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As hurricane Harvey wanders around Texas, some hunters may be wondering how the storm will affect deer season right around the corner. With a severe storm like Harvey, it’s very likely that the damaging winds and flooding will devastate deer herds.  In the aftermath of a hurricane, food becomes scarce as vegetation rots on the ground. Disease, displacement and downed trees make it difficult for deer herds to survive. Hurricanes and Wildlife

Hurricanes are part of the natural environment to which wildlife have adapted: species and habitats typically can rebound quickly after a storm passes through, and some species even flourish in the storm aftermath. However, increasingly intense storms will likely make it more difficult for regions and wildlife to bounce back.

Why did I choose to join in on the the now infamous PETA frame movement on social media? Hmmm . . . because punking PETA is fun. Duh. So, days after PETA launches their anti-hunting frame, that epically backfired, hunters are now questioning whether hijacking the frame was a good idea. I have no regrets . . . Here’s What You Need to Know About the PETA Facebook Photo Frame

Earlier this week, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals launched a Facebook profile frame that states: “Shoot selfies, not animals.” The idea is that Facebook and Instagram users can apply this frame to their photos and profile picture to show support for PETA.

If you’re a hunter and have Facebook, you’ve probably already seen what happened next. Thousands of hunters are trolling PETA by using the frame over one of their kill shots.

But, there are some things to carefully consider before using one of your favorite hunting photos to troll PETA.

OFWG is selected as honorary chairman of National Hunting and Fishing Day. I love me some NASCAR and have no problem with Childress but if they wanted to attract more people to hunting and fishing shouldn’t they have chosen someone a bit edgier?  I would have picked Brett Favre, who would you have picked? Richard Childress heads National Hunting and Fishing Day

Richard Childress is best known as a NASCAR icon, but there is another side of him that doesn’t always grab the spotlight or capture the roar of the crowd. He is an outdoors man, a hunter, angler, conservationist and Second Amendment advocate.

Childress has been named honorary chairman of National Hunting and Fishing Day, Sept. 23. He is a good choice for pumping life into what has become a lackluster event in many areas, including ours.

The special day was established by Congress 45 years ago to recognize the achievements of hunters and anglers in their leadership role of wildlife conservation. In many cases, the event has stimulated a few displays here and there, and little else.

In this next article, writer Charles P. Pierce of Esquire bitches and whines about hunting, the first family and basically twists the truth about everything (fake news correspondent). The former forest ranger seems to have missed the part where hunters contribute 200 million dollars annually to habitat and wildlife conservation. Freedom Means Shooting Bear Cubs While They’re Hibernating

Remember all those wonderful photographs of the young princeling Trumplings, posing with the corpses of the handsome animals they’d plugged while on limo safaris around the world? Remember Junior with the elephant’s tail? Well, if the administration run by their father has anything to say about it, wealthy spalpeens like the two of them are not going to have to go to all the fuss and bother of leaving the country to kill animals more handsome than themselves.

It appears that the U.S. Department of the Interior has decided to turn the National Parks into free fire zones, the equivalent of taxpayer funded game ranches similar to the one at which Dick Cheney once ventilated his friend’s face. McClatchy has all the details.

Many parts of Texas are on “boil water notice” due to hurricane Harvey. It occurred to me that I have no reserve water on back up except for a few gallons of purified water. Recently, I was sent some products from Sagan to try during my outdoor adventures. Many of these products would be extremely helpful in disaster situations as well as hunting, camping, etc.

The AquaDrum™ filter is super effective removing bacteria, virus, giardia, cryptosporidium and lots of other fun toxins you may have floating around in your water barrel. After all – if you have a 55 gallon drum in your garage or basement – that water has probably been in there for a while – am I right?

The AquaDrum™ Filter purifies 250 gallons of contaminated water and fits the 55, 30 and 15 gallon water drums.

In preparation for my hog hunt with Lonestar Boars, I’ve been considering using hog specific ammo. I’ve used 7.62, 7mm, 30-30, .308 and even .223 on Texas piggies and taken them down just fine. Hunting with the best, I was thinking of upping my game and testing out the Winchester Razor Back XT to see if the hogs could get any deader? Worth the try or waste of money. What do you think?

Yes, bears are furry and very cute. However, bears are not always friendly. These idiot poachers were herding bears for their clients to shoot . . . A little bear justice was in order here. Hunters get bad reputations from idiots like this that feel they have to tie an animal to a tree for their clients to shoot.  Alaska hunting guide charged with herding bears to clients

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – Alaska prosecutors have filed misdemeanor charges against a hunting guide suspected of using snowmobiles to herd grizzly bears toward clients.

Charges filed by the Office of Special Prosecutions say 55-year-old Brian Simpson of Fairbanks ordered assistant guides to herd bears to make them easier to shoot.

Simpson’s company is Wittrock Outfitters-Alaska. Messages left with the business Thursday and Friday were not returned. Online court documents do not list his attorney.

Simpson is also charged with three counts of guiding in a national preserve north of Nome without a permit.

The charges stem from spring hunting trips last year.

Prosecutors say in one case, an assistant guide followed a bear in deep snow until it tired, then chased it to a hunter.

Simpson is scheduled for arraignment Sept. 15 in Nome.

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  1. I love to hunt. Looking forward to next weekends dove opener.

    But I ain’t hunting in a Hurricane.

  2. “OFWG is selected as honorary chairman of National Hunting and Fishing Day.”

    Good. While you’re practicing your identity politics, I’m going to practice mine and reject anything and everyone who isn’t an OFWG.

  3. Yes, troll PETA.

    When you are never heard, they can dismiss you as “extreme” & “fringe.”

    Besides when unaligned see how much fun it is, they might decide to be pro-carnage just to spin these people up.

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