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“There have been more than 30 reported instances of looting, mostly in outer neighborhoods,” reports. “Eight suspects were arrested in Coney Island, and four in Far Rockway on Monday, according to Paul J. Browne, the Deputy Commissioner of the New York City Police Department. Another young woman was arrested in Coney Island for criminal possession of a firearm, when ‘the safe she was caring from a store was found to contain a firearm.'” reports that the “action” continues today, with arrests in Nassau and Rockaways. With police “on every corner” of Coney Island, you gotta wonder if LA’s Korean store owners are shaking their heads in disbelief.

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  1. The NY Times would be shaking their heads in disbelief if anyone were alive to remember the two gatling guns that preserved their building without firing a single shot during the draft riots of 1863.

  2. Think how much worse it would be if there were gun shops in NYC! Guns might end up in the hands of criminals! You can be damn sure none of the looters would wait for their instant background check to go through before looting the guns!

    Bless you, Bloomberg, you’re doing… well, not God’s work, but something, and everyone knows doing something is better than doing nothing, especially if you’re in government. I’m sure you’ve just one sternly worded press release to give before all the looters are so ashamed that they return everything they stole, mop up the water and start rebuilding The Greatest City in the World™.

  3. If you subscribe to the “rational actor” theory of criminal behavior then why would anybody be surprised if looting happens in the wake of a natural disaster? Many people have left their homes unoccupied, the civil authority is stretched thin with slower response times, and, in the case of NYC, you are not likely to encounter someone with means of defending his property. The cost to the producer of crime (the criminal) has dropped and therefore you get more crime.

    Proponents of civilian disarmament always discount and underestimate potential threats because they believe that self-defense scenarios are rare, i.e., they are so-called “black swans” events. However, these scenarios, while being rare, can be addressed with low cost measures. A few cans of SPAM, some bottled water and of course a firearm or two can help secure your home and person during and after a Sandy-like event.

    Places like Virginia and Pennsylvania with large gun owning populations seem to be places where people self-organize to recover faster from natural disasters. People who take responsibility for their own safety in one aspect of their lives are more likely to take responsibility for safety in all areas of their lives.

    • You mean I should have waited for the government to send my neighbor help rather than simply help him cut and clear branches out of his yard?


      • I am sure Mayor Bloomberg thinks so. After all you could have attacked your neighbor with your chainsaw.

  4. Wow, where is all the police protection that gun grabbers always talk about? Hopefully, it’s the grabber’s houses and stores that are being looted first.

  5. But, but, I heard on FOX radio (a client had it on…) that no-one was going to loot, and that NYers just hunkered-down, helped each other, and there was something about the flag and jeebus in there too.

    I almost pissed myself laughing….

  6. In other news, a roving band of orthodox rabbis known as the #HASSIDICJEWCREW knocked over Nathan’s last night, making off with 3000 hot dogs and five hundred pounds of crinkle fries. Proof that crime doesn’t pay — they forgot the spicy brown mustard.

  7. The police has arrested a small number of looters. What do you think the ratio of looters caught to actual looters is? 10:1, 100:1? My guess is that the reason that few looters have been caught is that the ratio of LE to looters is small. Factor in that the cops get to the scene only after the event most of the people looting have moved on to their next target. This will continue until the police can secure the city. It won’t take a lot of time to regain control but a lot loot can be had during the initial chaos.

  8. Its disgusting that the only news coverage South Brooklyn is getting is over a few punks stealing sodas and cigarettes. The damage from the storm in Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach is far worse than anyone would have imagined. Not one news agency is reporting whats going on there besides looting. The only reason that area needs coverage is so people will know they need help. There are elderly people stuck 20 stories up with no electricity, water, phones, nothing.

    • Welcome to my world. In southeast Texas, we also got no respect! Dont worry, it is the people who rebuild a community not the government. It will be up and running in no time.

    • Cities are great places to live right up to the point when a disaster hits. Then you are trapped with no place to go. The urban planners would love us all to be packed into dense high rises, the technical term is densification, where we would become isolated entities completely dependent on the government for every aspect of our lives.

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