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Wow, Blue laws on the East coast extended to hunting? I feel for ya, East Coast. Here I am thinking Sunday couldn’t get any worse than it is in Texas. Chick-Fil-A holds their chicken sandwiches hostage on Sundays and there’s no where to get a good bottle of tequila for “Sunday Funday.” Despite these nuisances, hunting in Texas is 24/7. Thank God.

Sunday hunting expansion clears divided NC Senate committee – but did it get enough votes? – “Legislation to expand Sunday hunting cleared a divided Senate Rules Committee Tuesday after some minor tweaks supported by religious groups concerned about the impact on churches. House Bill 559, titled ‘Outdoor Heritage Enhanced,’ goes beyond a 2015 law legalizing Sunday hunting. If it becomes law, hunters would be allowed to use firearms between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on Sundays – when churches are typically in session – as long as they don’t come within 500 yards of a church.”

Ummmmm, I’m sorry but I don’t see anything wrong with this. The baby is clearly wearing hearing protection. Although, it would make sense that a baby’s hearing was more vulnerable than an adult’s. Personally, I love to see fathers spending time with their children outdoors. It’s totally hot.

Hunter under fire for carrying infant on his back in the field“Travis Zatopek,a hunter from Texas and owner of Hacienda Wildlife Company, felt the wrath of the internet after images of him carrying his infant child on his back while holding a shotgun went viral. The images were shared on his business’s Facebook page with the caption ‘When it’s dove season, and you have baby duty.’ The photos were staged as a bit of fun, but many critics didn’t get the joke and were outraged by the hunter’s sense of humor. With the help and support of other hunting families, Travis wrote a response to his humorless critics in another Facebook post.”

Here’s a little something different to try with your video camera this season.  Get the animal’s perspective . . . very interesting.

Unique POV Captures Awesome Bear Hunting Footage – “This is a cool bear hunt video, shot from a unique point of view we aren’t used to seeing, but we wouldn’t mind seeing more! We’re so used to watching hunting videos taken from tree stands, or from the point of view from the hunter, but this video provides you with an entirely new perspective.

“The camera is set up behind the bait site, facing toward the hunters sitting in a tree stand in the background. (Wave and say hi!) The video begins with a 518-pound Manitoba color-phase bear in frame, and the hunter lands a perfectly placed shot right through the bear’s vitals. A proper way to end a really cool video; good shooting!”

Dream hunt alert! Wyoming is a beautiful wonderland straight out of a post card. Hunting this state is definitely on my bucket list and my dream will become a reality in July. Stay tuned.

Policy change: Game & Fish will lottery leftover hunting licenses – “Wyoming Game and Fish is changing the way they dole out leftover licenses. Previously, hunting licenses for elk, deer, and antelope remaining after the initial draw were sold on a first come, first served basis. These licenses will now be drawn randomly from entrants responding to the agency during the application period running at the end of June.

“This change to a leftover license process increase fairness by giving everyone who wants a leftover license a more equal opportunity,” said Jennifer Doering, WGFD license section manager. “It also is a proactive means to avoid any technical problems that get in the way of someone buying a license they want.” The list of leftover licenses will be available on June 22 at 10 am on the Game and Fish website. The application period will be five days, June 26-30, 2017. Leftover draw results will be available on July 13 at 10 am.”

A man bag that doesn’t shame men! KUIU claims this is the best bino bag on the market and I can see why. Whether you’re on an extreme hunt in the mountains or just walking your land this is an important item to have. Two words, hands free.

Kuiu Bino Harness – “The KUIU Bino Harness System was designed for easy one-handed use. When carrying a bow or rifle in one hand, the harness can be easily opened, and the binoculars removed and replaced with the other hand.

“There is no elastic in the webbing, which allows the binocular harness to hold close to your chest and prevent sag and bounce when crawling or running. The harness allows for a full range of motion while the binoculars are in use. When worn properly, the pouch will not fall forward and the weight will be distributed evenly around your entire torso, eliminating pressure points and creating a weightless feeling.”

I’ve tried a lot of different knives and I’ve invested hundreds of dollars on what I thought would make my butchering time easier. My buddy Matt from Tek Outdoors gave me this knife the last time we hunted together. It’s so sharp its surgical grade; cutting flesh is like cutting butter. It’s only around $40. You may never use another knife in the field again.

