Savage may have recently ditched their plans for making a .300 BLK bolt action rifle, but that isn’t stopping custom shops from doing it themselves. Liberty Suppressors took it one step further into the “awesome” department by adding a stainless steel shroud and integrally suppressing the whole thing . . .

The rifle you see here is a Savage receiver with a custom .300 BLK barrel. Liberty Suppressors has made a shroud to go around it to silence the shot. The whole package turned out great, not only being lightweight with low recoil, but also quiet as a mouse.

This specific model is left hand ejecting with a right handed bolt (strange, I know) but they can custom build you one however you want it. Be aware that the entire rifle is the serialized part, so you won’t be able to take it out of the shop for at least 6 months (at current ATF speed).


  1. Nothing wrong with a right bolt/left eject action. It’s popular when shooting off a rest (benchrest or F-class) or prone because you can work the bolt with one hand and load/unload with the other. Savage is actually the only mass market manufacturer that makes RBLP/LBRP and dual port actions, you usually have have to buy an expensive custom action if you want that feature ($550 for the Savage compared to $1,000-$1,500 for a custom with that feature).

  2. Full over barrel silencers are nothing new in New Zealand. Thankfully we are allowed to silence anything here. For example Gun City has light weight versions on the Tikka T3 range that only add a 45gram weight increase over the standard rifle. Here is a link to some of the calibres they do They can also do this to any rifle you like in any calibre. They can handle high velocity ammo as well as subsonic loads and reduce noise drastically. They also make full over barrel silencers with carbon sleeves for rimfires including Rugers, Savages, and Marlins.


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