.

  22. Despite not releasing the murderer’s manifesto, we do know that the Presbyterian school was chosen over an alternative, undisclosed target because the other target was more secure. So yes, it was a cruel prohibition that makes soft targets that are an attractive place for a loony to shoot up. They may be crazy, but they typically aren’t stupid and don’t want to get shot before they accomplish their twisted goals.

  23. “If gun laws in fact worked, the sponsors of this type of legislation should have no difficulty drawing upon long lists of examples of criminal acts reduced by such legislation. That they cannot do so after a century and a half of trying – that they must sweep under the rug the southern attempts at gun control in the 1870-1910 period, the northeastern attempts in the 1920-1939 period, the attempts at both Federal and State levels in 1965-1976 – establishes the repeated, complete and inevitable failure of gun laws to control serious crime.” ~ Orrin Hatch

    Stop and Frisk is the only “gun law” that has actually worked to reduce violence! It turned NYC into a livable city that was delightful to visit. Now, thanks to the NAACP and Liberal/Progressive elites it is a den of crime.

    • “Stop and Frisk is the only ‘gun law’ that has actually worked to reduce violence!”

      First, it wasn’t a ‘gun law’. It was a policy and program implemented under NY presumption of being legal under law.

      Second, it never reduced violence even though it did catch ‘some’ sometimes at rate of about 1 in 80 which means the constitutional rights of 79 people were violated for every one caught which is not good at all and it was an unwarranted search policy that was grossly abused. Overall the violence was still there, it just avoided some areas more in which this program was focused which gave the the appearance of a reduction when those areas were taken into account – in other words it was math tricks being used to give a false appearance as crime outside the ‘stop-n-frisk’ context was largely ignored and not investigated and reported in numbers thus it gave the false appearance of reducing violence.

      • correction: “…and reported in numbers”

        should have been “…and not reported in numbers”

  24. What a ration of C R A P! This “gentleman” needs to have his head examined along with dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, MINOR Miner49er, Albert the Fake and a few others.

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