Havalon Piranta-Edge – “For faster, easier skinning and field dressing of just about any kind of wild game, it’s easy to see why the Piranta-Edge is one of our best-selling knives. Big or small, the Edge is ready to handle any job, and will help cut down your time in the field.”

Just like females outlive men in the human world, elk cows are wising up to hunters and outliving their male counterparts. Elk cows are so yummy too.

As Female Elk Age, They Learn to Evade Hunters – “If you come across an old elk in southwestern Canada, chances are it is female. Though male elk, or bulls, rarely make it past 5 years old because they are targeted by hunters, female elk, or cows, can live as long as 20 years.

“Remarkably, cows over age 10 seem nearly invulnerable to hunters. A team of scientists wanted to know: What makes senior cows so survival-savvy? Is it because these elk are more cautious by nature, which made them better at evading hunters all along? Or is it nurture, and cows can learn to dodge hunters over their lifetime, even if they start out more daring?”

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  1. Add me to one “somewhat” outraged by pops shooting with a baby on his back. Besides hearing there’s toxic chemicals/lead. And shotgun shells hitting baby in the head. And massive fibration(shake that kid).Get a freakin’ sitter…

    • Surely “pops” incorporated this behavior from someone. Perhaps it’s a family tradition, despite all the lead, toxins and hits to the head, he turned out just fine.

    • I wouldn’t do it, but how in the world will a hull go around his shoulder and hit the baby? Also, the baby doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

    • From the 2nd paragraph, right under the photos above:

      “The photos were staged as a bit of fun, but many critics didn’t get the joke and were outraged by the hunter’s sense of humor.”

      Staged. Faked. No babies were harmed in the taking of these pictures. Just the fee-fees of those who glance at a picture, rather than read all the words that go with it.

      • I never needed to put my kids in some sort of backpack/harness thingy. It looks totally feminine. Hold them like a man. Guys, stop acting like pussies and not with some contraption endorsed by your domineering Wife.

  2. I was just at a thrift store, several actually, today trying to find a jogging stroller. I want to use it for carrying decoys and assorted doo dads when dove and crow shooting.

      • I’ll make one more sweep of the local shops and then hit the internet. I got time. I just ran to walmart(hate the place) and got a surf rod for a fishing trip tomorrow.

        This outdoorsy stuff is time consuming.

    • That gives me an idea. Get a stroller with one of those fold down roofs and use it to hide an AK/AR in when out and about.

      • Stolen walmart cart with an old golf bag, Stick an M1 in it with a my little pony club cover. I favor Derpy Hooves. Doing the homeless undercover thing.

  3. I’m making a note for June 22nd to see what tags may be available.
    I just found out I was successful in my deer and elk draws for my home state.
    Seriously looking forward to fall for an Alaska moose hunt. Gonna fill my freezer!

    I’ve got a couple of the havalons. They do make gutting and skinning easy. I keep one in my hunting day pack. Worth every penny.

  4. Just bought one of the knives yesterday at Bass Pro. Planning on trying it on late season deer hunt at home in four weeks time.

    No restrictions on what days you can hunt in my part of Australia. Just wish I could avoid the tsa and the 17 hour flight home.

  5. Hunting deer in PA on a Sunday with a semiautomatic rifle…a dream denied by PA Fudds who value tradition over common sense and who apparently aren’t employed full-time M-F.

    At least the NC article describes the unconstitutional basis for blue laws. “Why can’t we do X on Sunday?” Because Jesus, that’s why…

  6. North Carolina – The Bill 559, “Outdoor Heritage Enhanced Bill” was initiated and filed in April, 2017, and had passed the initial first reading in the same week, the second and third readings also passed in the same month. This is in a response to the HB640 law, “Outdoor Heritage Act”, signed by Gov. Roy Cooper, in the North Carolina General Assembly. The first bill was to respect religious or Church Sunday, by allowing the service of alcohol at 10am instead of noon. Fast forward to July of this year, this HB559 aims to expand hunting to continue on weekends, with limitations of prevention of hunting within 500 yards from places of religious worship, but has also expanded not only to private property, but includes hunting on public properties as well. Hunting hours are still off limits between 9.30am and 12.30pm.

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