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Pardon me if I don’t raise my glass to the U.S.-supported rebels who’ve ousted Muammar Gaddafi. Quite aside from the unconstitutionality of a U.S. president committing American military forces to a foreign conflict without Congressional approval, history tells us that the aftermath of a brutal dictatorship isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. Factions jostle for power with lawless brutality and . . . that’s about it. According to, the Libyan “rebel” above is emerging from Gaddafi’s redoubt with a “golden gun.” For me, nothing symbolizes criminality more than the bilious ballistic baubles favored by narco-terrorists and despots. And nothing better captures the spirit of “rebel fighters” than an image of one looting a golden rifle. Still, it looks better in his hands than the man who took down a 747 carrying hundreds of innocent civilians. Lest we forget.

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  1. “…history tells us that the aftermath of a brutal dictatorship isn’t all unicorns and rainbows.”

    Your misgivings in this case are particularly well grounded. The draft constitution that the rebels have whipped up makes Islam the state religion and the “foundation of all laws”. That’s not usually a harbinger of freedom and equality.

  2. I wonder who got Mallomar Gaddafyduck’s porn stash. Those Ay-rab dictator types always have a porn stash.

  3. Educate yourself please. These “rebels” are terrorists who will attempt to turn Libya into another Iran or Saudi Arabia. Another puppet state of the Anglo-American elite. It’s also very debatable if Quaddafi was responsible for the 747 bombing.

    • This post is very puzzling. Are you saying that Iran and Saudi Arabia are puppets of the US? Iran, a country that overtly acts against our interests at every opportunity, is a puppet state?

  4. Quick question, isn’t it legal for a President to commit troops over seas in the event of an emergncy that threated the US or it’s territories or possesions, ie. the Lybian Embassy. I know there is an up to 90 day limit for the President to withdrawl, but there is no penalty for doing so. To recall the troops wouldn’t both the House and the Senate have to pass legislation demanding the withdraw?

    • As CINC, Presidents have broad constitutional authority to put troops wherever the hell they want.

      Limits on troop deployment by the (crack-headed) War Powers Act (that you may be referring to) is a typical Congressional dodge. No sane judge is going to get between the executive and legislature and pick sides over military deployment. If Congress wants the troops out of anywhere, they have Constitutional power to pull the financial plug.

  5. Watch Rambo 3 to see how quickly allies and enemies can switch (not referring to the movie plot itself, just who we were supposed to be rooting for at the time it was produced). Whoever has the power next will be just as bad; such is the way of the region.

    Nothing quite like hearing Stallone proclaim, “I’m proud to be part of your jihad.”

    • Please tell me how you are even able to tell the difference between the SVD and an Al Kadesiah (from “nearby” Iraq) at that resolution? I’m astounded. Also, it’s SVD or colloquially “Dragunov”. Dragunov SVD literally translates to “Dragunov Dragunov’s Sniper Rifle”.

      ATM Machine?

      • You can’t easily tell the Iraqi version without it’s distinctive magazine. Dragonov SVD is an accepted generic term – google it.
        Hell, the M16 variant could be Iranian production.
        OCD much?

  6. Yeah, it is a bit scary, like your 16 year-0ld son getting a drivers license, but I really don’t get this idea that Arabs throwing out their dictators is a bad thing. Rights are rights, regardless of your or the other guy’s religion. I applaud the Libyans for exercising their right to self determination, wish them the wisdom to choose their next steps well, and hope the U.S. will act according to its values and not according to its business interests as they struggle to form a better government than the one they’ve been subjected to for the last 40 years. Sic semper tyrannis.

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