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LifeCard .22LR Concealed Carry

In a first for our pocket dump series, Jesse Callahan of Asheville, North Carolina packs a LifeCard .22LR credit-card-sized foldable pistol. It’s just about the ultimate in down low everyday carry.

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  1. Well, that’s better than a sharpened stick, I guess.

    Why? Where will that fit where a Kahr CW380 in a pocket holster won’t? How safe do you feel that you are confident arming yourself with a folding 22 LR derringer? It’s essentially a derringer with a more time consuming manual of arms.

    A NAA Pug is smaller, I bet.

    • And the NAA Pug has 4 follow-up shots immediately available by cocking and firing.

      The ‘Lifecard’ concept interests me as a novelty, but that’s about it…

  2. Very cool. I would have one in my first aid kit. And this comes from a guy that has carried a NAA mini-mag standard for several years.

  3. Even as a novelty, the Lifecard is way over priced. If I was going to carry a BUG, I wouldn’t opt for a two shot gun, or if I did it would definitely be a larger caliber. If I were to procure one of these, it would be as a backup to my main backup, but they would have to drop the street price by at least a hundred bucks for me to even consider it.

      • I’ll agree. Something like this should cost closer to $100.

        If it had a lower price tag, and better sights, it would be worth it,

        But as it is, I’ll pass.

    • This.

      Sorry NAA – your guns are neat, but I’ve read too many accounts of people shot with .22LR and .22WMR out of short barrels which bounced off bones and merely pissed them off.

  4. No. Just no. It’s a novelty firearm, very much like the Heizer Defense PAK and PAR. This is just a bad idea. Not as bad an idea as the Ideal Conceal derringer that looks like a smartphone, but it’s just about there. Even dumping 10+ rounds into the bad guy won’t do anything except piss him off. This thing has only one round of .22lr. Unless he’s being attacked by a gangbanger squirrel with a tiny switchblade, it won’t do anything.

  5. If it (.22 LR) penetrates the rib cage it can do real damage, consider Brady and Reagan, both shot with a .22
    quick medical is what saved their lives. Rapid Medical attention probably not available too the average shoot-e. touting large calibers does not always work either such as space Cadets wife Gabby, .40 too the head pan, 9″s fail .45’s fail, shot placement is what counts, if you cant hit them it don’t matter because you won’t have time to care!

  6. how long does it take to unfold?

    if you’re in a 2A-unfriendly environment, then i definitely get it.

  7. Specific use cases are a thing. My work place (federal government) prohibits firearms in the building. The Army, which runs the military base I work on, prohibits guns on base. A tiny 22 that doesn’t look like a gun is perfect for me. I could stick it in my wallet and sneak it right past the guards, even if I did actually get searched. So, to all of you slamming his choice of firearm; maybe try and realize that we can’t always carry our top choice and sometimes our environment severely limits our choices.

    • Maybe if you DIDN’T work for a opressive goverment. But hey, if you wanna suck uncle sambos dick for a paycheck….

  8. With so many reliable pocket guns (in 380, 9mm etc) I would surely not rely on this thing in 22lr.

  9. haters gonna hate…

    Hhe innovation here is amazing. Even if it is a novelty and a secondary carry or just a cool man toy to have, the idea behind it is very cool.

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