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  1. 1st mis-information of the night …burst means exactly that 3 rd burst… not full auto

  2. My comments don’t show up in the live blog above. Anyone else have this problem?

    Ok, I guess they have to approve your comment. Lame, who wants to sit here and watch these guys talk to each other?

    • They have to approve your comment first. What’s the point of having a live chat where every comment is moderated? Just go to twitter #RiseOFAR15, its better and you’re not moderated.

      • 10:23

        Nick Leghorn: Racer88: Your comments aren’t posting because I don’t like them. Keep trying. Same to the rest of you nutters.

        Nic, For the Win.

  3. Turns out my posts were being moderated and rejected as “not funny.” That’s just great. SERIOUSLY???

    • I thought I was among friends here. But, it seems the live chat is just for TTAG staff. Very disappointed.

      • If they didn’t moderate then the stream would probably be going so fast that nobody could read anything. Live chats tend to get out of hand very fast when unmoderated.

        • I had a particular interest in this. And, I got shut out. I have grossly misread my relationship with this blog. Feeling pretty stupid.

      • I was doing my best to let good, relevant comments through. But if we opened it up for everyone…. you should have seen what was caught in the spam filter. I didn’t think our readers could be that racist.

        The comments section of this post was always open for you to use.

        • I was under the obviously false impression that it was open because at the bottom of the window there was a place to enter and send comments. What was I thinking, eh?

          So, were all the comments by those granted access (mostly TTAG staffers) “relevant?” Or was it more like a “you had to be there conversation” among friends? I’d say 80% of the posted comments by the “in crowd” was vacuous… and I’m being nice.

        • Seriously why bother advetising it and inviting everyone??

          Have you little party and let the drunk staffers inappropriate comments through in private…

    • Well, what do you expect from NBC?

      They simply confirmed my expectations when I read about the scheduled broadcast.

      • Well, what do you expect from NBC?

        Like you, Roscoe, I expected exactly what we got. Another MSM hit piece.

  4. McDonald’s is ‘America’s Hamburger’ and Olive Garden is ‘America’s Italian’. Let’s not even mention Applevomit.

    The Mattel puke-in-its-own-mouth-popgun? Damned with faint praise indeed.

  5. I won’t see this until 2200 local, Tucson. Better cook dinner now, otherwise it sounds like I’ll be trying to scream through the screen…

  6. It was kind of a sleepy program. No new imfo. Compared to the other anti-gun channels, it wasnt very grabber oriented.

  7. I think they got a lot of their talking points on the pro gun side from this site. Some of the stuff they were talking about followed comments and posts in here almost verbatim. In the end though they made the people of the gun look like freaks. Sad. Never saw them talk to Alan, or LEOs, or anybody with a mainstream presence that was pro gun.

  8. When the ER nurse started comparing wounds “from an AR15” to wounds seen in Afghanistan, there goes the logic. As if 5.56 wounds are different from, say, 9mm wounds, bullets tear up whatever they hit.

    If someone gets hit by a car in Afghanistan are the wounds somehow different if they get hit by a car here?

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