Listen to Jeremy S. on Ava Flanell’s Gun Funny Podcast

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If you don’t know Ava Flanell or her Gun Funny podcast, you should. She’s smart, funny, and has great gun-related guests. Despite that sterling track record, she somehow decided having Jeremy on the podcast to talk about TTAG and his other venture, Black Collar Arms, would be a good idea.

He was sick as a dog when they recorded this, but she wasn’t about the cut him any slack and let him cancel. Give a listen HERE

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  1. Sick as a Dog.
    I wonder how that expression came to be?
    I’m sure it was around before the government introduced Parvo to eradicate coyotes.
    Rabies? Mad as a dog.
    Distemper perhaps.
    Sick as a Human would be more of an apt description.
    Humans are the most diseased species on earth.
    Why? Because they build pyramids.

      • Children in school, uggg if it was new and snotty our daughter would bring it home for the wife and I to enhance our immunities. I do not miss that part of bringing her up.

        • I used to watch the neighborhood kids get on the orange cattle car to share a seat with some snot dripper, then get dropped off at the government run petri dish.
          Glad that I was fortunate to be able to afford private school for my own sons… they would actually have you pick them up if they got ill while in school.

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